Log Entries

Project Location: AB CA

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2009-02-28 Rudder Rib Blanks Cut out rudder rib blanks using foot shear at pump shop. Used GB's salvaged alum. Cut out the blanks for the three 0.016 rudder ribs on the shear to test it out. Had a small ceremony to mark the official start of the CH-750 project
2009-02-28 Rudder Rib Blanks Cut out rudder rib blanks using foot shear at pump shop. Used GB's salvaged alum.
2009-03-07 Shop Preparation Readied GB's shop, first by removing Pazmany. Cut out the rest of the blanks for the rudder ribs (0.025) except for the bottom rib which must wait for material to come. Cleaned out Guy’s garage and set up the work table with a new top. Then cut out all the rib form blocks (fir) for the rudder except for the bottom rib block.
2009-03-08 Rudder Ribs Hammered out rudder rib #6 while Guy finished the form block faces in oak. Lawrence took the finished rib set home for spraying
2009-03-14 Rudder Ribs Finished the reliefs on the rest of the rudder ribs and hammered out some of them while the rest (except for rudder rib #1 because we are waiting for .025 al) went home with Lawrence and Joe for finishing and spraying. Guy had made a few tip ribs but was unsatisfied with the result. A new forming block was made and he experimented with a different blank shape. Still a work in progress.
2009-03-18 Rudder Finished all the rudder ribs except for the bottom rib. Started on the upper rudder hinge plates. We were unhappy with the drilled hole alignment so Guy decided to work on a jig for them as homework
2009-03-18 Delivery of Aluminum Aluminum came to C&A. Hauled to TCs garage
2009-03-21 Bottom Rib Aluminum came on Wed so we had enough .025 to build the bottom (final) rib. To date Lawrence has been taking all finished pieces home to spray.
2009-03-23 Rudder Spar Built template for rudder spar and cut out spar doublers and top rib brackets (bent strips).
2009-03-28 Shear and Break Purchasing Trip to Calgary Bought 52" shear and 48" break at Busy Bee Tools in Calgary
2009-03-28 Sheared Rudder Spar Went to Calgary to pick up a bending brake and a shear, then spent the afternoon getting them unloaded and set up. Cut out the rudder spar blanks.
2009-03-29 Rudder Spars Visited Lawrence in the hospital in the morning and then finished the rudder spars and doublers in the afternoon.
2009-04-01 Rudder Skeletons Cleco’ed all 6 rudder skeletons together to test the fit. Had to reconstruct some of the rudder ribs to ensure proper rivet spacing when matching pre-drilled holes in the spar.
2009-04-04 Riveting Rudder Skeletons Deburred, scotched, primed and then riveted rudder skeletons together.
2009-04-05 Rudder Skins Cut rear rudder skins and then went to pump shop to bend them on the eight foot bending brake. Guy, Joe and Glen spent the afternoon getting the skins fitted and drilled on their rudders.
2009-04-06 Rudder Skins Finished fitting and drilling the rest of the rear rudder skins and cut out and bent the nose skins. Also cut out the upper and lower rudder fairings.
2009-04-10 Rudder Finish Work Installed nose skins and finished fitting everything on the rudders. Took rudders apart and deburred, scotch brited, primed and cleco’ed rudders back together
2009-04-11 Beginning of the Elevators Cut out and dressed some of the rib blanks for the elevator and the horizontal stab while Guy worked on the forming blocks.
2009-04-13 Rudder Skin Riveting Riveted one side of three of the rudders and closed the other side with tape. Continued working on the ribs for the tail. We’re having problems with the locations of the flute gathering points for the elevator nose so we’re waiting for an email from Zenair.
2009-04-15 Elevator Ribs Worked on ribs and forming blocks for tail. Email from Caleb @ Zenair solved the problem of flute locations.
2009-04-18 Elevator Ribs Finished all the ribs for horizontal stab and elevator. Did a dump trip and moved another sheet of 025 and 032 from Travis’s garage. Tried cutting elevator spar with an olfa knife; but after cutting only one blank and seeing how hard it is, we decided to do the rest on a shear.
2009-04-20 Slat Ribs Rough cut the blanks for the slat ribs and drilled the tooling holes while Guy made wood blocks so they could be finished cut with the router. The pilot bearing on the router bit gave up the ghost before we could finish cutting all the ribs.
2009-04-22 Water Jetted Parts Water jetted most of the 0.125 parts at C&A. Also sheared the spars for the elevator and the horizontal stabilizer while we were there. Water jetting the heavier aluminum will save a lot of time and also creates perfect parts. Back at Guy’s we worked some more on the slat ribs.
2009-04-25 Finished Slat Ribs Finished slat ribs and started on flaperon ribs and constructing the form blocks for them all.
2009-04-26 Flapperon Ribs Worked on elevator and flaperon ribs
2009-04-27 Elevator Spars Guy had tried bending the elevator spars at C&A today but was not satisfied with the results. We decided to build a bending brake of our own (“Dave’s cheap brake”) that is long enough for the elevator and the horizontal stab. Worked on ribs for the elevator and flaperons.
2009-04-29 Elevator Ribs Worked on ribs
2009-05-02 Elevator Spar Bending Built the simple angle iron brake (“Dave’s cheap brake”) and tried it out on some of the elevator spars. It does an ok job with a little TLC
2009-05-04 Elevator Spars Worked on cutting and bending the last spars for the elevator. In the end we rejected 3 of the 6 spars as not being good enough. Guy suggested he should cut and bend 3 more at C&A so we can get on with the elevators.
2009-05-06 Elevator Spars Finished bending the 3 new elevator spars. Tried out the punch die but ended up fly cutting the lightening holes.
2009-05-08 Lightening Holes Using the press and dies we flanged all the lightening holes for the elevator spars
2009-05-11 Elevator Ribs to Spars Everyone worked on fitting the trailing ribs to the elevator skeletons while Guy worked on the jig for machining the bending brake tip plates.
2009-05-13 Elevator Skeleton Fitted the nose ribs to the elevator skeleton
2009-05-16 Bending Break Installed and filed nose plates for bending brake and then built the saddle for the control yoke on the elevator
2009-05-18 Elevator Skins Guy and Glen got more sheets of 0.020 and cut the blanks for the elevator rear skins. Then Lawrence came and we had to square up the shear. Everyone was too stressed about the accident some we quit early when everyone else arrived.
2009-05-30 Wilson Fly In
2009-06-13 Worked on Elevators Experimented with fitting Guy's nose skin. Taber Fly-In
2009-06-15 Trim Tab Glen worked on my trim tab. Rest worked on various stages of elevator.
2009-06-17 Elevator Nose Skins Finished bending and installing all the elevator nose skins.
2009-06-20 Control Horns Installed control horns on elevators and started to drill to size.
2009-06-22 Working on Elevators Everybody working on various stages of finishing elevators
2009-06-24 Drilling to Size Drilled elevators to size then disassembled for deburring.
2009-07-01 Finished Elevators! Finished up elevators and hauled to Lawrence's for storage.
2009-07-04 Started Stab Bent spar doublers for horizontal stab at shop.
2009-07-06 Skins Worked on the elevator skins and on trim tab spars.
2009-07-08 Stab Spar Doublers Worked on Spar doublers and got some ribs clecoed on.
2009-08-22 joe and dave absent
2009-08-24 showed up late drank beer and watched others work on stab
2009-08-29 Final Drilled Horizontal Stab Skeleton Arrived late after flight to CYXH. 2:30 to 5:00 pm Helped LVE and GB rivet horizontal stab skins and then drilled my stab skeleton to final size(s).
2009-08-31 Deburring Deburred stab skeleton. Hot
2009-09-02 Finish Riveting the Stab Finished riveting Dave's, Travis', and my stab except for the top rivets which will be completed after the pre-close inspection. All 6 are done now. Onto the the flaperons. No work will be on on Saturday due to fly-in.
2009-09-06 H Stab Storage Hauled the stabs out to LVE's shop.
2009-09-07 Flaperon Spar Blanks All present. Cut flaperon spar blanks (24 pieces) from 0.025" with hand snips. Then environment shop to bend spars on break.
2009-09-10 Flaperon Skeleton Started assembling the flaperon skeletons. Plans measurements are a little sketchy.
2009-09-13 Nothing Flew into LSF Fly In Breakfast, then brought Don Francis in to look at project, then drank beer for afternoon.
2009-09-15 Ribs to Flaperon Spars Had trouble fitting and drilling nose and rear ribs to flapperon spars. Found that there was too much variability with spar dimensions. Ended up scrapping some spars and then stopping for the night and drinking more beer.
2009-09-16 Flaperon Skeleton Issues Began evening by discussing standards and building tolerances. Some want it perfect and some are willing to say that is good enough. Will end up being a blend to two philosophies. ie Best quality at a reasonable building speed.

Then continued mounting nose and tail ribs on both aileron and flap portions of flaperons. Forced to scrap one full set of flaperon spars due to under dimentional issues. Also build more tail ribs (ended up short a few).

Trav went through and figured out hardware (bolts) to order for empennage. Also started list of other items to order.
2009-09-19 Skeletons (continued) Finished putting the skeletons together. Then looked at dimensions and paired up as per dimensions.
2009-09-21 Riveting Flaperon Skeletons Cut new blanks for GB's Flaperon spars. Then riveted the other 5 sets of flaps and aileron skeletons. A couple of mine look like bananas. Will re-evaluate when GB returns from maritimes.
2009-09-28 Flaperon Attach Brackets Drilled and riveted flaperon attach brackets. GB bent new flaperon spars at AEnv shop.
2009-09-30 Flaperon Brackets JH missing. GTB, GB, DVD attached hinge brackets to DVD and GB flaperon skeletons. Drilled holes in all hinge brackets.
2009-10-03 Finished Flaperon Skeletons Finished GTB's, LVE, TC and JH's flap and aileron skeletons. Attached hinge brackets. GTB, GB, JH, and DVD(for awhile) present. Then went to TC's to pick up .016 for skins but only 3 sheets so picked up .025 to start on wing ribs as an alternative, Took material inventory.
2009-10-05 Ribs Started roughing out rib blanks for centre ribs. Went to Home Depot to pick up material to make rib form blocks.
2009-10-07 Rib Blanks Finished roughing out centre blanks
2009-10-10 Cardston Trip Group went to Cardston to visit Stewart Pollock who just bought a Zodiac 601 HD kit. Spent and enjoyable morning visiting and looking at his kit. Then back to shop to look at aluminum rib forming blocks. Discovered an error in the main rib blocks. Will have to remake.
2009-10-12 Formed Root Nose Ribs Also cleaned up rib blanks. Cut leading edge rib blanks.
2009-10-14 Root and Root Nose Rib Blanks Cut out root rib and root nose rib blanks.
2009-10-17 Rib Blanks Continued working on rib blanks. GTB routed out centre rib blanks and rest finishing blanks.
2009-10-19 Centre Ribs Started pounding out centre ribs JH & DVD MIA
2009-10-21 Centre Ribs LVE pounding out centre ribs. JH & DVD AWOL
2009-10-24 Nose Ribs GTB finished nose rib form blocks. LVE started pounding out nose ribs. and rest cleaning up nose rib blanks
2009-10-26 Rib Lightening Holes Used fly cutter to make lightening holes in centre and nose ribs. Then flanged. LVE pounded out half of nose ribs. Rest dressed remaining nose ribs. Started deburring flanged lightening holes,
2009-10-27 Decision on Slats We decided to not build slats for our CH750s. Instead, we plan on installing micro vortex generators (vgs). This is based on observations from our own experiences with vgs on our existing planes and several CH701 owners who have removed their slats. Our decision is based mostly on the testing and documention of John Gilpin from Australia. He has the website www.stolspeed.com
2009-10-28 Completed Ribs Finished making all the nose and centre section ribs for the wings. Next we will start making wing spars.
2009-10-31 Cleaned and Prepared Shop Spent today cleaning up and moving (positioning) a 14' table in preparation to start on the main wing spars.
2009-11-02 Started Cutting Spars We made good progress tonight. GTB and LVE finished wing spar cutting jig. They then cut two spars with a hand router. The rest of us cut root spar doublers and tip spar doublers. TC and GB cut out tip doublers and then tried bending flanges of the proper dimensions onto one of the blanks. DVD and myself cut root double blanks and managed to successfully bend properly dimensioned flanges on the doubler.
2009-11-04 Spar Cutting Myself and LVE was not there tonight. Apparently, GTB finished routering out spars and the rest finished root spar doublers and spar tips.
2009-11-07 Another Aluminum Shipment Delivery Today we took delivery on another aluminum delivery which included almost 100 4' x 12' sheets of 6061 T6 and 12 20' lengths of 1" x1" angle aluminum. There was some shipping damage but should be able to use it. Took a good effort to unload and store at TC's.
2009-11-09 Finished Cutting Spars GTB finished routering out the spars. Then we fly cut the lightening holes on one spar and flanged the holes. It looks great! DVD is gone to Mexico for a week. The rest of us worked on spar doublers.
2009-11-11 Cut Spar Angle Webs GTB and GB cut both upper and lower spar webs out of 1" x 1" aluminum angle. JH worked on cutting out lift strut attach spar doublers. TC finishing spar doublers. LVE cut and flanged spar tip lightening holes.

Found a size error on the plans for the top spar web angle. The piece is about 11 mm longer than spec'd.
2009-11-14 Cut Spar Webs GTB cut 1" x 1" angle aluminum spar webs. Rest worked on finishing spar doublers.
2009-11-16 Laying out Spar Web onto Spar Finished cutting the Spar web angles to length and then started to lay out the angles onto the first spar. Found a problem with the specified length of the spar/strut attach angle bracket (75-W2-4) on the plans. Plans say 500 mm but that is too long. After emailing Zenith, they say it should read 400 mm but that seems too short. We think it should be 420 mm.

