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just looking for good tips
sam mcnair
Sep 9, 2014 20:30:04
Awaiting my tail kit and found your website inspiring.
Chris McComb
May 4, 2013 22:24:16
Just wanted to find out if there is any progress since mid 2011.
Richard Booth
Aug 21, 2012 04:07:57
I am interested in your power plant choice. I am building an 801 and was considering the same engine. I see you have started the engine in the basement. Have you taken it outside for a test run yet>? Where did you get the engine and reduction drive? Do you have some vendor web sites that I can take a look at? Thanks, Dan Kellogg 720-445-2873
Dan Kellogg
Nov 18, 2011 15:30:31
Kenny - I am NE of Kansas City in Kearney, MO. Been researching the heck out of the CH-801 and stumbled onto your site....great work! Wondered if I could get some information from you about your building experience with this kit sometime.
Scott Raynal
Apr 12, 2011 01:50:37
Hi Kenny, thanks for a very comprehensive Log and progress reports. I am very keen to follow your idea, CH801 and Mazda rotary in next 6 months here in Bali. Unlike you, I have only done some basic mechanics (eg clutch overhauls etc) so am worried on the conversion side. Please keep us posted and hope to see your Flight test results soon.
Paul Paine
Apr 4, 2011 09:31:17
I like the work you have done todate and am very interested in building an CH801 with rotary also. I have bought a 1988 RX7 with a 13b non-turbo and am playing with the engine to see just what makes it tick. And I must say I'm inpressed. Keep us informed as to your progress and hope to hear you have her flying. May some day need your help if you don't mind
Stephen Chadwell
Dec 4, 2010 22:28:54
Hello Kenny, I've an 801 project with 13b and Jerry Hey mount. Unfortunately I am not sure all of the mount is present. Do you have drawings or photos of your installation you could share? The part I am unsure of is the back of the oil pan to firewall mount. The S-beam front construction is clear. Any help would be appreciated. William
William Hagood
Oct 13, 2010 14:16:12
What part of Texas are you in now? I am thinking on the 701 and would like to take a look if possible.
Johnny Vestal
Oct 11, 2010 02:25:33
Nice project! I plan to start building an 801 this winter down here in NW Arkansas. I may have to contact you to "pick your brain" a little as I work through the project. Good work! SF
Shane Free
Oct 9, 2010 19:10:30
Hi, Kenny! Nice plane. Hope ya'll are all well.
Julie Stailey
Jul 27, 2010 13:13:23
Great job! I too am going to someday build an 801. Thank you to your Dad for his service. I am currently in the US Coast Guard as a helicopter mechanic living in Oregon. Enjoy your plane!!
Rich DuBord
Apr 6, 2010 01:10:56
Great job! I too am going to someday build an 801. Thank you to your Dad for his service. I am currently in the US Coast Guard as a helicopter mechanic living in Oregon. Enjoy your plane!!
Rich DuBord
Apr 6, 2010 01:09:51
What engine are you going to use.
Bobby Boberrorusa
Jan 19, 2010 04:52:15
I was pleased to see another CH-801 builder. I'm still in the dreaming and planning stages of my CH-801. I had an RX-7 I bought new back in 1980 and loved the Wankle Rotary. I've been researching for an aviation engines and can't find one that I like that runs on gas. I would rather have a diesel like the Zoche, but that engine is being held and been on hold for the last 15 years. A rotary would be my next choice knowing what I know about them. I would like to go the way you're going with this engine, but I haven't got the engine building experience nor the mechanical background that you appear to have so I'll just watch with interest. Good Luck. I just moived into a new house with a basement garage that I need to get ready to start building the 801 in. No wife or kids to nag at me so I can take my time and save my pennies.
Jay Parker
Jun 17, 2009 16:27:53
I'm building a CH-640 and will be using a P-Port 13b rotary. Interested in your motor experiences.
Craig Smith
Mar 27, 2009 18:46:12
Finally making some notable progress - congratulations, let me know when you get the engine mounted. It's starting to look good
Ronald Lerner
Nov 26, 2008 17:17:07
I am excited to see an 801 being built here in Olathe. I am director of aviation for EagleFlight Aviation ( and have been looking at the 801 to train missionary pilots. I would love to meet you and take a look at your plane. Feel free to contact me if that would be a possibility.
Joel Beyer
Nov 7, 2008 02:43:42
Great to see a rotary going in an 801. I started mine april 08. I only have the rudder done now, but I already have the 88 13B. Great site. I'll keep watching for many more ideas that I'm sure will help with mine. Thanks
Chane Burk
Jul 22, 2008 03:58:36
Dear Kenny I have alum bed mount plates made up if you want a starting point for making up your own mount. Regards Ed Klepeis
Edward Klepeis
Feb 4, 2008 05:08:10
Looks like a lot of forward progress, good job documenting your progress. I would like to see more comments about the kit (pros and cons) as you go through this assembly journey.
Ronald Lerner
Jun 25, 2007 19:14:36
Looks like you are staying on track nicely. I am a low time pilot that shares a 182T with my father and have been thinking of teaming up with some friends to build a 801.
Eric Crane
Nov 5, 2006 08:47:31
Finally a weblog about the CH801. There must be more builders, hard to find them on the net. If you have time can you put usefull links on your log? Have fun building! Regards, Joeri (Netherlands).
Joeri van Veen
Sep 14, 2006 20:30:40
Kenny- Thanks for taking me and the wife out with you on a flight last year. I'm looking forward to a flight in this one!
Roger Mommaerts
Sep 14, 2006 15:58:25
Thanks for sharing your experiance. I am tring to deside if I am going to start a project. Jim
Jim Brennan
Jun 3, 2006 18:53:48

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