Log Entries

Project Location: MO US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2009-10-16 Factory Build Rudder Son Matt and I attended the Zenith Factory Workshop on 15 and 16 October to build the rudder. We elected to use Cortec corrosion control products on the mating surfaces.
2009-10-23 Frame completed The skeleton went together without any major hitches; the skin fits on the top side. Stretching the skin to the bottom next.
2009-10-23 Frame completed The skeleton went together without any major hitches; the skin fits on the top side. Stretching the skin to the bottom next.
2009-11-03 Horizontal Stabilizer Completed Stretched the skin over the skeleton. Clecoed and drilled. Took the skin back off. Disassembled the skeleton. Corrosion treated and deburred the holes. Riveted skeleton. Stretched the skin and riveted.
2009-11-04 Completed Stabilizer All done. Tip caps are just clecoed in, anticipating adding horns for the elevator.
2009-11-09 Skeleton and Skins Clecoed Skeleton laid out according to instructions, which were pretty straightforward. Skins went on perfectly but only after several attempts, removals, and retries. Success came after we adjusted the top and bottom overlaps to be approximately equal. That required trial and error and several marks and measurements.
2009-11-18 Stabilizer and Elevator Mated They've mated. We're expecting an airplane in 9 months.

All went according to plan except the stab bracket needed more trimming to make room for the elevator. The trim line needs to be removed entirely for the nose of the elevator to clear properly. Zenith shorted me two #10 washers so the end brackets won't be drilled and cotter pins inserted until we get those.
2009-11-23 Picking up the wings I had to borrow a heavy duty trailer to pick up the wings. Total weight about 70 lbs including lights, tanks and wings. But, the large skins have to be laid flat and a pickup bed won't do!
2009-11-23 Picking up the wings I had to borrow a heavy duty trailer to pick up the wings. Total weight about 70 lbs including lights, tanks and wings. But, the large skins have to be laid flat and a pickup bed won't do!
2009-11-23 Picking up the wings I had to borrow a heavy duty trailer to pick up the wings. Total weight about 70 lbs including lights, tanks and wings. But, the large skins have to be laid flat and a pickup bed won't do!
2009-11-29 Layout and rivet wing skeleton I leveled the table to +/- 1MM and set out the various skeleton parts. Zenith shorted me two bolts and an A5 rivet head so I'll pick those up on Tuesday.
2009-12-02 Wing Skeleton completed All went together smoothly. I was suspicious of the tip spar placement so I checked with Zenith yesterday. I felt like an extra shim would make the tip spar lay flatter against the main spar but elected to complete my wing just like they did the prototype. During the riveting process everything lined up just fine.
2009-12-02 Wing Skeleton completed All went together smoothly. I was suspicious of the tip spar placement so I checked with Zenith yesterday. I felt like an extra shim would make the tip spar lay flatter against the main spar but elected to complete my wing just like they did the prototype. During the riveting process everything lined up just fine.
2009-12-03 Bottom skins on Main spar checked level about twenty times during the process. All the pilot holes hit the spar right in the center. Edge distances are perfect. Riveting next.
2009-12-20 Right Wing complete Top skins deburred and riveted. Wingtip and lights installed. Fuel tank inserted and secured. Lights and fuel gauge checked. We'll secure the inspection plate for the tank area and hang the wing from the ceiling next.
2009-12-20 Right Wing complete Top skins deburred and riveted. Wingtip and lights installed. Fuel tank inserted and secured. Lights and fuel gauge checked. We'll secure the inspection plate for the tank area and hang the wing from the ceiling next.
2009-12-20 More pictures
2009-12-20 Even More Pictures
2010-01-12 Left Wing Complete Left wing, including fuel tank and strobe/navigation lights is ready for hanging. All according to plan, except I didn't meet edge distance on the wing attachment cowl. Solution was to add an internal scab patch to extend the edge of the inboard bottom skin. Solution will add about two ounces and strengthen the skin. Also note in one of the fuel tank pictures that there is an extra outlet fitting hole in the left wing tank just below the filler neck. I called Zenith about this one because it's not indicated on the plans. It's provided for a return line if you install an injected engine. I plugged this outlet with a brass plug because I intend to use a non-injected engine. If I change my mind, I still wouldn't be inclined to use this hole because of it's location at the #1 rib. It would require a large hole in the rib and lots of fuel line routed through the wing. If I ever need a return line I'll research the possibility of adding a similar outlet on the inboard side of the tank.