Also worked on fabricating fuel tank spacers (75-K-1-3)
2009-11-18 Drilling First Spar Finished laying out the spar webs onto the spar. Then drilled the rivet holes in the angle on the drill press with the proper rivet pitches. Then back drilled the spar through the web angles. Spar looks awesome!
2009-11-21 Riveted First Spar Finished deburring and assembling the first of twelve spars. Then solid riveted the spar and toasted the achievement with some red wine.
2009-11-23 Finished Riveting First Spar Finished pounding riviets to final spec. Had to drill and replace a few that were bent over and not to spec. Installed tip extension spar.
2009-11-25 Preparing other Spar Blanks Unrolled all remaining spar blanks and cut lightening holes. Then flanged lightening holes. Drill more spar web angles
2009-11-26 Lethbrige Sport Flyers Host MD-RA Talk Packed up spar and hauled to Brian W's. There, we attended a Lethbridge Sport Flyers monthly meeting where we heard from Doug Murray who is an MD-RA inspector. We left feeling that we are on track and expect the process to go quite smoothly.
2009-11-28 Assembled Second Spar Lots accomplished today. Laid out and assembled the second spar. Half finished solid riveting the spar webs. Used John and Judith O's pneumatic rivet squeezer which worked very well once we set it correctly. Also drilled all right wing spar web angles.
2009-11-29 Finished Riveting the 2nd Spar GTB finished riveting the second spar.
2009-11-30 Assembled 3rd Spar Started on third spar. Got to point of clecoing the spar together. Will rivet on Wednesday.
2009-12-02 Riveted Spar 3 & Laid Out Spar #4 GTB showed JH how to use pneumatic rivet squeezer and then finished riveting Spar #3. Others laid out and assembled Spar #4,
2009-12-05 Riveted Spar #4 Snow storm last night and today. Only GTB, TC, JH and DVD worked for a short day. GTB finished spar #3 last night. Riveted spar 4 today. Started to assemble spar #5 but had to drill web angle.
2009-12-07 Assembling Spar #5 Drilled and assemble spar #5 (right wing). Cold out tonight. Will rivet on Wednesday night.
2009-12-09 Finished Spar #5 Finished riveting spar #5. Assembled spar #6 and readied for riveting. Also drilled and started assembling left wing spar #1 (spar 7).
2009-12-11 GTB Finished Riveting Left Spar #1
2009-12-12 Worked on Spars 8 & 9 Prepared and readied spar 8 for final riveting. Then drilled and stared assembling spar 9 (left spars 2 & 3)
2009-12-16 Spars 10 and 11
2009-12-19 Finished Riveting the Spars! Finished riveting the 12th and last spar, Then had some wine and goodies!
2010-01-04 Rivet on Spar Extensions JH mia
2010-01-06 Outer Spar Channels Cut out outer spar channel blanks and cut root rib blanks for LVE
2010-01-11 Trim Intermediate Ribs Started building pitot tubes and started on rear spar channels
2010-01-16 Joined Rear Spar Channels Bent doublers, drilled rear strut attach brackets and then joined the channels with the doubler/attach brackets
2010-01-16 Drilled and Riveted Rear Spar Channels
2010-01-23 Assembling Wing Skeleton Wing #1, finished drilling ribs to spars, attached rear channel spar, drilled and attached flaperon brackets to ribs and attached the tie down bracket
2010-01-25 Riveted GB's Left Skeleton and finished parts for the rest of the wings
2010-01-27 Drilled Flaperon Hinge Brackets and deburred
2010-01-30 Assembled and Riveted Left Wing 2, 3, & 4 Skeletons
2010-02-01 Assembled Left Wing Skeleton #3 and started #4 And hauled #1, 2, and 3 to my garage for temp storage
2010-02-03 Assembled Left Wing Skeletons 5 and 6 And hauled 4, 5, and 6 to my garage for temp storage
2010-02-06 Assembled Right Wing Skeletons #7, 8 & 9
2010-02-08 Assembled Wings 10 and 11 Skeleton
2010-02-10 Finished Skeletons Finished wing skeleton #12
2010-02-13 Preparing to Begin Skinning Drilled lift strut attach brackets and cut inboard trailing edges. Hauled wing skeleton 11 and 12 to LVE's for temp storage
2010-02-15 Skin Templates Cut inboard nose skin template. Cut inboard bottom skin template and cut all inboard bottom skins.
2010-02-17 Top Inboard Wing Skins Hauled 31 0.020" sheets from TC's for making wing skins. Cut inboard top skins.
2010-02-20 Cut Nose Skins Cut out inboard nose skins out of 0.016" as opposed to 0.020" as first planned due to abundance of 0.016 material. 0.016 is per plans. Going to be two sheets of 0.016" short for outboard skins. Also cut inboard top skins (fuel tank covers)
2010-02-22 Finished Nose Skins Cut out outboard nose skins from 0.016" material.
2010-02-24 Outboard Wing Skins Templates Glen brought CAD templates. Cleaned shop. Then watched Olympics
2010-03-08 End Skin Templates Cut the wooden templates for cut the end skins, Short night after a week long break.
2010-03-10 Cut Wing Tip Skins JH gone to Oyen for the day.
2010-03-13 Cut Inboard Top Skins
2010-03-17 Bent Trailing Edge Skins at pump shop. Also finished cutting outboard skins. Ready to begin skinning wings.
2010-03-20 Skinned Bottom of Wing Skinned the bottom of our first wing. Built drill jig for front and rear spar/skins.
2010-03-22 Skinning Top of Wing Almost completed initial drilling of top skin on the first wing. Not without thought and discussion on ensuring wing is true (no twist). More thought on this will be done. Appears that we did okay
2010-03-24 Installed and Drilled Top Skins and began installing nose skin
2010-03-27 Worked on Drilling Leading Edge and Trailing Edge Skins Had Bill D, Glen L, and John ? visit us today. Also worked on strut attachment area brackets. GTB machined out inspection hole dies.
2010-03-29 Wing and Jury Strut Attach Brackets Worked on making wing and jury strut attach brackets. It took several tries to get the dimensions correct.
2010-03-31 Inspection Holes and Jury Strut Attach Brackets Cut and flanged inspection holes in first wing. Also worked on building strut attach brackets. 75W-7-2 not dimensioned correctly on plans.
2010-04-03 Installed and Finished Drilled Skin Riveted bottom skin on. Heated and shrunk smile out of nose skin. Continued making strut attach brackets.
2010-04-05 Installed Trailing Edge and Finish Drilled Installed flaperon brackets and then installed trailing edge. Drilled out all skins to final size.
2010-04-07 Final Drilling on all skins. Finished Deburring skins, ribs, spars, and brackets and riveted on trailing edge and brackets on first wing (GB's). Wing is ready for fuel tanks and wing tip. Ready to start second wing.
2010-04-12 Started Skinning Wing #2 Hauled GB's wing #1 to JH's garage and brought back a left wing to start skinning. Drilled top and bottom skins to first size. Missdrilled first skin and will have to remake skin at a later date.
2010-04-14 Bottom Skin, Trailing Edge, and Leading Edge Drilling on Wing #2
2010-04-17 Riveted on Bottom Skin
2010-04-19 Match Drilled Top of Spar to Top Skin and Leading Edge Skin Struggled a little tonight but ended up getting the top skin and leading edge skin top pilot-hole drilled with the help of delivered-just-in-time refreshments.
2010-04-21 Drilled to final size top of wing Almost finished wing #2. Should be ready to start 3rd wing on Saturday.
2010-04-24 Finished Wing #2, Started Wing #3 Finished GB's left wing (#2) and started LVE left wing (#3). Drilled bottom skin and bottom of trailing edge
2010-04-28 Riveted Bottom Skins Onto Wing #3
2010-05-01 Finished Wing #3 Finished skinning and riveted up to inspection on LVE's left wing, Hauled finished wing to LVE's for storage and brought LVE's right wing skeleton for skinning.
2010-05-03 Starting Skinning Wing #4 Fitted and initial drilled bottom skin and nose skin. Roger S visitation.
2010-05-05 Skinning Wing #4 Continued skinning wing #4. Initial drilled top skins. Started installing fittings but made a couple of minor errors so quit for the night.
2010-05-08 Final Size Drilling and Riveting of Wing #4 Almost finished wing 4 but have to correct an error on strut attach angle bracket. Will construct a replacement and install on Monday night.
2010-05-10 Finished Wing #4 Finished skinning LVE's wing (#4) and transported out to his shop. Moved wing skeleton #5 into workshop.
2010-05-12 Started Skinning Wing #5 Initial drilled bottom skins and bottom of nose skin on Wing #5 (JH right wing)
2010-05-15 Finished Wing #5 Finished my first wing (right wing) (wing #5) after an early Saturday start. Hauled to my home and brought my left skeleton.
2010-05-17 Started Skinning Wing #6 Made excellent progress on wing #6 (my left wing). Initial drilled bottom skins and nose skins. Install lift strut and jury strut brackets.
2010-05-19 Top Skin Installation on Wing #6 Finish drilled and riveted bottom skins and lower nose skin on wing 6. Initial drilled top skin onto wing skeleton. Bottom rear channel edge distance are just within limits.
2010-05-22 Finished Wing #6 I was away but guys finished my wing and hauled to my garage. Picked up skeleton for wing #7 (DVD's)
2010-05-24 Started Skinning Wing #7 Drilled bottom skins and lower leading edge of wing #7
2010-05-26 Initial Drilled Top Skins and Trailing Edge of Wing #7 And installed lift strut fitting.
2010-05-29 Riveted Bottom Skin on Wing #7 And initial drilled top skins, top of leading skin, installed jury strut brackets and trailing edge.
2010-05-31 Finished Wing #7 Finished Wing 7 (DVD) and hauled to LVE's. Jig drilled top and bottom skins for wing 8.
2010-06-02 Started Skinning Wing #8 Initial drilled bottom and top skins to skeleton. A couple of mistakes result in having to throw out a nose skin. Also miss drilled bottom skin at the inboard rib.
2010-06-05 Finished Wing #8 Finished DVD's left wing (#8) and hauled to LVE's. Everything went well today. Wing turned out nice.
2010-06-07 Started Skinning Wing #9 Only managed to place and initial drill bottom skin to skeleton.
2010-06-09 Skinning Wing #9 Continued skinning. Better progress tonight. Top skin installed
2010-06-12 Didn't Quite Finish Skinning Wing #9 Taber Fly-In today so late start (noon). Bottom riveted but top skin needs final drilled.
2010-06-14 Finished Wing #9 Finished Skinning Wing 9 and transported to TC's garage.
2010-06-16 Cut Skins to Size Raining tonight. Took time to cut skins to replace ones that we made mistakes on. Also drilled holes to ready for match drilling to remain skeletons. Ready to start on wing #10.
2010-06-18 Retrieved Cockpit Cage and Wingtips from Shipper Drove down to Sweetgrass Montana to pick up crate with cockpit cage and wingtips.
2010-06-19 Started Wing #10 Took crate out to LVE's and brought back TC's wing skeleton #10. Made great progress. Riveted bottom skins on. JH MIA (working)
2010-06-21 Finished Wing #10 Finished wing with no problems.
2010-06-23 Started Skinning Wing #11 Started skinning last set of wings (GTB's)(#11 of 12). Hauled wing #10 to TC's.
2010-06-27 Riveted on Bottom Skin Went flying this beautiful morning. Building after lunch. Watched Red Bull Air Racing together after supper.
2010-06-28 Working on Wing #11 Wasn't there tonight. They almost finished. Top skin left.
2010-06-30 Finished Wing #11 and Started # 12 Finished #11 and hung on ceiling. Started drilling bottom skin to skeleton of wing #12 (last one)
2010-07-01 Canada Day Extra GTB, DVD, and JH worked a little extra today. Drilled bottom trailing edge and leading edge. Drilled lift strut fitting.
2010-07-03 Continued on Wing 12 Riveted bottom skin. Rob F here today. I flew to Kirkby fly-in this morning and joined group at lunch.
2010-07-05 Finished Last (#12) Wing Finished riveting the wing. Now will start getting ready to fabricate fuel tanks.
2010-07-07 Installed Pitot Tube on Wing #12
2010-07-12 Readying for Fuel Tank Construction Rob F over to help set up TIG welder. Cleaned workshop. Measured out different size options.
2010-07-14 Practising TIG Welding Fired up the TIG welder and did some practising. Will take quite a bit more practising before component welding will take place.
2010-07-19 Practising TIG Welding Rob F showing us how to use the TIG. Bought Foot Pedal Rheostat. Also cut side panels for 12 gallon tanks. Last build day before Oshkosh trip.
2010-08-04 Made Fuel Tank Side Ribs Back at it for the first night after attending Oshkosh. Oshkosh was fantastic and we were able to see and sit in a CH750 for the first time. It exceeded our expectations! We are currently at a major hump. We are having problems with welding the fuel tanks and discussed the possibility of riveting and prosealing the fuel tanks. Stay tuned.
2010-08-07 Quest for Fuel Tank Construction Method Continues Rob F had much better luck at using Tig welder on .025" edge seams. By end of day we had pretty much decided we would try riveting and Pro Sealing a tank and see if that works.
2010-08-09 Riveting Tanks We decided we would rivet and pro-seal the fuel tanks. We bent up the bottom/side skin for one prototype tank. The top will be a separate piece. Each tank will hold almost 13 US gallons. GB received the Zenith Revision 2 plans for the CH750 1440 GVW
2010-08-11 Drilled and Clecoed First Tank Drilled and clecloed the first tank. We decided on a pitch of 20 mm. Also tried a test piece with pro-seal and riveted. Looks good. GTB started cutting out aluminum fittings on his lathe. Discussed venting and overflow drains. Undecided. Rest of Version 2 CH750 plans came in mail.
2010-08-14 Constructing First Tank Much of day spent discussing fuel system design. Much discussion on venting methods (caps or vent lines). pros and cons of overflow, etc. Then fitted tank in wing which showed problems with preferred outlet location. Located, drilled, riveted, and prosealed fittings.
2010-08-16 First Tank Closer to completion GTB pro-sealed first tank except for top piece. Cut out skins and bent up 3 additional tanks. GB working on side ribs for his tanks. Still discussing fuel system design.
2010-08-18 Tank Size Issues Realized while putting drain and outlet fittings onto the tank and then fitting into the wing that our prototype tank is almost too large. Interferes with the spar/spar rivets and the flaperon bracket. Had to install flush driven rivets to keep the rear of the tank low enough to clear the skin. Also have to use thin cork as a cushion to keep heighth to a minimum.
2010-08-23 Building Tanks Continue JH missing. Everyone else building tank sides and GTB cutting out tank fittings on lathe.
2010-08-25 Fuel Tanks Continued Same a Monday. JH missing.
2010-08-28 Fuel Tank Work Continues DVD missing. LVE tank bottoms complete. Prototyped GB/DVD/TC's tank and prototyped JH's tank. GTB finished manufacturing the tank fittings on his lathe.
2010-09-01 Cutting Out Fuel Tank Skins
2010-09-04 Filler Neck Design Received flush fuel caps from Aircraft Spruce but they are huge. Decided will not work. GTB used standard bayonet type filler neck and managed to install. Looks okay. JH and DVD MIA. Rednek fly-in during morning.
2010-09-06 Filler Neck Design and Parts Order Discussion
2010-09-08 Drilling Tanks Initial drilled 4 tanks and final sized and deburred 8 tanks.
2010-09-11 More of the Same (Fuel Tank Construction) LSF Fly In Breakfast in the AM. TC's birthday today.
2010-09-12 JH Fuel Filler Neck Fabrication Spent afternoon prototyping fuel filler necks to fit my tanks and flush type fuel filler caps.
2010-09-13 Fuel Tank Top Skins Finished drilling last tank and then cut all top skins for tanks.
2010-09-15 Drilling Tank Top Skins Whole night spent drilling tops. About half done.
2010-09-18 Finished
2010-09-18 Finished Drilling Tank Top Skins And almost finished deburring all the holes. LVE installed filler cap and cut hole for fuel level sending unit. Worked at inventorying all fittings for all of tanks.
2010-09-20 Started Installing Tank Fittings Started drilling tanks to accept fittings. Pro-sealed a couple on,
2010-09-22 Tank Fittings Continued installing fuel tank fittings. Also installing fuel level senders
2010-09-25 Fuel Level Sender Installs Finished installing fuel level senders. Group pot luck supper in evening.
2010-09-26 Tank Filler Fabrication Worked on my own fuel filler design and fabrication. Also configured fuel level senders and drilled out board left wing tank. Dry fitted the outboard left wing fuel tank for first time. Drilled hole in wing bottom to accept tank drain.
2010-09-27 Senders and Filler Necks Finished getting senders ready to install. Rob welded small filler necks to flange yesterday and tonight was spent finishing them and installing on tanks.
2010-09-29 Pro Sealing Tank Bottoms I angle cut my filler necks to ready for welding to flanges. Everyone else pro sealed at least one tank bottom and their fittings. I then prosealed one of my tanks.
2010-10-02 Prosealing Tanks JH, DVD, TC missing. Beautiful day. Flew to Creston, BC
2010-10-04 Pro Sealing Tanks Pro Sealing Tanks and I met Rob F to weld up tank filler necks at EVD's
2010-10-06 Pro Sealing Tanks Pro sealed two tank bottoms tonight.
2010-10-07 Machined Filler Necks To pump shop to use lathe to cut filler necks so the flush fuel caps would fit into neck. Will drill and rivet to tank tops on Saturday.
2010-10-08 Cut Rear Spar Doubler Cut rear spar doublers tonight with an olfa knife for the 1440 lb gross upgrade
2010-10-09 Pro Sealing and Filler Fitting Installation Pro sealed last tank bottom. Started to install filler fittings on tanks. Drilled both right wing fillers. Looks good. GTB worked on Cubby ailerons. TC worked on pro sealing his fourth tank. Rest was MIA.
2010-10-10 Drilled Off Right Wing Inboard Nose Skin Put my right wing up on table to prepare to drill drain holes for right wing fuel tanks. In order to cut shorter the fuel tank stand-offs on the main spar, I removed the nose skin by drilling out the blind rivets. This also needed to be done to accommodate the change over to the 1440 lb gross weight parts.
2010-10-11 Drilled Fuel Tank Drains Into Right Wing Bottom Skins Thanksgiving Monday. Drilled drains and scotchbrited the right wing tank fittings. Found one filler neck fitting to have hole in neck. Will need to fabricate a new one.
2010-10-11 Filler Fitting Problems When installing filler fittings onto top skins, discovered that the side wall was machined too thin. GTB machined an expander to stretch the aluminum tube. To pump shop to make new fitting tubes.
2010-10-12 Cut apart old Filler Fittings To pump shop to cut the ring flanges off the old fuel filler fittings in order to reuse on new fittings.
2010-10-13 Cut Fuel Filler Tubes Cut tubes to correct angle before welding on recycled ring flanges.
2010-10-14 Drilled Drain Fitting Holes in TC's Wing To TC's to help him cut the holes to accept the tank drain fittings.
2010-10-16 Fuel Tank Holding Straps and Welded Filler Neck Fittins While waiting for Rob to weld up new fuel filler neck fitting, fabricated fuel tank hold down straps complete with flanged lightening holes. Rob welded up filler fittings in the evening.
2010-10-17 Finishing Fuel Fittings Filed off welds in order to true up fittings. Then scotchbrited and drilled fuel caps to fit fittings.
2010-10-18 Installed Filler Fittings and Prosealed First Tank Top
2010-10-20 Finished Prosealing Tanks!
2010-10-22 Picked Up Pallet of Aluminum for Fuselage
2010-10-23 Drove to Calgary to Pick Up HVLP Paint Sprayer GTB, DVD, TC, and myself drove to Calgary to buy a Fuji HVLP painter sprayer at Busy Bee Tools.
2010-10-25 Began Installing Tanks in Wings Brought tanks home to my garage where wings currently are. Cut excess proseal off tanks. Cut cork pieces and glued strips to two left wing tanks. More fitting to be done.
2010-10-26 Shimming Left Wing Tanks To fit in the wing. Shimmed tanks up a little more so the filler neck flange would mate nicely to top skin.
2010-10-27 Glued Cork Onto TC's Tanks Managed to glue cork onto all 4 of to TC's tanks at his garage.
2010-10-28 More Tank Shimming Shimmed (glued) the spar/tank stand-offs
2010-10-30 Manufactured Skin Stiffener L Angles Out of 0.016" then decided I should follow plans and use 0.020" material. Will have to remake. The all of us except DVD went to Bow Island to look at Lynn T's CH750. Spent all afternoon with Lynn looking over his plane (great fun and very educational). LVE's first look at one and first time to sit in one. He liked it as much as we did in Oshkosh! We left at dark charged and are now ready to keep up the work pace.
2010-10-31 Tank Cushions Latex Contact Cemented cork strips onto right wing tanks. Also started gluing cork onto tank securement straps.
2010-11-01 Wing Skin Stiffeners Cut and bent wing skin stiffeners for myself, TC and GTB. TC fabricated fuel tank support stand-offs. GB and LVE at LVE's working on wing wiring.
2010-11-05 Fuel Tank Holding Straps Started installing tank straps on left wing.
2010-11-06 Inboard Trailing Edge Access Plate Myself and TC fabricated access panels for inboard trailing edge in order to be able to access the fuel and electrical connection points where they go into the fuselage. Also fabricated more stiffener L angles for outboard bay (next to wing tip). GTB started installing his wing tip on his left wing.
2010-11-06 Solid Riveting 1440# Spar Doubler Had GTB come over to solid rivet the 1440 lb doubler fitting to the left wing spar.
2010-11-07 Match Drilled Doubler to LE Skin Match drilled the 1440 spar doubler to the leading edge skin and deburred. Re-riveted on the nose rib.

Helped GTB install top skin and then left wing tip fiberglass.
2010-11-07 Bent 75W4-7 Rear Channel Doubler At Enviro shop
2010-11-08 Skin Cross Wing Stiffeners Drilled skin stiffener L angles and installed on lower left wing. Also cleaned up (finished) rear channel doublers
2010-11-10 Rear Channel 1440 lb Doubler Drilled off trailing edge in order to start the 1440 lb upgrades to the rear channel. Drilled off the old inboard doubler and drilled the longer replacement doubler. Fit the L angle doubler and started match drilling.
2010-11-11 Installed 1440 lb Doubler(s) Upgrade Installed the upgrades to the left wing rear channel to give the 1440 lb gross weight. Also installed bolts into spar. Everything worked out quite nicely.
2010-11-11 Fuel Tank Securement Straps Finished installing fuel tank straps in the left wing.
2010-11-13 Wiring
2010-11-14 Wiring
2010-11-17 Wiring To GTB's with TC. Helped install wiring in GTB's second wing. To Home Depot to purchase "p" clamps. Cold and snowy.
2010-11-21 Trailing Edge Root Access Panel Installed an access panel to the root end of the left trail edge skin in order to access fuel fittings and electrical connections. This will facilitate easy wing removals.
2010-11-22 Fuselage Parts Decision Met with the guys and made the final decision to purchase finishing kits, controls sub kit, cockpit cages and fuselage longerons from Zenith. TC to talk to Sebastien for quote.
2010-11-25 TC's Right Wing Went to TC to work on his wings. Riveted skin angle stiffeners in place, drilled holes and installed grommets for fuel level sender wires. Mapped out where fuel lines exit out through rear channel.
2010-11-27 Started Installation of Fuel Lines Met first at GTB to discuss ordering finishing kits and controls kit. Then home to cold garage to start fabricating and installation of fuel lines.
2010-11-29 Fabricated Fuel Lines For the left wing tanks.
2010-12-04 Firewall Pieces Started cutting out and bending some of the firewall stiffeners while DVD, GB and LVE worked on wingtips at LVE's.
2010-12-06 Firewall Parts Fabrication Worked on making firewall parts. Bent up and cleaned up nose gear to firewall stiffeners. Then LVE's to look at others wing finishing results.
2010-12-08 Sorted Out CAD Files
2010-12-14 Made L Angles
2010-12-15 Gathered Aluminum for Laser Cutting Took truck to TC's to load all of the aluminum sheet. Then to GTB's to load rest. Will be laser cut at Tradesman Industries' on their laser cutting machine for all of the sheet parts in the fuselage.
2010-12-16 Delivered Aluminum to Tradesman
2010-12-17 Laser Cutting Parts Spent all day at Tradesman Manufacturing having all of the fuselage parts cut out on their laser cutting CNC. Quality is excellent and just saved months of tedious work!
2010-12-22 Christmas Celebration and Parts Clean Up Cleaned up a few parts from the laser cut. Then had few munchies and drinks.
2010-12-27 Firewall Forming Block Fabricated the firewall forming block and the forming blocks for the instrument panel. Started to lay out panel ideas.
2010-12-29 Formed Firewalls Formed firewalls using plywood forming block. Also bent some of the firewall stiffeners.
2010-12-31 Bent Up 75-F-8-4 Had to do with pump shop brake due to 0.063". Also picked up 0.040" from hangar for firewall angles. Then started laying out the firewall fittings.
2011-01-01 Firewall Finished laying out the firewall and drilled holes in firewall. The started placing and drilling firewall fittings. Also finished fabricating the last of the angle fittings. Despite drilling hole in fingernail (ouch!). made good progress.
2011-01-03 Firewall Continued to work on the firewall. Used template with holes drilled to drill the remaining firewall rivet lines. I am about half way done the firewall at this point.
2011-01-05 Firewall Continued putting the landing gear fittings and stiffeners onto the firewall.
2011-01-09 Firewall Continued building up firewall assembly. Spent morning moving Marty and Lauretta's household possessions.
2011-01-10 Firewall Fabrication Continued attaching fittings to firewall.
2011-01-12 Firewall Construction Everyone is finished except myself and TC. Both of us ready to rivet it together,
2011-01-14 Finished the Firewall
2011-01-15 Received Finishing Kit Picked up the finishing kit, the controls kit and a few other selected parts from the shipping depot in Sweet Grass, Montana. The crate was destroyed during shipment and there was damage to one windshield and on rear wing strut. Two sets of wing struts were missing and my nosewheel should have been non-anodized (silver coloured) but came gold anodized. ZAC also shipped us an extra set of strut fittings by mistake.

Had to unload from destroyed crate and make a new one in order to get back home without any further damage. Inventoried the contents at DVD's shop.
2011-01-18 Started Fuselage Construction Started by laying out rivet lines on first lower forward fuselage panel and drilling holes. Started cutting out 3/4" angles to length.
2011-01-19 Lower Fuse Sides JH missing tonight. Drilled holes in all of fuse lowers and bent in brake. Finished cutting all .75 alum angle pieces.
2011-01-22 Fabricating Lower Fuse Sides Made good progress on lower fuse sides. Working out quite well except for door sill doubler which seems to be off dimensioned.
2011-01-24 Forward Lower Fuselage Sides Construction continues. Final sized one side. The other on Wednesday and then deburring.
2011-01-26 Ready To Rivet Forward Lower Fuselage Sides Finished final size drilling and deburring. TC and GB missing tonight
2011-01-29 Forward Fuselage Floor Doublers Bent up Fuselage Floor Doublers and the main landing gear channels. Good progress today. Snowed today.
2011-01-31 Floor Pan Layout Laid out floor pan and started attaching doublers. Bent the under-seat ribs and center console ribs.
2011-02-02 Cockpit Floor continued Worked on my cockpit floor. Almost done except for final size drilling. Almost ready to start attaching to the side assemblies.
2011-02-05 Installed Rudder Pedal Brackets Installed rudder pedal and brake pedal brackets onto the cockpit floor. Helped LVE install lower side panel to cockpit floor assembly.
2011-02-07 Lower Forward Assembly Drilled the lower sides to the cockpit floor assembly.
2011-02-09 Forward Fuse Notched heel support and seat bulkhead. Started installing main landing gear channel.
2011-02-13 Lower Seat Assembly Worked on lower seat area. Realized that we did not have to make L angles for seat pan too late (after we made them)
2011-02-14 Seat Base Supports Changed up the seat base supports to using 0.040" L angles. Worked on that all evening. Mark B came from Halifax for visit.
2011-02-16 Seat Area L Angles Continued install L angles to seat pan area and front seat bulkhead to fuselage side.
2011-02-19 Control Column Bearing Bracket Fabricated the control column bearing and bracket and installed on seat bulkhead. Also attached inner seat belt doubler. LVE and TC went to Sweetgrass to pick up 4' X 8' crate with replacement windshield and wing struts.
2011-02-21 Under-floor Stringers GTB cut all the under floor stringer angles. Initial drilled tonight.
2011-02-23 Boot Cowl Final sized a few holes in the seat area. Then started on boot cowls. Bent up both cowls and started installing left boot cowl. Appears to be fitting quite well.
2011-02-26 Right Boot Cowl Installed right side boot cowl. Started final sizing some of the forward fuselage. Left early for Lindsay's birthday.
2011-02-28 Final Sizing Final sized most of the holes in the forward lower fuselage. Really cramped for room to work...... 2 year anniversary of the start of this project!!
2011-03-02 More Final Sizing Short night due to KLH bringing cake for B'day. Spent most of evening final size drilling forward cockpit floor.
2011-03-05 Attached Firewall to Floor Drilled firewall to cabin floor. Left early to attend Ron's mom's funeral.
2011-03-09 Finished Final Sizing Finished final sizing drilling of lower fuselage. Got some deburring done.
2011-03-13 Riveting Riveted cockpit floor assembly.
2011-03-13 Visited Cat Nip Drove to Bow Island to look again at Lynn T's CH750 (named Cat Nip). Really helps visualize and will save lots of time later on. Really appreciate Lynn taking the time out to allow us to look,
2011-03-14 AC Covering (Decals) Didn't do much tonight but had ???? come over and talk to us about using decals in lieu of paint to cover our airplanes. He manages Pixel Works and the process warrants further thought and investigation.
2011-03-16 Laying Out First Bottom Skin Finish trimming the first bottom skin and laid out the stations onto the skin. Also bent up all the zed channels and bent up the torque tube bearing channels.
2011-03-19 Bottom Skin Layout & Bulkheads Continued to layout the first bottom skin on the rear fuselage. Started attaching angles and other fittings. Started bending up the read bulkheads.
2011-03-21 Fuselage Bottom #2 Layout and Drilling Laid out and drilled the bottom skin on the 2nd fuselage. Also finished bending up the rear bulkheads.
2011-03-24 Bottom Fuselage Skins Laid out and drilled two more bottom skins for rear fuselages.
2011-03-26 Drilled Bottom Longerons Drilled DVD's lower longerons to the bottom skin. Final sized the bottom skin and fittings.
2011-03-28 Started on the Fuselage Side Skins Drew rivet lines onto the fuselage side skins. Worked on the L angles and started bending the rear door post doublers (75F4-1&2).
2011-03-30 Laying Out Rivet Lines and L Angles On the side skins
2011-04-06 Rear Carry Through Fabrication Went to pump shop to bend 75F3-7 but had trouble with dimensions. Looks like blank is dimensioned and therefore cut wrong.

