Log Entries

Project Location: CA US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2008-01-25 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 4 Final drill all skins, Finished nose ribs.
2008-06-16 The kit arrives Well Fedex ground truck showes up with a very large and heavy box.

The box was almost 12 ft long, 4 ft wide and weighting over 300 lbs.

2008-06-19 Inventory Begins Vans aircraft allows 30 days to complete the inventory. After that date, the builder is responsable for anything missing or damaged. They will allow exceptions if you give them a call.
2008-06-23 Inventory Cont. Well we are about half way thru the part Inventory all good so far.
2008-06-24 Inventory Complete All the parts are seperated and accounted for. Only 1 small bad is back ordered. Rivits and small parts are seperated and put away.

Glad small food containers work great for rivit storage containers. As well as the freezer bags work well for small parts storage.
2008-06-26 Page 6-2 Step 1 Step 1 trip vs104 l & r, all went well and Bandsaw on shop smith was a great help.
2008-06-27 Page 6-2 Step 2 Fit and trim VS-1014 l & r Match dripp to vs-1003
2008-06-28 Page 6-2 Steps 3-6 Fitted and predrilled vs-1017, vs-1008, upper, middle and lower rudder hinge brackets. finsh drilled all parts, sdebured all holes and edges.
2008-07-05 Page 6-3 Steps 1-4 Step 1 Debured remaining VS parts, 2 clecoed together remaining VS frame, front spar, ribs and nose ribs. Final drivved all #30 holes in frame.

Steps 3 removed vinal from vs-1001 skin. Clecoed skin to vs frame.

Step 4 Final drilled all skin holes #40.

2008-07-12 Sec 6 pg 3 Steps 5 Remove VS 1001 VS Skin Debur all holes
2008-07-13 Sec 6 pg 5 Step 6 Dimple VS 1001 VS Skin making sure not to dimple holes for fairing panel

Step 7 Disamble VS front spar an ribs, dimple all ribs and front spar. Debur and dimple rear spar
2008-07-20 Sec 6 pg 5 Step 7 Dimple front spar and nose ribs

Step 8 CS VS 1003 rear spar which are common to VS 1001

Step 9 Disamble rear spar debur all holes

Step 10 Finish dimple VS 1003

Step 11 Final drill rudder attach holes as per plans
2008-07-21 Primer test Tested 2 ea primers, 1 Napa 7221 and SEM Self etching primer.

The Napa primrer managed to attach and hold up better then the SEM Primer.

Will go with Napa 7221 primer.
2008-07-26 Sec 6 pg 4 Step 1 Dimple 4 bottom holes on from spar and CS doubler to match.

Step 2 Debur front Spar

Step 3 Seperate R1007 r1007a rubber stops and striker plates.

Step 4 Debur all r1007 and r1007a

Step 5 Final drill rudder stop hinge holes and debur.
2008-07-30 Scuff and Prime ALL VS Parts Scuffed and preped, and primered all VS Parts
2008-07-31 Sec 6 Pg 4 Step 6 Rivit rudder stops to bottom rudder hinge bracket.

Step 7 Reassymble VS rear spar Rivit aft spar doubler and lower rudder hinge brackets, and finish all flush rivits on VS Rear spar.

2008-07-31 Sec 6 pg 5 Step 1 Rivit upper rudder hinge brackets and doubler plate.

Step 2 Rivit VS fwd spar lower doubler to front spar.

Step 3 Assymble VS ribs and spars
2008-07-31 Pg 6-5 Step 1 2 Step 1 Rivit Upper Rudder hind and doubler
Step 2 Rivit VS Fwd Spar lower doubler to spar.
2008-07-31 Page 6-5 Step 1 Rivit upper rudder hinge doubler to fwd spar

step 2 rivit lower rudder hinge doubler to fwd spar
2008-08-02 Sec 6 pg 5 Step 3 Finished install Plastic Smirf tube for wiring to Beacon on top of VS
2008-08-03 Sec 6 pg 6 Step 1-4 Install nose ribs and VS Skin to VS Frame, rivit VS skin to Nose ribs.
2008-08-03 Pg 6-5 Step 3 Complete steop 3 and install Smirf tube for VS Beacon wiring.
2008-08-16 Sec 6 pg 6 Step 5-7 Rivit VS skin to nose ribs, rivit VS Skin to front spar
2008-08-17 Sec 6 pg 6 Steps 8 & 9 Complete riviting VS Skin to rear spar and top and bottom ribs and rear spar.

Complete riviting VS 1014 and VS1015 doublers to rear spar.

VS Construction complete
2008-08-31 Sec 7 pg 2 Setp 1-3

Parts prep Rudder ribs seperate rudder brackes

2008-08-31 Sec 7 pg 3 Seperate rudder ribs and debur all edges.
2008-08-31 Sec 7 pg 4 step 1-4 Layout all parts seperated and debured and cleco together r-1002 1003 1010 1015
2008-09-10 Page 7-4 Step 5 and 6

Final drill striker plate, machine counter sink as [er plans.

attach bottom rib to spar.
2008-09-28 Pg 7-5 Steps 1-5 Cleco stiffners 1015 a-f to spar and final drill

Cleco R 607pp 608pp to spar and final drill
2008-09-28 Pg 7-6 Steps 1-2 Cleco r1012 rib and final drill

cleco r1003 a&b to spar and fuinal drill
2008-09-28 Pg 7-6 Steps 3 Deburr both rudder skins cleco skins to skelton
2008-09-29 Pg 7-6 Steps 4-5 Finish cleco skins to skelton

Cleco trailing edge 1 side
2008-10-06 Pg 7-6 Steps 6 Work on final drill of skins
2008-10-11 Pg 7-6 Steps 6-9 Finish side 1 and final drill side 2

Step 7 Remove Skins and mark

Step 8 Roll slight edge on trailing edge of rubber skins

Step 9 Remove r607pp and R608pp mark spar and side
2008-10-12 Pg 7-6 Steps 10 Deburr all holes and skins.
2008-10-20 Pg 7-6 Steps 11 Dimple all skins and stiffners and ribs
2008-10-25 Pg 7-6 Steps 12 Drill countersinks in r1006 trailing edges both sides
2008-10-25 Prep and Prime all rubber parts Scuff and prime rubber parts
2008-11-01 Prime Parts Prime rudder parts
2008-11-07 Prime Parts Finish priming rudder parts
2008-11-07 Pg 7-7 Steps 1-4 Step 1 Rivit r1004 together
Step 2 Rivit r608pp and 609pp to spar and nut plates
2008-11-07 Pg 7-7 Step 5 Rivit r0105 stiffners to rudder skins
2008-11-08 Pg 7-8 Steps 1-3 Step 1 rivit top rib half to skins
step 2 rivit bottom rib half to skins
2008-11-08 Pg 7-8 Steps 1-3 rivit top rib halfs to skins
rivit bottom rib to skins
2008-11-08 Pg 7-9 Steps 4-8 Rivit lt and rt rudder skins and shear caps.
Seal trailing edge with prc sealent and cleco together
rivit r1004 to left skin.

Sam Beukleman assist
2008-11-15 Pg 7-10 Step 1 Clean up trailing egde
2008-11-15 Pg 7-10 Step 2 Cleco spar to shear caps and rivit into place
2008-11-15 Pg 7-10 Step 3-7 Step 3 Rivit r1004 bottom rib

Step 4 Rivit r1003 top ribs together

Step 5 Rivit r1001 skins to fwd spar

Step 6 Rivit counter balance rib to spar

Step 7 rivit counter balance rib to r1001 skins
2008-11-15 Pg 7-11 Step 1 Back rivit r1001 skins trailing edge
2008-11-16 Pg 7-11 Step 2 Curl leading edge and rivit together, a 1 in pipe worked better thin the 1 1/4 pipe as segested
2008-11-23 Pg 7-11 Steps 3 thru 6 Step 3 Cleco Skins on tip rib and counter balance rib
Center lead counter balance wright between ribs. Clamp balance weight to rib

Match drill top and bittom holes in balance weight and ribs.

Step 4 temp instal counter balance weight with #8 screws

Step 5 Fold skins just enough to leave a crease then removecounter balance weight.

Step 6 Clam skins between 2 blocks of hard wood, make a radius on the bottom bloce to insure that the bend in the skins will not have a to tight of a radius, thus preventing cracking

2008-11-23 Pg 7-12 Steps 1-5 Step 1 Cleco Skins to rib and counter balance rib

Drill top and bottom holes with #19 drill. I used a angle drill from the back side worked great.

Dimple ribs and skins as needed,

Install counter balance weight with # 8 screws.

Step 2 deburr all holes put light bend in bothe skin over laps trailing edges. Dimle 2 ea screw holes. Counter skin counter balance weights to accept the skin dimples.

Step 3 Install counter balance weight.

Step 4 IF skin pellows- well they did not so we move on,

Step 5 Rivit remaining 12 match drill holes in skin and top rib and counter balance rib.

2008-11-23 Sec 8 pg 8-2 Step 1-4 Step 1 Debur Rear spar and HS906 spar doubler

Step 2 Cleco HS906 doubler to rear spar, Drill 4 ea holes from Spar to doubler. Final drill all holes common to HS906

Counter sink 2 ea holes indicated. Final drill 4 ea 3/16 holes

Step 3 Final drill 3/16 center hols on all HS912

Cleco hinge bracktes to rear spar. Final drill #30 holes brackets to spar.

Step 4 remove all parts and mark location. And prep for primer.

2008-11-24 Step 4 Parts prep for primer
2008-11-30 Sec 8 pg 8-3 Step 3-4 Step 3 Make HS108-L From Stock, as per plans

Step 4 Make HS108-R from stock as per plans
2008-12-07 Pg 8.2 Step 1-4 Step 1 Debur rear spar and hs 906 doubler

Step 2 Cleco HS906 to rear spar and match drill hiles

Step 3 Final Drill HS912 in hs hinges
Cleco HS 912 to rear spar and final drill

Step 4 Disassymble all parts prep and prime
2008-12-08 Sec 8 pg 8-2 Step 5-6 Step 5 Rivit HS906 to rear spar

Step 6 Rivit Hinge Brackets HS912 to rear Spar
2008-12-08 Sec 8 pg 8-4 Step 1 Trim material from both ends of HS1013 and HS1014 per plans
2008-12-11 Sec 8 pg 8-5 Step 1 Deburr HS102 front spar edges and all holes
2008-12-14 Sec 8 pg 8-3 Step 1-2 Step 1 Cleco the VA146 between HS911 Final drill 6 holes.

Disassemble deburr

Rivit assembly together

Step 2 Bolt Inboard hinge bracket to rear spar.
2008-12-14 Sec 8 pg 8-5 Step 2-5 Step 2 HS1013 from end of cap mark 1/4 in from both ends
Nest spar cap and clamp to spar. place mark on the 33rd hole from the end of the front spar.

Match drill 1/8 holes into spar web. Remove spar cap and deburr. Then cleco spar cap to the spar.

Clamp spar cap to flang then match drill 3/32 holes

repeat step on 2nd spar cap.

Step 3 Deburr ans smooth edges on HS1007 front spar doubler.

Step 4 Clamp angle brace to HS1008 and HS1009 to keep square. Match drill 9 ea holes into bracket.

Step 5 Except where called out final drill holes common to the HS1002 front spar and front spar doubler.

2008-12-20 Sec 8 pg 8-5 Step 6-7 Step 6 Counter sink 8 holes in front spar center top flange.

Match drill 4 3/16 holes common to spar and spar doubler

Step 7 Final drill the middle 9 holes, the counter sink.

2008-12-20 Sec 8 pg 8-5 Step 8 Step 8 mark parts disassemble, dedur, prep and prime. then reassemble.

2008-12-20 Sec 8 Pg 8-6 Step 1 Rivit Horv. Stab Fwd spar and spar doubler,

Step 2 Rivit Horv fwd spar attact bracket to fwd spar.
2008-12-20 Sec 8 Pg 8-6 Step 3 Locate 4 ea hs 1004 remove tabs according to plans

Step 4 Set a side 2 of the ribs from step 3 the remove the small tab as per plans
2008-12-21 Sec 8 Pg 8-7 Step 1 Debur aall inspar ribs

Step 2 Bend the 2 inboard Inslar ribs 9 degrees for proper aligmnent as per plans

Step 3 Debur the edges of all nose ribs

Radius the ends of each nose rib to prevent smll dents on the leading edge skins.

Step 4 Take 2 ea nose ribs open the end flang by 9 degrees as per plans

Cut a hole in the 2 ea nose ribs as per plans the elv trim cables will pass thru these holes.

Step 5 Fabricate 4 ea craddles Make a template fron a nose rib cleco together with a inspar rin to get th contour.

Off set the trace about a 1/8th of a inch and cover with duct tape.
2008-12-25 Sec 8 Pg 8-8 Step 1 Cleco the 2 ea nose ribs to the fron spar. Match drill holes not drilled.

Cleco intp position the 2 inboard HS inspar ribs that use the same holes as the 2 center nose ribs.

Step 2 Cleco the remaining nose ribs to the fwd spar Final drill the holes common to the nose rib and the cneter inspar ribs.

Step 3 Cleco thr remaining inspar ribs to the front spar.

Finsl drill all holes common to the inspar ribs and the front spar.

Step 4 Mark nose ribs anf the inspar ribs dso that they go bace to the same position that they were final drilled for.

Step 5 Debur the edges of both the skins. Remove the blue plastic coating on the 2 ea skins
2008-12-28 Sec 8 Pg 8-8 Step 7 Insert skins into the cradels, angle ends of the skins go into the center,

Step 8 One at a time remove the Nose ribs from the front spar and cleco them to the skins.

Cleco the front spar / inspar rib assyemnby to the nose ribs installed into each skin.

Do not cleco the inspar ribs to the skins yet,

2008-12-28 Sec 8 Pg 8-9 Step 1 Cleco the hs 1014 and 1015 long and short stringers together, making 2 stringer assemblies. Final drill #30 5 outboard holes on each end of the stinger assemblies. Leave the 8 Inboard holes alone for now.

Insert the 2 stringer assemblies into the stabelizer.

Cleco skins to stringers and ribs.

2009-01-25 Sec 8 Pg 8-9 Step 2 Cleco Rear spar assembly to the instar ribs tyhen final drill the holes common to the spar and the ribs.

Step 3 Cleco the hs-1016 stringer web to the fwd side of the stringer assemblies. the with a angle drill final drill the holes common to the stringters and stringer web. Match drill the 4 holes in blth flanges of the stringer web into the inspar.
2009-02-01 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 4 Final drill Skins complete
2009-02-01 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 4 Final drill all skins complete

Step 5 Mark holes on inspar ribs and skins for fairing screws.

Step 6 Mark parts during disambley and debur all edges.