2010-01-12 More Pictures More
2010-01-12 Even More Pictures More
2010-01-30 Attach Engine to Mount Rocky and Cliff help hang the engine.
2010-02-12 Flaps and Slats Completed All went together smoothly except for one flap full rib which got misaligned during drilling. See the picture of my scrap pile; most of which is malformed L angles. It's a good thing Zenith provides plenty.
2010-02-17 According to Plan! The bottom and one side of the rear fuselage are completed. The plans apparently have not been updated from the previous model: the CH701, as the plans don't show the window openings. however, the differences are apparent and I expect no problems with the final assembly.
2010-02-23 More Pictues The fit is good. The top skin has been on once for measuring. It is now being drilled. Next will be another refit; then final drilling, deburring and corrosion control and RIVETING!
2010-03-14 Fuselage Progress The rear fuselage and baggage compartment are drilled and corrosion treated. I have delayed some of the riveting until the flight controls and empennage are installed.

The pictures show the work done on the forward fuselage. (essentially the cockpit)
2010-04-12 Firewall assembled The firewall went together as per plans except: I doubled the number of rivets in the side stiffeners. Edge distances are good.
2010-04-22 Forward Fuselage drilled and corrosion proofed Completed the forward cabin section, including mounting the brake master cylinder and rudder pedal components. Riveting completed in the outer shell, except for forward skin stiffeners. Interior riveting to be completed after installation of more flight control components.
2010-04-24 Mounted Tires Mounted the tires (tubeless) on the wheels and inflated to 20psi. I'll be tracking pressure loss over an extended period to see if I need to add tubes.
2010-04-25 Joined Fore and Aft Fuselage All went according to plans. Fit was good, had to trim the ends of the steel bars over the cockpit as expected.
2010-04-25 More
2010-04-25 Still More Pictures
2010-04-26 Build Tires on rims Put together Matco rims and mounted tires.
2010-04-28 Attached Main Gear Mounts Smooth operation. Perfect fit.
2010-04-30 Firewall Mounting Firewall built and mounted in the forward fuselage. Forward side skins and motor mount brackets installed.
Note: Firewall side braces are double riveted. Spacing and edge distances are good. Should improve firewall rigidity and strength.
2010-04-30 More firewall Pictures
2010-05-01 Even More firewall pictures
2010-05-08 Installed Nosewheel strut Drilled holes in lower nosegear bushing too large. Replaced bushing with factory part. Expensive! Otherwise looks and operates well.
2010-05-13 Fitting Horizontal Tail (HT) Fitted the HT IAW the plans. Got a perfect fit in all angles. Then when I tried to trim the bracket for the Elevator trim I discovered that the bracket wouldn't reach. I called the engineers, they explained that the plans' depiction of the positioning of the HT was not accurate. The plans say that some trimming may be required, the mounting holes may not be centered, and they show the mounting holes centered over the fuselage interior bulkhead. Unfortunately, positioning can't be accomplished without trimming the brackets and the trim stops can't be set until the HT is installed. I threw away my trimmed brackets and ordered new ones.
2010-05-20 Nose gear finished. Lubricated the bearings, installed bungee, Drilled brackets, and drilled drain port in the strut. Installed rudder pedals and brake master cylinders.
2010-05-23 Installed rear fuselage side braces Installed braces and finished riveting the area around the rear fuselage.
2010-05-24 Installed new HT brackets Got the new brackets from Zenith. Trimmed to install the HT near the aft portion of the brackets' reach. Cut out the wrong portion of the brackets! Start over.
2010-05-28 Fitting Horizontal Tail (HT) part 2 Manufactured new HT brackets from T3. As I was installing them I saw that I had a crack in the bend of one. Others looked OK but my bend radius was not IAW standards. Manufactured a second set.
2010-06-01 Measuring Control Cables Measured length of Rudder and Elevator cables.
2010-06-04 Set Rudder Stops
2010-06-07 Rig Elevator Cables Manufactured short cables for the elevator. Set angle of control yoke
2010-06-10 Rig Rudder Cables Manufactured rudder cables and adjusted tension.
2010-06-11 Adjusted Nosewheel Steering Changed the angle of the rudder pedals by adjusting nosewheel steering rods. Reset tension on rudder cables.
2010-06-14 Added Fairleads to Elevator Cables Discovered elevator cables dragging against fuselage. Called engineers. Fairleads need to be installed. Consulted other builders for fairlead locations. I used the drawings instead of the exotic solutions of other builders. The cables will have to be remeasured to achieve proper tension.