GTB had trouble correctly locating the flaperon tube bracket mount
2011-04-09 Working on Baggage Area Pieces Bent up flaperon control covers and several other pieces. I was MIA but did stop at Cat Nip and measured where the torque tube brackets go. Also measured firewall rivet location in order to set firewall angle
2011-04-11 More Side Skin Work Took rear top channel pieces to environment shop to bend on break. Difficult to bend up correctly angled pieces
2011-04-13 More Rear Channel Forming Finished bending the upper rear channels. Also drilled L angles to side skin.
2011-04-16 More Side Skin Work Drilled L angles to side skins. Cut longerons at cabin interface. Cut out hole for control rod on rear bulkhead.
2011-04-20 Riveted Lower Longerons onto Bottom Skin On first lower skin, riveted longerons and L angles. Also finished cutting out slot and bending up 75F5-1 bulkheads.
2011-04-25 Drilled Top Skin Drilled the top skin of the rear fuselage. Installed L angles. Drilled top rudder hinge plate and bent to 11 degrees.
2011-04-27 More Top Skin Angles Drilled more L angles for the top skins. Also drilled door post stiffener L. Trimmed cut-out on rear of skin.
2011-05-01 Pressure Tested Fuel Tanks Pressure tested the fuel tanks with air. Attached a water column (tubing) to vent and filled with about 0.75 psi (22 inches of water). Had leaks in all four tanks. Going to try applying proseal to outside of tank in attempt to seal.
2011-05-09 Assembling Rear Fuselage Box Assembled bottom and sides then cut top longerons and set top skin. Drilled top longerons to sides and top. (on first of six fuselages)
2011-05-11 Top Skins Started to reproduce the top skins.
2011-05-16 Header Tank Construction Drilled the header tank to accept rivets. Also prosealed the leaks on the main tanks today.
2011-05-16 Rear Fuselage Assemblage Started putting the rear fuse together. Looks like a box now. Good progress.
2011-05-18 Started on Baggage Skins Laid out and drilled some of the baggage area skins. Also started to square up the rear fuselage.
2011-05-21 Upper Baggage Area Bulkhead Installed upper baggage area bulkhead to square up fuselage box. Spent time squaring up rear end of fuselage.
2011-05-23 Rewiring Left Wing Started rewiring the left wing with shielded wire. Using 3 wire 22 ga shielded wire plus 1 yellow 22 ga unshielded wire (signal wire) for the nav/strobes. Wire is 18 feet. Cut wire length for right wing at same time.

Using two white shielded 14 gauge plus a yellow 22 ga yellow unshielded (signal) wire for land lights.
2011-05-23 Squaring Rear Fuselage Top skin wan not quite simmetrical so the rear fuselage was not quite square. We ended up cutting back part of skin off and riveting new skin to correct dimensions. Fuselage is now square.
2011-05-25 Rear Channel Install Worked at installing the rear channels 75F-4-1 thru 4. Also installed torque tube bearing channels.
2011-05-28 Rear Fuse is Getting Closer Final sized all the holes and deburred. Then riveted the top skin to the longerons and cross pieces.
2011-05-29 Riveted Right Side Drilled, deburred and riveted the right side of DVD's rear fuselage
2011-05-30 Mounted Pitot Tube Spent Sunday afternoon fitting the pitot doubler and tube to left wing. Riveted L angles to bottom skin of left wing. Also painted the 4130 steel control pieces.
2011-06-01 Riveted Right Side Final drilled, deburred and riveted the right side. Installed top skin, ready to rivet on.
2011-06-13 Main Gear Fittings Installed main gear fittings and started on cabin cage install. I have been absent due to tear duct surgery.
2011-06-16 Mounted Tires on Rims Received 21x12x8 6 ply smoothie tires from Matco today. Mounted them on the rims. They appear to be pretty good quality and look nice.
2011-06-18 Cockpit Cage Final Drilling Also final sized the holes for forward to rear fuselage joining.
2011-06-20 Final Sizing Centre Section Rivet Holes Also constructed filleted cover plate for miss-placed rivet holes with 0.032"
2011-06-22 Riveted Forward and Rearward Fuselage Together Final riveting. Cockpit cage final fitted and drilled.
2011-06-25 Started Placement of Baggage Pieces Getting closer to getting first (DVD's) fuselage out the door.
2011-06-26 Measure Out Fuel Filler Cut Outs on Top Wing Skin
2011-06-28 Attached Firewall Set and drilled firewall. Fitted seat bases. Bent boot cowl L angles. on fuselage 1 (DVD)
2011-07-02 Worked on Baggage Area Flew to Kirkby Fly In Breakfast. Then worked on baggage area of DVD's fuse. Also fabricated the boot cowl stiffeners and installed.

Later, worked on left wing top skin hole for fuel caps.
2011-07-03 Started Reassembling Left Wing After 1440 lb Upgrade
2011-07-04 Control Tube Issues We seem to have a problem with the control tube alignment. Might be a plans error, might not be.

Also worked on longeron to firewall steel fittings fitment. Bent up 75F4-6 gussets.
2011-07-05 Tank Drain Left wing tank drain was contacting the skin on one side. Removed tank and made cut out larger which gave enough clearance.
2011-07-06 Control Tube Fitting Cut tab off of control tube in order to fit bulkhead. Spent evening configuring the control tube location. Also final drilled boot cowl stiffeners.
2011-07-10 Baggage Area Progress Baggage area is getting close to be ready to rivet. Also riveted on firewall and started putting nose wheel strut blocks on.
2011-07-11 Nosewheel Strut Worked on the nose strut and instrument panel. Also work some more on baggage area,
2011-07-13 Worked on Panel and Glareshield Initial install on panel and glareshield. Also fitted brackets to control column bulkhead.
2011-08-01 Fitted Main Gear GB, DVD, myself worked on notching out main gear to fit gear fittings. Others worked on glare shield stiffeners, Hot,
2011-08-03 Mounted Gear Mounted main landing gear on fuselage. Bolted hubs and wheels to gear. Also worked on finishing glare shield. Getting closer.
2011-08-06 Rolled First Fuselage Outside Finished up first fuselage enough to move outside. Carried outside and mounted landing gear. Storing it outside covered with tarps so we can look at and not make same errors.
2011-08-08 Laying Out Rear Fuse Skins Laying rivet lines on fuselage number two. Trying to not repeat errors made on #1.
2011-08-10 Drilling Side Skins Finished laying out and drilling side skin template. Then drilled 4 more side skins.
2011-08-15 Drilled Fuselage Sides Finished laying out and drilling the fuselage sides for all 6 planes.
2011-08-17 Attached Lower Longerons to Bottom Fuselage Skin
2011-08-22 Laid Out Side Skins
2011-08-24 Side Skin L Angle to Fuselage #2 Sides
2011-08-27 Riveted Fuselage Bottom
2011-09-15 Attaching Cabin to Rear Fuselage On GB's fuselage. First night back for me in a while.
2011-09-17 Continued to Attach Forward Fuse/Cabin Worked on boot cowl. Attached main gear fittings. Final sized junction rivet area.
2011-09-18 Installed Left Wing Tip At home in garage. Have to get some polyester fill (bodyfiller) to finish fiberglass part of wing tip.
2011-09-19 Attached Firewall to Forward Cabin On Glen's fuselage.
Also installed correct bolts in DVD's main gear axle assemblies.
2011-09-21 Installed Cabin frame on Glen's Fuselage
2011-09-23 Left Wing Complete - Ready for Inspection Riveted on wing tip to left wing. Then fit and riveted top skin cross stiffeners. Left wing is now ready for pre-closure inspection. Moved wing from garage to basement for storage. Moved right wing up on table to ready for start of 1440 lb modifications.
2011-09-24 Fuselage #1 Leaves the Production Facility Took DVD's fuselage to LVE's. Temp placed right wing in fuse and it fits good,

Also started deburring Glen's fuselage readying it for final riveting.
2011-09-25 Started Right Wing Version 2 Mods Started working on right wing to convert to the 1440 lb gross weight increase in version 2. Drilled off trailing edges, main spar doubler and started installing rear channel doubler,
2011-09-26 Riveted Forward Cabin Onto Fuselage #2
2011-10-01 Baggage Area of Fuselage #2 Continued to work on GB's fuselage
2011-10-03 Installed Forward Deck And instrument panel. Worked on control torque tube area on GB's fuselage.
2011-10-08 Moved Fuselage #2 Out LVE's Shop Finished up enough and attached main gear and nosewheel and moved GB's fuselage out to LVE's. I was not present.
2011-10-10 Started Fuselage #3 Started drilling longerons on Fuselage #3 (LVE's)
2011-10-12 Working on Drilling Longerons for Fuselage #3 Worked on top skins and side skins.
2011-10-15 Attached Angle Braces to Rear Skins on LVE's
2011-10-16 Fitted Spar Doubler Match drilled main spar doubler for gvw increase. Readied for solid riveting.
2011-10-17 Readied Rear Skins to Make Box Section on LVE's fuselage
2011-10-18 Solid Riveted Heavier Doubler to Spar GTB over and solid riveted doubler to spar at strut attach point on right wing.
2011-10-19 Assembled Rear Fuselage Box on LVE's fuselage
2011-10-20 Readied Right Wing to Install Fuel Tanks
2011-10-22 Worked on LVE's Fuselage GTB finished off rear section of fuselage. Worked at installing baggage area. Readied forward fuselage to mate to rear fuselage.
2011-10-23 Installing Fuel Tank System in Right Wing Spent nice October day installing fuel lines, etc into right wing.
2011-10-24 Riveted Side Window Area Readied rear fuse to get ready to install forward cabin area by riveting area around side windows. Also made doublers for flush door upgrade which will stiffen door hinge area. Clecoed on cabin to finish out evening.
2011-10-25 Right Wing Wiring Worked on my right wing wiring.
2011-10-26 Right Wing Wiring Stayed home tonight and almost finished installing wiring in right wing. Fellows worked on baggage area and cabin area on LVE's fuselage.
2011-10-28 Final Installation of Fuel Tanks in Right Wing Day off today. Worked on final install on fuel tanks. Read about potential to have poor flare on 3003 aluminum fuel line. Probably did not do a correct flare job but took out lines and inspected for cracks. Found none. Cleaned up flares (sanded and heavily scotchbrited). They look fine
2011-10-29 Boot Cowl and Glare Shield LVE and TC worked on boot cowl and glare shield area. The rest worked on the baggage area and control tube area. Hopefully will have LVE's (#3) ready to leave by Saturday. Then #4 which will be mine!
2011-10-29 Cut Fuel Tank Filler Holes on Right Wing Cut the filler holes but had to sand the inboard hole a little to fit properly.
2011-10-30 Fuel Tanks and Skin Stiffeners Finished installing fuel lines onto tanks, The started putting skin stiffeners on lower and upper skins.
2011-10-31 Boot cowl and Glare Shield Almost finished boot cowl and glare shield area. Instrument panel rough fitted. Continued on baggage compartment area.
2011-11-01 Riveted Wing Skin Stiffeners Worked on getting wing skins back on right wing at home.
2011-11-03 Final Drilling Cabin Area Completed most of the final size drilling in the cabin area of LVE's fuselage.
2011-11-05 Fuselage #3 on Gear Finished up riveting LVE's fuselage (#3) and hauled out to his shop. Took photo of three fuselages on gear.
2011-11-08 Started Fuselage #4 (mine) This is my fuselage. Got started on drilling the skins to the longerons.
2011-11-09 Bottom Skin Drilled longerons to bottom skin on fuselage #4. Final drilled longerons and angles. Then deburred and riveted bottom skin.
2011-11-10 Riveted Leading Edge Skin onto Right Wing Riveted bottom of leading edge skin onto right wing after updating to version 2 1440 lb gvw. Started to rivet trailing edge but have some issues with fuel lines touching bottom of trailing edge. Will change fuel line routing.
2011-11-11 Solid Riveted Cabin Sides Remembrance Day. GTB and myself solid riveted cabin sides.
2011-11-12 Riveted Top Skin Riveted top skin to longerons and L angles to fuselage #4 (mine). Modified shoulder belt attach points further back on longerons in order to use a four point restraint system (a la RV belts). Then started on right skin.
2011-11-12 Riveting Right Wing Back Together Worked on riveting the trailing edge back on. First had to remove and adjust fuel line routing in the trailing edge as not to rub on trailing edge skin. Then riveted trailing edge (bottom). Then flipped wing over and riveted L angle stiffeners to top skin.
2011-11-13 Finished Edition 2 Upgrade And started installing wing tip to right wing.
2011-11-14 Rear Fuselage Box Finished riveting the L angles onto the sides. Assembled rear fuselage "box" section and riveted on my fuselage (#4).
2011-11-15 Right Wing Tip Fit and initial drilled fiberglass portion of right wing tip.
2011-11-16 Installed Baggage Area Started installing most rearward baggage area bulkhead. Took opportunity to install piano hinge pieces which will be used for baggage area tie down points. GTB worked on rear fuselage area and started installing rear bulkheads.
2011-11-17 Working on Right Wing Tip Worked in garage tonight crimping and installing angles to top and bottom skins.
2011-11-18 Right Wing Tip & Rear Spar Root Attach Fittings Worked out in cold garage today on right wing tip aluminum skin. Took several tries but am about ready to initial drill. Also to rear spar root attach fittings to pump shop to drill rivet pattern.
2011-11-19 Rear Fuselage Alignment Problem While finishing up rear area of rear fuselage GTB discovered it was not plumb. Took quite a lot of measuring and looking to see what problem was. We ended up drilling out most of the rivets in the back 2/3s of the fuselage and removing the baggage compartment rear bulkhead. We hope we have it now but start putting back together on Monday night.
2011-11-21 Rear Fuselage Alignment Problem Problem not solved. Looks like we are going to have to drill out all the side skin to longeron rivets. Frustrating.
2011-11-23 Unriveted Rear Fuselage I wasn't there tonight but group drilled out all the rivets in the rear fuselage and started again. Still didn't come out perfectly straight but will be acceptable.
2011-11-26 Cabin Area Riveted cabin sides onto assembly and fitted to rear fuselage. Riveted baggage area rear into rear fuselage. Feels good to be off rear fuselage problems.
2011-11-27 Cleaned up Fiberglass Tips With polyester body filler. Sprayed with high fill primer.
2011-11-28 Rear Spar Carry-through Installed and riveted rear spar carry-through.
2011-11-30 Installed Cockpit Cage Fit and drilled cockpit cage. Also fit and drilled boot cowl skins and installed main gear/strut bracket fittings.
2011-12-01 Gear Fittings Cleaned up the main landing gear/strut bracket fittings. (took the burrs off)
2011-12-03 Installed Gear Fittings Installed gear fittings, boot cowl stiffeners, flapperon boxes.
2011-12-04 Moved Right Wing to Basement Finished riveting the right wing tip on and moved wing to basement for storage. Both wings are ready for inspection!
2011-12-05 Glare Shield and Instrument Panel Fitted Also worked on baggage area.
2011-12-07 Fitted Seat Pans
2011-12-08 Welded Lugs onto Forward Cage As per Zenair flush door mod, welded 4130 tabs onto cage downtubes and then attached to fuselage longerons with AN3 bolts. GTB welded using gas torch.
2011-12-10 Deburred and Riveted Cabin Area Closing on getting fuselage #4, which in mine, out of the shop.
2011-12-12 Torque Tube Installed torque tube bulkhead and torque tube. Binding a little so will have to fine tune later. Also installed the longeron to firewall 4130 brackets.
2011-12-14 Fitted Main Gear to Fittings Readied landing gear to install on Saturday after we move it to TC's.
2011-12-17 Moved #4 Out of Shop Moved fuselage #4 (my fuselage) out of the shop and hauled out to Lawrence's. Installed the gear and took some pictures with the other 3. Very windy but warm for mid December. Then hauled to Travis's garage where I will work on it until it gets warm enough to work in my garage.
2011-12-19 Started Fuselage #5 Started working on Trav's fuselage. Drilled the bottom longerons and L angles and deburred. Ready to rivet bottom of rear fuselage on Wednesday.
2011-12-21 Riveted Bottom Skin And Drilled top longerons to top skin on fuselage #5
2011-12-26 Riveted Top Skin Riveted TC's top skin L angles and longerons. Then riveted L angles to one side skin.
2011-12-30 Torque Tube Alignment Worked all day on control torque tube alignment on my fuselage. Went to Travis's and found I had to make new 75F4-6 brackets in order to align bulkhead to free up torque tube. Went to shop and made up new brackets. Also cut aluminum tube to make thrust collar for torque tube (to prevent forward movement of torque tube).
2011-12-30 Torque Tube Alignment Worked all day on control torque tube alignment on my fuselage. Went to Travis's and found I had to make new 75F4-6 brackets in order to align bulkhead to free up torque tube. Went to shop and made up new brackets. Also cut aluminum tube to make thrust collar for torque tube (to prevent forward movement of torque tube).
2011-12-30 Riveted 75F4-6 Brackets in place
2011-12-31 Rear Baggage Bulkhead Installed rear baggage bulkhead and rear cabin/spar carry-through on TC's fuselage.
2011-12-31 Rear Baggage Bulkhead Installed rear baggage bulkhead and rear cabin/spar carry-through on TC's fuselage.
2012-01-02 Riveted Rear Fuselage and rear baggage bulkhead
2012-01-03 Started Fitting Lower Baggage Skins on my fuselage
2012-01-04 Flaperon Control Rod Box(es) Installation Also installed rear spar carry through and door rear pillars on Travis's fuselage.
2012-01-04 Flaperon Control Rod Box(es) Installation Also installed rear spar carry through and door rear pillars on Travis's fuselage.
2012-01-07 Fitted Cabin Area to Rear Fuselage Worked on Travis's fuselage. Got his cabin area fitted including the firewall initial fitting and cockpit cage almost fitted. Lots accomplished today. Ken Losey from Champion visited all day. He has a Sonex tail kit and came to view what building is about. I think he had a good day and went home charged up;
2012-01-08 Installing Baggage bottoms and Seat Bottoms Bent up right lower baggage bottom and both left and right seat bases. Filed out seat bases to go around fuselage side angles. Then to Travis's to start installation. Managed to get right baggage area drilled and clecoed as well as right seat base. Started dry fitting left seat base and baggage area.
2012-01-09 Fitting Firewall and Boot Cowl Worked on Travis's fuselage tonight.
2012-01-10 Worked Extra Night Worked tonight as an extra night in order to try to get Trav's fuselage out of shop by Saturday. Worked on nosewheel fittings, finishing boot cowl stiffeners and cockpit rear frame uprights.
2012-01-11 Installed Longeron to Engine Mounts Worked on Travis's fuselage. Also fitted glare shield and instrument panel.
2012-01-12 Fitting Left Side Baggage Panels To my plane at Travis's. Went quite well. Should be close to having this done after a couple more good nights working on it.
2012-01-14 Riveted Trav's Forward Fuselage Then fitted gear. Moved Trav's fuselage to his garage.
2012-01-16 Started GTB's Fuselage I wasn't there tonight but guys put box together and got rear baggage panel installed.
2012-01-16 Started GTB's Fuselage I wasn't there tonight but guys put box together and got rear baggage panel installed.
2012-01-19 Decided to Fabricate New Lower Left Baggage Skin Also drilled collar on torque tube.
2012-01-19 Decided to Fabricate New Lower Left Baggage Skin Also drilled collar on torque tube.
2012-01-21 Worked on Left Baggage Area Initial drilled most of the left side baggage area. Made good progress today. Only a little more on the left side to go then to right side.
2012-01-22 Worked on Right Baggage Area Made some progress on right side baggage area. Started planning baggage tie down attachment fittings.
2012-01-24 Fitting GTB's Cabin Frame Worked on GTB's fuselage. Fitted, final drilled and riveted some of the cabin frame at the rear spar carry through.
2012-01-24 Right Baggage Area Worked at final fitting of right baggage area. Cut flange off of right bottom baggage skin and installed L angle.
2012-01-25 Fitted Cabin Area to Rear Fuselage on GTB's Fuselage Mated cabin area to rear fuselage on GTB's ac. Also fitted cockpit cage structure.
2012-01-26 Right Baggage Bottom Skin Initial drilled right lower baggage skin at Trav's.
2012-01-28 Fitted Boot Cowl Worked on GTB's fuselage. Fitted boot cowl area, gear fittings, and flaperon box section area.
2012-01-29 Fabricated Baggage Area Tie Down Points Fabricated and drilled baggage area tie down points from piano hinge.
2012-01-29 Ordering Materials Haven't track this type of time before but today I spent spent over an hour ordering fuel valves, fittings etc from AN Pluming. Ordered some reamers and drill bits from Pan American Tool and a made another wish list at Aircraft Spruce (see JoeFeb12).
2012-02-02 Glare Shield and Deburring Worked on GTB's fuselage. Installed glare shield and then took apart and deburred. Ready for assembly and riveting.
2012-02-02 Final Drilled Baggage Skins
2012-02-04 Finished the Initial Group Build!!! Today we assembled GTB's forward fuselage and riveted. Also fitted the main gear legs. We now have all 6 aircraft at the same stage and all will be working on our own aircraft from now on with the exception of the flaperons. The flaperons will be built cooperatively at a later date. We each grabbed our own tools to take home.
2012-02-05 Deburred Baggage Area And drilled A4 rivets in order to install correct A5 rivets in centre fuselage area
2012-02-06 Deburred and Riveted Cabin Area
2012-02-08 Started Working on Controls After vacuuming out cabin and baggage areas, started working on installing controls.
2012-02-09 Painted Flaperon Control Tubes Installed flap motor. Bent control stick horn in order to centre elevator control rod in console.
2012-02-09 Painted Flaperon Control Tubes Installed flap motor. Bent control stick horn in order to centre elevator control rod in console.
2012-02-10 Started Fitting Flap Tube Aileron Bellcranks
2012-02-11 Fitted Control Rods Fitted the elevator control rod by cutting and drilling for bushing installation. Bolted on aileron control push pull tubes onto bellcranks.
2012-02-12 Laid Out Centre Console Laid out centre console on 0.020" pretty much to console option plans.
2012-02-14 Fabricated and Fitted Centre Console
2012-02-14 Fabricated and Fitted Centre Console
2012-02-15 Console Fabrication Riveted on L angles onto side plates. Low production evening.
2012-02-21 Console Fabrication Constructed rear brace angle. Cleaned up tools.
2012-02-25 Ordering Parts, Tools, etc Spent the day not getting a lot done. Bought tools at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and Princess Auto. Then out to Lawrence's to look at header tank and parking brake installation. Then to TC's to look at fuel system design and layout. The spent part of evening ordering material (mostly fuel fittings) from Aircraft Spruce.
2012-02-27 Nut Plates on Console Riveted on nut plates to right hand side of console.
2012-02-29 Fabricated Bracket of Parking Brake Went to pump shop to use shear and break. While there used lathe to cut down header tank fitting. Not much luck. Need more knowledge.
2012-03-04 Parking Brake Mount Installed parking brake mount and started to cut slot in console for applicator knob.
2012-03-05 Parking Brake Installation Cut slot in side of console for parking brake control lever.
2012-03-07 Fitted and Drilled Baggage Centre Lid And trial fitted torque tube cover which is too wide. Will have to straighten out and rebend 4 mm smaller.
2012-03-08 Final Drilled Baggage Centre Lid And re-bent torque tube cover.
2012-03-10 Fabricated Console Top Stiffener
2012-03-18 Tried Comfortlite Seat I have been away for more than a week. Received my latest Aircraft Spruce order mostly with fuel fittings. Took time to sort out Dave and Trav's stuff. Received Comfortlite seat but found it is too wide to fit in the CH750.