Step 7 Dimple 8 ea nose ribs and 2 inspar ribs
2009-02-04 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 7 Dimple Inspar ribs
2009-02-07 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 7 Dimple Skins Completed

Step 8 Machine counter sink holes in both spar flangesand both stringers
2009-02-08 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 9 Prep and Primer all parts, scuffed and preped stringers, and 9 ea inspar ribs.
2009-03-08 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 9 HS parts and scuffed ready for cleaning and primer.
2009-03-11 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 9 Washed and dried all parts prior to priming.
2009-03-12 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 9 Primer HS ribs and stringers.
2009-03-14 Sec 8 pg 8-9 Step 9 Primer Forward and aft spars primered all skins.
2009-03-14 Sec 8 pg 8-10 Rivit 2 inner ribs to stinger web Rivit 2 sets of HS-1014 and HS1015 together
2009-03-15 Sec 8 pg 11 Step 1 Install Snap Bushings in from spar

Step 2 Celco inspar ribs to front spar

Step 3 Rivit Inspar ribs to front spar
2009-03-16 Sec 8 pg 8-12 Step 1 Put both skins back in the cradels. cleco the HS 905 nose ribs in place, Rivit Nose ribs to both skins with Sam's Help
2009-03-18 Sec 8 pg 8-12 Step 2 Insert the front spar/inspar rib assembly into the skins and cleco it to the nose ribs and skins, Rivit the nose ribs to the front spar/inspar rib assembly
2009-03-22 Sec 8 pg 8-13 Stepp 1 Install and rivit the last 2 inspar ribs on each side of the HS.

Step 2 Rivit the Skins to the flanges of the front spar, was able to complete rt side tonight.
2009-03-28 Sec 8 pg 8-13 Step 2 Completed riviting the skins to the front spar flanges

Step 3 Starting from the front spar assembly rivit the skins to the flanges of the inspar ribsup to the Stringer assemblys. 3 of the 4 sides complete.

2009-03-29 Sec 8 Pg 8-13 Step 3 Rivit skins to the inspar ribs up to the stringer assemblys, completed

Step 4 Rivit the sskins to the Stringer assemblys

Step 5 Rivit the skins to the remainder of the 904 inspar ribs and the remainde3r 1004 ribs.
2009-03-30 EAA Tech Advisor Inspection Prior to installing the rear spar. Ed Martinson came to visit and look over all the work so far.

Inspection went great, He looked at:

Virtical Stab
Horizontal Stab

I was given a excelent work no defects noted.
2009-04-05 Sec 8 pg 8-13 Step 6 Rivit Rear spar to insspar ribs

install 2 ea snap bushing into the rear spar
2009-04-15 Sec 8 Pg 8-13 Step 7 Rivit Skins to rear spar

2009-04-19 Get parts and inventory gather all needed parts and make sure all is there.
2009-04-19 Sec 9 pg 9-2 Step 1 Seperate e1008 and e1022 remove materal as per plans
2009-04-25 Sec 9 pg 9-2 Step 2 Debur elevator parts and spars
2009-04-26 Sec 9 Pg 9-2 Step 2 Finish deburing parts

Step 3 Cleco e1008 together number and final drill rib halfs
2009-05-02 PgSec 9 9-2 Step 4 Check flanges on o/b and i/b tip rib flanges are square.

Step 5 Streighten tip rib by fluting between rivit holes.

Step 6 Assemble by cleco together both tip ribs together along with the counter balance skin,

Final drill common holes on ribs and counter balance skin

Final drill 3/16 files to #12

Step 7 Seperate shear clips, deburr and final drill short flange #30

2009-05-03 Sec 9 Pg 9-3 Step 1 Remove vynal from skins and mark line.

Step 2 Clamp skins between bench surface and a piece of wood with bend line on edge.

Step 3 Form the tab using a small block of wood, finish bend w/hammerfinish 90 dgree with hand seamer.
2009-05-03 Sec 9 pg 9-4 Step 1 Cleco hinge renforcement plates to front spars then final drill.

Step 2 Final drill trim cable routing hole in both front spars to 5/8

Step 3 Cleco front spar to skins.

2009-05-03 Sec 9 Pg 9-5 Step 1 Cleco ribs and root rib to the front sparand b ottom skins.

Step 2 Cleco rear spar to ribs and bottom skin.

Step 3 Final drill the 2 end holes at the end of rear spar. Final drill holes common to ribs and spar. Final drill holes common to root rib and spar

Step 4 Cleco e1022 shear clips to the rear spar and the rib.
2009-05-03 Sec 9 Pg 9-6 Step 1 Cleco trim access renforcement plate to bottom skin.

Step 2 Final drill holes common to renforcement plate and skin and nut plate attachment holes.

Step 3 Cleco elevator gusset to root rib and rear spar.

Step 4 Final drill gussetts

Step 5 Cleco shear clips to reap spar

Step 6 Cleco tip assembly and final drillcommon holes tip to rib and front spar and shear clip.

2009-05-09 Sec 9 Pg 9-6 Step 8 Insert va140 trailing edge wedge trim to fit. Cleco trailing edge on both elvators.
2009-05-09 Sec 9 Pg 9-7 Step 1 Match drill holes in close out tab, tops skins, cleco together then match drill shear clip

Step 2 Remove cleco holding root web cleco elevator horn to fron spar. final drill 6 commaon holes to front spar and root web

Step 3 Final drill top and bottom skins. when drillingfront and rear spar start mid span and work out. Cleco each hole and final drill trailing edge

Left Elevator final drilled.

Step 7 Dissasymble lt elevator mark parts.
2009-05-09 Sec 9 Pg 9-7 Step 3 Final drill Rt elevator skins.

Step 7 Disassemble Rt elevator and mark parts.

2009-05-26 Sec 9 Pg 9-7 Step 4 Position elevator trim anchor braqcket on the 2 side cover plates. Final drill holes.

Step 5 Dimple cover plate and re-enforcement plate for #6 screws.

Step 6 Repeat other side.

Step 8 deburr deburr deburr deburr.

2009-05-31 Sec 9 Pg 9-7 deburr deburr deburr
2009-06-06 Sec 9 Pg 9-7 Step 8 Complete deburring,

Step 9 Dimple Skins.

2009-06-13 Sec 9 Pg 9-7 Step 9 Complete dimple elevator skins.
2009-06-13 Sec 9 Pg 9-8 Step 1 Dimple front spar.

Step 2 Dimple rear spar, Machine c/s the i/b 29 holes in the top flange of rear spar.

Step 3 Dimple 3 holes in front spar and rear holes in rear spar.

Step 4 Dimple fwd and aft flanges on e905 root ribs, Dimple top and bottom edges.

2009-06-14 Sec 9 Pg 9-9 Step 1 Check front and rear spar edge angles

Step 2 Dimple holes in long flange i/b e1022 shear clips.

Step 3 Dimple the flanges of e1008 a&B rib halfs.

Step 4 Dimple 2 holes in the web of e904, dimple the corrisponding holes in the e903 o/b tip ribs.

Step 5 Dimple the top and bottom flanges of e904 and e903 tip ribs

Step 6 Counter sink drill holes in the e1023 trailing edge.

Step 7 Roll slight edge in trailing edge skins.
2009-06-14 Sec 9 Pg 9-9 Step 1 Check front and rear spar edge angles

Step 2 Dimple holes in long flange i/b e1022 shear clips.

Step 3 Dimple the flanges of e1008 a&B rib halfs.

Step 4 Dimple 2 holes in the web of e904, dimple the corrisponding holes in the e903 o/b tip ribs.

Step 5 Dimple the top and bottom flanges of e904 and e903 tip ribs

Step 6 Counter sink drill holes in the e1023 trailing edge.

Step 7 Roll slight edge in trailing edge skins.
2009-06-21 Re arange garage Moved Shop Smith to small garage. Created perment storage for Horz. Stab Bolted to shelf brackets. Rearanged large garage and cleaned up getting ready for empennage assembly.
2009-06-21 Sec 9 Pg 9-10 Step 1 Clean and prep and prime parts
2009-06-27 Sec 9 Pg 9-10 Step 1 Prep and prime parts
2009-06-28 Sec 9 Pg 9-10 Step 1 Prep and Prime parts
2009-07-03 Sec 9 Pg 9-10 Step 1 Prep and prime part Finish
2009-07-08 Sec 9 Pg 9-10 Step 2 Rivet E903 and 904 tip ribs together

Step 3 Rivet E913 counter balance skin to E903 and 904 Tip ribs, not riveting the last 6 rivets on the skins.

Step 4 Rivet E910 hinge renforcement plates and associated nut plates.

Step 5 Rivit root rib to spar.

Step 6 Install snap bushings
2009-07-09 Sec 9 Pg 9-10 and 9-11 Step 7 Rivet WD605 LT AND RT to front spar.

Pg 9-11

Step 1 Rivit nutplates to reinforcement plates.
2009-07-19 Sec 9 Pg 9-11 Step 2 Rivet reinforcement plates to skins

2009-07-19 Prep Elevator skins for riviting. Remove blue protective covering on all rivit lines
2009-07-19 Sec 9 Pg 9-11 Step 3 Back rivet rib halfs to back of skins
2009-08-02 Sec 9 Pg 9-12 Step 5 Finish riveting aft spar flange on top of rt elevator
2009-08-02 Sec 9 Pg 9-11 Step 4 Rivet rear spar to aft ribs only insure to include 2ea shear clips that share rivits to the aft edge.

Step 5 Rivet remaining shear clips to end of rear spar.

Step 6 Rivet gussets to i/b end of spar.
2009-08-02 Sec 9 Pg 9-12 Step 1 Rivet rear spar to rt bottom skin

Step 2 Rivet rear spar tp lt top skin all rivets except where elevator trimcut out is.
2009-08-13 Sec 9 pg 9-12 Step 6 Pop rivet rib halfs together with blind rivets on lt elevator
2009-08-15 Sec 9 pg 9-12 &13 Step 6 rivet rib halfs with blind rivets on rt elevator

Replace bad rivits on lt elevator that was found where the rivet had split in half.
2009-08-15 Sec 9 pg 9-13 Step 1 Cleco lt & rt elevatorfront spars to ribs and skins
2009-08-17 Sec 9 pg 9-13 Step 2 Rivet front spars to fwd ribs of both elevators
2009-08-22 Sec 9 pg 9-13 Step 3 Rivet elevator skins to front spars leaving o/b 6 rivits not set.
2009-08-22 Sec 9 pg 9-14 Step 1 Rivet aft flange to root rib

Step 2 Rivet aft i/b corner gusset to root rib

Step 3 Rivet skins to root rib and front spar.

Step 4 Cleco Tip rib to elevator and rivit the assemblt to the shear clip

Step 5 Rivit the tip rib assembly to the front spar.

2009-08-26 Sec 9 pg 9-14 Step 6 Rivet top and bottom skins to o/b rib and front spar
2009-08-27 Sec 9 pg 9-14 Step 7 Cut 4 ea ribs from foam -- Copy templates cut and glue to foam
2009-08-30 Sec 9 pg 9-14 Step 7 Cut Foam trailing edge blocks
2009-08-30 Sec 9 pg 9-14 Step 8 apply feul tank sealent to trailing edge wedge and
insert wedges between slins.

Step 9 Apply fuel tank sealent to trailing edge wedges and cleco the trailing edge together.

Step 10 Place elevators on flat work benches, place 5-6" boards on top and place weight on top of boards holding trailing edges together.
2009-09-06 Sec 9 pg 9-14 & 15 Step 11 Remove weights and then clecos from trailing edges. Remove any sealent from rivet holes.

Step 12 Rivet trailedges.

Pg 9-15

Step 1 Finish riveting skins to o/b tip rib

Step 2 Rivit the shear clips to the close out tabs.

Step 3 Make a slight break in leading edge of top skins.

Step 7 Rivit wd415 trim cable attach bracket to cover plate.
2009-09-07 Sec 9 pg 9-15 Step 8 Remove material as per plans from counter balance lead weights
2009-09-12 Sec 9 Pg 9-15 Finish last 4 rivets on o/b rib to Skins
2009-09-12 Elevator Review Ed Martinson EAA 1230 tech advisor review of elevators, no defects noted and was given a excellent job.
2009-09-12 Sec 9 Pg 9-16 Step 1 Make 6 ea. trim tab Clamp blocks.

Step 2 make foam blocks for the aft edge ofr trim tabs
2009-09-21 Sec 9 Pg 9-16 Step 3 Layout lines for foam blocks and bend lones

Step 1 Cut wood block wedges.
2009-09-23 Sec 9 Pg 9-15 Step 4 Roll Leading edge skins

Step 5 Cleco leading edges together with assistance of Tom Mitchel

2009-09-23 Sec 9 Pg 9-15 and 9-16 Step 4 Roll Leading edge skins

Step 5 Cleco leading edges together with assistance of Tom Mitchel

Pg 9-16

Step 3 Scuff trim tab skins

Step 4 Finish breaking rear edges

Steo 5 Bent 2 ea tabs on both ends of trim tab

2009-09-24 Sec 9 Pg 9-15 Step 6 Rivet elevator leading edge skins
2009-09-24 Sec 9 Pg 9-17 Step 1 Final drill close out tabs

Step 2 Break leading edges of bottom edge of trim tab skins,
2009-09-26 Sec 9 Pg 9-17 Step 3 Remove shaded area from trim tab horns

Step 4 Cleco trim tab horns and final drill #40 holes

Step 5 Disassemble and debur all assembly

Step 6 Dimple skins and trim tab horns and close out tabs
Dimple bottom of trim tab spares and counter sinl top of spar.

Step 7 Mask inside skins for the foam ribs and prime all parts.

2009-09-28 Sec 9 Pg 9-17 Step 8 Rivet front bottom spar to skins and trim tab horns to skins.

Step 9 apply sealent to foam trim tab ribs place inside of trim tabs

Slip clamp blocks on trim tabs over trim tab foam ribs

Cleco top flang to skins and set a side to dry.

Step 10 Rivet close out tabs.
2009-10-03 Sec 9 Pg 9-17 Remake Rt Elevator Trim Tab due to errors on origional.
2009-10-05 Sec 9 Pg 9-17 Work on Rt elevator trim tab, primer parts.
2009-10-05 Sec 9 Pg 9-18 Step 1 Cut Trim tab hinge material, @35 inches.

Step 2 Drill #40 hole as per plans.

