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Hi I ran across your entry on rib construction and I wanted to know what worked best for making the flanges in the ribs. I build unique furniture and I'm working on desks that incorporate airplane wings. I have purchased some actual parts but they are expensive and hard to find. I wanting to build a template to make my own and the flange seems to be the most difficult. Do you have any suggestions with what works best? Thanks in advance
Marty Lawson
Jun 11, 2015 17:01:45
Hey Dwayne Good to hear you Got Started ! Even in a small space . I have always liked the Bearhawk , but am building a 2 seater Wagabond FIRST ... Hope to follow it with a Bearhawk . Tables ....I am gonna build some that I can collapse or take down for storage after building wings and fuse on it . You're right EAA 100's table is over built . Thanx for the Web site ! Terry
Terry Ridgeway
Feb 7, 2012 17:54:05
Good luck mate. I am scratch building Bearhawk 1076 in Brisbane Australia. I have been building for nearly 4 years now and am in the home stretch. I am hoping it will fly this year. My target was my birthday in July but I think I am dreaming. I will keep a watch on your progress. Remember ....just one bit at a time. Regards Brad
Brad Lange
Jan 28, 2012 07:28:43

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