So started to rivet top stiffener on the forward top of console. Buggered that up so should have stayed home. Will have to remake.
2012-03-19 Remaking Console Stiffener
2012-03-21 Final Drilled Console
2012-03-23 Instrument Panel Fitting Fitted and drilled the panel to the cage. Also formed the lower panel around the cage. Started fitting the fuel valve block bracket.
2012-03-24 Moved Fuselage From Trav's to My Garage Trav is drywalling his garage so moved home for a while. Used Dave's brother in law's trailer and Glen' truck. Went very smoothly.
2012-03-25 Packed Up Trav's Garage Moved all of his stuff from garage into storage container while inside is being finished.
2012-03-26 Started Building Flaperons All to GTB's to start working on flaperons. Bent trailing edges of skins at Env shop. Bending leading edge to large radius is problematic.
2012-03-28 Attempted to Install Flaperon Skin on Skeleton Problems with forming the leading edge portion of the flaperon skin is preventing from a clean installation. Will likely have to manufacture a home made press brake to form the leading edge.
2012-04-02 Figuring Out How to Skin Flaperon Worked as a group to prove out how to bend leading edge of flaperon skin. And where to bend. Then layed out rivet lines and drilled. Still have to work out how to bend around skeleton around nose ribs without deforming them.
2012-04-04 Skinned Inboard Flaperon Finished skinning first flaperon section (outboard), Then bent leading edge radius for inboard portion. Bent at 80mm which worked much better. This section turned out much better.
2012-04-30 Installed Landing Gear After looonnng lay-off (due to holiday in Vegas and sick) back to GTB's for one night to help him install his landing gear. Then divied up left over rivets.
2012-05-02 Worked on Flap(eron)s Worked at Trav's. Marked out rivet lines on right inboard flaperon (flap) skin on GB's. Drilled to spar/rib skeleton.
2012-05-07 Built LAV's Two Ailerons Working at Trav's. Riveted one of GB's flaps and skinned both of LAV's ailerons.
2012-05-09 Skinning LAV's Ailerons Final drilled and riveted bottoms of LAV's ailerons.
2012-05-14 Built LAV's Two Flaps Riveted bottoms. LVE took flaperons (flaps and ailerons) home where he will finish attaching attach fittings and ready for pre-close inspection. Worked in Trav's garage.
2012-05-21 Putting DVD's Flaps Together Almost got DVD's flaps together tonight.
2012-05-23 Working on DVD's Ailerons One aileron final sized and other one, we managed to just lay out and initial drill the skin. Just passed the 2000 hour mark!
2012-05-28 Started My Flap(eron)s Finished DVD's ailerons and started on my flaps.
2012-05-30 Left Flap Riveted My left flap part of flaperon was final drilled and riveted ready for pre close inspection. Started laying out the right flap.
2012-06-04 Worked on Left Aileron Finished riveting the second flap and then laid out left aileron and riveted. Brought both of them home. Working on right aileron.
2012-06-11 Finished My Flaperons I wasn't there tonight but group finished my last aileron and started on TC's first flap.
2012-06-11 Finished My Flaperons I wasn't there tonight but group finished my last aileron and started on TC's first flap.
2012-06-13 Skinned Two More Ailerons Skinned TC's ailerons.
2012-06-18 Flap(eron)s Worked on TC's flaps. GTB there tonight.
2012-06-20 Finished TC's Flaps Finished TC's Flaps but GTB is going to use them because he is preparing for the pre cover inspection. TC will now assume ownership of GTB's set and we will construct those next.
2012-06-24 Cockpit Cage Modification Decided to modify cockpit cage to Edition 3 plans. Removed cross brace and used this 3/4" X 0.032" chromoly tubing to fabricate corner braces. Will take to welder to have braces Tig welded in place.
2012-06-25 Starte on TC's Ailerons Skinned one aileron with the factory skin and it turned out very nice.
2012-06-27 Finished TC's Ailerons Didn't get a lot done tonight but still something. Factory skins made for a better finished product.
2012-06-30 Pre Cover Inspection Today for LVE and GTB Observed Russ Harms do pre cover inspection. Helped guys move stuff around, hang wings etc. Inspection went very well with no snags logged.
2012-07-04 Riveted TC's Ailerons Short night.
2012-07-09 Laid Out TC's Flaps Didn't get a lot done but did lay out the flap skins and drilled one flap skin.
2012-07-11 Worked on Flaps Riveted TC's right flap and initial drilled left flap. Hot.
2012-07-17 Riveted TC's 2nd Flap And cut out GB's aileron spar blanks by hand.
2012-07-30 Fabricated GB's Aileron Spars Have been away at Oshkosh. A successful trip we had. Spoke to several people about the Rotax 912iS including Mark Paskevich from Rotec Research Canada. It sounds like a great engine and Mark was very willing to talk and indicates that they will cooperate with us. The same could be said about Sebastien Heintz.
2012-08-01 Built GB's aileron skeletons and final drilled and riveted remaining flap.
2012-08-05 Prepared 4130 Parts for Powdercoating Used a file and some sandpaper to debur the edges of the steel parts in order to get ready for taking to the powdercoaters,
2012-08-06 Worked on GB's ailerons Initial drilled Glens aileron skeletons to factory skins. Hot weather.
2012-08-08 Finished GB's Ailerons As of tonight we finished the official group build. We probably will do a few things together like installing the wings on each plane but for the most part, we will be on our from now on.
2012-08-11 Added 75F-A-2-3 Flaperon Rib Angles To left aileron and left and right flaps.
2012-08-12 Added 75F-A-2-3 Flaperon Rib Angle to Right Aileron
2012-08-19 Started Polishing Went to Autozone and bought some Mother's Billet Aluminum polish and tried a couple of spots on the port fuselage. Worked on an area where there was some corrosion and seemed to be able to polish out using polish and scotchbrite pad. Will be lots of work but think it is doable. We will have see what I say on my last post in this category...!?...
2012-08-28 Started Installing Rudder Horn Laid out and initial drilled rudder horn to rudder.
2012-08-29 Riveted Rudder Horn On
2012-09-02 Flaperon Splice Plates Fitted and riveted the flaperon splice plates to the ailerons tonight. Also went out to Lawrence's today and borrowed some Nuvite F7 and tried some hand polished on the side of the fuselage. It is definitely more aggressive, to the point of leaving scratch marks.
2012-09-04 Visitor We had Wij Horemans from Rocky Mountain House here to talk about building CH750s. We looked at my project and then out to Lawrence's to look and talk to all about building/tricks.
2012-09-12 Took Delivery of Nuvite Polish Went out to Lawrence's to try the Nuvite F9. Seems to work okay. Borrowed his polisher.
2012-09-13 First Attempt at Polishing Main Landing Gear Used Lawrence's rotary polisher with F9. Made 2 passes on some and 1 on other areas. Also tried using Grade C. Landing gear bar has heavy grain and can still see after polishing.
2012-09-23 Main Landing Gear Sanding Spend another half hour using the random orbit sander with 220 grit on the main landing gear trying to take some of the grain off of it to allow for better polishing.
2012-09-24 More Polish Prep on Main Landing Gear
2012-09-25 Polishing Bottom of Forward Fuselage Bought Makita polisher/sander. It works very well. Using Nuvite polish. Making 2 passes with F9, then one pass with Grade C. Looks okay for areas like underneath where not so visible.
2012-09-29 Pre-Cover Inspection Doug Murray, an MDRA inspector, performed the pre-cover inspection of fuselage, wings, empanage,flaperons, etc. Went very well with one snag regarding drain hole locations in fuselage.
2012-09-30 Polishing Bottom of Fuselage One pass with F9, one with F7, and one with Grade C.
2012-10-01 Polishing Top of Fuselage First pass on fuselage top. Tried F9, F7, G6. G6 didn't work all that well. F9 and F7 seemed about the same.
2012-10-02 Another Pass on the Fuselage Top Pass with F7. One more pass with C should do it for the fuselage top.
2012-10-03 Final Pass with Grade C Nuvite Polish on Fuselage Top Not perfect but good enough for fuselage top where most never see.
2012-10-13 Polishing Port Side of Fuselage Two passes with F9. Looks okay. Washed polishing bonnets afterwards.
2012-10-14 Polishing Port Side of Fuselage 2 more passes with Nuvite F7 on left side of fuselage. Looking a little better. Hopefully a couple passes with C will start the finish.
2012-10-16 Polishing Port Side of Fuselage Two passes with Grade C. Left side done for now. Right side of fuselage next.
2012-10-19 Started Polishing Right Side of Fuselage Made 2 passes with F9 and 1 pass with F7
2012-10-20 Took Cage to Guy's to Weld Ernie picked up cage from Mike's. Mike did not have time to TiG weld the cage so picked up and hauled to Guy's. Guy tack welded the corner braces in to ready for Justin from C&A to TiG weld for me. Picked some liquid payment.
2012-10-21 Final Passes on Right Side of Fuselage Moved 601 from QL Aviation to J3 via trailer with Glen and Dave. Worked out pretty good. Then took crappy polisher back to Princess Aero for refund. Bought wool bonnet for polisher. Polished one pass with Grade C (compound polishing) then one cyclone pass with Grade C and one cyclone pass with Grade S. Right side of fuselage looks pretty good.
2012-10-22 TiG Welded Cockpit Cage Corner Braces Justin from C&A Welding used Guy's TiG welder to weld on the corner braces to the cockpit cage per version 3 plans. Also had him weld the slotless aileron fittings.
2012-10-27 More Polishing on Bottom of Fuselage One compounding pass with C, then one Cyclo pass with C and one Cyclo pass with S on bottom of fuselage. Started getting it ready to move to Trav's for winter. Brought cage home from Guy's.
2012-10-28 Moved Fuselage to Trav's and Started Cleaning Garage After moving fuselage to Trav's in bed of pick up, started cleaning the garage. It is a big job.
2012-10-30 Finished Cleaning Up the Garage Polishing really makes a mess. Spent 2 more hours sweeping black dust (polish and aluminum oxide) off of everything and the floor. Well not everything..., it would take days to clean everything. But it will have to do for now.

When I do the rest of the plane, I will make an enclosed booth out of plastic vapour barrier.
2012-11-03 Worked Door Seal Assembly Prototyping Spend several hours figuring out how to make a door seal/jamb. Sort of figured it out but now have to find a rubber seal that will work effectively.
2012-11-04 Fabricated L Angles for Door Jambs Went to pump shop after Liar's Club to shear and bend L angles for door jambs.
2012-11-10 Preparing Travis's Garage Started moving stuff around in Travis's garage to get ready for winter's building season.
2012-11-11 Preparing Travis's Garage Hung Trav's wings on ceiling.
2012-11-18 Re-Sealed Nosewheel Rim Took nosewheel tire off of bead, disassembled the rim and sanded smooth the o-ring area and reassembled. Hopefully slow leak will be cured. Then hauled a table and most of my tools to Trav's.
2012-11-24 Started Installing Steering Rod Boots Fabricated the doublers to retain the steering rod boots. Drilled and clecoed the right side boot assembly to firewall.

Also switch right brake cylinder lower brackets around (initially installed backwards)

Went out to Lawrence's to hang up his wings and get Dave's down for finishing. Lawrence has installed windshield and is fitting the cowl.
2012-11-25 Working on Steering Rod Boots Started installing left side boot.
2012-11-28 Picked Up Powder Coated Steel Parts From Fool Proof Coatings in Fort MacLeod. Looks pretty good. Flat black, $260
2012-11-28 Started Installing Powder Coated Parts Finished installing steering rod boots. Then clecoed powder coated (pc) cage onto fuselage. Wrapped cage with tape to protect finish. Started installing pc painted gear/strut fittings.
2012-11-29 Gear-Strut Fittings Finished final installation of gear-strut fittings.
2012-11-30 Installed Main Gear and Nose Gear Installed both the main gear leaf and wheels/brakes and nose strut and fork/wheel. It is now back on the gear to stay.
2012-12-01 Installed Rudder Pedals, Steering Rods, and Brake Cylinders
2012-12-02 Freed Up Nose Strut Sanded the powder coat paint so the nose strut will have full travel and full turning capability.
2012-12-03 Right Upper Door Sill Worked on right side upper door sill. Quite a lot of fiddling. Over cut the forward spar carry through cut out a little.
2012-12-04 Left Upper Door Sill Worked at cutting out and fitting left door upper sill. Not real happy with the results on this side either...
2012-12-05 Drilled Top Door Sills Drilled top door sills and initial attached sills to cockpit cage.
2012-12-08 Weld Elevator Hinge Pin Couldn't find my hinge pin for elevator to had Guy make one from materials we had on hand and TiG weld the pin to the strap.

Also cut out new doublers for the rear spar area of the upper door sill.
2012-12-09 Polished Upper Door Sills Polished the upper door sills before installing on plane. Tedious work when loose. Done at pump shop.
2012-12-10 Upper Door Sills Continued to work on the upper door sill installations. Cut and filed rear doublers to fit over rear spar attach brackets. Slow going...
2012-12-11 Drilled Right Top Door Sill Doubler Attached to fuselage and drilled sill to cage.
2012-12-12 Left Upper Door Sill Drilled onto Cockpit Cage
2012-12-13 Final Drilled Upper Door Sills Looked through what to do next. Helped Trav remove landing gear.
2012-12-15 Started Installing Rudder onto Fuselage Drilled and installed pivot bushings. Drilled one pilot hole in order to determine accuracy of vertical.
2012-12-15 Powder Coating Seat Brackets Tried out Guy's new powder coating gun. Coated the seat back attach brackets flat black and Guy's fuel selector knob red. Worked pretty good.
2012-12-16 Closed Up Rudder Final riveted the rudder and installed onto fuselage.
2012-12-17 Narrowing Seat Backs Stock seats rub on the cockpit structure so I have decided to narrow the backs of the seats. I cut about 20mm out of the top. Cut the cross bar and cut into the uprights about 2/3 just about the main tube seat back crossbar.
2012-12-18 Rudder Cables Started the process of installing the rudder cables. Tonight just looked at locating where the cables enter/exit the fuselage in front of the rudder. Also out to Lawrence's to look at and measure what he did. Glen was there.
2012-12-19 Rudder Cables Located and drilled hole in right side of fuselage to facilitate routing the rudder cable. It seems too high on the fuselage side but I have it as low as possible. Paralyzed by indecision on whether it is correct/good enough.