Step 3 Match drill hinge to elevator.
2009-10-05 Sec 9 Pg 9-17 Step 8 Replacement Rt trim tab, rivet front spar to bottom of trim tab skin, rivet trim tab actuator horms.
2009-10-07 Sec 9 Pg 9-17 Step 9 Seal in foam ribs on right trim tab

Step 10 Rivet bent tabs on trim tabs.
2009-10-10 Sec 9 Pg 9-16 Step 3 New Lt elevator trim tab skin prep and mask for scuffing

Step 4 Complete trailing edge bends

Step 5 Bend both end close out tabs on lt elevator.
2009-10-10 Sec 9 Pg 9-16 Step 1 & 2 drill end tabs break bottom edge
2009-10-14 Sec 9 Pg 9-16 Step 4 Final Drill skin to spar

Step 5 Disasemble all parts

Step 6 Dimple all holes

Step 7 Mask inside of skin for foam blocks and prime as needed

2009-10-14 Sec 9 Pg 9-18 Step 2 Drill holes in end of hinge material on rt elevator

Step 3 Drill and cleco trim tab hinge to elevator

Step 4 Drill and cleco rt trim tab to elevator

Step 5 Mark hinge on rt elevator for triming
2009-10-21 Sec 9 Pg 9-18 Step 5 Mark edge on lt trim tab hinge

Step 6 Remove hinge and prime both hinges in prep for assemble

Step 7 Rivet hinge to lt elevator
2009-10-22 Sec 9 Pg 9-18 Step 7 Finish riveting trim tab hinge to rt elevator and to both trim tabs.

Step 8 Install hinge pin and trim tabs to both elevators

2009-10-22 Sec 9 Pg 9-19 Step 1 Drill 1/16 hole for safty wire

Step 2 Bend hinge pin to fit end of elevator and per plans, still needs to be safty wired.
2009-10-25 Sec 10 Pg 10-2 Step 1 Make F1012E tie down bar, cut to size cut corners, debur

Need to get 3/8 x 16 tap

Step 2 Remove blue vinal from f1012 a & b then debur, cleco together do not use holes associated with f1012e tie down bar

Step 3 Draw line along top and side on aft plate of f1012e tie down bar
2009-10-28 Sec 10 Pg 10-2 Step 3 Clamp tie down bar to bulkhead and match drill 4 3/32 holes, then cleco in place tne match drill the 3/16 holes.

Step 4 Make the F1011e rudder cable support angle

Step 5 Match drill nutplates on the f1011e and countersink rivet holes

Step 6 Cut the F1011a bulk head stiffner and doubler and debur

2009-10-28 Sec 10 Pg 10-3 Step 1 Streighten 2 ea F1011c horzontial stab attachment brackets to with in 1/16

Step 2 Finsih the edges of both F1011c then cleco to the F1011d bulkhead Final drill the holes common to attach bar and bulkhead

Step 3 Place F1011a bulkhead on the back of f1011 center stiffner between the sides of the bulkhead and 1/4 of a inch above the holes in the bulkhead

Clamo in place then match drill all the holes in the bottom of the attachment bar and the stiffner and bulkhead with #30 drill

Step 4 Drill holes indicate on plans to 5/8 holes with uni bit

Step 5 Clamp rudder cable angle to F1011 bulkhead and match drill holes

2009-10-29 Sec 10 Pg 10-4 Step 1 make the horz stab attachment angle per plans

Step 2 match drill 7 holes of the bulkhead into the attachment angle

Step 3 Debur and flute as nessary F1008l and F1008r and F1085 rudder cable bracket and drill common holes

Step 4 Debur and flute F1007 l&r frames and final drill #30 holes

Step 5 Drill 2 ea 5/16 to 5/8 using uno bit

2009-10-29 Sec 10 Pg 10-5 Step 1 Debur and flute F1006a, b, c, and d bulkheads then cleco together, final drill holes common to f1006a, b, c, d, but not the F1006b bottom

Step 2 Cut 12 F1047 a-g j stingers

Step 3 Cut ends of stringers at 45 degree angles,

Step 4 Remonve vynal from back of stringers

2009-10-30 Sec 10 Pg 10-5 Step 4 Draw rivet hole center lines along the entire length of j stringers, mark stringers 3/16 from both ends of stringers

2009-11-01 Sec 10 Pg 10-5 Step 4 Finish drawing rivet lines on the back of the j stringers
and mark both ends of stringer 3/16 from ends

2009-11-04 Make new saw horses Needed saw horses tall enought to build tail cone on
2009-11-07 Saw horses Finished making needed saw horses
2009-11-07 Sec 10 Pg 10-6 Step 1 Cut 2 ea angles from stock 98 1/8 drill 1/4 in hole at 7 7/16 in from end and cut out shaded areas.

Step 2 Bent Rt longeron at 20 11/16 in 3 degrees

Step 3 repeat step 2 on lt longeron
2009-11-07 Sec 10 Pg 10-7 Step 1 Place f1078 bottom skin upside down on saw horses and cleco F1007, F1008 and F1011 bulkheads to skin

Step 2 Slide stiffners F1047f thru notches in bulkheads
2009-11-08 Sec 10 Pg 10-7 Step 2 match drill F1047f l&r

Step 3 Slide F1047g into notches and Center drill and match drill

Step 4 Cleco F1029 l&r bellcrank ribs to fwd bottom F1078 skins final drill 6 ea #30 holes common to ribs and frames

Step 5 Slide assemble to lt side of saw horses then position F1047 c, d, e, stringers into frames

Step 6 Cleco left skin to frames and bulkheads then positin stringers center ends.

Step 7 Center fwd marks on stinger and center rivet line marks on stringers and match drill the skin to the stringers

2009-11-09 Sec 10 Pg 10-8 Step 1 Flip tailcone over, the cleco bulkhead f1011 and f1079 bottom skin to the f1078 fwd bottom skin and the f1073r side skin

Cleco F1012 a&b bulkheads to aft bottom skin snd both side skins

Step 2 Place remaining F1047c, d, e, stringers into notches of the frames and then cleco F1073 l side slin to the f1079 and f 1078 bottom skins

Step 3 Locate and match drill f1047 c,d,e stringers to f1073l side skin,

2009-11-18 Sec 10 Pg 10-8 Step 3 completes match drilling stringers to the left side skin,
2009-11-21 Sec 10 Pg 10-8 Step 4 Splitt F1055 into 2 ea rudder stop stiffners

Step 5 Cleco in place rudder stop stiffners

Step 6 make the f1056 rudder stop brace as per plans

Step 7 Position and clamp in place to the rudder stop stiffiners

Make sure tail cone in not twisted by placing level accross the top of F1073 sides in 2 places

Hold rudder stop brace against the bulkhead and match drill 4ea #40 holes and cleco into place.

remove brace the debur cleco back into place and drill rudder stop stop stiffners to the rudder stop brace with #30 bit
2009-11-21 Sec 10 Pg 10-9 Step 1 Cleco F1006 bulkhead to the F1073 l&r side skins and the f1029 bellcrank ribs
2009-11-22 Sec 10 Pg 10-9 Step 1 Final drill common holes to bell crank ribs and bulkhead

Step 2 Cleco f1028 baggage bilkhead channel to f1028r bellcrank rib and the f1006 bulkhead then final top holes

Step 3 Seperate f1037 bell crank rib adapter into individual parts

Step 4 Final drill 3/32 nutplate holes machine countersink fluse 3/32 holes

Step 5 Final drill for 3/16 holes in both f1037a&b bellcrank angles and 2 identified 3/16 holes in f1037b&c bellcrank rib angles w/#12 drill
2009-11-22 Sec 10 Pg 10-11 Step 1 Make sure bend in longerons located at the break in the f1073 side skin, then clamp longerons to the f1014 aft deck and side skins. The proper alignment the apex (corners)should be even with the skins over the entire length

Step 2 Match dril the common holes on the f1073 side skins using 3/32 drill
2009-11-23 Sec 10 Pg 10-10 Step 1 Cleco F1037 b&c bellcrank angles to ribs

Step 2 Final drill #30 holes comman to f1037 b&c angles and f1029 bellcrank ribs and 4 ea holes common to f1028 bulkhead

Step 3 Make f1010b doubler

Step 4 Install f1032 l&r longerons Adjust nothces in f1007 & f1008 frames

final drill and cleco in place service bullitin doubler plates

Step 5 Secure f1010 doubler uin place with double sided tape

Step 6 Cleco f1014 aft deck and the f1011b stop doubler to the f1011 bulkhead then the f1012 a&b bilkheads
2009-11-25 Sec 10 Pg 10-11 Step 3 Final drill #40 all remaining skin to frame anf skin to bulkhead holes except f1006 bulkhead

Step 4 Final drill all 3/32 which are common to f1012a&b bulkhead websand 3 holes at the top bulkhead webs common to the f1014 aft bulkhead
2009-12-02 Sec 10 Pg 10-11 Step 5 Final drill skins to frames and bulkheads on the bottom of the tailcone

Finish final drill side skins and sides of bottom skins
2009-12-02 Sec 10 Pg 10-12 Step 1 Seperate narrow strip from f1074 fwd tailcond skin, set a side to be used later

Step 2 Flip tailcone over then cleco f1009 frame to the front of f1014 aft teck
2009-12-09 Sec 10 Pg 10-12 Step 2 Final drill common holes to f1014 aft deck #30 drill

Step 3 Heavy flute double tabs on all f1006 f1007 f1008 f1009 bulkheads

Step 4 Insert stiffners

Step 5 Cleco top skins to frame

2009-12-12 Sec 10 Pg 10-12 Step 6 Final drill f1047 a&b top stringers
2009-12-12 Sec 10 Pg 10-12 Step 7 Cleco fwd skins the frame

Step 8 match drill holes in the skins and stiffners

Step 9 Final drill the rest of the holes associated with the top skins

2009-12-13 Sec 10 Pg 10-13 Step 1 Make f1011d horz stab attachment bar support

Step 2 Make f1012d uo elevator stop

Step 3 Make sure center line drawn on spacer is center of holes then match drill the 4 holes into the f1010 spacer and the f1010a horz stab attachment angle

Step 4 match drill all side holes of the f1014 deck including f1011b stop doubler into the longerons Final drill the 2 holes common to aft deck - longerons and the f1011a horz stab attachment angles using #12 drill

Step 5 Final drill the 1/8 holes of the f1011b stop doubler common to the aft deck and the f1011b bulkhead w/#30 drill and the middle 3/32 holes with a #40 drill

Step 6 Center f1011b atachment support bar angle on the f1011b stop doubler then clamp the f1011c bars

Match drill holes common to the support angle to the f1014 aft deck, the f1011b stop doubler and the f1032 longeron with #30 drill, Final drill the end 2 holes into the longerons using #12 drill.

Step 7 Center the f1012d up elevator stop on the f1014 aft deck, position the horizonital flange of the elevator stop even with the edge of the cut out in the aft deck then clamp in place.

Match drill the holes of the elevator stop into the aft deck and the f1032 longeronwith #30 drill, then final drill with a #12 drill

2009-12-16 Sec 10 Pg 10-14 Step 1 Remove and store both top skins

Step 2 Position the 3 ea f636 rear seat sholder harnes anchor brackets on the f1032 longeron clamp and final drill 3 holes

Step 3 Final drill hole for static ports

Step 4 Final drill 4 ea holes on the f824 access panel corners w/#28 drill

Step 5 Drill the 8 nutplate attachment holes in both side skins,
2009-12-27 Sec 10 Pg 10-15 Step 1 Drawline on f1032r skin make sure trim line clears f1006b bulkhead flange

Step 2 Complete disassembly of the tailcone

Step 3 Trim the triangle portion from the f1032r skin

Step 4 Start to debur all holes and edges on all tailcone parts
2009-12-27 Sec 10 Pg 10-15
2009-12-31 Sec 10 Pg 10-15 Step 4 Debur Debir debur
2010-01-01 Sec 10 Pg 10-15 Step 4 Continue debor

Down to 2 stringrs and 3 top skins
2010-01-02 Sec 10 Pg 10-16 Step 1 Machine countersink holes in f1032 longerons

Step 2 Dimple holes in f824 cover plates for #6 screws

Step 3 Dimple all the skins accept holes indicated, bith top skins dimpled and rt side skin dimpled
2010-01-02 Sec 10 Pg 10-15 Step 4 Finish deburing

Step 5 Dimple 12 holes in small tailcone bottom skin and debur

Step 6 Final drill 11/16 hole in small tailcone bottom skin

Step 7 Dimple #40 holes in F1012b bulkheads, Dimple holes in the f1012a&b bulkheads, dimple the 3 holes in the center flange of f1014 aft deck

Step 8 Machine countersink the f1056 rudderstop brace and the f1012e tiedown brace
2010-01-03 Sec 10 Pg 10-16 Step 3 finish dimpling sides and bottom skins

Step 4 Dimple all flanges on bulkheads and frames excopt as noted

Step 5 Dimple stringers except center holes on the top center stringer where nutplates attach

2010-01-09 Sec 10 Pg 10-16 Step 6 Seperate battery channels

Step 7 Final drill f1036b battery channels

Step 8 Final drill F1035 battery and bellcrank mount

Machine countersink #40 holes as indicated and debur edges and holes

2010-01-09 Sec 10 Pg 10-17 Step 1 F635 b spacer cut fit and debur

Step 2 Cleco together f635 elevator bellcrank assembly

drill #30 files and final drill

Final drill #12 holes at end of bellcrank


2010-01-13 Scuff and prime parts Scuff and prime parts
2010-02-20 Scuff and prime Scuff and prime tailcone parts, bulkheads, stringers, and misc parts
2010-02-21 Scuff and prime parts Finish prep bottom skin and 2 side skins, remove blue flim from rivet lines
2010-02-24 Sec 10 Pg 10-17 Step 4 Rivet together Elevator bellcrank

Step 5 rivet nutplates

Step 6 Snap tab of f1036b battery channel into the notches and rivet in place.

2010-02-25 Sec 10 Pg 10-18 Step 1 Rivet f1012 a&b bulkheads together

Rivet f1012a rudder stop, and f1012e tiedown bar
2010-02-28 Prime bottom and side skins Finished primering both tailcone side skins and tailcone bottom skin
2010-03-03 Sec 10 Pg 10-18 Step 2 Rivet the f1011 bulkhead and the f1011a bulkhead stiffners and f1011c horv stab attachment f1011e rudder cable angle

Step 3 Rivet nutplates to f1011e ruddercable attach angle
2010-03-06 Sec 10 Pg 10-19 Step 1 Rivet nutplates on f1073 side skins for access panel hardware
2010-03-06 Install Safe Air Static port system Install safe air static port fittings on both f1037 side skins
2010-03-06 Sec 10 Pg 10-19 Step 2 Rivet horz stab mount angle and lt and rt bulkhead doublers to the f bulkhead
2010-03-06 Sec 10 Pg 10-19 Step 3 Rivet together f1008 l&r and rudder cable bracket

Step 4 Install 2 ea snap bushings

Step 5 Rivet f1007 frames together

Step 6 install 2 ea snap bushings

Step 7 Rivet F1006d to the f1006 a&c cleco only f1006b bulkheads

2010-03-06 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 1 Cleco Tailcone together
2010-03-07 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Recountersink f1032 for skin dimples finish clecoing tail together
2010-03-10 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 2 Rivet stiffners to bottom skin

completed 2 ea fwd o/b stifners and 1 stiffner in 1 section aft o/b
2010-03-18 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 2 Rivet stiffners to bottom skin and start stringers on right skin
2010-03-20 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 2 Rivet stringers on to right skin just about finished stringers in rt skin
2010-03-22 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 2 Completed riveting stringers on rt skin, clecoed lt skin in place and completed riveting top row center stringer
2010-03-27 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 2 Finish riveting rt side skin to stringers

Step 3 Rivet side skins to bulkheads starting at top and working down

2010-03-28 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 3 Rivet skins to bulkheads

tried out 1 3/4 round rivet flush set, it works so much better, ordered one from ac spruce.