2010-06-17 Rig Elevator Cables Rebuilt short elevator cable to compensate for fairlead installation and achieve proper tension.
2010-06-21 Measure,Cut, and Install Empennage fairings Pictures later.
2010-07-06 Continue Fitting Empennage Fairings
2010-07-06 Rivet Baggage Compartment
2010-07-07 Install Rudder Fairings
2010-07-09 Finish Rudder and Remove for Painting. Riveted rudder fairings and trimmed/finished rudder cutouts.
2010-07-11 Seatbelt attachments installed
2010-07-11 Install Door Sills
2010-07-12 Finish Drilling and fitting seat pans Fitted the seat pans, drilled to final rivet sizes. Removed in order to finish wiring and fuel under the seats. Riveting will come later.
2010-07-15 Elevator stops and trim tab Installed elevator stops and rechecked deflections. Connected trim tab wiring, adjusted trim tab deflections, and closed the trim tab access panel.
2010-07-16 Planned Fuel Routing inside cockpit
2010-07-19 Plumbed Brake System Added connections to the MATCO master cylinders and calipers.
2010-07-20 Added brake lines
2010-07-20 Formed Fuel Lines Measured aluminum fuel lines to fit into the closed in areas under the seat and within the closed structures.
2010-07-23 Installed Interior Fuel lines and fittings
2010-07-25 Fitted Glareshield and Panel
2010-08-01 Glareshield, pitot tubes,electrical Finished fitting the glare shield and panel. Ran pitot tubes and electrical wires under the seat.
2010-08-02 Drill Glareshield, test fuel lines Drilled to final size. Pressure tested fuel lines, Have a slow leak at 35psi.
2010-08-03 Assembled seats, tested fuel lines Note that fuel lines which are enclosed under the seats and within the fuselage structure are aluminum with AN fittings. I reassembled the fittings and pressure tested again. They don't leak at 35PSI air pressure.

Painted the seat backs and brackets and assembled.
2010-08-05 Seats, Windows, and Doors Fitted the seats to the seat pan. Fitted the trim for the overhead skylight, and positioned the doors and latches.
2010-08-09 Drilled Doors, Installed latches Riveted the hinges to the doors and drilled the hinges for fitting to the fuselage.
2010-08-10 Install Nutplates for seats Added 6 additional nutplates to the plan installation to make seats somewhat adjustable.
2010-08-13 Riveted Seat Pans Checked fuel lines, electrical and pitot lines under the seats and closed the seat area.
2010-08-19 Remove empennage for painting Cleaned fuselage and empennage, removed bolts and cables.
2010-08-22 Wing crates Built wing crates with wheels for transport and painting.
2010-08-24 Wing Strut Fittings Cleaned up steel fittings and filed sharp edges.
2010-08-25 Prep Wings for Installation Checked over wings for riveting errors. Cleaned permanent marker notes. Completed installing the wing strut brackets.
2010-08-28 Fitted Slats to Wings Aligned and drilled slat attachment brackets.
2010-09-08 Flaperons Aligned and drilled flaperon brackets.
2010-09-09 Final Check of Flaperons and Slats Fitted all. Rechecked clearances. Moved all parts to carriers in prep for painting.
2010-09-13 Build Struts Unpacked the struts to discover that one of the forward struts is about two inches longer than the other. Noted that the plans call for a 5/16" hole and an AN6 bolt. Called Zenith engineers. They said they'll replace the strut if it's too short. I won't know until I fit the wings' dihedral. AN6 bolt is correct, hole size is wrong.
2010-09-19 Prepare Strut Fittings Trimmed strut fittings from square ends to the plan's 18mm radius.
Drilled fuselage fitting and strut fittings for mounting bolts.
2010-09-27 Mated Struts to Inboard Fittings Drilled struts to AN3 and AN4 holes to match strut end fittings.
2010-09-30 Laid Out Panel Unpacked Radios and Instruments and traced panel positions on a template.
2010-10-06 Cutting Panel Pinned the panel to a wood form and used a jigsaw to cut out the instrument holes. Worked great.
2010-10-08 Rivet L angles to back of panel Cut heavy L angles and drilled holes for the radio racks and GPS cradle.
2010-10-09 Wiring Radios Panel includes Dynon 180, Aera 560 with GXM 40, Garmin 240 Audio panel, Garmin SL40 VHF radio, Garmin GTX327 transponder, and a power distribution panel.