Also installed nyloc nut on rear fuselage tie down ring.
2012-12-20 Rudder Cable Fairings Cut and fit rudder cable fairings and fairleads. Piddly work but done except for final riveting. Next will be rudder cable installation.
2012-12-21 Routed and Cut Rudder Cables Cut cables to length and made initial routing.
2012-12-23 Picked Up Nicopress Tool from Lawrence's Went out to Lawrence's to pick up nicopress tool. Also looked at possibility of changed mount for elevator bellcrank. Started this design in my head. Places some needed parts and materials in AC Spruce wish list.
2012-12-24 Nicopressed Rudder Cables At the rear (rudder) end. Routed cables and initial installed the right rudder cable fairlead. Had to adjust Ron's nicopress tool to meet specs for nico's.
2012-12-26 Routed Rudder Cables Through Cockpit And riveted on cockpit fairleads.
2012-12-28 Finished Rudder Cable Installation Nicopressed the rudder cables at rudder pedals. Almost too short. Had to reposition fairleads because I installed them initially too high and rudder cables were rubbing the underside of the control mixer tube (75C-1-6)
2012-12-29 Designed Elevator Bellcrank Divorce from Aileron Torque Tube Decided that I did not like rudder cable routing. Removed rudder cables and spent a fair bit of time prelim designing elevator bellcrank axle mount. This will allow better routing of rudder cables and will facilitate easier placement of fuel lines and wiring in the centre tunnel. Should also make installation of auto-pilot elevator servo easier.
2012-12-30 Fabricated Brackets for Elevator Bellcrank Axle Mount Went to pump shop to use shear and brake. Made mounts and 0.032" tunnel side panels to mount brackets to. Also made brake pedal lightening holes and flanged.
2012-12-31 Installed Thicker Left Side Tunnel Skin and Elevator Bellcrank Bracket Looks good. Then decided that rear control tunnel could be made narrower because of elevator bellcrank mount divorce from torque tube. Started laying out new right side tunnel skin and right baggage floor skin.
2013-01-01 Fabricated New Right Side Baggage Skins Decided to make new baggage skins for right side due to change to the elevator bellcrank assembly and thus able to narrow up the centre tunnel. Also fabricated brake pedal stiffener brackets. Also polished brake pedals while they were off the plane. All this done at pump shop.
2013-01-01 Installing Baggage Skins Also riveted gussets on brake pedals.
2013-01-02 Installed Nose Strut Bungee Took off old (failed) 601 bungee and installed new one from ACS. Also install plastic bushings on rudder pedal steering rods and firewall plate interface. Not quite good enough; will have to do something more...
2013-01-07 Trip to Sweetgrass, Montana. To pick up dual stick option kit and pick up seat foam for Dave, Trav, Glen and myself.
2013-01-07 Deburred Dual Stick Option Parts Got most of the steel parts deburred and prepped for powder coating.
2013-01-08 Finished Prepping the Control Sticks to be Powder Coated Filed all the burrs off the dual stick option kit parts and cleaned up the welds (filed and sanded). Ready to send to powder coating shop with Trav's parts.
2013-01-09 Recut and Bent Tunnel Side Plate Still not correct angle so will have to cut and bend another one. Started initial drilling new baggage skins and floor for right side. Also cut forming blocks for cockpit overhead ribs.
2013-01-10 Fabricated Wing Root Rib Forming Blocks Fabricated the wing root rib forming blocks to accomodate the air foil shaped Edition 3 cabin top window. Also re-fabricated the right side baggage tunnel part AGAIN...
2013-01-11 Worked On Control Tunnel Mod EDO. New tunnel right side skin fit correctly so started fitting and initial drilling panels on new control tunnel area. Then fit and initial drilled the elevator bellcrank control axle fittings,
2013-01-12 Continued to Work On Control Tunnel Mod Fit all baggage skins and drilled to final size. Set brackets and installed elevator bellcrank axle. Made the plunge and cut the elevator bellcrank tower off the roll control torque tube. No going back now.
2013-01-13 Fabricated 75F-5-1 Made up a new torque tube bearing support bulkhead for the modified tunnel assembly at the pump shop.
2013-01-13 Deburred Baggage Skins and Tunnel After final fitting everything, took all the baggage tunnel skins off and deburred. Had to final size a few left over holes and installed new torque tube bearing bulkhead. Also tapped the elevator bellcarank axel to accept a number 6 -32 screw on each end.
2013-01-14 Started Installing Dual Stick Option Started installing the dual stick option by laying out and planning. Didn't get much accomplished tonight
2013-01-15 Installing Dual Stick Fittings Initial drilled the brackets for the dual stick elevator torque tube. Had to lower it a little due to interference from rudder cables.
2013-01-17 Final Drilled Dual Stick Brackets And cut slot in seat front bulkhead to accommodate the elevator push-pull rod.
2013-01-19 Slotted Torque Tube Bearing Support Bulkhead for Elevator Push-Pull Tube Re=installed tunnel and baggage area skins and elevator and roll controls. Guy and his dad, George came around to look at elevator bellcrank bracket design, Glen also came later. All felt it looked good.
2013-01-20 Installed Rudder Cables Installed rudder cables today (re-installed). They are much better routed. There should be a lot less parasitic friction.
2013-01-21 Riveted Fairleads onto Rudder Cables Dave came by and looked over mods.
2013-01-22 Filed Flutes into Raised Cabin Rib Forming Blocks
2013-01-23 Riveted Steel Hinge Strap and Pin to Elevator Preparing to install elevator and horizontal stab onto fuselage.
2013-01-23 Delivered Trav's Steel Parts to Powdercoater Took Trav's and my dual stick steel parts out to Foolproof Coatings at Fort Macleod to powdercoat (matte black).
2013-01-24 Installed Trim Tab Push Rod Drilled elevator hinge plates.
2013-01-26 Final Riveted Elevator Spent the morning a part of the afternoon watching Lawrence make the first start on his Rotax 912 ULS. The final riveted my elevator.
2013-01-27 Final Riveted Horizontal Stab and installed the two bolts that had not been installed yet. Like always, used a straight reamer to final size the bolt holes.
2013-01-28 Joined the Horizontal Stab to Elevator Didn't have too many problems but had to be careful with vertical alignment and gap between the stab and elevator. It is a little closer than spec'd in order to get the edge distance on the centre pivot bolt.
2013-01-30 Started Installing Horizontal Stab onto Fuselage
2013-01-31 Worked on Fitting Horizontal Stab
2013-02-01 Mounted Horizontal Stab Fit, set and drilled horizontal stab to fuselage brackets. Left side was 3156 (+ 60)mm and right side measured 3153 (+ 60)mm.
2013-02-02 Fitted Elevator to Horizontal Stab While Attached to Fuselage Fitted the elevator up to the stab and removed material where necessary to provide clearance. Found that I had not mated the elevator correctly with the horizontal stab. The elevator was about 10 mm too low. Spent the remainder of the day working at getting it see correctly. It is better now but still not perfect. Will have to leave as is or building all new brackets and start over.
2013-02-03 Fabricated and Hooked Up Elevator Cables Good day today. Managed to fabricate the elevator cables and hook them up. Includes placement of fairleads.
2013-02-05 Worked On Elevator Stops Didn't get much done tonight but managed to install the elevator down stop and half way to installing up elevator stop.
2013-02-06 Finished Installing Elevator Stops And worked on providing elevator clearance on horizontal stab and brackets. Placed protective tubing on elevator cables where they cross.
2013-02-07 Cleaned up the H Stab Mounting Brackets And set the elevator trim push rod length. Clean all the shavings from the elevator and stab.
2013-02-08 Redesigned & Refabricated Down Elevator Stop Didn't like the look of the strength of the designed elevator stop so I used Trav's suggestion and built a new one that should be much stronger.
2013-02-09 Started To Trim Rudder Skin Started to trim rudder to provide clearance to elevator.
2013-02-10 Completed Trimming Elevator and Rudder Skins & Started Fitting Fin Fairings Used die grinder to cut trim skins. Lots of work and ended up cutting away a little too much but it was difficult to judge accurately. Then started on fin fairing. Borrowing Dave's fin helped a lot.
2013-02-11 Initial Fitted the Tail Fin Fairing Installed rear fairing attach angles and clecoed front fairing with 4 silver clecos.
2013-02-12 Added Stiffeners to Rear Fin Fairing And shaped around horizontal stab. Initial drilled all the holes in the front fin fairing.
2013-02-13 Cleaning Shop
2013-02-13 Final Drilled Fin Fairing And riveted on stiffener L angles.
2013-02-14 Riveted on Rudder Stops And riveted on rudder spar fairing.
2013-02-15 Cleaned up Powder Coated Control Sticks Got the dual stick assemblies back from Foolproof Powder Coatings. Cleaned the protective tape and residue from the threaded areas.
2013-02-16 Installed Dual Stick Torque Tube Riveted brackets and installed torque tube. Had to file welded on bolt for swivel clearance.
2013-02-17 Pounded Out the Upper Cabin Ribs for Glen and Trav
2013-02-18 Fitted Top Window Ribs and Initial Fitted Top Window Everything lined up pretty good.
2013-02-22 Header Tank Started to work on the header tank and fuel system inside the cockpit again. Spent time thinking it through. Rotech in Vernon has designed their fuel system and I am going to do something very similar. We have been ahead of them in thinking through the design and I still believe we have worked out things that they may not have.
2013-02-23 Replacing Seat Ribs Today went out to EVD's farm to pick up windshield and doors. Then decided in order to accommodate ground adjustable seats, that I would have to move the header tank into the centre of the pax seat. To do this, I will have to remove the seat rib that has been installed and then install new ribs on either side of the header tank. The rib was not quite right anyway so will modify to make better.
2013-02-24 Replacing Seat Ribs Went to Guy's to get extra seat ribs blanks that we had laser jet cut. While there, I helped him to drill and initial install of his doors. Then bent up ribs and flanged while at his place. Then went to Trav's and installed one rib on right hand side before I had to leave to go look at a duplex Lindsay is looking at buying.
2013-02-25 Seat Ribs Installed second rib under pax seat and replaced rib under pilot seat. They now fit correctly and the seat base is now flush with back and front seat bulkheads.
2013-02-27 Reattaching seat pans to seat ribs Drilling seat pans onto the seat ribs. Also repositioned L angle on control console.
2013-02-28 Outboard Seat Support L Angle NFG Worked all night on seat support L angle for right side but ended up not having enough edge distance on fuselage rivets. Have to scrap and start over.
2013-03-02 Worked on Seat Bases Made L angle on outboard of left seat. Deburred and riveted L angles.
2013-03-03 Finished Seat Rib Installation Blizzard today. Finished getting the seat bases in by finishing the installation of the L angle on the outboard passenger seat. Then cleaned up the interior and started working of the header tank/fuel system.
2013-03-04 Working on Fuel System Went to pump shop to cut down fittings for header tank. Then back to Trav's to start installing fittings on header tank. Need to cut fittings down more and cut threads deeper.
2013-03-05 Fabricated Fittings for Header Tank Went to pump shop and cut down fuel fittings for the header tank. Had to cut threads deeper so fittings would fit within available space.
2013-03-06 Installing Fittings Onto Header Tank
2013-03-07 Drilling Tunnel Area to Accept Fuel Lines Finished initial installation of fuel fittings on header tank and then started laying out and routing fuel lines through the tunnel area.
2013-03-09 Routing Fuel Lines from Header Tank Also cut hole in floor for gascolator. Cut header tank drain fitting hole in floor.
2013-03-10 Prosealed Fittings onto Header Tank Starting routing fuel line from tank valve assembly to gascolator.
2013-03-11 Finished Prosealing the Header Tank Prosealed the top of the header tank on.
2013-03-12 Started Installing Windshield Finished prosealing in elbow fitting into header tank vent fitting. Then clecoed the forward deck skin (glareshield) into place and placed windshield on fuselage for first time. Tried heating the windshield at the top to bend it to fit better with the roof. Will have to make a more concerted effort to get it bent without breaking the windshield.
2013-03-14 Continued Fitting Windshield Slow progress but it is starting to look like it may fit okay.
2013-03-15 Fitting Windshield Laid out windshield top doubler and side z edge strips.
2013-03-16 Fitting Windshield Made up windshield top and side trim pieces at pump shop. Then back to Trav's to continue sanding and cutting to get final fit on windshield. Almost ready to start drilling to cage.
2013-03-17 Fitted Windshield Good long day today. Fitted and drilled windshield to cockpit cage. Then trimmed top edge and sides of windshield. Then started fitting top window and drilled front holes in top window and joint trim piece.
2013-03-18 Installing Top Window Initial drilled top window to cockpit cage ribs. Trimmed down window. Had some problems cutting off the trim straight. Had to do a lot of sanding to make acceptable.
2013-03-19 Drilled Rear Top Window
2013-03-23 Fitting Z Channel on Windshield/Door Post Removed empennage to make room in shop. Discussed panel plans with Trav. Then started on fitting Z channels on door posts.
2013-03-24 Started Installing Right Door Finished left side windshield/door trim. Then started installing right hand door. Fitted piano hinge to top door frame then trimmed door to size and fitted piano hinge to door frame. Seems to fit okay.
2013-03-25 Started Installing Left Door Got it hanging by 3 clecos. Will trim tomorrow night.
2013-03-26 Trimmed Left Door Short night tonight because moved sofas from Trav's.
2013-03-27 Final Trimming and Drilling Left Door
2013-03-29 Installed 75F-12-3 Door Sill Doubler Strips
2013-03-30 Started Installing Left Door Latching System Laid out door handle position and drilled hole(s). Then installed centre bracket.
2013-03-31 Completed Initial Install of Right Door Latch Assembly All components fitted but not final assembled until after door is painted.
2013-04-01 Fitted Left Door Latch Hardware Ready to add lift cylinders when the wings get mounted. Also need to paint the door frames.
2013-04-02 Cleaned Up Windshield, Top Window and Doors Sanded edges of doors, windshield, and top window. Enlarged holes in windshield and top window.
2013-04-03 Threaded Windshield Mounting Screw Holes And final drilled door piano hinge rivets.
2013-04-04 Riveted on Door Piano Hinge to Cockpit Cage Also removed and deburred cockpit cage.
2013-04-07 Fabricated Z Channel for DVD & Trav Also made rear trim doubler for top window and door hinge doublers for both doors at pump shop. Made glare shield for un-panel.
2013-04-07 Drilled Glare Shield of Un-panel Drilled rear window rear trim piece. Drilled door piano hinge doublers. The drilled out glare shield for un-panel.
2013-04-21 Cut New Glareshield for Unpanel Buggered it up...
2013-05-10 Picked Up Rotax 912iS Dave and I drove out to Vernon to pick up a 912iS at Rotech Research Canada Ltd. Also ended up picking up Trav's engine. Stopped to see Bob Robertson for a while. While at Vernon went over to see the 750 installation at Skytek. Keith and Darian Swartz are really good guys and are doing fantastic work. Engine price was $25,525.00 + $1,276.25 (gst) = $26,801.25
2013-05-20 Started Polishing the Rudder Used the new garden shed as a place to polish. Started on the rudder and got through a pass of F9 and one of F7 and started a little bit of C. Going to take a while to relearn what I have forgotten.
2013-07-10 Prepped and Primed Engine Mount
2013-07-14 Painted Engine Mount With gloss white spray can
2013-08-05 Installed Engine Mount to Firewall Drilled holes in firewall to 3/8" and temporarily bolted engine mount onto firewall.
2013-08-06 Final Drilled Engine Mount to Firewall Drilled the AN4 fastener holes through the engine mount and firewall.
2013-08-07 Hung Engine Onto Engine Mount First fitting of engine onto mount. Fits quite well but need proper motor mount rubber bushings. Rolled it out of Trav's garage and took a few photographs. Took opportunity to sweep the floor under where the plane sits.
2013-08-09 Started Working on Panel Tray Started mocking up the un=panel with cardboard but called away to work on CH601XL engine starting issues.
2013-08-14 Worked on Un-Panel Template Spinning my wheels?...
2013-08-22 Closed Up Seat Bottom Stiffener Angle Beat the formed angle on the seat bottom in with a dead blow hammer to narrow the seats some. Worked well. Also go ready to take 0.025 to shop to cut un panel base and new glare shield.
2013-08-23 Fabricating Un Panel Cut the 0.025" aluminum for the lower deck of the un panel. Also rough cut out a new glare shield at pump shop.
2013-08-24 Un-panel Pan Installation Fitted and started installing the panel pan (floor). Took a bit of work to bend the L angle of the pan around the cage tube and to match drill to existing panel holes.
2013-08-26 Fabricated Modified Glare Shield Made another glare shield to work with un-panel.
2013-08-26 Continued to Work on Forward Top Skin and Un-Panel Tray
2013-08-28 Working on Un-Panel
2013-08-29 Working on Un-Panel
2013-08-30 Working on Un-Panel Drilled unpanel tray to firewall stiffener. Also started working on the recline spacer blocks on the seats. Still hot in Trav's shop.
2013-08-31 Working on Seat Recline System
2013-09-02 Worked on Header Tank Vent Outlet
2013-09-03 Temporarily Re-Installed Interior Panels To get ready to make seat placement and test seat back angle.
2013-09-06 Fabricated Engine Mount Bushing and Test Fit 45 mm bushing which worked okay.
2013-09-07 Fabricated Engine Mount Bushings Cut 3 more for me and 4 for Travis 45 mm bushings at pump shop on lathe.
2013-09-08 Riveted Seat Stiffener Braces
2013-09-08 Fitted Engine Mount Bushings and Bolts Will have to replace bolts with AN7-40A s.
2013-09-11 Working on Seats
2013-09-14 Planning Console
2013-09-15 Tried Seat Foam Looked at seating position
2013-09-25 Mocked Up Console Also started to get ready to polish.
2013-09-26 Polishing Horizontal Stab Made one pass on the bottom of the h stab with F9 and one with F7. Worked in the garden shed.
2013-09-28 Spoke to an Upholstery Shop Trav and I went to speak to Terry Loewen regarding upholstering our seats. He is going to give us a quote.
2013-09-29 Finished Polishing Horizontal Stab
2013-10-01 Polishing Dorsal Fin and Hatch Cover Polished the dorsal fin(s) and fuselage hatch cover with one pass each of F9, F7, and C. Will cyclo polish one pass each with C and S tomorrow (I hope).
2013-10-02 Finished Polished the Fuse Hatch and Dorsal Fin(s) One pass each with C and S with the cyclo polisher on the fuselage hatch and the 2 dorsal fin pieces.
2013-10-04 Cleaned Polishing Bonnets Went to shop to clean 7 bonnets with TSP and warm water. Also milled down the seat back recline spacers.
2013-10-05 Started Polishing Elevator First F9 Pass on Elevator. Didn't make good time today.
2013-10-06 Elevator Polishing A full pass with F7 compounding and I/2 pass compounding with C
2013-10-07 Polishing the Elevator One side compound with C and one side cyclo with C.
2013-10-08 Finished Polishing the Elevator Not perfect but acceptable (I guess)...
2013-10-11 Polishing the Right Wing One pass with F9. Slow going. Took all 7 hours.
2013-10-12 Two More Passed on Right Wing Polishing Spent 1 hour cleaning compounding pads. Then spent 2.5 hours on each pass. One with F7 and one with C. Looking a lot better. Found if I use some solvent on the pad as it loads up with polish, it works much better (longer).
2013-10-13 Finished Polishing Top of Right Wing I pass with C using the cyclo and one pass using S with the cyclo polisher. Turned out ok but not great. Tedious work.
2013-10-14 First Pass with F7 on Right Wing Bottom A hard slog. Nice fall day but couldn't enjoy it is the "coal" shed. Spent the morning witnessing Guy start his 912ULS for the first time. It ran very well.
2013-10-19 Took Seats to Terry Loewen for Consultation Trav and I took my seat frame and foam along with Guy's finished seat to Terry Loewen to try to decide if he can cover them nicely. It looks like he will be able to do a nice job. We are planning to use a darker grey leather.
2013-10-20 1 more Pass with F9 on Right Wing Bottom
2013-10-21 1.5 Passes with F7 on Right Wing Bottom Made 1.5 passes of Nuvite F7 polish before table collapsed! A small amount of cosmetic damage but luckily not too bad. Very nice late October evening.
2013-10-22 Last 1/2 Pass with F7 on Bottom of Right Wing Finished the last part of the bottom of the right wing with Nuvite F7 polish. Before I could do this I had to fix the table by putting it on a set of Stanely plastic sawhorses. They were also too wobbly so I put the workmate under the middle of the table and put two folding metal sawhorses for safety.
2013-10-24 Two Passes with C on Right Wing Bottom Worked until 11 PM on two passes with Nuvite C compound polishing.
2013-10-25 1/2 Pass Cyclo S on Right Wing Bottom Cleaned off C residue with Varsol and then cyclo polished right wing bottom. Not into it tonight so quit half way through one pass,
2013-10-26 Finished Polishing Bottom of Right Wing Finished polishing the right wing and Trav helped my move it into the basement and move the left wing into the polishing shed. The right wing looks ok but could use some more work to look its best. I will wait until after the airplane is flying before I do any more polishing to the right wing.
2013-10-28 Planning Console Planning on changing console, so spent most of the evening trying to decide how to design it. Too cold to polish so spent evening at Trav's. Installed correct motor mount bolts.
2013-11-03 Armrest and Console Design Worked on the armrest design
2013-11-07 Master Cylinder Intensifier Kit SNAFU Cut down the master cylinder intensifier kit sleeve too much so have to order new sleeves from George Happ.
2013-11-09 Cleaned Left Wing and Half of One Pass of F9 Pulled a few rivets on top of left wing skins and removed clecos. Then wiped top of wing down with acetone and started polishing with Nuvite F9. Got the rear half of the top covered with a pass. Cool weather allows polish to not dry out so quickly.
2013-11-10 Remaking Centre Console Started remaking the centre console. Made the seat bulkhead to panel centre piece.
2013-11-12 Working on Centre Console Fitted forward portion and mocked up side panels to forward portion so can cut finished panels out of 0.020". Measured up armrest portion of console,
2013-11-14 Cut and Bent Console Pieces Went to pump shop to use shear and break.
2013-11-16 Working on Centre Console
2013-11-16 Progress on Console Spent all day working on fitting and drilling the console.
2013-11-17 Console Continued to work on the console. Drilled most of the holes.
2013-11-18 Console Installed nut plates on right side plate of console. Also fabricated floor of storage console locker.
2013-11-19 Drilled Final Sized Console Final sized and deburred console. Ready to rivet except for head set jack bulkhead and armrest lid needs to be designed and fabricated.
2013-11-29 Flap Position Sensor Started to install the flap position sensor. Went to Calgary today and bought an RC push-pull rod and ends. Installed on Ray Allen POS. Drilled hole in flaperon torque tube bellcrank at 65 mm from pivot (55 mm above actuator bolt.).
2013-11-30 Finished First Pass on Left Wing Top Polishing with F9. First pass on leading edge. Warmish today but windy.
2013-12-01 Installed Comm Antennae Installed L angles to stiffen fuselage top skin, then installed Delta Papa Aviation comm antennae.
2013-12-03 Installed Intensifier Sleeves into Master Cylinders Pretty difficult to get the sleeves into the master cylinder bores without cutting the o-rings and teflon seals on the cir-clip groove. Still have to go to shop to use small cir-clip pliers. Home today because of blizzard yesterday and Research Station was closed today.
2013-12-03 Working on Brakes
2013-12-04 Installed Landing Gear Brake Line Fairing
2013-12-05 Trimmed Brake Line Gear Fairing Had an off night. Got very little done. Cold outside (-30 C).
2013-12-07 Main Fuel Shut-off Valve Installed main fuel line shut off valve onto left side of centre console.
2013-12-08 Changed Main Fuel Line Routing Moved the header tank outlet line to other side of console to go through seat bulkhead. This was to facilitate routing to the main fuel shut off valve. Ended up to be lots of work.
2013-12-09 More Fuel Line Fabrication Had to rework the piece of fuel from seat bulkhead to main fuel shut off valve. Still not perfect but might be okay.
2013-12-10 Dilled Passageways for Brake Lines in Seat Bulkhead And Loctite 567'd the fuel tank valve block assembly.
2013-12-14 Fuel System Details Working on the fuel system in the cockpit. Flared and installed fittings on main fuel line. Made new fuel line for seat bulkhead to main fuel shut off valve.
2013-12-16 Fitted Side Windows But will wait to rivet them in until just before final inspection.
2013-12-16 Sent Request for Quote to Stein Air Talked to Jed from Stein Air today on the phone. Sent him a request for quote for a single screen G3X system.
2013-12-17 Started Mounting Seats Starting mounting the seats to the base. I am using piano hinge along the sides of the seat bases which should afford some on the ground adjustability.
2013-12-18 Cleaning Inside of Cockpit Started cleaning off the aluminum oxide polish residue from inside the cockpit readying it for painting the interior.
2013-12-18 Ordered Autopilot Servos from SteinAir Ordered mine and Dave's Garmin servos from Stein Air today (sent bank draft).
2013-12-22 Cleaning Inside of Cockpit Continued cleaning.
2013-12-23 Console Side Panels Cut out new side panels for the console. I am changing location of the main fuel shut off valve.
2013-12-27 New Console Side Panels Continued to work on console new side panels
2013-12-28 Console More time spent on centre console.
2013-12-29 Finished Forward Console Finished remaking the forward console. Cut holes and slots for parking brake and main fuel shut-off valve handle.
2013-12-30 Temporarily Assembled Interior Clecoed all the console and baggage area skins in order to prepare for installing auto pilot servos. Also fabricated a new fuel line from seat bulkhead to main fuel shut off valve.
2013-12-31 Picked Up Garmin Servos Went with Dave and Glen to Sweetgrass, Montana (Montana Shipping Outlet) to pick up order from Stein Air and Avery Tools. Received the Garmin auto pilot servos (Stein) and a pitot mast and close quarter pop rivet tool (Avery). The went to Trav's to look at how to install servos. Should not be complex.
2014-01-01 Fabricated Pitch Control AP Servo Bracket Went to pump shop to fabricate a bracket to attach the Garmin servo to the elevator bracket in the control tunnel. The bracket needed to be smaller than what Garmin provides. Made one for Dave also.
2014-01-02 Installing Pitch AP Servo Started installing the auto pilot pitch servo within the baggage area centre console.
2014-01-03 Started Installing Roll AP Servo Started installing the Garmin Servo to the roll control by attaching Garmin servo bracket to bottom of left baggage area panel.
2014-01-04 Fabricated Auto Pilot Push-Pull Tubes Used the supplied Garmin aluminum rod material to make push pull rods for the auto pilot servos. Had to use lathe at pump shop to drill and tap. Then hooked up the servos to the control bell-cranks. Had to spend some time lining up the elevator servo to the elevator bell-crank so the push rod would not bind on the side of the servo bracket. All looks pretty good.