Waiting for Toms help on several hard to reach rivets
2010-03-30 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 3 Rivet skins to bulkheads and bottom skins, and lower radisuses of lower side skin bottom edges

Tom Mitchel came to the rescue to help buck rivets that needed 2 people to buck. Tom has over 46 years of aircraft Sheet metal experence and can just about make anything from sheet metal.
2010-04-03 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 3 Rivet f1012 frames to side skins

Remount rudder stop support bracket the correct way,

Step 4 Rivet Fwd bottom skin to frames and bulkheads

2010-04-07 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 5 Work on riveting bottom and side skins together

Almost done with fwd bottom skin
2010-04-08 Sec 10 Pg 10-20 Step 5 Finished riveting fwd bottom skins to side skins

Step 6 Rivet aft bottom skins to bulkheads and side skins

Step 7 Rivet l&r rudder stop skin stiffner to side skins will have to wait for assistance on o/b 2 rivets

2010-04-10 Sec 10 Pg 10-21 Step 1 Rivet nutplates to bellcrank rib angle

Step 2 Rivet Bellcrank rib angle to bellcrank sibs

2010-04-14 Sec 10 Pg 10-21 Step 4 Rivet side skins f1073 to longerons f1032
2010-04-15 Sec 10 Pg 10-21 Step 3 Rivet bellcrank ribs to fwd bottom skin

Tom Mitchel assist.
2010-04-24 Sec 10 Pg 10-21 Step 3 Finish riveting bellcrank ribs to f1007 bulkhead

Touch up primer in emp prep for aft dect install

Step 5 Rivet aft deck as per plans


Rivet f1009 to aft deck
2010-04-24 Sec 10 Pg 10-22 Step 1 Rivet f1011b stop doubler to aft deck need to borrow or purchase a 4" #30 rivet set Set all rivets I could
2010-04-24 Sec 10 Pg 10-22 Step 2 Temp install bolts from support bar to stop doubler match drill 2 ea holes into attach bar and support angle

Remove support angle debur and prime

Rivet support angle to aft deck unable to rivet 2 ob rivets untill getting new set.

Step 3 Install all 3/16 bolts and final torch

2010-05-01 Sec 10 Pg 10-22 Step 2 Finished last 6 rivets in aft deck Installed last 2 ea bolts and nuts in aft deck
2010-05-01 Safe Air Static ports Installed safe air static air system, ran static lines tube between both side skin fittings

fabracated a bracket to hold t-fitting

Ran tubing to from ot tailcone

2010-05-01 ELT Mount Fit final drill, debur, and prime elt mount

Clecoed in place on rt side skin, will perm mount once elt bracket is mounted to plate
2010-05-19 Wire Runs down tailcone and prep top skins for primer Drilled 1/2 in holes for wire conduit on let side ot tailcone.

preped both top skins for primer and removed blue plastic on rivet lines

2010-05-20 AHARS Mount Fabricated a AHAR mount according to pics from Advanced Flight Systems

Rivet mount to f1007 bulkhead
2010-05-22 Prime top skins and over laping edge on tailcone primered both top skins, primered skin overlaping edges on talcone

fabracated 4 each wire tie mounts and riveted to stringers on each side of f1009 bulkhead back by elevator trim motor
2010-05-23 EAA Tech Advisor Inspection Ed Martinson EAA chapert 1230 came and inspected the tailcone prior to top skins being put on.

Recieved no defects noted, EXCELENT Work
2010-05-23 Sec 10 Pg 10-23 Step 3 Attached Elevator bellcrank to bellcrank angles

Step 4 Bolted Elevator bellcrank angles to battery mount

Step 5 Mount battery mount to Bellcrank ribs

2010-05-23 Reconfig Garage Reconfig Garage for next chapter and move tailcone to garage floor

Get down Horz stab, make 11/16 spacer block and mount horz stab to work bench top
2010-05-24 Sec 11 Pg 11-2 Step 1 Install rod ends in elevators

Step 2 Mount work horz stab to work bench

Step 3 Temp install lt elevator

2010-05-26 Sec 10 Pg 10-23 Step 1 Install stiffners on top of tailcone

Step 2 Cleco top skins in place

Step 3 Rivet aft skin in plane with the help of Rick Summerfelt
2010-05-27 Sec 10 Pg 10-23 Step 2 finish riveting top skin to tailcone

Thanks so much for your help Rick Summerfelt
2010-05-27 Sec 11 Pg 11-2 Step 3 continue--
check elevator travel 30 degrees up and 25 degrees down with out obstructions

Step 4 Secure elevator in trail position

2010-05-27 Sec 11 Pg 11-3 Step 1 Machine E busking to fit into elevator center pivot bushing.

Step 2 Match drill Left elevator to center bushing

Step 3 Remove lt elevator final drill lt elevator horn to 1/4 in
and debir

Step 4 Repeat steps for rt elevator
2010-05-27 Sec 11 Pg 11-3 Step 1 Machine E busking to fit into elevator center pivot bushing.

Step 2 Match drill Left elevator to center bushing

Step 3 Remove lt elevator final drill lt elevator horn to 1/4 in
and debir

Step 4 Repeat steps for rt elevator
2010-05-29 Sec 11 Pg 11-3 Step 5 Install both elevators and secure them in trail position

Step 6 With both elevators in trail position identify which elevator horn is furthest aft = rt elevator

Step 7 Step 7 in the most aft elevator horn locate and drill 3/16 hole 3/8" from the fwd edge and 1/2" the bottom edge

Step 8 measure span between both elevator horns =3/4"

Step 9 Make a drill guide block out of wood ( I used oak) then drill a 3/16 hole 1/2" from bottom of block

Step 10 Insert 3/16 bit into hole and blockto align block then clamp in place

Step 11 Final drill hole with #12 bit using guide block to alogn drill but (should of used a aluminum or steel block)

Step 12 Remove guide block then remove both elevators from horz stab,

2010-05-29 Sec 11 Pg 11-4 Step 1 Final drill 1/4" hole vertical stab attach hole in the vs1016 vert stab attach bracket

Final drill 4 ea holes common to the vert stab front spar

De-bur and prime
2010-05-30 misc Replace 4 ea rivets i did not like in the horz satb

much better now

Ran conduit down lt side of tailcone
2010-05-31 Sec 11 Pg 11-4 Step 2 make 4 each shims for horz stab fwd mount
2010-06-06 Sec 11 Pg 11-4 Step 3 Attach shims to lower sode of horz stab front spar attach brackets w/double sided tape

Step 4 lower horz stab on to the tailcone and cleco in place with center holes on aft spar

match drill 4 #12 holes in the horz stab attach bard using the rear spar web as a guide and insert an3-6a bolts washers and nuts

2010-06-06 Sec 11 Pg 11-5 Step 1 cut 2x4 6 1/8" long

Step 2 measure aft o/b corners of the horz stab skin to a common rivet on the center line of f1075 tail cone aft skin both measure 94 1/16" exactly

Step 3 match drill f1014 aft deck horz stab attach shims and install 3/16 bolts washers and nuts

2010-06-09 Sec 11 Pg 11-5 Step 4 Bolt vert stab attach bracket to front spar

Step 5 final drill top 2 3/16 holes in rear spar doubler, bolt vert stab to aft deck aft fuselage bulkhead
2010-06-10 Sec 11 Pg 11-5 Step 5 final drill remaining holes and install hardware, machine countersink 2 ea bottom holes, match drill #30 then final drill #12 holes on rudder bracket and install hardware
2010-06-12 Sec 11 Pg 11-7 Step 1 Step 1 Secure the elevator in trail position

Step 2 Make a template 91.4 degrees, adjust push rod length until angle between the elevator push rid and the bell crank fits template.

Step 3 Tighten jam nuts

Step 4 Double check elevator travel 30 degrees up and 25 degrees down

Step 5 Thread 3/16 jam nuts on rod ends and threaded rod ends into the rudder spar and adj to 3/4" center hole to spar.

Step 6 Bolt rudder to vert stab adjust center and bottom rod ends and tighten jam nuts

Step 7 Check rudder travel and adjust by adjusting lower rod ends

Step 8 measure distance between rudder skin and elevator aft tip 2 and 3/8 both sides
2010-06-16 Sec 11 Pg 11-8 Step 1 Fabricate 2 ea f1095 trim tab bell cranks brackets

Step 2 Fabricate 2 ea f1095g Trim tab anchor brackets
2010-06-20 Sec 11 Pg 11-6 Step 1 Bolt Vert Stab to Horz stab front spar attach bracket

Step 2 Bolt elevators to Horz Stab

Step 3 Cut elevator pushrod to 73"

Step 4 Insert threaded inserts into pushrod, measure and mark 6 ea rivet locations, and drill rivet holes with #30 bit, debir and prime pushrod and threaded inserts.

Install threaded inserts and rivet in place.

Step 5 Install elevator push rod into tail cone connecting elevators to bell crank assembly.

Step 6 Check elevator travel is 25 degrees down travel and 30 degrees up travel and adjust stop settings, i had to file the elevator up stop to insure the 30 degrees up travel

2010-06-20 Sec 11 Pg 11-8 Step 3 Fit trim servo spacer

Step 4 Cleco trim servo spacer and mounting brackets, final drill spacer and mount brackets

Step 5 Cleco trim server spacer to trim mount brackets and trim cable anchors brackets

Final drill 4 corners with #28 bit

Machine countersink the 8 #30 holes

Step 6 Run #40 drill thru the 8 3/32 holes and machine countersink the 8 holes

Run #30 drill thru the 1/8 holes in the close out frame

Step 7 debur all edges and holes
2010-06-23 Sec 11 Pg 11-8 Primer all trim parts and remove rudder and elevators and Vertical stab
2010-06-23 Sec 11 Pg 11-8 Step 8 Rivet trim bell crank brackets and trim cable anchor brackets and nut plates to trim mount bracket
2010-06-24 Sec 11 Pg 11-8 Rivet the close out tab flange and 3 ea #8 nut plates
2010-06-24 Sec 11 Pg 11-9 Step 1 Final drill trim tab servo link debur and prime and rivet together

Step 2 Install trim bell crank

Step 3 Install trim servo

Step 4 Install trim servo
attach trim servo to bell crank

Step 5 Install trim cables thru trim cable anchors, attach threaded ends to cable and trim bell crank

Test wired trim system and indicators

Tested good and indicators worked as advertised
2010-06-25 Trim Servo wiring Worked on trim servo wiring, fabricated trim servo cannon plug mount, wiring and cannon plug wiring

Cannon Plug wired as follows.

Pin 1 White /red

Pin 2 White

Pin 3 White orange

Pin 4 White green

Pin 5 White blue

Pin 7 Ground for shielding

Wire test good thru cannon plug

Ran 5 wire shielded wire down thru conduit
2010-06-26 Trim servo wiring Finished cannon plug mount primered and rivet into place,
Mounted servo and connected ground wire.

Fished hangers thru horz stab to assist trim cable installation
2010-06-26 Sec 11 Pg 11-10 Step 1 Run trim servo full nose up servo retracted adjusted rod ends.

Run servo full directions confirmed no binding
2010-06-26 Sec 11 Pg 11-10 Step 2 Remove elevator trim cable access panels

Route elevator trim cables through the holes in horz stab

mount elevator trim actuator assembly to the underside of the aft deck

Step 3 Thread elevator trim cable blocks on to both cables

Final drill both elevator trim tab actuator horns #12 bit

Step 4 Adjust trim tab to 35 degrees tab down position attach clevis to trim tabs

Found that when rigged according to the book instructions, the left trim tab does not center up when traveling the other direction

Researched Tim's MYRV10.com site found a better rigging instructions for trim tabs and now tabs move correctly

Lt trim now 34 degrees down tab 0 up flush, RT tab 35 degrees down tab and 24 degrees up. As per specs

2010-06-27 Sec 12 Pg 12-2 Step 1 Insure mold recesses on elevator tips are square

Step 2 Trim aft edges and trim widths of molded edges

Step 3 Insert elevator tips pushed tightly into the forward edge and drill holes and cleco

Trim elevator tips to fit elevator and contour

Step 6 Trim rudder tip fairing cap flange

Insert into top of rudder and test fit and match drill holes

2010-06-27 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Step 1 Trim aft edge on rudder bottom fairing

Step 2 Install rudder bottom fairing and match drill

Step 5 Trim the molded flange on the horz stab front tip

Step 6 Match drill the holes
2010-06-28 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Step 7 Make foam pieced as backing for stab tip aft opening and test fit Left side

Found I cut both stab tips wrong will repair in next steps
2010-06-30 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 worked in rt tip
2010-07-01 Worked on repairing booboo Layed up glass to repair both tips where i cut them to short
2010-07-02 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Step 8 installed foam pieces in horz stab tips and layed up 3 layers of glass over foam
2010-07-05 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Layup repairs as needed to fix booboo

Trimed rt tip repairs looks good will need some filling ready to remove foam

Trimed lt tip needs 2 more layers on bottom edge.

