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Log Entries for Ribs

Log Entry Date: Jan 13, 2012


Punch & drill flap, aileron nose and aileron pocket ribs
I found the easiest way to pre-punch the holes was to simply drop two screws with a 3/16 outside diameter through the holes in the form block. The punch process was simply laying the form block on top of the rough cut aluminum and tapping each screw with a hammer. I tapped hard enough to make a pretty good indention though. When drilling I just used a regular old electric drill. The 3/16 bit would center itself nicely in the indentation. I used a scrap piece of 1x6 pine laid over a bucket and after drilling the holes in each piece I flipped the pine over. All of the metal shavings fell into the bucket and I didn't have to worry about scratching the aluminum.
Punching the holes. No need to put inserts in or anything. Quick, easy and efficient.
Drilling the holes. The process is extremely fast this way. Remember, I'm drilling enough for TWO airplanes.

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