After that, I riveted the rear wing attach brackets(75-F-4-4) to the side channel with A6 rivets.
2014-01-05 Cleaning Inside of Cockpit with Acetone Cleaned and scotchbrited the door sills and beanie top ribs to ready for painting flat black. Acetoned some of the interior. Went to Home Hardware and bought masking tape.
2014-01-06 Primed Door Sills and Cockpit Canopy Ribs Primed beanie mod ribs and door hinge sills with Tremclad Professional primer. Then started working on fabricating the fuel vent line through the cockpit.
2014-01-07 Painted First Coat of Flat Black onto Door Sills and Roof Ribs
2014-01-09 Scotchbriting Aluminum Prepping for Painting Interior
2014-01-09 More Scotchbriting Aluminum Prepping for Painting InteriorFuel Line Fabrication
2014-01-11 Finished Scotchbriting the Interior Finished Scotchbriting the interior with a random orbit sander getting ready for painting interior. Need to acetone the surfaces and mask.
2014-01-12 Prepped Interior for Painting Acetoned the interior and then masked off the interior from the exterior.
2014-01-14 Primer Painting Cockpit Started applying primer paint to the cockpit area. I am using Krylon Industrial rattle can paint.
2014-01-15 Continued Applying Primer Paint to the Cockpit Area Continued applying primer paint to the cockpit area. I am using Krylon Industrial rattle can paint.
2014-01-16 Continued Applying Primer Paint to the Cockpit Area
2014-01-17 Prepped and Primed the Forward Cockpit Sides Masked off the forward cockpit in order to primer paint the sides of the cockpit. Then sprayed with Krylon primer spray paint.
2014-01-18 Touched Up Primed Cockpit and Started Top Coat Painting Started top coating with Krylon Dark Machinery Gray.
2014-01-20 Second Coat of Paint in Interior Having a little trouble with paint not flowing out nice and have a few runs.
2014-01-21 Touched Up Cockpit Area with Machinery Dark Grey
2014-01-24 Removed Masking Tape from Cockpit Removed baggage panels from cockpit in order to take to shop and paint.
2014-01-26 Painting Baggage Area Panels at Env Shop Had to wet sand down panels to take lumps off. Hard to sand properly. Then painted panels one coat. OK but not the best...
2014-01-27 Painted Forward Glare Shield Black And hauled some of the finish painted baggage panels to Trav's. Clecoed door sill onto cockpit cage.
2014-01-30 Preparing Firewall for Painting Removed the cockpit cage in preparation for painting the cockpit side of firewall for painting flat black. Painted right side 75F14-2 bracket flat black,
2014-02-01 Painted Firewall Inside Flat Black
2014-02-02 Cleaned Up Overspray from Interior and Re-attached the Cockpit Cage
2014-02-03 Riveted on Cockpit Cage And rear top channel.
2014-02-04 Request of Price Quote On firewall forward from Skytek Aircraft Services in Vernon. Fantastic guys to deal with.
2014-02-05 Met with Glen, Trav and Dave to Start Wiring Design Discussed mostly engine interface wiring and some wire size and breaker/switch philosophy. Cold out tonight. At Trav's.
2014-02-06 Started Final Installation of Cabin Roof Window Using Butryl Caulking strips to provide seal and cushioning.
2014-02-08 Permanently Installed Top Window Permanently installed the top window with butryl caulking tape and stainless steel 6-32 screws. Also installed transponder antenna.
2014-02-09 Request For Price Quote to Stein for Radios, Transponder, Switches, etc. Took a lot of effort to try to decide what I was actually going to order from SteinAir. Still uncertain...
2014-02-10 Started Throttle Control Installation Started installing the Macfarlane Vernier Assist throttle control into the centre console.
2014-02-11 Continued on Installing Throttle Control Also added flap control switch and Ray Allen trim control switch to centre console and a stiffener to the throttle area but it is inadequate.
2014-02-12 Started Planning Wiring Routing Drilled a couple holes in the seat bulkhead where wires will be routed.
2014-02-15 Added Console/Throttle Control Stiffener Added a 0.063” alum doubler to the console to firm up the throttle control. This is what it took to have a solid throttle.
2014-02-16 Removed Engine Mount to Repaint Removed the engine with Trav’s help. Then removed engine mount and brought home to strip and repaint. Paint was difficult to strip, so cleaned with acetone and gave it one more coat of white Krylon spray paint. Ran out of paint.
2014-02-17 Touched Up Engine Mount and Re-installed on Airframe Also re-installed engine onto mount. Should not have to remove again.
2014-02-18 Permanently Fitted the Torque Tube Control Bulkhead Fitting
2014-02-19 Riveted Rear Baggage Shelf
2014-02-20 Final Installation of Flaperon Push Rods
2014-02-22 Final Riveted Pitch Servo to Bulkhead Also placed some cable tie mounts for wiring.
2014-02-23 Electrical Design Spent a couple hours going through what switches, breakers, wire, etc that I am going to need and then sent an email the Stein Air to ask for a quote. I have spend many many hours thinking about the wiring design and panel.
2014-02-24 Planning Switch Placement Also respray painted the left side of centre console because it became scratched.
2014-02-25 Riveted Rear Baggage Shelf
2014-02-25 Stein Shipped Electrical Components Order today
2014-02-28 Picked Up SteinAir Order at Sweetgrass Order included GTR200, GTX23ES, and wire, switches, circuit breakers, etc.
2014-02-28 5 Year Anniversary of First Part Fabrication All, except Lawrence, went over to Guy’s garage for beer and pizza to celebrate 5 years-to-the-day building anniversary. Still building; haven’t given up!
2014-03-01 Organizing Wiring Parts Spent a cold afternoon in Trav’s garage arranging and sorting the electrical stuff from Stein’s order. Started to size up where the transponder may go.
2014-03-02 Measured Up Panel Console Where GTR 200 comm will go. Will go tomorrow to pump shop to shear and bend console. Continued to ponder where transponder may go,
2014-03-03 Added Supplementary Bolts to Firewall/Engine Mount Aircraft Spruce order came with correct bolts and nuts to finish the mount installation. Also inventoried and put away order.
2014-03-06 Scouting Out Transponder Location Having trouble finding a spot suitable for mounting the transponder.
2014-03-07 Copied Stein Wiring Diagram Took the Stein Wiring diagram to Master Image to get copied. Then marked out the cut and bend lines on the radio console.
2014-03-08 Fabricated Radio Console Went to pump shop to cut and bend the parts for the radio console. Also fabricated brackets to mount the transponder/
2014-03-09 Attached Radio Mounting Brackets
2014-03-10 Continued Installing Radio Console
2014-03-15 Picked Up Seats from Upholsterer Seats are finally finished in grey leather. Cost more estimated. Do not look as good as hoped for...
2014-03-20 Started on Fitting Seats Decided to attach seats using piano hinge. Also decided to mount remote transponder under pilot’s seat.
2014-03-21 Cut Access Hole for Transponder on Pilot’s Seat Base Also cut piano hinges to mount seats.
2014-03-22 Mounted Pilot’s Seat Riveted piano hinges to seats and seat pan. Cut transponder access cover plate. Mounted pilot’s seat and sat in final position for first time.
2014-03-23 Mounted Transponder Bracket Mounted transponder bracket under the pilot’s seat.
2014-03-27 Installed Panel Pan L Angles
2014-03-28 Radio Installation Started installing the comm radio into the panel console. Had some problems with height.
2014-03-29 Rebuilt Radio Console And wrecked it right at the end when using unibit. AARRGGHH!
2014-03-30 Rebuilt Radio Console Built another radio console but didn’t like the looks of it so went back and fixed up the original console. Going nowhere slooowwwllyyy....
2014-03-31 Radio Mounting Brackets Worked at mounting the GTR200.
2014-04-01 Finished Roughing in the Radio Console
2014-04-02 Starting Working on Right Seat Attach Bracketry Drilled off L angle, fabricated a new one and attached to centre tunnel to raise front of seat pan in order to clear the header tank vent line.
2014-04-03 Started Installing Right Seat Fit and riveted left side of right seat piano hinge to seat base and seat pan.
2014-04-04 Fitting Piano Hinge for Right Seat Attachment Fittings
2014-04-05 Installed Right Seat
2014-04-06 Finished Fitting Seats Then clecoed interior panels back including console. Karen come to shop and we both sat in plane together for first time.
2014-04-07 Fitted Centre Console Around Dual Stick Control Linkages
2014-04-11 Started Adding Nutplates to Radio Console
2014-04-12 Installed Nut Plates onto Radio Console
2014-04-13 Laid Out Switch and Circuit Breaker Arrangements
2014-04-15 Fitting Circuit Breakers Drilled circuit breaker panel for circuit breakers. Then fitted 16 out of 20. Need to order some different amperages.
2014-04-18 Remade Radio Brackets to Reduce Circuit Breaker Interference Lowered comm radio by remaking brackets. The power buss side of the circuit breakers would have contacted (shorted out) on the comm. Then started fitting the Ray Allen switch bezels to the lower console.
2014-04-19 Armrest Pad Went to pick-a-part and got a dark grey console pad from a Chev Cavalier. Looks like it will fit okay. Started working on fitting it. Changed steel piano hinge to aluminum.