Step 9 Removed foam frm stab tips

2010-07-08 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Step 10 lay up 2 layers of glass inside lt tip
2010-07-11 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Step 10 Lay up 2 layers of glass on inside of lt tip

Sand rt tip to contour layed up glass from 7/8/10
2010-07-11 Sec 12 Pg 12-4 Step 1 Trim width of molded flange on vs109 vert stab tip

Step 2 match drill mounting holes

Step 3 cut foam to glue into place for back edge

2010-07-12 Sec 12 Pg 12-4 Layup 2 more layers on the lt Horz stab bottom and repair corner on rt tip
2010-07-18 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Sand out layups on both horz stab tips all are good

Layup 3 layers of glass on lt tip in a low spot

2010-07-19 Sec 12 Pg 12-2 Step 4 Remove Elevator tip debur and dimple elevator tip holes and machine counter sink trip to fit dimples

Step 5 Cleco elevator tips in place and rivet as per plans

2010-07-19 Sec 12 Pg 12-2 Step 8 Remove rudder tip debur skin holes and dimple

Machine countersink fiberglass tip holes

Step 9 Cleco rudder tip in place and rivet in place as per plns

2010-07-19 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Step 11 Debur horz stab tip skin and dimple

machine countersink fiberglass tip holes

Step 12 Cleco tips in place and rivet as per plans

2010-08-22 Vert Stab beacon mount Made mold for Vert stab beacon

glassed 3 layors of glass around outside of mold

2010-08-22 Disasemble Tailcone disasemble tie rod ends
remove elevators
remove hors stab
store vert stab and rudder
2010-08-31 Sec 12 Pg 12-3 Step 3 Remove rudder bottom cap tip, debur and dimple skin

Step 4 Install #6 nut plates on to tip countersink tip holes

Step 5 Install tip on to bottom of rudder
2010-09-01 Beacon mount Work on beacon mount Fiberglass bottom plate to round tube

2010-09-02 Beacon mount Glass beacon mount to vs tip
2010-09-06 Beacon mount Glassed inner side of vs tip to beacon mount
2010-09-20 Beacon mount Glassed outer 2 layers on both sides of vs tip
2010-09-20 Tips filling Sanded filler on horz stab tips, and refilled lt horz stab tip
2010-09-21 Beacon mount Sanded Sert stab tip beacon mount outer glass

Looks great ready for filler
2010-09-22 Sec 12 Pg 12-4 Step 3 Layup back face of the vert stab tip with 2 layers of glass
2010-09-23 Sec 12 Pg 12-4 Layup 2 layers of glass on the back side of vert stab tip aft face
2010-09-25 Sec 12 Pg 12-4 Step 4 Debured dimpled for #6 screws installed #6 nutplates on to Vert Stab tip

Step 5 Installed vert stab tip with # 6 screws

Mixed up fiberglass filler and filled glass on Vert stab tip beacon fairing

2010-09-26 Finish Emp Sanded filler on vert stab beacon fiberglass fairing

Removed Horz stab completly and stored on garage wall

Mounted Vert stab and rubber to mount on garage wall for storage

Finished running 20 gauge Beaon tip power wire down conduit in tail cone

Touched up primer
2010-10-02 Make Storage place for Emp in hanger Made storage shelf in hanger
2010-10-03 Parts Invenmtory and Garage Cleaningq Cleaned and re aranged garage and complete wings inventory, and putaway all hardware in proper places

2010-10-04 Sec 13 Section 13 main spar was completed by Rob Hickman the person who I purchased the wings kit from

2010-11-01 Section 14 Page 14-1 Step 1 Flut and check rib flanges, for proper 90 degree angle.
2010-11-05 Section 14 Page 14-1 Step 1 Continue fluting and adjusting flang and angles.

Finished fluting and fixing all flanges on all 15 Left wing ribs.
2010-11-28 Section 14 Page 14-1 Step 1 Fluted Rt wing ribs thru rib 25. Deburred edges and lighting holes on rt wing ribs.
2010-12-04 Section 14 Page 14-1 Step 1 Fluted Rt wing ribs 26-30, and deburred all edges and lighting holes.
2010-12-04 Section 14 Page 14-2 Step 2 Make 2 ea angles 7 13/16

Step 3 Cut 2 5/8 flat .063 6 15/32

Step 4 Cut 2 ea 5/8 x 1 13.32

Step 5 Clamp torch tube support bracket and spacers with center line shown in holes then match drill.

Step 6 Cleco flange bearing va146 between torch tube support brackets, cleco assembly to the upper and lower flanges of i/b wing ribs. clamp ang;le flush against aft face of torch tube support bracket and i/b face of i/b rib.

Step 7 Match drill i/b rib and angle.

Step 8 Match drill torch tube support bracket face and angle, match drill holes in the VA 146 flang bearing.

2010-12-11 Section 14 Page 14-2 Rt wing Step 6 Cleco bracket assembly to rib clamp angle flush to rib and support bracket.

Step 7 Match drill i/b rib and angle

Step 8 Match drill torch tube support bracket face and angle.

Step 9 Cleco flap hinge rib and flap hinge bracket to i/b wing rib and final drill all holes.

Step 10 Cleco flap hinge bracket to o/b wing rib and match drill all holes.

Ream all the flap attach holes in the hinge brackets to 3/8"
2010-12-11 Section 14 Page 14-3 Step 1 Remove flange top and bottom of a single w1011-r rib

Step 2 Remove the aft flange on o/b wing ribs

Step 3 Cleco ribs to main spar.
2010-12-15 Section 14 Page 14-3 Rt Wing Step 3 Match drill #12 upper and lower attach points on all ribs that will be attached with bolts.

Step 4 Final drill all #30 holes in common to ribs and spars.

Final drill all #40 holes common to ribs and wing spar flange.

2010-12-19 Section 14 Page 14-3 Lt Wing Step 3 Final Drill all #30 holes common to ribs and spars.

Match drill #12 upper and lower attach points on all ribs that will be attached with bolts.

Step 4 Final drill all #30 holes in common to ribs and spars.

Final drill all #40 holes common to ribs and wing spar flange.
2010-12-19 Section 14 Page 14-4 Step 4 Disassemble ribs from main spars.

Disassemble flap hinge brackets

Disassemble torch tube supports

And rearrange garage for wing assemblys.

2010-12-19 Page 14-4 Lt and Rt wing flap hinge brackets Found all 6 flap hinge brackets had a slight bend to them, due to the punch process- streighten all brackets

Debured Lt and Rt wing alieron torch tube support brackets

These parts are ready for washing and priming.

2010-12-26 Section 14 Page 14-4 Wing rib deburring spar primed Debur Lt wing ribs edges, lighting holes, and all final drilled rivet and hardware holes.

These parts are ready to be washed and primed.

Debured Rt wing leading edge, final drilled rivet and hardware holes.

All ribs ready to be washed and primed.

Prep spars for primer on machine edges.

2011-01-08 Prep ribs for primer Scuffed aileron support brackets, all flap hinge brackets and rib doublers.

Scuffed Lt wing ribs
2011-01-09 Wash and prim parts Washed and primed aileron support brackets, all flap hinge brackets, and left wing ribs.
2011-01-13 Prep ribs for primer Scuffed 6 ea Rt wing ribs in prep for primer with help from the FAT Cat Vaginta
2011-01-16 Prep ribs for primer Scuff 9 Rt Wing ribs in prep for primer
2011-01-16 Page 14-3 Lt Wing Flap hinges Step 5 Cleco w1025 flap hinge ribs and flap hinge brackets to the i/b wing rib and repeat 2 more times to create the assemblies using the lt wing i.b ribs.

Rivet Lt Wing Flap hinges assemblies together
2011-01-19 Page 14-3 Step 6 Lt wing aileron torch tube support Step 6 Cleco and rivet the flange bearing and left torch tube support bracket and angle and spacers together.

2011-01-22 Wash and prime parts Wash, dry, and prime Rt wing ribs
2011-01-22 Page 14-4 Step 1 Drill tooling holes for conduits Step 1 Drill out fdw tooling holes for 3/8 safe air pitot tube snap bushings. Ribs 6-15

Step 2 Lt and Rt wing enlarge wire run holes to 13/16 for wire conduit

2011-01-22 Page 14-5 Wing spar protection Step 1 Apply protective layer of tape near rib attach points to cover the stepper baron the fwd side of the main spar.ew

Step 2 Cleco wing ribs to the main spars

Final drill #40 the fwd most holes in the fwd tabs od the 7 most i/b ribs

Releveled the work benches.

2011-01-23 Page 14-3 Rt Wing Flap hinges Step 5 Cleco and rivet rt wing flap hinge brackets to the i/b ribs
2011-01-23 Page 14-5 lT Wing ribs riveting Step 3 Lt Wing Rivet all ribs except the most i/b ribs to the spar.
2011-01-26 Page 14-5 Step 4 Lt Wing Step 4 Remove protective tape from spar assembly

Replaced rivets i did not like.

2011-01-27 Page 14-5 RT Wing spar protection Step 1 Apply protective tape near rib attach points to cover stepping bars on the fwd spar.

Step 2 cleco ribs to the Rt wing spar and final drill #30 holes except furthest o/b rib

2011-01-29 Page 14-5 RT Wing Rib riveting Step 3 Rivet the fwd flanges on all the ribs except the furthest o/b rib

Rivet the fwd most hole on the fwd tabs of the 7 i/b most ribs to the main spar.

Step 4 Remove the protective tape and adhesive residue from the main spar assembly.

2011-01-29 Page 14-6 Rt wing Spar Step 1 Install Bolts on upper lower rib attach holes on the i/b ribs and torch nuts to 30" lbs.

Completed Rt wing top row.

2011-01-30 Page 14-6 Rt wing Spar Step 1 Install bolts on lower Rt wing spar, and Lt wing upper and lower bolts

Torched all bolts to 30" lbs.

Installed torch seal in all nuts.

2011-01-31 Page 14-7 Alieron Hinge Brackets Step 1 Remove 2ea hatched area for the i/b aileron hinge brackets

Step 2 Cleco aileron hinge brackets, spacers and aileron hinge bracket sides together.

Final drill #30 all common attach holes.

Machine countersink the aft holes as indicated on plans.

Step 3 Cleco trimmed aileron hinge brackets, spacers, and aileron hinge sides together.

Match drill #30 all holes common attach holes.

Machine countersink the aft holes as indicated on plans.
2011-02-02 Pg 15-2 Step 4 Deburr Aileron Hinge Brackets Debur Aileron Hinge Brackets in prep for Primer
2011-02-06 Prime Aileron Hinge Brackets Scuff clean and prime aileron hinge brackets
2011-02-06 Page 15-2 Aileron Hinge Brackets Step 5 Press 4 ea bearings into W1013A Aileron Hinge bracket

Step 6 Cleco assembles together,

Press the aft ends of the assemblies together to insure that the bearing is seated into the recesses on the aileron Hinge Brackets.

Step 7 Rivet the assemblies together.

2011-02-09 Pg 15-3 Rear spar doublers Step 1 On WD 1008d doubler draw a line 5/16 from the rt edge

Step 2 Align the W1007E rear spar doubler nested in the upper flange from underneath the upper flange of the rear spar web and the o/b edge.

Match drill the #30 holes used to attach the doubler plate, using the rear spar as a drill guide.

Match drill the #40 holes common to the rear spar.

2011-02-10 Pg 15-3 Rear spar doublers Step 3 Align W1007D sear spar doubler by nesting the upper flange underneath the rear spar upper flange. Center the lines on the spar doubler with most o/b holes in the holes on the rear spar.

Match drill #30 holes used to attach spar doubler, using the rear spar as a template. Match drill #40 holes common to the rear spar and spar doubler.

Step 4 With the W1007D doubler clecoed in place trace the aileron push rod hole in the rear spar on to the doubler plate.

2011-02-12 Pg 15-3 Rear Spar doublers Step 4 Remove doubler plates mark and center punch and pilot drill #30 hole in the center of corner radius then drill out holes with a uni bit to the full corner radius.

Cut between the holes, remove remaining material and smooth edges.
2011-02-12 Pg 15-4 Rear spar Renforcement doubler and spar final drilling Step 1 Cleco W1007B rear spar reinforcement fork and W1007D center and lt and rt doubler plates aileron hinge i/b bracket assembly the the ribs attached to the main spar

Match drill the common holes between the rear spar and parts and all 3 flap hinge ribs.

Final drill all #30 holes common attach points that has rivets called out on the plans. All holes common to the wing ribs

Final drill the holes common between the lower rear spar web flange and the wing ribs lower aft tab.

Step 2 Machine countersink the bottom row of rivet holes on the W1007C rear spar fork doubler for a #4 flush rivet.

Machine countersink the holes on the upper flange of the rear spar web that correspond with all 3 doubler plates.

Step 3 disassemble all parts and deburr all edges and holes.

2011-02-13 Pg 15-4 Deburr and dimple rear spar Step 3 Continue debur all aft spar parts.

Final drill #40 holes and dimple 26 i/b most holes in both rear spars above the rear spar reinforcement fork.

Dimple the holes in the ribs lower aft tabs and holes in both the rear spar bottom flange and rear bottom aft wing rib tabs.

2011-02-13 Found cracked ribs Tried to nudge ribs into place with a block of wood, wrong thing to do, ribs cracked. SO ordered 5 ea new ribs and RV-9 Capacitance fuel gauge kit from Vans.
2011-02-20 Removed Damaged ribs Removed damaged ribs

Fluted new ribs

Debured new ribs

Clecoed and final drilled all of the new ribs.
2011-03-02 Finish repalcement ribs Finish final drilling and deburing.

Ready to scuff and prime.
2011-04-09 Prime repalcement ribs, rear spar and doublers Scuffed, washed and primed all replacement ribs, rear spar and doubler's.

2011-05-01 Install replacement ribs. Finished installing replacement ribs
2011-05-01 Pg 15-4 LT Wing Assemble and rivet rear spar Step 4 Re-cleco rear spar. Rivet rear spar and to wing assemble.

Finished Lt wing up to W1007C wing doubler.

2011-05-15 Pg 15-4 Rivet Lt Wing rear spar Finished riveting Lt Wing rear spar.
2011-05-15 Pg 16-2 Left wing top skins Step 1 Lay J stringers in cut outs in the top of the wing ribs.

Cleco Top i/b skin. top out board skins, and wing walk doubler, to the main spar, ribs and rear spar.

Cleco j stringers to the wing skins.

2011-05-31 Pg 15-4 Rt wing rear spar riveting, Step 4 Rivet rt wing rear spar. Completed all but winf attach fittings and last i/b 5 wing ribs anf center aileron hinge bracket.

2011-06-02 Pg 15-4 Finish Rt wing rear spar, Step 4 Finished rt wing rear spar riveting.

2011-06-02 Pg 16-2 Rt wing Cleco Wing skins to spars and ribs Step 1 Lay j stringer in cut out in wing ribs

Cleco i/b top skins and o/b top skins, wing walk doublers to wing main and rear spar and all ribs.

Cleco j stringer to wing skins.

Ran short of #40 clecos will go to JC Aero the get a few hundred more.
2011-06-11 Finish Cleco Rt wing skins Finished install remaining clecos, marked ribs where j stringer was rubbing on ribs.

Marked skins where skin lap joint starts and ends.

2011-06-11 Pg 16-2 Rt Wing Skins final drilling Step 2 Final drill all #40 holes common to top skins, j stringers, wing walk doublers, and ribs.

2011-06-12 Pg 16-2Rt Wing Final drill nut plate holes Step 3 Final drill all nut plate holes #19 drill

Dimple the aft most screw hole with #8 screw dimple.

