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Log Entries for Ribs

Log Entry Date: Feb 1, 2012


Bend remaining aileron pocket ribs
Make 8 left and 8 right or in our case 16 left and 16 right. Sadly, I can't count. I only took 15 blanks home with me and left three spares sitting in Marshfield. I'll have to bend the last one next time we have a joint building session.

Until then, here is a picture of the process. For what it's worth, the bending process seems to go faster if you use a bigger vice on a heavier bench. I noticed a difference between my light weight vice on my little four foot bench vs. using the big vice Chris has.

Since the high temps are going to be almost 40 degrees over the next few days, when I bend the flap nose ribs, I'll go out in the garage and use the big vice on the big bench because there are 52 of those to bend (13 left, 13 right X 2 = 52).
Another perfectly good rib about to be beat up with a hammer.
15 ribs nested neatly together. There were three extra, I guess there should have been only two :)

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