Spent most of day with Guy and guys taxiing Guy’s plane around for first time...!..
2014-04-20 Installed Console Armrest Pad Finished up storage console and fitted armrest pad.
2014-04-21 Cut Switch Holes on Lower Console
2014-04-22 Started to Run Coax to Transponder Looked at crimping on BNC connector to RG400 coax cable but couldn’t figure out how to crimp properly. Will have to review the how-to some more.
2014-04-23 Installed Panel Post Light and Dimmer Switch Also did a sample cover of vinyl wrap on the console. Then stripped it off. Will need some practise to make it nice.
2014-04-24 Installed Vinyl on Console and Started Installing Switches on Console
2014-04-27 Finished Installing Switches on Lower Console Also installed 12v power plugs and USB power port on upper console. The discussed wiring design with Trav. Have to install more CBs for LRUs.
2014-05-03 Picked Up Garmin G3X at Montana Shipping Went down to border with Dave to pick up my G3X Touch and Dave’s G3X system from Stein Air.
2014-05-04 Started to Fit the Garmin G3X Touch EFIS Will have to fabricate brackets that work with the upper centre console.
2014-05-06 Fabricated EFIS Brackets Fabricated some EFIS brackets at the pump shop.
2014-05-07 Fitted EFIS Brackets Fitted the EFIS brackets onto the panel tray but found that they won’t work. Will have to build new EFIS brackets.
2014-05-08 Remade EFIS Brackets Remade the EFIS brackets at the pump shop.
2014-05-09 Installed EFIS Brackets to Panel Tray Trimmed EFIS brackets to fit EFIS display (G3X Touch) and fitted to panel tray. Installed L angle stiffener to panel tray underside.
2014-05-10 Fabricated and Installed Start Switch Bracket
2014-05-11 Remade Upper Console Side Plate
2014-05-17 Seat Belt Brackets Started laying out the seat belt bracket attachments.
2014-05-19 Seat Belt Bracket Installation
2014-05-22 KOOL Prop RH104 from AirTrikes Picked up the KOOL Prop from the poste office today. Bought it from Vasilli at AirTrikes in Montreal. $1331.00
2014-05-24 Lawrence’s Inspection was Today It went quite well and will have airworthiness certificate in a week or so.
2014-05-25 First Flight in Guy’s Plane Took my first ride in a CH750. The aircraft performed pretty much right on my expectations which was a good thing.
2014-05-25 Started Polishing Again Cleaned all the winter dirt off the top of the left wing and got my supplies out. Then tried the Titanium polish which really didn’t work any better than Nuvite. Then made one full pass with C on the top of the left wing.
2014-05-27 Made Template for Cummins Spinner Planning to order a Cummins Spinner from Allan Barton from Australia.
2014-06-01 Back to Polishing the Left Wing Made another pass with F9, then 1.5 passes with C and one with S on top of the left wing. Flipped over ready to start initial polishing on bottom of left wing
2014-06-05 Cleaned Polishing Bonnets
2014-06-08 Most of First Pass with F9 on Left Wing Bottom Hard slugging. Had to quit when broke polisher pad mount.
2014-06-14 2 Passes on Bottom of Left Wing Finished the F9 pass, then one pass with F7 and one pass with C. Planning on one more C and two S random orbit passes.
2014-06-15 Finished Polishing Bottom of Left Wing Three passes today. One compound pass with C and then 2 cyclo passes with S. Finished polishing main part of aircraft. Flaperons, lift struts, and jury struts remain to be polished.
2014-06-18 Added 45 Degree Fittings to Brake Calipers
2014-06-20 Riveted Closed Both Ailerons Closed the outboard portion of the flaperons to ready for polishing. Had to cut skins to fit around bracket horns.
2014-06-21 Closed the Flaperons Finished riveting the inboard portions of the flaperons to ready for polishing. Also cleaned the polishing bonnets.
2014-06-28 Finished with F7 Finished polishing with Nuvite F7 on the bottoms of the flaperons, lift struts and jury struts. Will now go to C. A tough day...
2014-06-29 Two Passes with C on Flaperons
2014-06-30 Cycloed with S on One Outboard Flaperon
2014-07-01 Finished Polishing!!! Finished polishing the last pieces tonight! Lift struts and jury struts were last pieces. Polishing is not for those that don’t possess gobs of patience. I was out of patience for the last couple of months. Had I felt like I did at the end somewhere before 60% complete, I would have abandoned the idea of polishing and paid someone to either paint or wrap it. However, it is done now. Not sure I will do too many maintenance polishes.
2014-07-06 Crated Engine for iS Sport Update Removed engine from firewall and replaced into shipping crate so that I can haul the three engines back to Vernon (Rotech) to have the 912iS Sport update completed. Planning to drive to Vernon on Thursday July 10.
2014-07-10 Took Engine Back to Rotech for iS Sport Upgrade 9 hour drive to Vernon, BC with Dave and Glen. Got to Rotech before quitting time so dropped off engines and talked to Mark and Rob for almost 2 hours. Mark convinced us that we should use Skytek’s header tank and fuel system.
2014-07-11 Picked up REIP (Firewall Forward Kit) Spent time at Skytek and Rotech going over fuel system and firewall forward installation.
2014-07-12 Started the Switch to the Skytek Fuel System Took REIP to Trav’s and started changing over the fuel system by removing the fuel delivery line, header tank and gascolator.
2014-07-16 Re-installed Right Seat in Order to Begin Installing Shoulder Harnesses
2014-07-18 Set Shoulder Belt Line Trav helped lay out the intersection point where the anchor cable will go through baggage bulkhead.
2014-07-19 Cleaned Polishing Bonnets Final (?) cleaning of polish bonnets at pump shop using pressure washer.
2014-07-19 Cut Seat Belt Mounting Bolt Bushings on Lathe At pump shop. Cut some for Trav at same time.
2014-07-20 Drilled Baggage Bulkhead for Shoulder Straps Anchor Cable Also fabricated nylon fairleads for should strap anchor cables and clecoed into place. Tried attempted to attach anchors to rear fuse mount brackets but couldn’t reach.
2014-08-05 Added Skytek Steering Rod Slides Final Riveted the doubler onto the firewall. Removed remainder of initial fuel system design fuel lines from under passenger seat.
2014-08-06 Installed Seat Belt Brackets to Door Frame I am installing the seats further back than normal so the seatbelt brackets were too far forward. I decided to move the outboard brackets to the rear door post. The original brackets worked fine,
2014-08-09 Picked up iS Sport Engine Upgrade At Rotech and picked up header tank and tail skid at Skytek. Just awesome people.
2014-08-10 Installed Header Tank
2014-08-14 Started Running Fuel Lines from Header Tank to Seat Bulkhead
2014-08-16 Installed Header Tank Sump And started hooking up centre fuselage fuel supply and return lines to the sump. Also installed Skytek tail skid.
2014-08-17 Finished Installing Centre Fuselage Fuel Lines. John Gilpin here for a visit.
2014-08-20 Fabricated Lower Header Tank Guard
2014-08-22 Worked on Header Tank Return Inspection Panel
2014-08-24 Finished Installing Centre Fuselage Fuel Line Inspection Cover
2014-08-25 Removed Header Tank and Inspection Cover to Ready for Painting
2014-08-27 Prep and Primed Header Tank and Inspection Cover
2014-08-31 Cleaned under Passenger Seat Patched holes in fuselage floor under pax seat that were for old header tank design. Also riveted in place the 406 ELT but looks to have too short of antenna lead.
2014-09-05 ELT Antenna Stiffener Contemplated a little more on where to put the ELT antenna. Decided to put behind the beanie plexi in front of the comm antenna. Antenna lead will be in the baggage area. Started installing the stiffener L angles.
2014-09-06 Final Fitted ELT Antenna Doubler
2014-09-12 Added Stiffener L Angles to ELT Antenna Mount Painted stiffeners.
2014-09-13 Final Drilled and Riveted ELT Antenna Stiffners
2014-09-14 Mounted Andair Gascolator/Filter to Firewall And ran transponder antenna cable lead.
2014-09-15 Installed Fuel Filter Bracket to Firewall
2014-09-16 Fitted Fuel Pump Assembly
2014-09-17 Started Installing Oil Reservoir Tank Laid out tank bracket location and drilled. Started attaching upper stiffener bracket
2014-09-18 Completed Oil Reservoir Tank Attach And started coolant tank bracket attach.
2014-09-19 Attached Coolant Tank to Firewall
2014-09-20 Installed Cabin Heat Box Had to remove engine mount in order to use fly cutter to make hole in firewall for heat box.
2014-09-21 Completed Cabin Heater Box Installation Also configured fuel filter fittings.
2014-09-22 Touch up painted and re-installed Engine Mount
2014-09-23 Readied to Mount Engine
2014-09-24 Re-mounted Engine Mounted the Rotax 912iS onto the mount for the second time after having the iS Sport conversion done at Rotech Research Canada. Also mounted Trav's 912iS Sport on his airframe for the first time. Very warm tonigh (for end of September = 25C)
2014-09-25 Cut Hole in Firewall for Throttle Cable and Drilled Bulkhead Fitting
2014-09-27 Shortened Fuel Pump Mounting Studs and cleaned up the shop some
2014-09-28 Installed Engine Radiator And installed coolant elbow extension.
2014-09-30 Fitted Exhaust/Muffler Still have to complete final installation.
2014-10-01 Final Fitment of the Exhaust Installed both Trav’s and my exhaust and heater shroud.
2014-10-04 Helped Glen Install 912iS Onto to his motor mount.
2014-10-08 Rotax 912iS Service Course Went to Vernon, BC to take an iRMT Rotax 912iS Service Course from Rotech Research Canada. The instructor was Michael McLaughlin and was assisted by Rob Seaton. It was a very good course. Also spend time at Skytek picking up parts.
2014-10-21 Removed Exhaust to Add Anti-sieze
2014-10-25 Re-installed Exhaust System Re-installed exhaust system with the proper high temp anti-sieze. Also refitting cabin heat muff and safety wired exhaust springs.
2014-10-26 Installed Radiator Hoses Configured and installed rad hoses. Also installed cabin heat SCAT hose and installed cabin heater bell crank arm.
2014-10-27 Installed Starter Solenoid to Firewall
2014-10-28 Fabricated Tool to Insert Oil Lines onto Fittings at pump shop
2014-10-29 Started Fabricating Fuel Lines Fire sleeve end dip had hardened.
2014-10-30 Installed and Torqued Crankcase Oil Plug and Return Fitting
2014-11-01 Installed Engine Fuse Box Assembly Also finished cutting fuel lines to length.
2014-11-05 Installed Engine Mount Permanent Fasteners Change temporary engine mount bolt nuts with permanent steel locking nuts.
2014-11-08 Started Fitting Cowling Joined top and bottom cowl by drilling and clecoing. Then set on airframe and made initial drill set.
2014-11-09 Continued to Fit Lower Cowl Drilled pilot holes for bottom cowl.
2014-11-11 Fitted Oil Cooler Started day by sealing fuel line fire sleeve ends with end that I received from Rotech. Then finished induction cowl shaping and drilled top cowl. Then fitted oil cooler to lower cowl.
2014-11-14 Started Final Installation of Fuel Lines Placed finished fire sleeves onto firewall forward fuel lines.
2014-11-15 Worked on Cowl Cut rad opening in fron of cowl. Cut heat muff air intake opening but turned out to be out of line with the heat muff. Will have to move an re-glass. Trimmed rad tunnel.
2014-11-16 Continued to Work on Cowl Reinstalled shark mouth inlet for exhaust heat muff. Fitted intake filter NACA duct.
2014-11-20 Started Installing Skybolt Cowl Fasteners Drilled out rivet attachements for top 6 skybolt receptacles.
2014-11-22 Riveted on Skybolt Fasteners for Top Cowl
2014-11-23 Installing Skybolt Fasteners Fabricated angled stand-offs for the lower fuselage Skybolt receptacles.Solid riveting them on.
2014-11-25 Installing Skybolt Fasteners Installed two more angled stand-offs on left side of lower fuselage.
2014-11-26 Installing Skybolt Fasteners Installed remaining receptacles on the fuselage and on the shark’s mouth heated air intake.
2014-11-29 Finished Installing Fuselage Skybolt Cowl Fasteners And installed K&N Filter to cowl air intake.
2014-12-01 Fabricated Oil Return Line And temporarily installed. Planned out installation of oil thermostat.
2014-12-02 Installed Fire Sleeve onto Oil Return Line and installed oil return line. Also laid out ECU firewall penetration fitting in order to ready for cutting hole in firewall.
2014-12-03 Cut Hole in Firewall for ECU Cable Bulkhead Fittings
2014-12-05 Trimmed Hole in Firewall to Accept ECU Wiring Bulkhead Fitting Also cleaned up work area and removed glare shield and panel apparatus.
2014-12-06 Completed Hole in Firewall for ECU Cable Bulkhead Fittings
2014-12-07 Fabricated FF Toolbox Fabricated a toolbox that I riveted to the right side firewall forward stiffener. Will always fly with at least some basic tools. Might as well be as far forward as possible to help the rear c of g issue.
2014-12-08 Glen Visited Glen borrowed my prop extension. Discussed various configurations of the ffw. Did a little clean up of ffw toolbox.
2014-12-10 Fabricated Fuel Return Line from Seat Bulkhead to Firewall Took 2 tries to get an acceptable fuel line.
2014-12-11 Fabricated Fuel Inlet Line from Seat Bulkhead to Firewall This is tough to make correctly.
2014-12-12 Installed Fuel Inlet Line Between Seat Bulkhead and Firewall
2014-12-13 Installed Brake Lines in Cockpit
2014-12-14 Cut Hole in Panel Deck for ECU Harness Also drilled hole in firewall for electrical firewall pass through bulkhead fitting.
2014-12-16 Routing Wiring Harness to ECU Kind of spinning the wheels tonight.
2014-12-18 Trouble with Placement of Oil Thermostat Received AC Spruce order which included fibreglass supplies for cowl finishing. Also included fittings for oil thermostat. Not sure if planned placement is going to work.
2014-12-19 Oil Thermostat Placement Figure out where and how to place oil thermostat. Will place on top of radiator mount just in front of the firewall. Will have to order more fittings from Skytek.
2014-12-20 Started Working on Fibreglassing the Cowl Cut hole for exhaust exit in bottom of cowl. Trimmed around NACA duct for air filter intake. Then epoxy/cabosil’ed the bottom of the cowl inside the rad scoop tunnel.
2014-12-23 Sanded Cowl/Rad Tunnel And re-epoxied the bottom to try to fill pinholes in fibreglass. Also sealed NACA duct mould plug.
2014-12-24 Fabricated 4 more moulds for NACA ducts,
2014-12-25 Worked on NACA Duct Moulds Sanded the epoxied moulds smooth and laid micro-balloon slurry fillets.
2014-12-26 Gel Coated the NACA Duct Moulds And sanded bottom of rad tunnel.
2015-01-01 Installing Oil Thermostat Worked at installing the oil thermostat. Fitted thermostat to radiator bracket and then fabricated oil line to oil tank, Made tool for installing 45 degree fittings to hose.
2015-01-02 Changed Placement of Oil Thermostat The fabricated the thermostat oil lines. Also painted the rad tunnel and air intake NACA duct flat black.
2015-01-03 Epoxied Air Intake NACA Duct & Rad Tunnel to Cowl Also finished fabricating and installing oil thermostat oil lines.
2015-01-04 Fibreglassed the Rad Tunnel Down Also tried another NACA duct lay-up.
2015-01-06 Fibreglassed the Rad Tunnel Down on Trav’s Cowl Another NACA duct mould fail.
2015-01-08 Glassed in Air Intake NACA Duct Floxed in the fillets around the air intake duct and then laid up 2 layers of fibreglass.
2015-01-10 Filled in Shark’s Mouth Cowl Boo Boo
2015-01-11 Sanded Micro Balloon Build-up from Shark Mouth Repair.
2015-01-12 Sanded Micro Balloon Build-up from Air Intake
2015-01-13 Micro Balloon Fillet on Rad Tunnel
2015-01-14 More Sanding of the Micro-Balloon Fillets
2015-01-15 Laid Out NACA Duct Locations on Top Cowl
2015-01-16 Cut Out Top Cowl NACA Duct Openings And cut out oil door.
2015-01-17 Fitted and Floxed Top Cowl NACA Ducts
2015-01-18 Glassed the Top Cowl NACA Ducts And microballooned the NACA duct filets and filled the rivet holes. The started fitting the oil tank access door.
2015-01-19 Sanded Micro Balloon Build-up from Top Cowl NACA Ducts
2015-01-20 Sanded Micro Balloon Build-up from Top Cowl NACA Ducts And added touch-up micro
2015-01-21 More Sanding of the Micro-Balloon Fillets Worked on the top cowl.
2015-01-23 Added Micro to Fill Several Blems
2015-01-24 More Sanding of the Micro-Balloon Fillets
2015-01-25 Working on Filling Cowl Joint Joggles
2015-01-30 Built up Cowl Joggle with Micro Balloon Slurry
2015-01-31 Sanded Micro Balloon Build-up on Joggle And did another build up with flox
2015-02-01 Sanded Floxed Joggle and Added more Micro to finish Joggle
2015-02-02 More Sanding of the Micro-Balloon on Joggle
2015-02-04 Drilled Holes for Skybolt Fasteners in Cowl Screwed one up so had to fill and will redrill.
2015-02-06 Installed Oil Cooler Mounts and Skybolt Fasteners
2015-02-07 Cleaned up Fibreglass Dust from Cowl Sanding
2015-02-07 Started to Prepare for Wiring
2015-02-08 Started Wiring Today Finally started into the wiring today. Started by cutting a hole in the rear upper fuselage for the GMU 22 magnetometer. Then ran the 2 pair and 3 wire shielded wire along the bottom starboard longeron.
2015-02-14 Mounted GSU 25 to Torque Tube Bearing Channel And worked at securing magnetometer wires in rear fuselage.
2015-02-15 Secured Magnetometer Wires And started to attach CPC connector.
2015-02-16 Installed Magnetometer Finished crimping the magnetometer cpc connector and securing the wires. Started the connection at the GSU25 for the magnetometer and outside air temperature probe.
2015-02-18 Installed Auto Pilot Disconnect Switch Figured out flap switch wiring.
2015-02-21 Laid Out Switches on Upper Centre Console Also worked on the wiring diagram.
2015-02-22 Worked on Wiring Diagram Started adding to SteinAir wiring diagram. Lots to think about. Starting looking at what I might use such as fuel flow tranducers, fuel level senders, etc.
2015-02-24 Wiring Diagram Continued with working on the wiring diagram. Listed out circuit breakers and switches.
2015-02-25 Ran Shielded Wire to Elevator Trim Servo Replace Ray Allen supplied non-shielded wire with shielded
2015-02-28 Designed Start Switch and Warning Lights Sub-panel Decided to move the start switches to about the G3X instead of the left side. Requires building a sub panel that will bolt to back G3X.
2015-03-01 Fabricated Starter Switch and Interior Light Panels Fitted interior light panel and painted it after fabricating the panels at the pump shop.
2015-03-07 Fitted Warning Light and Starter Switch Panel To top of G3X and temporarily installed switches and warning lights.
2015-03-08 Built New Breaker Panel And temporarily installed the breakers. Will vinyl wrap the panel. Ordered some matte black vinyl.
2015-03-10 Fabricated Breaker Copper Buss Bar And cut hole for 12V cigarette lighter plug-in
2015-03-12 Laid Out Switches on Upper Centre Console And started drilling switch plate cover mounting holes.
2015-03-14 Cut Switch Holes on Upper Console And installed the air pressure/temp sensor on the air intake NACA duct.
2015-03-15 Fitted ELT Remote Switch into Upper Console And fitted upper panel light and dimmer.
2015-03-16 Fabricated and Installed Tool Box Latch
2015-03-18 Added Lightening Holes to Start Switch Panel
2015-03-19 Painted Firewall Inside Flat Black 2nd Coat After removing all the panel components.
2015-03-20 Wrapping Panel with Matte Black Vinyl Picked up vinyl from Montana Shipping Outlet today and started wrapping some of the panel components.
2015-03-21 Covered Panel Tray Top with Vinyl and Painted Bottom
2015-03-22 Installed Panel Tray Spent much of day removing dry masking tape from cockpit cage with Goo-Gone. What a mess!
2015-03-24 Started Fitting Nut Plates to Firewall Stiffener for Panel Tray
2015-03-28 Riveted on Panel Tray Nut Plates Used #6 screw nut plates.
2015-03-28 Riveted Panel Tray
2015-03-29 Upper Panel Console Re-make When I went to final assemble the upper console and install on panel tray, I found the lower row of switches interfered with the com. AARRGGHHHH!!!! I swore a lot, then cried a little and then decided I might as well get at redesigning it and start building a new one. Went to Guy’s and got some 0.032” and went to pump shop and cut out and bent up a new console. Will work the rest of the week at trying to get back to where I was this morning. That is building a scratch built and deviating from plans for you...
2015-03-30 Worked on Upper Console Rebuild
2015-03-31 Worked on Upper Console Rebuild
2015-04-01 Worked on Upper Console Rebuild Fitted around steel cage tubing and mated to centre lower console.
2015-04-02 Worked on Upper Console Rebuild Drilled new side panels to fit existing L angle mounts.
2015-04-03 Worked on Upper Console Rebuild Cut GTR200 opening and re=positioned tray. Then drilled circuit breaker holes in right side panel.
2015-04-04 Worked on Upper Console Rebuild Cut new strip of copper for CB bus bar and then drilled on 17.5mm centres. Then cut out switch plate cover holes.
2015-04-05 Worked on Upper Console Rebuild Finished fitting switch plate cut-outs. Then installed nut plates. Then covered CB side plate with matte vinyl and GEA 24 mount with vinyl.
2015-04-06 Worked on Upper Console Rebuild Covered upper console with vinyl and installed the switches and circuit breakers.
2015-04-07 Installed Start Switches and Warning Lights on EFIS After rewrapping the bracket with vinyl.
2015-04-08 Wrapped the Left Side Panel on Upper Console And installed the EFIS bracket. Then temporarily fit everything to get a look what the final product will look like. It is looking pretty good.
2015-04-10 Installed Copper Bus Bar to CBs
2015-04-12 Fabricated Battery Box and Started Fitment
2015-04-12 Started Dave’s 912iS for First Time At Guy’s. Started very quickly once they determined fuel shutoff valve was incorrectly labeled.
2015-04-14 Assembled Battery Box and Started Attaching to Firewall Having trouble with Cherry Max rivet mandrels ending up proud of rivet head.
2015-04-15 Finished Installing Battery Box Ground down Cherry Max rivet mandrels. Fitted battery. Everything seems to fit well.
2015-04-17 Built Headset Jack Box On backside of centre console.
2015-04-18 Finished Headset Jack Panel And wrapped with vinyl.
2015-04-19 Wrapped Armrest Console Pieces with Vinyl
2015-04-21 Fitted Headset Jacks Still have to wire them.
2015-04-22 Cut Insulator for ANL Fuse on Firewall
2015-04-22 Planning Terminal Sizing on Power Buss
2015-04-27 More Planning for Terminal Sizing on Power Buss
2015-05-01 Fitted Master Solenoid to ANL Fuse and Ammeter Shunt Connectors
2015-05-02 Started Routing Wires for FWF Power
2015-05-04 Designed Bracket to Hold HIC Connectors
2015-05-05 Fabricated HIC Connector Bracket
2015-05-10 Started Routing Comm Coax Cable Crimped on BNC connector and attached to antennae. Jen reached up and connected on rear fuselage top for me.
2015-05-13 Routing Comm Antenna Lead Trying to route through tunnel so that it is as far away from all other wiring as much as possible.
2015-05-14 Continued to Route Antennae Lead Had to change routing to clear torque tube bellcrank.
2015-05-15 Crimped Terminal Ends on Main Power Wires Went to Sweetgrass to pick up order from Stein Air and Terminal Tool. Tried using the Terminal Tool on the #4 battery wire and it works great. Very nicely crimped terminal.
2015-05-16 Fabricated and Fitted Battery Power Supply and Ground Wires
2015-05-17 Working on Bringing Wires Through Firewall Almost completed routing all the wires needed from engine compartment back through the firewall.
2015-05-18 Labelling Wires Ran master switch to ground buss.
2015-05-22 Fabricated an Fitted ELT Antenna Leed
2015-05-23 Helped DVD Fit Wings To Fuselage Mostly just watched and went of pizza afterwards.
2015-05-23 Cleaned up ELT Antenna Leed
2015-05-24 Ran Wires to Rear Interior Light
2015-05-31 Routed ELT GPS Antenna Leed And cut access hole for ELT.
2015-06-03 Ran Ground Wire from Regulator A to Start Switch Documented more labels required for wire labelling.
2015-06-06 Finished RG400 Lead to ELT Added fuse holders for ammeter shunt wires. Spent most of day cleaning up. Move a lot of the scrap aluminum home along with tools and supplies that I will likely no longer need at Trav’s.
2015-06-07 Wired ELT Remote Switch Had trouble with switch end, ELT end required fine soldering to a dsub. (Barely) Managed to get through that part.
2015-06-09 Routed Wires to Momentary Start Switch And crimped terminals for each wire,
2015-06-10 Tried to Understand How to Wire Low Fuel Warning Light System Frustrated to understand how wire push to test led light with optic low fuel warning sender. Still haven’t figured it out despite having Trav help and asking Guy.
2015-06-11 Figured Out Fuel Optic Switch Decided to use orignal GEM optic sensor because the Skytek sender seemed to make signal (light on) when sensing fuel. Re-tapped to accept 1/4” NPT GEM sensor. Then started running wires to header tank sensor. Also made up wire labels.
2015-06-12 Finished Fitting Start Switches on EFIS
2015-06-13 Fixed Improper Wiring of Low Header Tank Warning Light When I tested the Low Header Tank Warning Light, it did not work properly. I had improperly wired it. Spent most of the rest of day, rewiring it. Also went out to Dave’s farm to do a look over his 750 before final inspection.
2015-06-14 Fixed Wire Attach Stays to Inside of Door Posts Also inventoried Dave’s left over wire. Fitted door lift strut attach balls to door posts.
2015-06-15 Started Wiring Rotax HICs to Laptop Port Dsubs
2015-06-20 Started Wiring HIC A & HIC B I am having a hard figuring out how to insert and remove pins into the HIC connectors.
2015-06-21 Wired ECU D subs to HIC A & B Also spent a good chunk of the day watching DVD’s 750 going through final inspection. (No real snags.)
2015-06-27 Ran Wires from Upper Console Switches to HIC A & B Also fitted (KOOL) propeller blades to hub.
2015-06-30 Cut HIC A & B Wires to Length and Crimped Molex Connectors
2015-07-01 Fitted HIC to G3X Interface Connector Wires
2015-07-02 Started Routing G3X Wires
2015-07-03 Completed J243 Connector to GEA 24
2015-07-05 Connected Trim Position Wires to GEA 24
2015-07-06 Routed Wires for Flap Position Sensor and Fuel Tank Gauges
2015-07-07 Cleaning Up Wire Routing Through Centre Section Tunnel
2015-07-08 Tidying Up Wires Through Tunnel
2015-07-09 Inventorying What Wiring Materials are Required to Finish
2015-07-10 Started Fabricating Transponder Wiring Harness
2015-07-11 Finished Wiring and Installation of Transponder Also riveted in seat bases.
2015-07-12 Finished Wiring and Installation of J252 Connector on GSU 25
2015-07-13 Fabricated and Installed Engine Ground Strap
2015-07-14 Started Planing Can Bus Harness
2015-07-18 Installed Correct Terminal to Engine Ground Strap Cleaned off table. Added a couple of wire labels to wires that I had forgotten to label. Connected static port air line to GSU 25. Routed trim control wire to pitch servo area. Also spent some time with Dave to bush the rudder pivots on the CH601XLB.
2015-07-19 Routed LRU Power Wires Through Tunnel And started fabricating the Can Buss Harness.
2015-07-21 Installed Config Module
2015-07-22 Fitted Dsub to back of GDU460 Fitted all associated pins and wire shield grounds.
2015-07-27 Fixed Some Wire Routing Issues Fixed fuel optic sensor power wire routing by adding a length extension. Ditto for ammeter shunt wires,
2015-07-28 Configured J244 Dsub on GEA 24
2015-07-29 Wire Routing Spent the day cleaning up the wire routing from the GEA 24 area to under the tray. Terminated a few ground wires and labelled a few wires.
Dave delivered the 601 to its new owner in Chilliwack.
2015-07-30 Configured GDU 460 to GEA 24 Canbus Node
2015-07-31 Pinned the HIC A & B Connectors and Connected to ECU Had trouble with this so Guy came over and helped.
2015-08-01 Started Wiring AP Servos
2015-08-02 Finished Wiring the CanBus System Terminated the Canbus and power/ground to both autopilot servos today. Made a screw up with partially severing a canbus node wire while trying to clean off some less than perfect solder globs...
2015-08-03 Started Wiring in Headset Jacks
2015-08-04 Terminated GTR200 Dsub Pins & Routed Intercom Harness
2015-08-05 Finished Wiring in the GTR200 And started on terminating wires that go to lower console. Also received and installed updated Config Module for GDU460.
2015-08-06 Running Power Wires to Lower Console
2015-08-07 Fitting Power Wires to Lower Console
2015-08-11 Labelled and Terminated Transponder Power Wire Too hot in shop this evening to continue working.
2015-08-14 Routed Landing Light & Strobe Cockpit Power Wires to Wing Root Exits
2015-08-15 Tidied Up Wire in Rear Console and Under Baggage Skins Then closed off door posts once I completed tidying up the wire up to the wing roots. Then made final placement of torque tube and started hooking up control push rods.
2015-08-16 Hooking Up Flight Control Parts Configured flaperon push pull tubes. Had to make 6 bolt bushings.
2015-08-17 Fabricated GSU Inspection Panel for Baggage Area Floor Went to pump shop to use foot shear for inspection panel and doubler. Then used bending brake to fab nut plate doubler for flaperon control rod inspection panel.
2015-08-18 Fabricated Flaperon Control Tube Tower Inspection Panel On left side
2015-08-19 Fabricated Flaperon Control Tube Tower Inspection Panel On right side.
2015-08-21 Fitted GSU Inspection Panel Cut hole in baggage floor and doubler and drilled to fit and attach nut plates.
2015-08-22 Repainted Baggage Area Skins Wet sanded and touched up baggage skins with dark grey industrial paint. Added lexan inspection port to elevator bellcrank.
2015-08-22 Changed GTP Temperature Probe Location to Wing Change dsub connector pins to extension wire. Then routed extension wire to wing roots. Also added a spare 4 wire shielded 22 AWG wire to each wing route to accomodate alternative fuel level monitoring or ?.
2015-08-22 Finished Cleaning up Wiring Under Baggage Area
2015-08-23 Started Final Installation of the Baggage Area Skins
2015-08-24 Continued Final Fitting of Baggage Compartment Skins
2015-08-25 Final Fitment of Header Tank Flushed header tank with gasoline 3 times. Did get some debris out.
2015-08-27 Started Final Assembly of Interior Panels
2015-08-28 Lengthened Headset Comm Wires to Accomodate Armrest
2015-08-29 Started Clecoing Baggage Skins for Final Riveting After spending most of day at gun range shooting fully automatic weapons.
2015-08-30 Final Riveted Baggage Skins
2015-08-31 Riveted Arm Rest
2015-09-01 Installed PAX Seatbelts Using Crow 4 point seat belt harness. The shoulder harnesses are about 7 inches too short. I will have to get Crow to make changes.
2015-09-02 Installed Pilot-side Seatbelts
2015-09-04 Vinyl Wrapped Centre Console Side Plate And installed flap position sensor push rod.
2015-09-05 Connected and Configured Flight Controls Through Console and Dual Stick Problems showed up with too much control friction and not enough stick travel
2015-09-06 Troubleshooting Friction Issue with Torque Tube Disassembled dual stick to torque tube. Ended up slotting the holes in the front bearing support bracket on the seat bulkhead to allow bracket to be 90 degrees to torque tube. Roll control much freer now. Still have stick travel issues to deal with.
2015-09-07 Started Wiring in Lower Centre Console Switches
2015-09-12 Terminating Power Wires to Lower Console Switches
2015-09-13 Continued to Work on Terminating Lower Console Switch Wiring
2015-09-14 Routing Lower Console Wires
2015-09-16 Routing Lower Console Wires
2015-09-19 Terminated the Remaining Ground Wires to Ground Buss Forest of Tabs
2015-09-20 Worked on Bringing Wires Up to CB Buss Bar Had to lengthen about half a dozen wires which I had not allowed for on length.
2015-09-21 Terminated a few more Wires to CB Buss Bar
2015-09-22 Cleaned Shop
2015-09-25 Continued to Work on Terminating CB Buss Bar Wires
2015-09-26 Finishing Up Upper Console Power Buss Terminations
2015-09-27 Hooked up Upper Console Switches But have a design issue. The CB buss will not fit. Buss interferes with Rotax backup switch. Will have change CB buss location on side panel. Loss of at least a weeks worth of time!
2015-10-03 Assembled New Breaker Buss Panel Made a new breaker panel, drilled and installed CB buss.
2015-10-04 First Electrical System Power up after Finishing Installing CB Panel and Routing Wires. Powered up the electrical system for the first time. Happy day! No smoke... Garmin GDU460 worked good. Radio worked after turning off garage lights. Flaps did not work and the upper panel light post did not work. Minor problems considering the size and complexity of the wiring.
2015-10-06 Started Setting Up G3X
2015-10-07 Troubleshooting a Few G3X Issues
2015-10-11 Worked on Troubleshooting G3X/Rotax Issues
2015-10-12 Fixed Some Wiring Issues
2015-10-16 Worked on Cabin Heater Control
2015-10-17 Finished Cabin Heater Control
2015-10-18 Changed Main Fuel Shut Off Fuel Line Routing
2015-10-19 Added 10 Ohm Resistors to Lane A & B Lights Had to experiment and test which resistor values worked and worked best. Ended up using 10 ohm which works nicely.
2015-10-20 Ordered Rotax Engine ECU Interface Dongle from Rotech Ordered through Rob Seaton at Rotech. Rotech Research is excellent to deal with.
2015-10-20 Checked Oil Pressure Sensor Connection Tried to set up Comm on GDU460. Will have to consult with SteinAir.
2015-10-21 Used Rotax ECU Interface Dongle to Troubleshoot Faulty Oil Pressure Indicator Used Trav's laptop to use software with dongle. Could not determine issue. More work has to be done use program.
2015-10-25 Tried Troubleshooting Oil Pressure Indicator Issue No luck but sent BUDS screen shots to G3Xpert and Rob Seaton.
Purged oil system today.
Also temp installed prop to purge oil system
2015-10-26 Used Rotax BUDS to Log Sensor Data Was able to get oil pressure to display on G3X Touch after purging oil system. Data log diagnosis showed that sensor is putting out a negative value when there is no oil pressure which the G3X does not accept, Fix is pending.
2015-10-28 Assembled the Propeller and Made Initial Fitment
2015-10-29 Installed Propeller Torqued propeller, hub and extension bolts.
2015-10-31 Rewired GTR200 Com to Can Bus System Removed upper console and troubleshot panel light dimmer. Will have to replace dimmer. Then refitted comm to a Can Bus system. Did not quite finish.
2015-11-01 Repair Top Console Panel Light Dimmer Trav managed to repair defective panel light dimmer and reinstalled top console. Also finished GTR200 Can Bus connection.
2015-11-06 Removed GTR200 RS-232 Wire Connection In order to enable the CanBus connection/communication.
2015-11-07 Updated GTR200 Software Version 2.7 Purchase MicroSD card and downloaded version 2.7 to GTR200. Now communicates with G3X properly. Then started working at protecting positive terminals on master contactor with rubber inner tube,
2015-11-08 Bled the Brakes
2015-11-09 Fabricated Lower Console Left-side Panel Forced to fab a new left side console panel due to having to relocate the fuel main shut off valve. Didn't quite finish it tonight.
2015-11-11 Finished Lower Console Left Side Panel Including covering it with vinyl.
2015-11-14 Finished Lower Console Right Side Panel Covered with grey vinyl and finished final installation.
2015-11-15 Sanded and Covered Glare Shield with Vinyl
2015-11-18 Trial Fit Glare Shield Cut holes in vinyl for rivets.
2015-11-21 Final Installation of Glare Shield Used Fire2000 sealant and riveted. Used sealant to plug firewall pass through fittings, Started to attach rubber trim to windshield with crazy glue. Also attached rubber edge trim to glare shield with crazy glue.
2015-11-22 Finished Gluing Trim Onto Windshield and Placed for Installation Remove protective cover material. Very difficult in some spots.
2015-11-27 Refitted Windshield Had to enlarge fastener holes. Wayne Huk from Edmonton/Osoyoos arrived this evening for a look at our 750s. Showed him mine tonight.
2015-11-28 Removed Door Z Strips in Order To Polish Wayne Huk had breakfast at Smitty’s with us and then went flying with Guy and Dave. Then we went to look at Glen’s 750. Then went and worked on my project for a couple hours after Wayne left for Edmonton. Also installed fire extinguisher.
2015-11-29 Finished Final Installation of Windshield Polished the door jambs and skylight/windshield joiner strip. Then installed windshield. Had to enlarge windshield attachment holes some more. Then sealed with butyl caulking tape. Was a good day of building today.
2015-12-01 Fabricated and Installed Headset Holder Bracket
2015-12-05 Final Torqued the Prop Installed spinner, affixed gps antenna, and finished cutting wing root wire a fuel line access ports.
2015-12-06 First Engine Start Spent early afternoon preparing for the first start of the Rotax 912iS. All the guys except Dave were present with Karen, Lindsay and Jennifer coming to watch also. First start went pretty well. Fuel pressure seemed a little low at around 38 psi. All other parameters seemed normal.
2015-12-11 Drilled Rear Spar Attach Bracket Also drilled hole for Garmin GTP59 temperature probe just behind pax door.
2015-12-12 Wired GTP59 Temperature Probe Downloaded Data and Fault Logs from first engine start. Max rpm was 5925 rpm and max oil pressure was 70 psi with a fast idle oil pressure of about 55 psi.