Machine countersink the remaining screw holes for a # 8 screw dimple.

Machine countersink all rivet holes that correspond to the wing walk doublers for a #3 CS rivet.
2011-06-18 Misc clean up Removed skins from Rt wing.

Replaced 1 bad rivet in rear spar.

Touched up primer

Drilled front main spar wing skin rivet dimples counter sinks not completed in section 13.
2011-08-03 Rt wing Stringer Openings Opened the Rt wing rib openings for the stringers, preventing any rubbing on the stringers and ribs.

2011-08-04 Pg 16-2 Rt wing top skins lap joint Step 5 Remove material from rt wing i/b skin to make a very nice skin transition with the o/b skin and i/b skin.

Thinned o/b skin edge down to .020 In. Feathered fwd corner edge.

2011-08-06 Pg 16-2 Rt wing O/b skin eadge Step 5 Remove material on Rt wing i/b edge at lap joint.

Step 6 Debur the edges on both i/b and o/b Rt wing skins

Remove blue protective plastic from rivet rows

Debur doubler plates

2011-08-07 Pg 16-2 Deburing Rt wing to skins Step 6 Debur Rt wing o/b wing slin
2011-08-31 Pg 16-2 Finish Both rt wing skins Step 6 Finish deburing both Rt wing skins

2 ea inner doubler plates

Both i/b and o/b j stringers

and both wing walk doubler plates

Scuffed inside both top and bottom Rt wing skins and doubler plates
and J stringers

2011-09-11 Pg 16-2 Dimple Ribs and Rear spar Finish dimpling Rt wing top skins

Dimple all ribs on Rt wing, except the 4 most i/b ribs

Dimple the top flange of the rt wing rear spar.

Rt wing skins, doublers, and j stringers are ready to be washed and primed.

2011-10-09 Pg 16-2 Lt Wing Drill and counter sink Lt wing skins Step 2 Final drill all holes common to the top skins, spars, ribs and stringers.

Final drill the aft most i/b nut plate rivet holes.

Step 3 Final drill all nut plate holes #19 drill bit.

Dimple the aft most screw hole, for #8 screw with flush dimple.

Machine countersink, the rest if the screw holes for a #8 screw dimple

Machine countersink all the rivet holes that correspond to the wing walk doublers and a #3 rivet

2011-10-16 Pg 16-2 Lt Wing disassebly Step 4 Disassemble the parts clecoed to the wing assembly,

Open let wing rib j stringer openings to prevent j stringers from rubbing on the ribs.

2011-10-23 Pg 13-3 Finish Lt Wing countersinking main spar rivet holes Finished counter sinking Lt Wing rivet holes,

Prep and Primer both top and bottom edges on Lt Wing main spar where wing skins overlaps and rivet for the main spar.

2011-10-23 Prep Skins for primer Remove Blue plastic from inside face of both top skins

2011-10-23 Pg 16-2 Thin down lap joint edges to make a great seam Step 5 Thin down the lap joint skins o/b skin edge to .020 and ib skin edge to .020 and the ib forward corner to .010

Front Rt wing i/b top skin ob edge not thined enought. removed skin and feathered edge

Looks good now.

2011-10-24 Pg 16-2 Debur Lt wing skin and doublers, j stringers Step 6 Deburr Lt wing top ob skins

Remove blue protective plastic

2011-10-29 Pg 16-2 Lt Wing Debur skins and prep for primer Step 6 Finish Debur Lt wing top skins, top of ribs and j stringers

Scuffed inside skins prior to dimpling.

2011-10-29 Pg 16-2 Dimple Lt Wing top skins Step 6 Dimple both i/b and o/b top skins, j stringers, and all of the top sides of the lt wing ribs, except for the 4 most ib ribs

Everything flits like a glove.

2011-10-30 Clean and prep and prime all wing skins, j stringers and doublers Cleaned both wings ib and ob wing skins. J stringers, and wing walk doublers.

Primed all cleaned and prep wing skins, j stringers, and wing walk doublers.

Re positioned work benches to create a level platform for the wings to be riveted together

2011-10-30 Pg 16-3 Set up Lt on work Benches Step 1 Place wings on work benches, place blocks as needed, to keep wings level across the tables. Clamp firmly in place.

Step 2 Lay J stringers into slots in ribs,

Cleco top skins to the ribs and spars.

2011-11-10 Pg 16- Wing top skin riveting Step 3 Rivet Lt wing top skins on to the ribs, rear spar and J stringers.

Completed 80% of J stringers, Last 2 o.b ribs left,

Completed 80 % of I/b top skin, all but the 4 ea most i.b ribs and nut plates.

Still need to do both main and rear spar.

Assisted by Kerry Roberson,

All rivets look awesome,

2011-11-17 Pg 16-3 Lt Wing Skin Riveting continue Step 3 continuing riveting lt wing top skins

With assistance from Kerry Roberson

Man this is looking great,

2011-12-01 Pg 16-3 Step 3 Finish Lt wing top skins riveting Step 3 Finished riveting Lt Wing Top skins.

Looks awesome and very clean.

Kerry Roberson assisted with the riveting.

2011-12-01 Pg 16-3 Rt wing Wing Skin instalation Rt Wing

Step 1 Palace Rt wing on level tables, clamp wings to tables to secure wings to table. Insure not to twist or distort wings and spars.

Step 2 Lay stingers in rib slots for stingers. Cleco Inboard wing walk doublers, Inboard wing slinks, and outboard wing skins to rt wing ribs, and forward and aft spars.

2011-12-03 Pg 16-3 Riveting Rt Wing top skins Step 3 Rt wing top skins riveted as per instructions,

Started in the center of wing skins and worked my way out to the corners. It worked great and skins look awesome

Assisted by Kerry Roberson again, he did a awesome job bucking 863 rivets in each wing.

2011-12-08 Pg 16-4 Lt and Rt wing Aileron Hinge Brackets Step 1 Cleco aileron hinge brackets to both wing assemblies

Step 2 Match drill and final drill all homes common to the hinge brackets and the wing assemblies

Step 3 Remove aileron hinge brackets and debur all holes

Step 4 Rivet Aileron hinge brackets to wings with # 4 rivets as called out on the plans

This completes Section 16
2011-12-11 Sec 17 Pg 17-2 Leading edge Ribs Step 1 Flute and straighten and adjust flanges on the the left and right leading edge ribs.
2011-12-11 Sec 17 Leading Edges J Stingers Step 2 Fabricate 2 ea leading edge j stringers 76 1/8" long

Draw a line down the center 5/16 from edge of the j stringers

Step 3 Modify 2 ea W1009 l&r ribs as per chart. Completed 1 of 3 sets of ribs.

2011-12-17 Sec 17 Leading Edges Ribs Step 2 Complete modify 2 ea w1009 l & r ribs, notching ribs as per plans table.
2011-12-17 Sec 17 Page 17-2 Leading Edges Building Cradle Step 4 Create a cradle to hold the leading edge asseblies

Using a rib as a pattern cut out shape in plywood and save for flap cradles.
Cut 2 ea 1x2 rails 57 1/2" long to connect the v blocks just made
2011-12-18 Sec 17 Page 17-2 Leading Edges Skin Prep Step 5 Remove the w1019 l&r splice strips from the fuel tank skins

Step 6 De-bur all all edges in the leading edge assembly

Smooth the I/B edges of both fuel tank skins where the w1019 splice strips were removed.

2011-12-18 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Setup Step 1 Remove protective plastic from the inside of leading edges skins

Step 2 place leading edge skins into the cradle.

Cleco skins to all the ribs and splice strips.

Then cleco the outboard rib

2011-12-29 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges J stringers Step 3 Insert j stringer, position j stringer with o/b edge flush with the o/b face of the rib

Align the center line with the holes in the skins then drill and cleco the j stringer to the skins.

Step 4 Final drill all the ribs and splice strips to the skins.

Run a #40 drill thru the nut plate holes in the splice strips.

Final drill the aft row of the main spar attach holes.

Finished the aft holes on the Lt leading edge.

2012-01-01 Build Wing cradle Built a wing cradle from plans seen on Vans Air force web site.

Stand made from 2.6 lumber, 3" locking wheels.

It turned out great and extremely strong and ridged.

Still need carpet for the leading edge to sit in.

2012-01-08 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Lt leading edge Step 4 Finish final drilling all ribs, splice strips and aft row of main spar attach holes

Final drill splice strip nut plate holes

Step 5 Enlarge screw holes in spar strip to #19 drill bit.

2012-01-08 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Rt Leading edge Step 1 Remove blue plastic protective covering.

Step 2 Place leading edge skin in cradle

Cleco splice strip and all ribs into rt leading edge assembly

Step 3 Insert j stringer into leading edge assembly, position stringer flush with o/b rib face and match drill in place, and cleco to skin

Step 4 Final drill all ribs, splice strips and skins

Drill thru aft main spar attach holes on the rt leading edge skin.

Step 5 Enlarge all screw holes in the splice strip to a #19 drill.

2012-01-08 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges RT Step 6 Disassemble leading edge assemblies

Step 8 de-bur all rt leading edge parts

Prep skins for dimpling, removed protective covering over all rivet lines on both skins
2012-01-15 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Lt leading edge assemb. Step 6 Disassemble Lt leading edge assemblies

Step 7 Machine counter sink the nut plate rivet holes in both splice strips

Step 8 Debur all holes and all leading edge parts

Step 9 Dimple screw holes to #8 Screws in both splice strips
2012-01-15 Sec 19 Pg 19-2 Stall Warning System Step 1 Remove left wing fuel tank - Not Installed,

Step 2 Cleco access panel hatch doubler to the leading edge skin

Step 3 Drill the 4 corner radius pilot holes

Drill the 16 access hatch access doubler attach holes

Final drill #40 nut plate attach holes

Step 4 Enlarge the 4 corner radius pilot holes to 1/2 inch
cut between the quadrants of the 4 corner

Step 5 Remove the reference tabs from the access hatch doubler

Remove the blue plastic protective cover and debur the parts and skins

2012-01-16 Sec 19 Pg 19-2 Stall Warning System Step 6 Dimple the screw holes in the access panel and doubler plate

Dimple all the #40 holes in the doubler plate and leading edge skin

Step 10 Final drill #40 holes the set of nut plates attach holes on the nose of the o/b rib

Final drill #19 the stall warning attach screw holes.

Step 12 Dimple the #40 nut plate holes in o/b rib

Step 14 Final drill both stall warning guide holes in the leading edge skin.

Step 15 Removed the hatch areas between the 2 guide holes and debur in the leading edge skin.

2012-01-16 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges LT &RT Dimple and prep for primer Step 9 Dimple all ribs, splice strips, stringers,

Step 10 Scuff clean and prime leading edge parts
2012-01-17 Assemble Dimpler stand Assemble stand got at Harbor Freight for the DDRT2 Dimpler

2012-01-17 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Dimple both LE Skins Step 9 Dimple lt and rt leading edge skins.
2012-01-17 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Primer parts Step 10 Prime all leading edge parts, all but 7 ribs ran out of light

2012-01-18 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Install nut plates Step 11 Install 36 nut plates in the splice strips
2012-01-19 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Rivet fill the Rt leading edge skin 2 ea stall warning slot guide holes with 3.3 flush rivets.

2012-01-19 Sec 19 Page 19-2 Stall warning Access plate Step 7 Rivet nut plates to access panel doubler

Rivet the access panel doubler to the lt leading edge skin

Install access panel
2012-01-21 Sec 19 Pg 19-2 Stall Warning Step 13 Rivet nut plate LE rib for attachment screws
2012-01-21 Sec 19 Pg 19-3 Stall Warning Switch mount brackets Step 1 Final drill #31 holes in stall warning mount plate and keeper plate

Counter sink #31 holes for #4 Screw

Step 2 Final drill #19 holes in mount plate and keeper plate

Counter sink #19 holes in the mount plate for # 8 screws

Step 3 Debur mount and keeper plates

Primer all parts

Step 4 Assemble stall warning sub assembly insuring vane moves freely

Step 5 Install sub assembly to the splice rib

Adjust the sub assembly until the vane activates and deactivates the micro switch with minimum travel

Step 6 Double check at rest position stall warning vane is perpendicular to the surface of the wing skin

Step 7 Make the that power the stall warning

Step 8 Install wire connectors and tie wiring to the outboard rib

2012-01-21 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges reassemble Step 13 Cleco Lt and Rt leading edge ribs, stringers, in prep fior riveting
2012-01-28 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Riveting Rt Step 14 Rivet Rt leading assembly together. Ribs, Stringers and all parts

Completed all rivets that i could with out assistance.

Looks great

2012-01-29 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Rivet Lt LE Step 14 Rivet Lt leading edge assembly

Completed as far as i could go with out assistance

2012-02-02 Sec 17 Page 17-3 Leading Edges Finish Riveting Step 14 Completed riveting both leading edge assemblies with the assistance of Tom Mitchel

Finished the 6 most forward rivets on the ribs and leading edges
2012-02-11 Leading Edge Dent removal Well when one drops a tungsten bucking bar, it is not a good thing. The leading edges take it hard. So Kerry Roberson came out to assist me in getting the dents worked out. They came out great.

2012-02-11 AOA Sensing ports in the right leading edge Install AOA kit in the right leading edge.

Mounted 1 sensing port on the top of the right leading edge and one on the bottom of the right leading edge. Ran the tubing thru the leading edge, thru the hole in the wing spar down thru the pitot tube hole in each rib.

2012-02-11 Pg 17-4 Attach leading edges to the front wing spar Step 1 Enlarge wing tie down holes to 3/8", so that the eye bolts used for tie downs can fit thru the skins.

Step 2 Remove any clecos holding the outboard rib to the main spar and the aft flange of the rib.

Check the rt leading edge to insure the tie down rig fits in to the tie down fitting.

2012-02-18 Made 4 ea Capacitance Plates for the fuel tanks Made 4 ea plates to fit the RV-10 ribs and mounting hardware
2012-02-19 Capactenance plates Worked on the fuel tank Cap plates drilled ribs for mounting of nut plates.

Drilled ribs for mounting of plates
2012-02-19 Pg 17-4 Leading edge attachment Step 2 removed Cleco from the outboard rib.

Cleco leading edge assembly to the wing. Found wing skins to ne 1/32 to long. Removed leading edge and files down the leading edge skins on the long points. re clecoed leading edges back on to the wings.

Step 3 Rivet o/b leading edge rib and o/b rib on both leading edges.

Step 4 Rivet the remaining leading ribs to thw wing spar on both wings

Step 5 Rivet leading edge skins to the main spar. Rt wing top leading edge skins riveted.
2012-02-23 Pg 17-4 Leading edge attachment Step 5 Finished riveting the rt leading edge skins to the wing spar.

