Factory Demonstrator - I hope I can build one approaching this nice
Alas, this isn't me - yet!
This kit even includes upholstery

OK, here goes nuttin'
I'm new to the process of documenting my building progress on a web for all to see. I'm sure I'll learn about documenting my progress just as I will learn about the in's and out's of building a "Rag and Tube" aircraft - after all the concept of the 51% rule is for it to be educational.

Expercraft only allows for three pictures per entry. To see all my construction pictures go to:

The obligatory disclaimer:
Please note that my entries here do not represent the "official" views Rans Inc., Rocky Mountain Kitplanes, any other corporation or of Expercraft. All log entries are not to be considered recommendations or even suggestions, but are included for information/entertainment only. All construction steps recorded here represent only my interpretation of the factory instruction manual. I intend to register this aircraft as an Experimental Amateur Built Aircraft and will be following the factory manual as closely as possible. I will, as required, solicit clarification from Ran's Builder's support, my dealer (Rocky Mountain Kitplanes), and other builders either in person or via the Rans S7S Yahoo Group. Any builder's tips and instructions reflected here do not replace the plans and instructions from Rans Inc. but merely amplify them as per my understanding and interpretation. I assume NO responsibility or liability for your use of the content as logged in this web forum. Any builders referring to the content of this web site as guidelines for their own construction do so at their own discretion and risk. Neither I nor the owners of this web site assume any responsibility for the use or misuse of the builder's tips, or documentation of the steps as I have implemented them and recorded them here.

I'll try to keep this log updated as I go and will check the guest book frequently for comments, criticisms, suggestions, questions or just lively banter.

For those who want more information on the Rans line of aircraft just follow this link: http://www.rans.com/ranshome.htm

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