2010-10-18 Wiring Panel Tedious sorting of wires and connectors.
2010-10-25 Wiring Continued
2010-10-27 Delivered Wings to Paintshop
2010-11-09 Assemble Glovebox Attach Glovebox to panel. Cut door for box.
2010-11-11 Glove Box Door
2010-11-24 Install Seat Belt Anchors Move seat attachment points to allow for seat belt anchors.
2010-12-01 Position and Drill Antennae VHF and Transponder antennae positioned and drilled.
2010-12-04 Build Antennae Coax's
2010-12-08 Install Pitot Static Ports
2010-12-13 Static Line Tubing Installed Secured static lines to Dynon.
2010-12-19 Wire Remote Sensor to Dynon
2010-12-21 Receive and Unpack Engine
2010-12-23 Install Motor Mount
2010-12-27 Affix Air Box to Firewall
2010-12-28 Mount Battery Box
2010-12-31 Begin Dual Throttle Installation
2011-01-03 Remove and Replace Prop Hub Extension Removed Jabiru short hub and replace with Zenith appropriate 2 inch hub.
2011-01-05 Safety Wire Prop Extension/ Build Throttle
2011-01-10 Install Dual Throttle Mounted to firewall and adjusted to carb.
2011-01-12 Mount Muffler Attached muffler to exhaust pipes.
2011-01-14 Cabin Heat, Carb Heat Fitted both to muffler. Also replaced bolts in the front fork which I had overtorqued.
2011-01-15 Installed choke control Finished SCAT routing for carb and cabin heat and ran the choke cable.
2011-01-16 Installed EGT Sensors 100mm from the heads.
2011-01-22 Installed Trim Switch and Stater Solenoid
2011-01-23 Wired the Flap Switch
2011-01-30 Installed Cooling Ducts Mounted the ducts on top of the cylinders and positions spark plug wires and CHT wires
2011-02-06 Fitted Cooling Ducts Trimmed and fitted cooling ducts to cylinder heads. Started wiring main bus.
2011-02-07 Installed fuel fittings through firewall
2011-02-08 Attached fittings to Oil Cooler
2011-02-09 Installed Electric fuel Pump Completed cockpit fuel lines, filter, pressure sensor, and plumbing for fuel.

2011-02-11 Manufactured Oil Cooler Lines Went to G&J aircraft for advice and tools to manufacture the oil cooler lines.
2011-02-12 Connected CHT/EGT
2011-02-17 Connected Alternator to Buss
2011-02-22 Set Up Battery Grounds
2011-02-23 Fitted Cowling Rocky and Matt helped. All worked out well except clearance between prop and cowl. Will require a refit.
2011-03-01 Measured Cowling Refit
2011-03-02 Refitted Cowling Rocky and Matt help with refit of cowling. Required moving attachment points.
2011-03-03 More Cowling Adjusting Sanded and filed seams for close fit
2011-03-04 Installed Camlocs
2011-03-06 Marked Cowling for Final Trim
2011-03-10 Measured Spinner to Prop
2011-03-22 Installed Spinner Nutplates
2011-03-22 Connected Mag Grounds to Ignition
2011-03-24 Adjusted Cowling Inlet and Oil Cooler Baffles
2011-03-25 Refitted Cowling For Baffle Check
2011-03-31 Install CB,s Installed CB's to protect flaps, Alternator field and power point
2011-04-03 Install fuses for Dynon protection 1 amp fuses installed between Alternator shunt and Dynon. Created extra ground points on fire wall.
2011-04-04 Test Electrical busses and grounds.
2011-04-06 Test and Fill brake system
2011-04-08 Repair leaking left main tire Deflated and reset bead.
2011-04-12 Refit Cowl Refitted cowl, trimmed edges and checked fasteners prior to paint.
2011-04-22 Test Radios Final wiring, Programmed transponder, radio and GPS to work together. Tested intercom and radios. Intercom has loud squeal.
2011-04-23 Troubleshoot Intercom Problem solved. Intercom is set up for stereo. One of the test headsets was mono only. Intercom works perfectly with compatible headsets.
2011-05-01 Labeled wires for wing installation
2011-05-02 Move tools from P.H. to hangar KVER
2011-05-13 Moved fuselage to Paint shop Uhaul truck required
2011-06-09 Pick op fuselage Transported fuselage from paint shop to Hangar.