Rivet the Lt leading edge skins to the wing spar

Both leading edge top skins to be finished with the assistance of a friend.
2012-03-03 Fuel Tank Capactance Plates Dimple nut plate attach holes.

Drilled ribs to 1/4" for plastic tubing (anti grounding)

Riveted nut plates to sensing plates
2012-03-03 Pg 18-2 Fuel Tank Rib Step 1 Flute all fuel tank ribs as needed.

Finished Fluting Tank Ribs
2012-03-04 Pg 17-4 Finish Last top flange in left leading edge Step 5 Finishing riveting lt leading edge top row on skin to spar rivets.

With the assistance of Kerry Roberson

2012-03-04 Pg 18-2 Fuel tank stiffners Step 2 Layout as per plans and trimmed to length.
2012-03-07 Debur Parts De-bur Fuel tank stiffeners and Vent Line tabs
2012-03-08 Pg 18-2 Fuel Tanks Step 3 Trim tank attach Z brackets and de-bur

I/B Z bracket nut plates

Step 4 Fabricate 2 J stringers 64 1/4 long

Draw line down center of j stringer on each one

2012-03-11 Pg 18-2 Fuel Tank Skins Step 5 Remove the blue protective plastic on the inner side of both
fuel tank skins

Debur both tank skins

Cleco the Fwd lt tank stiffeners and fuel drain flange to lt tank

2012-03-18 Pg 18-2 Fuel Stiffners and ribs Step 5 Final drill stiffeners and fuel drain.

Match drill the most i/b stiffeners to the skins, then remove and trim leaving 1/4" on the bottom and most aft stiffeners from newly drilled holes.

Step 6 Cleco ribs into the tank skins

Man it was a bear and a fight to get then ribs to fit nice, but i won the battle. And now all ribs fit nicely and are clecoed in place.
2012-03-31 Pg 18-2 Final Drill Fuel tank ribs to tank skins Step 6 Final drill all rt tank ribs to skin

2012-03-31 Pg 18-3 Rt tank J stringer Step 1 Position J Stringer so that there is 1/4" from the end of the j stringer to the first hole.

Then match drill J stringer to the fuel tank skin. And Cleco in place.

Step 2 Cleco tank attach bracket to the fuel tank skin and the inner nose rib.

Final drill attach bracket to the tank skins and inner nose rib.

Step 3 N/A I am using the Deluxe fuel cap and flanges.

Step 4 Fit and drill fuel cap flange and vent tube clip.

Use the fuel cap opening to center the flange to the tank skin opening.

2012-04-01 Pg 18-2 Step 6 Lt tank ribs and skins Step 6 Cleco ribs to lt fuel tank skin.

4 ribs really fought me will finish the step in a few days
2012-04-12 Pg 18-2 Lt fuel tank rinb and skins Step 6 Finish cleco ribs to skins

Figured out a much better way to get ribs to fit the ribs to skins.

Final drilled skins to ribs.

2012-04-18 Pg 18-3 Lt tank J stringer Step 1 position j stringer in skins and ribs. with a 1/4" from the end of stringer and on center line.

Drill #40 holes align center line on j stringer with holes in skin then match drill.

Step 2 Cleco lt tank attach bracket to the let tank ski and inner nose rib.

Final drill all holes in thank attach bracket

Step 3 N/A I used the Deluxe fuel cap kits

Step 4 Fit and drilled fuel cap flange and vent clip
2012-04-26 Pg 18-4 Lt tanl Z brackets Step 1&2 are complete on both tanks except for drilling holes for the nut plates

Step 3 Cleco the aft tank baffles and z brackets to the tank ribs aft flanges

Note the orientation of the Z brackets and the most i/b Z bracket has no nut plates on it.

Step 4 Cleco the the fuel tank baffles to the fuel tank skins
2012-04-30 Pg 18-4 Rt Tank Z brackets Step 1&2 are complete on both tanks except for drilling holes for the nut plates

Final drill all rivet holes

Step 3 final drill all z brackets to the rt tank aft baffles to the ribs

Step 4 Cleco the tank skins to the upper and lower flanges of the tank baffles.

2012-05-12 Pg 18-4 Rt fuel tank baffle Step 4 Complete the final drilling of rt skins to the upper and lower tank baffles

Step 5 Final all screw holes with # 19 drill in both tanks.

Prep skins rt skins for machine counter sinking of the aft baffles #3 rivets

2012-05-14 Pg 18-4 Rt Fuel tank Skins Step 6 Machine counter sink the row of holes that attach the fuel tank skin to the aft baffle

To insure proper alignment on the reassembly leave every 10th hole not counter sank
2012-05-19 pg 18-4 Lt fuel tank baffle Step 3 Final drill all Z brackets to the fuel tank rib aft flanges

Step 4 Final drill tank skins to the upper and lower flange f the tank baffle

Step 5 Final drill all screw holes # 19 bit

Step 6 Machine counter sink all skin aft row of rivet holes that attach the aft baffle and the skins, leaving every 10th hole not counter sank.

Step 7 Permanently label all Z brackets for there position in the assembly

2012-06-04 De-burr Tank attach brackets Complete de-burr of parts
2012-06-04 Rt & Lt Tank Z brackets Counter sink all rivet holes for nut plates on fuel tank attach brackets
2012-06-14 Prep and primer Z brackets Prep and primer all z brackes
2012-06-16 Pg 18-4 Step 1 Install nut plates on z brackets Rivet nut plates to Z brackets

Step 8 Mark tank skins for rib, stringers, and fuel cap locations\

Counter sink rivet holes in fuel cap flange to accept #3 rivet dimples for .032 skins
2012-06-17 Pg 18-4 Lt Tank Dissamble Step 8 Disassemble Lt tank parts, and start deburring

Made cover plate for Old style fuel qty indicator access hole.

2012-07-12 Pg 18-4 Deburr all tank parts Finished deburring all tank ribs, stringers and misc small parts for both tanks.

Fabricated tab for fuel vent lines that rivet to the fuel cap flange

Deburred tanks lower and upper tank stiffeners
2012-07-16 PG 18-4 lt tank skins prep Deburr Lt tank skins
2012-07-19 Pg 18-4 Lt Tank Debirring Finished deburring Lt tank skin

Removed blue protective plastic from rivet rows

Started to scuff inner skin rib areas on skins

2012-07-26 Lt Fuel tank Prepped Lt tanks inside skins for scuffing.

Tapped off stringer and rib lines for proseal

2012-07-29 Lt Fuel tank prep for sealing Finished scuffing inner part of skin all rib and stringer areas, for fuel tank sealant bonding.'

2012-07-29 Pg 18-5 Fuel Tank attach bracket Step 1 Separate top and bottom shims from each other and deburr edges

Step 2 Final drill holes in top and bottom shims and deburr

Step 3 Study plans until there is no questions on how the fuel tank attach bracket is installed

Step 4 Dimple #19 holes in outer holes where nut plate attaches

Dimple the #40 holes in the k1100-8 nut plates

Rivet the nut plates to the shims

Step 5 Attach VA146 bearing and MS21051 nut plates and top and bottom shims to the lt tank attach bracket

Counter sink let fuel tank attach bracket #40 rivet holes for dimpled fuel tank skins.
2012-08-01 Pg 18-4 Fuel Tank Skins dimling Step 8 Dimple lt fuel tank skin, with #3 Fuel tank dimple dies

Dimple #8 screw holes along aft and o/b tank skins.

2012-08-02 Pg 18 -4 Dimple Ribs and stringers Step 8 Finished dimpling ribs, stringers

Scuffed parts as needed.

2012-08-16 Pg 18-5 I/b Aft rib Lt wing Step 6 Fabricate Filler plate and seal into fuel tank access hole for fuel sending unit.

Step 7 Attach and seal anti rotation plate to lt I/B rib and fuel tank flange

Set #6 Rivets in all tooling holes in both i/b and o/b ribs and seal over
2012-08-18 Pg 18-5 Sealing fuel tank stiffeners Step 8 Seal and cleco in place stiffeners to lt fuel tank skin

Seal Lt fuel tank drain fitting to bottom on skin

Seal the rivet heads on the i/b aft rib filler plates and set rivets

Step 9 Seal and cleco in place the lt fuel cap flange to let tank skin

2012-08-20 Pg 18-5 Lt tank stiffeners Step 8 Finish Wet riveting all the lt tank stiffeners
2012-08-23 Pg 18- Lt Fuel tank wet riveting Step 8 Wet rivet fuel drain fitting

Step 9 Wet rive fuel cap flange and vent attach tab

Sealed all stringer fillets

Sealed Fuel cap flange fillet

2012-08-25 Pg 18-5 Sealing rivet buck heads Step 8 sealed all lt tank stringer buck heads

2012-08-26 Pg 18-5 Lt Fuel Tank Rib sealing Step 8 seal all Lt tank ribs in place and cleco

Will let sit for 24 hours or so then wet rivet

Step 10 Wet rivet #7 I/B nose rib into place and seal inside fillet

2012-08-27 Pg 18-5 Lt tank wet riveting ribs to skins Step 10 continue riveting Tank ribs to skins

Completed as far as I can go with out assistance on the each nose part of each rib.

2012-08-29 Pg 18-5 Fuel Tank Rib riveting Step 10 continue Riveted ribs 5 and 4 on the lt tank with Dan Moors help

2012-09-02 Pg Lt Tank wet riveting of main ribs Step 10 Starting I/b and working out board and finish riveting all ribs to the tank skins.
2012-09-05 Pg 18-5 Lt Fuel Tank Stringer Step 11 Rivet Lt tank J stringer to tank skins. Was a real pain and I learned what not to do.

Figured out to make sure to clean the sealant off the shop head of the rivet before setting. Makes setting wet rivets 100 percent easier.

2012-09-30 Prosealed fillets Prosealed all fillets on all ribs, stringers, and stiffners as needed.

2012-10-27 Pg 18-5 Lt Tank Attach Bracket Step 12 sealed and clecoed fuel tank attach bracket on lt fuel tank.

Sealed J stringer rivet buck tails and top o/b rib rivet buck tails with sealeant
2012-10-28 Pg 18-5 Lt Tank Attach Bracket Step 12 Wet rivet fuel tank attach bracket
2012-11-03 Lt Tank Fuel Capacitance Plates Test fit and trim Cap plates on both I/b rib and O/B rib.

All plates fit great

Drilled snap bushing to allow #18 wire to pass threw with vent line

2012-11-04 Lt Tank Rivet head sealing Finished dealing the shop head of all the rivets in the ribs, stringers and fuel tank attach bracket.

Fillet sealed tank attach bracket to skins

Sealed rivet heads on I/B tank rib
2012-11-10 Pg 18-6 lt Tank Vent line Step 1 Install snap bushings in tank ribs

Step 2 fabricate vent line out of 5052 aluminum 63" long and flare I/B end of the line for a #4 an fitting

Step 3 Seal and Cleco 7 I/B aft Rib in place

Step 4 Install wiring for fuel tank Capacitance sender plates

Solder wire to BNC connector center pin

2012-11-11 Pg 18-6 lt Tank I/B rib install Step 5 Wet rivet the I/B aft rib in place and to the Tank Attach Bracket

Step 6 Connect fuel vent line to bulkhead fitting on I/B rib

Seal I/B rib fillet seal

Sealed bulkhead fitting and fuel vent line.

Sealed wire on the BNC Connector for Capacitance wiring.

2012-11-18 Left Tank Fuel quantity indication plates Installed Lt tank Capacitance Plates OHMS tested wiring test good and no shorts

Fillet sealed the outer edges of the most I/B aft rib

2013-01-20 Pg 18-8 Lt Tank Baffle Prep tank for aft baffle install.

Cleaned all ribs, skins, removed loose sealant

Wiped down all ribs and skins with MEK

Cleaned baffle

Step 1 Applied sealant to the fuel tank skin forward of the rivet line. Using a max 3/16 bead of sealant.

Put a bead of sealant along the inside edge of the flanges on each end rib

Put a heady bead of sealant where each corner of the baffle meets the end ribs.

Put a thin layer ion the ribs back flanges of the tank ribs

Installed and clecoed the baffle in place, in every rivet hole of the tank skin to baffle joint.

Rear baffle sealant looks great inside the tank from what i can see.

2013-01-23 Pg 18-8 Lt Tank Baffle Step 2 Install tank baffle rivets to the tank rear rib baffle rivet
twirl the rivets in proseal before installation

Step 3 Apply sealant to the bottom of each Z bracket dipped rivets in sealant before installing.

2013-01-26 Pg 18-8 Lt Tank Baffle Step 4 Rivet baffle to tank skins

Step 5 Install fuel cap

Sealed up tank for testing. Let tank sit for 2 weeks before testing for leaks

NO leaks found
2013-01-27 Pg 18-4 Rt Fuel Tank Step 8 Disassemble clecoed together rt fuel tank

Worked on deburring all parts, skins, ribs, stringers and stiffeners
2013-01-30 Rt Tank Deburr Deburr Deburr Step 8 Continue deburring parts
2013-02-02 Pg 18-4 Prep and deburr Rt tank skin Remove blue protective plastic on in side of tank skin

Remove blue plastic from rivet rows

Dimple all stringers and 3 ribs

2013-02-03 Pg 18-4 Finish dimpling and Start Pg 18-5 Finish dimpling ribs, and tank skins

Dimpled all #8 screw holes on trailing edges and o/b edges.

Pg 18-5 Fuel tank attach bracket

Step 1 Separate 5 b and c shims
file tabs and deburr

Step 2 Final drill both top and bottom shims and deburr

Step 3 Confirm position of shims

Step 4 Dimple #19 holes in 1005b shims
dimple 2 ea K1100 nut plates and rivet shims and nut plates

Step 5 Attach va146 bearing and rivet in place

2013-02-05 Pg 18-5 Rt Tank ribs Step 6 Riveted #6 rivets in all machine holes in O/B #14 rib and I/B #8 nose rib, Will proseal over both sides of these rivets

Step 7 Proseal fuel tank flange and anti rotation plate on the most I/B aft rib. Sealed cover plate over fuel sender access hols

Step 8 Proseal in place all skin stringers, and fuel drain fitting

2013-02-11 Pg 18-5 Rivet Fuel tank stiffners Step 8 Rivet skin stiffeners to skins
2013-02-17 Pg 18-5 Fuel drain and doubler fillets Step 7 Rivet fuel tank anti rotation plate to I/B aft rib

Rivet fuel sump drain fitting on rt tank skin

Fillet seal all tank skin stiffeners top and bottom of skin

Seal fuel cap flange in place

2013-02-23 Pg 18-5 fuel tank skins Step 9 Rivet fuel cap flange and vent tube clip to tank skin

Proseal all buck tails on rt tank stingers

Rivet the panel cover plate on the I/B aft rib

Sealed buck tails and rivet heads

2013-02-24 Pg 18-5 Rt tank ribs and pressure test Lt tank Step 10 Sealed and clecoed all ribs in place except the I/B aft rib

Setup Lt tank up for leak pressure test.

