Its finally done and it flys great.
The RV grin is sure nice. It flys as they say it will.

Building a RV9-A
The Pictures above are the results of 3-1/2 years of fun and added knowledge. I chose the RV9-A aircraft to allow us to go cross country to visit inlaws, outlaws, friends and enemys without tranversing the overly crowded interstate highways. I had previously built an Europa mono wheel but for long cross countrys with my wife, it was a bit too small. I like to wear a hat for sun protection and the Rv fills that bill. I sold the Europa and purchased the RV quick build kit. I'm getting older and want to fly instead of having a long build. Don't get me wrong, the building is very satisfying and I enjoy it a lot. I can customize the system to fit my needs. I wanted to have an auto pilot / wing leveler and while I was building, I also added an altitude hold. The following company has provided me with the finishing stuff I wanted to make my bird "my way". and Tru Track auto pilots / Altitude hold equipment. I am also putting in "glass" by way of Grand Rapids Tech. This should make my cross countries easy. Wife does not know how to fly. Maybe I can get her to learn to "land". As an official disclaimer: This site is designed to document my experiences as I construct my RV9-A and is for entertainment purposes only. This site is NOT to be used as a guide or to provide instruction for any other builder. Always refer to your aircraft plans and manual provided.

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