2011-06-20 reinstall horizontal stabilator Fitted perfectly.
2011-06-21 Attach elevator controls set cable tension and saftied turnbuckles.
2011-06-22 Connect electric trim Required removal of Dynon to reach trim controls and indicator.
2011-06-23 Hung
2011-06-24 Set sweep Set sweep to approx 10mm forward.
2011-06-26 Set incidence 3.0 degrees leading edge up. (had to query engineers about their instruction to set "nose up". They confirmed they meant leading edge not aircraft nose. Drilled aft spar to lock in incidence and sweep.
2011-06-27 Measure struts positioned dihedral to 85mm tips up and positioned and marked strut fittings.
2011-06-28 Build struts
2011-06-29 Assemble struts
2011-06-30 Attached struts Positioned struts and removed other wing supports. Dihedral is still good at 83mm wingtips up. Started work on jury struts.
2011-07-03 Shaped Jury Struts
2011-07-04 Drilled Jury struts
2011-07-06 Torqued Wing strut bolts
2011-07-06 Replaced Door Hardware Replaced supplied AN beveled screws with SS flathead screws. Looks much better/stronger.
2011-07-07 Mounted slats to wings Looking for proper fit.
2011-07-07 Refitted strobes to wings
2011-07-07 Plotted Fuel lines
2011-07-07 Remounted Rudder and connected trim
2011-07-08 Instruments, fuel, and Lights Reinstalled radios and Dynon 180. Rerouted fuel lines. Connected lights to switches.
2011-07-13 Cut Skylight, connect pitot
2011-07-14 Rehang flaperons
2011-07-14 Apply Decals and detail
2011-07-18 Align Flaperons
2011-07-18 Readjust Flaperons
2011-07-23 Align Flight controls again
2011-07-24 Drill Skylight
2011-07-25 Repair Slat fitting Determined Edge distance on one of the slat mounts was too narrow. Scab patched the mount IAW standards and redrilled.
2011-07-27 secured windows fuel lines and pitot
2011-07-30 detail paint
2011-07-30 Set Flight control angles and stops
2011-08-05 Connect fuel lines Fuel lines from wings to fuselage.
2011-08-06 Fit Windscreen Drill and adjust
2011-08-08 Windscreen con't
2011-08-12 Flaperon stops installed
2011-08-13 Install access panels
2011-08-16 Install Inspection plates con't
2011-08-23 Hang Doors
2011-08-25 Trim Doors to Windscreen
2011-08-27 Doors/windscreen fitting
2011-09-06 Install Fairings wing to Fuselage
2011-09-07 Hang Prop
2011-09-08 Paint polishing
2011-09-09 Paint Polishing Con't
2011-09-13 Adjust door latches
2011-09-14 Reinstall Slats
2011-09-27 Manufacture Tow bar plate
2011-09-29 Fuel testing Calibrated fuel gauges. Replaced fuel line which had been drilled through! Conducted flow testing.

Test results:

Level gravity Feed:
One tank, 8 gallons = 20 gal/hr
one tank, 1 gallon = 15 gal/hr

20 deg nose up:
one tank, 8 gallons = 7 1/2 gal/hour
Boost pump on = 30 gal/hour
2011-10-07 Windows, brakes, cowling Fit rear windows, bleed brakes, fit cowling.
2011-10-08 Add Opening for sump cooling Fitted baffle to sump fins and carved opening in cowling.
2011-10-13 First Engine start Start. Adjust idle. Readings normal.
2011-10-16 Check Coil clearances Fellow Jabiru owner had trouble with coil clearances. Mine checked good.
2011-10-23 Engine start, cowling fit Warmed engine. Refit cowling.
2011-10-25 Prime struts
2011-10-27 Alternator Rewired alternator. Previous runs showed no charge. Jabiru suggested bypassing the Ammeter.
2011-10-28 Fly Zenith's demonstrator
2011-11-01 Paint Struts
2011-11-02 Engine runs Check alternator. No charge indicated.
2011-11-08 Apply N numbers
2011-11-30 Replace cracked window Starboard rear window developed cracks at the rivet holes. Zenith provide replacement.
2011-12-05 Paint Inspection plates
2012-01-16 Replace Voltage regulator Replace with new from Jabiru. Engine run confirmed charging.
2012-02-01 Engine Runs All parameters normal. CHT's vary. More fine tuning can be done with the baffles.
2012-02-02 Paint polishing.
2012-02-06 Certificate Granted