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Log Entries for Ribs

Log Entry Date: Jan 14, 2012


Route aileron nose & pocket ribs and flap nose ribs
Another joint work session at Chris' shop. Took the the rough cut ribs in groups of about 10 and clamped them between the form blocks. Once they were clamped in place we ran them through a band saw with a wood cutting blade to get about 1/8" outside of the form block. Then we routed them with a formica bit in a router table. Chris bought the router plate and set up a nice router table so we did this at his shop.

When you route there will be little bits of aluminum EVERYWHERE and hold on tight! Once in a while the router blade will catch and you don't want these things flying across the shop. We tried routing without cutting off the excess aluminum with the band saw and there was a LOT more aluminum flying around and it also took a lot longer because the router was cutting so much more aluminum. The trick to cutting aluminum with the band saw is to keep the blade free of aluminum. After cutting each group of 10 we would shave a little piece off a scrap piece of wood with the band saw. This would clean the aluminum out of the blade.
Chris routing.
Another view. Notice all the little aluminum shavings everywhere.
Two groups of ribs routed and ready for cutting slots.

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