Toolkit's behind the rudder
Nose-rib positioner, found in pile of junk behind shop.

Bought the toolkit from Zenith
Zenith offers an optional toolkit with all the clamps, cleco's, shear, drill bits, etc. that you will ever need. One additional tool I ordered from them is the pneumatic riveter, and it was worth every penny.

Also highly recommended is a 'real' (needs oil) air compressor. You'll need a rotary cutter to cut lexan, rivet puller, drill, buffer, etc. I tried using a 'contractor grade' diaghram a/c and killed it; also the noise it made while operating was brutal.

The time to save money is not with the tools; as a total part of the system they're insignificant anyway.

You will also get much more consistant, "prettier" pulls with the air riveter. I can assume that since the resulting rivets are flatter, more level, and more consistent that the resulting structure is stronger.

Not to mention there are a zillion rivets to pull, and doing them by hand is a guaranteed repetitive motion injury ;/)

Pictured is the "nose rib positioner" required to align the nose ribs while wrapping the wing leading edges. The Zenith photo guide shows a custom wooden positioner; I found this to be quite adequate.

Not pictured is the "Mr. Clean Car Wash System", an attachment for your garden hose that includes a soap resevoir and a Pur water filter. I bought one of these to clean parts prior to priming. It's important to soap/lather/rinse to remove oil (followed by an acetone wipedown). I figured if I was going to be rinsing, I wanted to do it with the cleanest possible water. It's also useful for cleaning my motorcycle ;/)

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