Dwayne, Lori and Steven
Fabulous helpers!

Dwayne, Lori and Steven Parkinson
Bound and determined to build a plane.

As usual, the "guy" (Dwayne) is building the airplane because it's almost always a guy thing. But it can't be done without support from a loving wife (Lori) and "help" from a rambunctious child (Steven). I'm sure others will help along the way and as they do I'll add their names to the page of fame here.

Official List O' Helper Elves

  1. Chris Owens - Helper elf supreme. Chris and I are both building Bearhawks and we're attempting to build together to make the build more fun and more efficient. Plus Chris has neat tools. Since a big part of building from plans is building jigs, setting up, tearing down and cleaning up we're building with Chris in an attempt to maximize our efforts. Rather than setting up to drill out 23 widgets and then tearing down and cleaning up, we set up and drill out 46. We've effectively cut our setup, tear down and clean up time in half! At least that's the theory. We'll see how it works out.
  2. Tom Jakel - Helper elf with extremely useful sheet metal sheer!

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