Then connected temp probe wires at right wing root. Probe is mounted on the fuselage just behind the door and under the right rear wing root.

Then cleaned up some of the firewall forward wire routing.
2015-12-13 Moved Fuselage Home from Trav's Used p shop trailer with Trav’s help and good weather, it was fairly painless move.
2015-12-19 Cleaned Shop to Prepare to Start Working on Finishing the Right Wing
2015-12-20 Moved Right Wing To Trav's Disassembled the wing table in the garage and cleaned area up so could move fuselage over to other side of garage. Now wife can get her car back into garage.
2015-12-24 Removed Top Skin on Right Wing
2015-12-26 Drilled Right Wing Spar Cap to A5 To do so, had to level wing using water filled tubing as a level. Then opened up leading edge.
2015-12-27 Removed Right Wing Trailing Edge and Fuel Tanks Planned out fuel level sight gauge. Deburred top spar cap holes. Cleaned alum polish residue from mating surfaces.
2015-12-28 Removed Fuel Level Senders from Right Side Tanks
2015-12-30 Pro Sealed Fuel Level Senders into Right Wing Tanks Also drilled bottom spar cap for A5 rivets.
2015-12-31 Finished Riveting Right Wing Bottom Skin to Spar Cap
2016-01-01 Shortened Right Wing Rear Spar 9mm And trimmed inboard bottom skin. Made cut of inboard rib to accommodate fuel level site gauge. Sized holes in rib and rear spar for 1/2” vent line. Painted site gauge area flat black.
2016-01-02 Routed Landing Light & Strobe Power Wires in Right Wing And fuel level sender wires.
2016-01-03 Remade and Refitted Right Wing Fuel Lines Then installed an additional leading edge nose rib in order to fit landing light.
2016-01-08 Picked Up Baja Designs LED Landing Lights at Montana Shipping Outlet Dave went with. Also stopped to visit Don Pittman to look at his Chinook project.
2016-01-09 Started Fabricating Landing Light Assembly Worked at Trav’s for a while, then to pump shop to fabricate aluminum pieces.
Also tested the Baja Design XL 80 LED lights. Very bright!
2016-01-10 Trial Fit Landing Light Assembly
2016-01-17 Started Fabricating Fuel Level Sight Gauges
2016-01-23 Worked On Fuel Lines in Right Wing Started installing the 1/4” urethane fuel line tubing that will be the sight gauge for the fuel tanks.
2016-01-24 Finished Installing Fuel Level Sight Gauges on Right Wing Finished the sight gauges installation and installed the LED light strip.
2016-01-29 Started Fabricating Landing Light Adjustment Brackets
2016-01-30 Fabricated Landing Light Bracket for Right Wing Used 0.040” to make adjustment bracket. Also fab’d landing light lense mould.
2016-01-31 Fabricated Lading Light Lense Made two landing light lenses using the wooden mould placed in the oven for about 4 minutes.
Also finished off the landing light brackets and adjustment mechanism and then riveted into leading edge of right wing. Then hooked up power wires and tested
2016-02-02 Cut Landing Light Lens to Shape
2016-02-06 Worked on Right Wing Landing Light Assembly Finalized adjustment mechanism. Trimmed and finished plexiglass lens. Cut leading edge hole. Polished plexiglass to remove some imperfections.
2016-02-07 Riveted Trailing Edge Back On Epoxied washers onto fibreglass wingtip rivet holes. Temp fitted strobe/nav light onto right wingtip.
2016-02-08 Sanded and Primed Right Wing Tip
2016-02-09 Wet Sanded and First Coat of Yellow Applied to Right Wing Tip
2016-02-10 Wet Sanded and Second Coat of Yellow Applied to Right Wing Tip
2016-02-13 Riveted Wing Tip Onto Right Wing Then started to cleco leading edge back on over landing light,
2016-02-14 Final Riveted the Right Wing Riveted right wing skins on for final time, Then complete a touch-up polish where the VGs are going. Then install the VGs at 175mm forward of the spar rivet line. The wing is done.
2016-02-15 Moved Right Wing Home and Left Wing To Trav's Then drilled the top skins off and then final sized spar/skin rivets to A5.
2016-02-19 Drilled off Trailing Edge And cleaned up wing insides (polish residue). Removed fuel tanks.
2016-02-20 Cut Inboard Rib to Allow Fuel Site Gauge View Started to install extra nose rib for landing light. Drilled front spar fitting. Shortened rear spar by 9 mm.
2016-02-27 Fitted Fuel Level Senders with Pro Seal Then trimmed 20 mm off of pitot tube mast. Flipped wing over and riveted every second hole with A5 short rivets.
2016-02-28 Worked on Left Wing Landing Light Assembly And installed VGs on elevator.
2016-02-29 Riveted Left Wing Landing Light Assembly
2016-03-05 Cut Landing Light Opening in Left Wing Leading Edge Worked on landing light lens.
Completed riveting bottom of main spar with A5 rivets.
2016-03-06 Broke Landing Light Lens Started installing fuel tanks.
2016-03-08 Cut Plexiglass to Size for New Landing Light Lens
2016-03-08 Cut Plexiglass to Size for New Landing Light Lens
2016-03-09 Moulded Landing Lens Used mould and house oven at 275 F
2016-03-11 Added Fibreglass to Wing Tip Fixed up elongated rivet holes. Also drilled hole for two more skybolt fasteners on front of cowl. Then trimmed back of lower cowl in order to provide adequate clearance for radiator. Also enlarge exhaust exit hole.
2016-03-12 Cut and Shaped Landing Light Lens Then painted fuel site gauge rib bay. Started routing pitot and AOA lines.
2016-03-13 Sent Cowl with Sheldon to Get Painted Took Cowl to Sheldon’s to get painted. Satin black outer and light machine grey inside. Doors will also be satin black. Also took Trav’s.
2016-03-14 Sanded and Primed Left Wing Tip
2016-03-19 Installed Left Wing Strobe Hooked up wiring to wing strobe and tested. Also wired the landing light and tested
2016-03-25 Fabricated and Installed Fuel Level Sight Gauge Lines
2016-03-26 Worked Fuel Tank Vent Line Installation and Sight Gauge Fabrication
2016-03-28 Finished Installing Fuel Level Sight Gauges on Left Wing
2016-03-28 Flipped Left Wing Over in order to Install Pitot Fabricated cradles that fit on sawhorses. Moved table and tidied up garage, then flipped wing over onto sawhorses.
2016-03-29 Riveted on Pitot Tube Mast and Connected Heated Pitot Wires
2016-04-01 Cleaned Up Left Wing Skins and Checked In-Wing Hardware Prior to closing wing up. Checked fuel connections, tested all lights, and laid butyl caulk down on landing light lens
2016-04-02 Final Riveted the Left Wing
2016-04-03 Intalled VGs on Left Wing
2016-04-03 Cleaned Up Landing Gear Stays and Polished
2016-04-05 Installed Strut Fitting to Left Forward Wing Strut
2016-04-06 Fitted Lower Fitting on Right Forward Lift Strut
2016-04-07 Fitted Lower Fitting on both Rear Lift Struts
2016-04-09 Cut Lift Struts to Length At pump shop. Also fabricated oil tank vent reservoir bracket.
2016-04-10 Drilled Pilot Holes on Wing Ends of Lift Struts And installed bolts in rear lower strut fittings. Mounted oil tank vent reservoir. Installed data plate.
2016-04-11 Ordered and Received Registration Letter Decals Purchased from Kenny Joss of KJ Concepts.
2016-04-13 Started Affixing Registration Letters Also installed hangar door lift motor.
2016-04-14 Completed Affixing Registration Letters
2016-04-16 Worked at Securing Misc Wires, Exhaust Heat Muff, etc in Engine Compartment
2016-04-17 Replaced Pilot Seat Piano Hinge Attach Fitting Added some more wedge into pilot seat base in order to avoid seat rubbing on rear door post.
2016-04-18 Cut Out Beanie Mod Rib In order to be able to view the fuel level site gauges in the wing roots.
2016-04-22 Move to the Hangar Day! Dave helped me move the fuselage and right wing to the hangar. Trav helped move the left wing later on. No real problems.
2016-04-23 Started Fitting Wings to Fuselage Dave helped, Ended up with a little sweep back.
2016-04-24 Reset and Drilled Rear Spar Bolts Solid riveted on longer spacer to left rear spar in order to re-drill bolt hole to obtain zero sweep back (successful!).
2016-04-25 Installed Leading Edge Wing Struts Dave helped with front strut top fittings fitment.
2016-04-26 Finished Drilling Upper Front Strut to Spar Fittings And stared fitting rear struts. Need to do some cutting.
2016-04-28 Re-trimmed Rear Struts and Started Installation Managed to almost get the right rear strut installed.
2016-04-30 Finished Installing Rear Struts
2016-05-03 Hauled Empenage & Flaperons to Hangar Started installing horizontal stab, elevator and rudder.
2016-05-07 Final Installation of Wing Bolts Then started on installing flaperons. Took photo for C of Registration.
2016-05-10 Polished Pieces Spent the evening polishing the wing inspection cover plates, the elevator trim inspection cover, and a few other misc brackets, etc.
2016-05-11 Started Working on Transport Canada Paperwork And continued to work on installing left flaperon.
2016-05-13 Worked on Left Flaperon Slotless Fitting Fitment
2016-05-14 Installed Flaperons And started rigging elevator and flaperon control linkages.
2016-05-15 Worked on Flaperon Slotless Fitting Fitment
2016-05-16 Started Working on Control Rigging
2016-05-17 Configuring Flaperon Control Linkages
2016-05-19 Reconfigured Elevator Servo and Control Assemblies
2016-05-21 Worked on Flaperon Slotless Fitment
2016-05-22 Fabricated new larger 75=C-1-7 Bellcranks In an attempt to mitigate flaperon pushrod interference. Also, machined a splice fitting at pump shop in order to have the pax stick removable. Then installed pax stick. Rained today.
2016-05-23 Replaced 75C-1-7 Bellcranks And replaced fuel line that I nicked while die grinding clearance.
2016-05-25 Finished Rigging Flaperon Controls in Hell Hole And fitted flaperon pivot bolts. Setting up controls is finicky.
2016-05-27 Fitted Rudder for Final Time
2016-05-28 Connected Fuel Lines
2016-05-29 Connecting Wing Wiring to Fuselage Had a dead short in the heated pitot. Forgot that wire had a shield and had inadvertently connected the shielding to the power.
2016-05-30 Picked Painted Doors and Cowling from Sheldon They look good.
2016-05-31 Weighed Aircraft today Temp installed cowl, doors, and jury struts. Weighed with scales from Ag Tech Centre. 831 lbs.
2016-06-02 Prepped Jury Struts
2016-06-03 Final Wired Fuel Level Senders at Wing Roots Garmin got back me on how to wire the WEMA fuel level sensors to the GEA24. The pink wire is grounded and the black is the signal (power) wire to the GEA24.
Then started installing the jury struts.
2016-06-04 Installed Jury Struts on Left Wing Rode with Dave to Cardston Fly In. Talked with Doug Murray about inspection. Decided we would try for next Saturday! Also picked up painted engine cowl from Sheldon. Yellow. Awesome.
2016-06-05 Completed Installation of Jury Struts Then installed rear side windows.
2016-06-06 Worked on Paperwork
2016-06-07 Finished Installing Doors And most the final installation of the cowling.
2016-06-08 Adjusted Cowling, labelling, worked on inspection paperwork First time fully assembled (except wing root panels and inspection panels) so took photo.
2016-06-09 Taxied for First Time Calibrated ADHRS, etc. Started calibrating fuel tank level senders.
2016-06-10 Details in Preparation for Final Inspection Finished fuel capacity calibrations. Added misc labels.
2016-06-11 Final Inspection! Inspection day. Doug Murray, MD-RA area senior inspector arrived at 10:00 AM. A few snags but none that could not be quickly rectified. Received Special Certificate of Airworthiness with Restrictions. No passengers and stay within 25 NM for 25 hours.
2016-06-12 Installed Inspection Panels Started to track down a fuel leak that I discovered forward of the firewall.
2016-06-13 Fixed Fuel Leak from Fuel Filter Fittings
2016-06-14 Started Fabrication Right Wing Root Skin
2016-06-15 Continued Working on Right Wing Root Skin
2016-06-16 Right Wing Root Fairing Still fighting to get it right
2016-06-18 Finished Right Wing Root Skin
2016-06-19 Left Wing Root Skin Made good progress due to right wing experience.
2016-06-20 Prepared Engine for Stator Upgrade Took hoses off etc so Rob Seaton could make the stator upgrade. Rob arrived at 7:30 pm.
2016-06-21 Rob Seaton R&R’d the Stator It took him about 4 hours and then went to Trav’s and then come back to test run my engine after I buttoned it up.
2016-06-24 Finished Installing Right Wing Root Skin Also worked on left side root skin.
2016-06-25 Finished Installing Left Wing Root Skin Then installed mid door safety catches. Then fabricated brackets for dynamic prop balancer.
2016-06-26 Dynamically Balanced Prop and Taxi Testing Dynamic balanced the prop using the Dyna Vibe. Started out 1.02 Inches per second (IPS). Got it down to 0.06 IPS. Getting ready for flight by taxiing with the nose up. After a couple hours of taxiing, went through the aircraft. Removed and replaced inspection covers, went over engine bay.
2016-06-26 First Flight! June 26, 2016 9:15 PM local (03:15 Zulu) on a beautiful prairie evening took off of Lethbridge-J3 (CLJ3) runway 08 for a 22 minute flight. Air was glass smooth and the airplane flew well. Prop is a little coarse with a max level rpm of 5440. Landing was easy. I have logged exactly 4,802.0 hours of build time to this point, starting February 28, 2009. The build is finally over, now the testing and tweaking will begin!...