Aired tank up until balloon was almost full

Will check in the morning to see if balloon is still full
2013-02-25 Lt Fuel tank leak test Well the balloon was empty the next morning. I will have to soak tank down with soapy water, and determine were the leak is.

Man this is stressful byt I will figure out where the leak is.

2013-03-02 Lt Fuel Tanl leak test Filled lt tank with air. Soaked down tank with soapy water, found the balloon it self leaking. MAN WHAT A RE-LEAF No other leaks noted.

Re taped fitting where balloon attached to. Reinstalled balloon and filled tank with air again. Next day balloon was still inflated. No leak noted.

2013-03-03 Pg 18-5 Rivet Rt tank Skins Step 10 Rivet Ribs to tank skins

Started with i/b fwd rib moving o/b

Started to rivet the next o/b rib but sealant past 2 hours work time will continue the next day
2013-03-06 Pg 18-5 Contiune Rivettin Rt tank ribs Step 10 Continue riveting rt tank ribs to skin with wet rivets (Proseal)
2013-03-31 Pg 18-5 Continue Riveting Rt tank Ribs Step 10 Continue riveting rt tank ribs to skin with wet rivets

Things are going very slow due to family needs.

Family always comes first!!!!
2013-04-03 Pg 18-5 Rt fuel tank ribs riveting Step 10 Continue riveting rt tank bottom ribs to tank skin. Completed all Ribs on the bottom except the most o/b rib

Finished the 2nd most i/b top rib to skin rivets except the last 5 I will need assistance with.

2013-04-06 Pg 18-5 Rt fuel tank finish riveting ribs to feul tank skin Step 10 Completed Riveting all ribs except i/b top aft rib to the fuel tank skins
2013-04-07 Pg 18-5 Rt tank Stringer Step 11 Proseal the top stringer in place. Fillet seal the fwd edge

Fillet sealed the i/b nose rib and the next o/b rib on the i/b side

Fillet sealed the fuel cap flange

2013-04-10 Pg 18-5 Finish riveting the Ribs forward nose rivets Step 10 With the assistance of Dan Moore help, we finished the last of the nose rivets on all the ribs, that i could not do by my self.
2013-04-21 Pg 18-5 Rt fuel tank Rivet J stringer Step 11 Rivet J stringer with wet sealant rivets to tank kin
2013-04-27 Rt Tank Fillet sealing Tape off all ribs and J stinger fir pro seal fillet sealing of all seams.

A very slow and process but very important

2013-04-28 Rt tank fillet sealing Pro sealed all ribs to skin seams, all j stringer to skin seams.

Turned out very nice.

2013-05-12 Pg 18-5 Rt tank Fwd attach brackt Step 12 Pro sealed rt tank attach bracket in place

Clecoed attach racket to the fwd nose rib

Sealed all fuel tank skin rivet buck tail rivet heads

2013-05-13 Pg 18-5 Rivet Rt tank fwd attach bracket in place Step 12 Rivet Rt tank fwd attach brackt in place with wet rivets to tank skins
2013-05-25 Pg 18-6 Rt Tank vent line Step 1 modify snap bushing to allow wire to pass thru along witht he vent tube.

Step 2 Cut 1/4" tubing to 63" long

Place sleeve and nut on tubing and flare the i/b end of tube.

Step 3 Install vent line into tank and hand bend line to fit vent line clip and bushing on the o/b part of the tank, and hand bend the i/b end to fit the i/b most rib bulkhead fitting.

Step 4 Install bulkhead fitting into the i/b aft rib

Remove 6 each rivets on the fuel tank flange

The rivet heads were standing proud and not flush, needed to be replaced

2013-05-27 Pg 18-6 Rt Fuel tank i/b aft rib Step 5 apply pro seal to the flanges of the i/b aft rib and Cleo in place, will let dit a day before riveting in place

Set the 6 ea removed rivets in the fuel tank flange with wet rivets. Looks much better now.

2013-05-30 Pg 18-5 Riveting the Rt tank i/b Aft rib Step 5Wet rivet the i/f aft rib to skin.

Rivet the fwd flange to the Tank attach bracket with the assistance of Kerry Roberson,

2013-06-08 Rt ful tank indication system Wired up and soldered the bnc connector and installed into the i/b rib

Ran wires to both capacitance plates in series with each other.

Need to get 4 ea longer mount screws fro JC Aero Supply

Sealed the edges of all wire connectors and the back of the bnc connector inside the tank.
2013-06-16 Rt fuel tank fuel quanity indication system Installed both capacitance plates, Ohmed them out to insure and confirmed there was no ground and proper connections.

Pro sealed wires in-place tank is ready for close up.

2013-06-16 Pg 20-1 Gretz Pitot Tube and Mount Well I decided to use the Gretz Automatic heat controlled Pitot Tube instead of the Vans Bent tube design.

Started the Gretz Pitot tube mount installation. It has you add a support and a doubler plate to the bottom of the left wing 1 bay outboard to the last inspection panel at the aileron bell crank

I fabricated a angle bracket and fit it to the outer side of the rib, to support the doubler plate and the wing skin.

Deburred all parts and primered as needed.

Riveted angle support to wing rib.

Ran plastic conduit down thru both wing ribs for all electrical wiring. Ran stall warning wires thru conduit and secured to rib with plastic clamps

Trimmed and fit Gretz pitot tube to fit tub to mast.

2013-06-22 Pg 18-8 Rt Fuel tank aft Baffel Step1 Apply sealant just forward of the thank baffle rivet line no larger then 3/16.

Seal the most outboard and inboard rib flanges and corners really good to prevent a leak.

Seal the aft flanges on all other ribs

Install tank baffle into tank by dropping straight down cleco each rivet hole in the aft flange and all rivet flange holes

Let sit and cure for a few days
2013-06-22 Sec 20 Continue setting up the Pitot tube Rivet nut plates to pitot tube mast
2013-06-23 Pg 18-8 Rt Feul Tank Aft baffle riveting Step 2 Install rivets attaching the tank aft baffle to the thank rib aft flanges

Step 3 Apply pro seal to the face of the tank Z brackets and cleco in place

Swirl pulled rivets in pro seal prior to installing. Install Z brackets with pulled rivets

2013-07-12 Pg 18-8 Rt Tanks aft baffle riveting Step 4 Rivet aft baffle to tank skins, these rivets are shot dry.

Step 5 Install fuel cap

2013-07-13 Rt Fuel tank Leak test after sitting to cure I let the Rt fuel tank cure for over 2 weeks prior to leak testing.

24 hour leak test good. Left balloon on for 3 days and it did not deflate.

2013-07-17 Sec 20 Pitot Installation Made mount for pitot heat circuit board

Installed nut plates to the mount so it is removable from rib

2013-08-03 Sec 18 Preped and primered fuel tanks Scuffed, cleaned and primered all inner surfaces of both fuel tanks

Prior to installing them onto the wings.

2013-08-10 Sec 18 Prep for tank mounting to wings Found the wing spar countersinks were not deep enough for a #8 screw.

Countersunk all the screw holes in top and bottom wing spars on both wings to accept a #8 screw dimple

Re-primed all wing spars and counter sinks as needed.

Pg 18-8 Step 6 Installed Rt fuel tank to the Rt wing

Torched all spar attach bolts to 30 inch Lbs.
2013-08-24 Sec 18 Fixed incorrect countersinks on the lt wing flanges

Finished installing Lt Fuel tank

Need to fix the fuel tank skin aft edge due to wing skins length

Shaved down tank skin aft edge so tank would it nice and flat and smooth transition with wing skins

Had to remove the tanks and fix the o/b skin to leading edge skin distance and shave the fuel tank skins to it would fit flush when installed.

Checked Rt tank Had to fix a small part of the tank aft edge but was able to do this with out removing the tank

Pg 18-8 Step 6 Installed the Lt tank to the left wing and torched spar to z bracket bolts to 30 in lbs

2013-08-25 Pg 20-4 Step 1 aft spar gap seals Step 1 Mark and fabricate Gap seal stiffeners

Step 3 Cleco gap seals to the rear spar on both wings

2013-08-25 Pg 20-4 Install wiring and conduits in wings Pre ran wiring in both for

Nav/strobe lights
Langing Lights and HID Power supply
AP Servo
Roll Trim servo
Marker Beacon on the rt wing tip
AOA Sensing tube.

Labeled all wiring at both ends

Ran wire for Roll auto trim from roll ap servo to wing root
and from roll servo to wing root

Had to order more wire for ap roll servo Power, and Can Bus wires.
2013-08-26 Finished installing Lt wing fuel tank completly Finished shaving the top edge of Lt tank and installed screws now tank fits perfectly flush and looks great

Finished the Rt tank top edge and reinstalled the screws and not if fits nice and flush also and looks great.

Fuel tanks are now Finished completely

2013-08-30 Pg 20-3 Lt wing gap seal Step 3 Final drill Lt wing gap seal

Step 5 remove gap seal, deburr ll edges and drilled holes

De-burr top skin holes top ad bottom
2013-09-05 Gap Seals Diple and Priming Scuffed gap seals and gap stiffeners

washed and primed both wings gap seals

Counter sank for #4 rivet on the most inboard 6 rivets

Riveted gap sea; stiffeners to inboard side of gap seal.

Cleco gap seal to rear spar, and aft holes in the top skin

Started to rivet the 6 inboard #4 rivets

2013-09-08 Rt Wing Gap Seal Final Drilled all # 40 and 330 holes

Final drilled Flap gap seal stiffeners

Removed gap seal and deburred gap seal. and all rivet holes and rear spar.

2013-09-15 Rivet Left Wing Gap seal Rivet Lt wing Gap seal to aft spar and top skin.
2013-09-15 Rivet RT wing Gap Seal Riveted Gap seal to rt wing aft spar and top skins.
2013-09-29 Pre Wire wings for lighting, and accessories Installed wiring for Roll trim left wing, AP servo RT wing, and AOA Tubing.
2013-09-29 Install j stringers to Both wing bottom skins. Insert j stringers to lt wing. Cleco inboard bottom skin to both wings.

Found Lt Wing J stringers fit nicely

Found Rt wing J stringers were moss drilled by previous owner.

Will order new J stringers from Vans tomorrow.

2013-10-05 LT Wing J Stringers Cut new Lt wing J stringers inboard and out board.

Drew 5/16 line for Center line.

Inserted j stringers into Lt wing

Started to match drill j stinger to bottom skin.
2013-10-05 Pitot Tube Mast Clecoed pitot tube mast doubler to the outside of outboard skin.

located in the 3rd bay next to the most outboard access panel opening.

Started to cut out center hold for pitot mast in the outboard skin.

Them the 20 plus year old dremal tool burned up, sparks flew and then it quit running.

Time for a new one.
2013-10-12 Pitot Tube Mast Finished cutting hole in bottom wing skin.

Final drilled all rivet holes in doubler to bottom wing skin

2013-10-12 Lt Wing Bottom Skins and J Stringers Final drilled all rivet holes in lt bottom wing to J stringer

Found both inboard and out board skins are a tad long. Need to shave the fwd skin edge down just a bit to allow a perfect fit.

Finished clecoing Rt wing bottom skins to Rt wing

Final drilled J stringer to bottom skins.

2013-10-13 Lt Wing Bottom Skins triming Removed bottom skin from wing

Trimmed 1/32 from forward edge of both inboard and outboard skins

Skins now fit well.

Re clecoed skins back onto the Lt wing.
2013-11-02 Lt Wing Bottom Skins Final Drilling Final drilled all lt Wing bottom skins to lt wing.

Final drill #19 screw holds on lt wing inboard bottom skin.

Final Drill nutplate rivet attachment holes on inboard bottom skin.

2013-11-02 Rt Wing Bottom Skin trimming and final drill Removed Rt wing bottom skins to trim forward edge.

Shaved off 3/64 off the forward edge on both rt wing bottom skins.

Re clecoed skins back on to wings, final drilled bottom skind to rt wing. Finished about half the wing. Will finish tomorrow.

2013-11-03 Rt Wing Bottom Skin final drill Finished final drilling Rt wing bottom skins.

Final drilled #19 screw ho;ls in inboard wing skin

Final drilled nutplate rivet holes in inboard skin

2013-11-03 Ran wiring for OAT temp probe Ran a 3 wire shielded wire to rt winf Inboard access panel area for the OAT Temp Probe.
2013-11-03 Lt Bottom Skin lapjoint modified both Lt wing skin lap join skin over lays.

Feathered edged on that skins to make a nice a smooth lap joint.

2013-11-25 Replace damaged rt wing outboard j stringer Garage Door destroyed rt wing outboard J stringer

I cut new one and final drilled j stringer to Rt wing outboard wing skins.
2014-01-01 Tested new Pitot Tube Tested new Garmin heated Pitot Tube

Man does this thing get hot quick.

Determined on how i want the control box mounted to wing.

I need to install 3 ea #6 nutplates
2014-01-01 Lt Wing Bottom Skin Lap joints Finished up both left wing bottom skin lap joints
2014-01-11 Pitot Tube Heat control box mount Worked on pitot heat control box mounting location and wire runs.

Trimmed pitot tube pressure and aoa air tubes to fit wing.

Final drilled holes to mount control box

2014-01-12 Pitot Control Box Finished making and mounting Pitot Control Box in outboard Left Wing.
2014-02-09 Aileron Trim Serveo Kit Built Lt wing Aileron Trim Servo mount kit, and preped for wiring.
2014-02-16 Left Wing Trim Servo Wired the Lt Wing roll trim servo

VPX Trim power white -------------- Rt wing Ap Servo in Pin 11
VPX Trim power White -------------- Rt Wing AP Servo in Pin 12

i-------------Rt Wing AP Servo out Pin 13
Roll trim power pin 1--
i-------------RT Wing Ap Servo out Pin 14
Roll trim power pin 2--
Roll trim power pin 3 --------------VPX Trim Ind orange/white
Roll trim power pin 4 --------------VPX Trim Ind Green/white
Roll trim power pin 5 --------------VPX Trim Ind Blue/while
Roll trim power pin 7 Shielding to Ground
2014-05-05 Lt Wing Trim Servo Wired up CPC connector for Wing trim Servo

Pin 1 White power from VPX thru AP Servo
Pin 2 White Power From VPX thru Ap servo
Pin 3 w/orange Servo Trim Indication to VPX
Pin 4 w/green Servo Trim Indication to VPX
Pin 5 w/blue Servo Trim Indication to VPX
Pin 7 Ground not used by servo

Servo Wiring completed in wings