Log Entries

Project Location: MI US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2014-09-03 class room instruction sheetmetal construction Beginnning and advanced classes viewed EAA sheetmetal work video.
2014-09-04 Demonstrated layout, riviting class demostration on laying out, drilling, deburring, pop & solid riveting.

Mr D finished his Sonex last year and stopped by to give pointers.
2014-09-05 Assembled tool cabinet, covered work benches Class assembled tool cabinet for aircraft tools and varnished work bench tops.
2014-09-08 Practice project Organized Sonex plans on drawing rack and students layed out practice wing section project which is using spare AL wing ribs and light weight AL roof flashing.
2014-09-10 Layout skills Students working with T-Square and drafting ortho drawings.
2014-09-11 Practice Project working on four practice wing sections
2014-09-12 Practice Project Mr D was in helping students with practice project
2014-09-15 Drawings & previous work inspection Students worked on reading drawings, practice project and validating previous fabrication work by the Minnesota High School that began this Sonex Project.
2014-09-16 Practice Project Continued practice project.
2014-09-17 Practice Project & Engine Continued practice project. Mr D brought in VW engine to start practicing disassembly and re-assembly.

Delivered Personnel Protection Equipment donated by AEP Cook Nuclear Plant
2014-09-18 Practice Project & Engine Continued practicing. Handed out Young Eagle forms for October EAA Chapter 585 Young Eagles rally.
2014-09-19 Practice Continued
2014-09-22 Homecoming week 9-22 thru 26 no shop work
2014-09-29 STARTED WORK ON SONEX!!!!!! Riveted skin at turtle deck. F23 seat belt bolt plate was not fabricated correctly. Began re-fabricating both plates and parts for second seat belt bracket.
2014-09-30 Seat belt bolt plate refab Continued seat belt parts refabrication and new fabrication.
2014-10-01 Continued Seat belt plates, milling demostration Continued seat belt bolt plate parts fab. Mr D demonstrated use of an end mill.
2014-10-02 Milled Seat belt bolt plate parts
2014-10-03 Manufacturing Day. No work
2014-10-06 Mr H in training - no work on plane
2014-10-07 Seat belt bolt plate refab Continued fabrication of parts F23.
2014-10-08 F23 refab Remade pieces and machined 05R/L angle stock.
2014-10-09 F23 refab Bent And Drilled -05R/L
2014-10-10 F23 refab Mr D assisted students with seat belt bolt plate assembly parts
2014-10-13 Seat belt bolt plate mounting to fuselage Began mounting seat belt bolt plates to fuselage and laying out verifying parts on cockpit side panels F15, F14 and F13.

Mr D was in to help.
2014-10-14 Began making cockpit side panel parts Began fabrication F14/15 parts.
2014-10-15 Cut and milled F15 parts Mr. D helped.
2014-10-16 Continued fab on F15 parts
2014-10-17 No School - no work
2014-10-20 I'm tied up with outage 10-20 &10-21 - no work
2014-10-22 Continued Fab F15 parts with Mr D's help
2014-10-23 Outage over I took day off- no work
2014-10-24 Installed left seat belt bolt plate Completed Left seat belt bracket installation in fuselage. Continued with F14/15 parts fab.
2014-10-27 Install right seat belt bracket Started installation of right seat belt bracket on fuselage and continued F14/15 parts fab and refab as some were found miss fabricated.
2014-10-28 Right seat belt bracket Worked Right Seat belt Bracket installation in fuselage and F14/15 parts
2014-10-29 Finsihed Seat Belt Bracket installation Finished seat belt bracket installation in fuselage! Mr D helped refab lower engine mount and cowl hinge parts.
2014-10-30 Completed F14/15 part fab. Completed most of the F14/15 part fab need to slot canopy rail. Started clecoing parts to skin.
2014-10-31 Slotted canopy rail and cleaned up shop. Slotted canopy rail, cleco'd parts together F13 and cleaned up shop!
2014-11-03 Found more F14/15 parts mis fab'd! Found more parts missed fab'd. Decided to QC check every part to plans that was made previously. Started remaking parts F14/15. Dicussed Saturday work sessions. Mr D helped.
2014-11-04 F14/15 part refab Continued refab on F14/15 parts. Provided plotter paper so patterns could be made.
2014-11-05 F14/15 part refab
2014-11-06 F14/15 part refab
2014-11-07 No work- ordered engine Aerovee engine ordered from Sonex.
2014-11-10 F14/15 part refab
2014-11-11 F14/15 part refab
2014-11-12 F14/15 part refab Continued with refab F14/15 and started pilot drilling parts. Mr D helped.
2014-11-13 F14/15 part refab No students worked today.
2014-11-14 No School - no work
2014-11-17 I was called into work - no work on plane
2014-11-18 F14/15 part refab
2014-11-19 Began F13 assembly Began cockpit side assembly F13
2014-11-20 Cleaned up F13 parts Cleaned up parts for F13 assembly and layed out positions on panels.
2014-11-21 Began match drilling F13 parts to side skins
2014-11-24 I'm in training 11-24 thru 26 - no work
2014-11-26 No School - no work 11-26 thru 28
2014-12-01 Side panels No students today. Worked on F13 side panel layout and pilot holes.
2014-12-02 F13 side panels Continued to drill pilot holes.
2014-12-03 F13 side panels Continued pilot hole drilling on side panels and began final hole size drilling. cleco fuselage belly on to fuselage.
Mr D helped and we discussed next steps since additional students have been joining the build.
2014-12-04 F13 side panels & Box Beam Continued drilling out final hole size on left panel and continued drilling pilot holes on right panel. Began layout of box beam for turtle deck.
2014-12-05 F13 side panels & Box Beam Completed final hole size drilling on left panel. Moved left panel to other bench, took apart and started deburring and clean up. finished pilot holes on right panel except for missing gusset. Will have gusset on 12-9. Continued fab on box beam. Cleaned up shop. Found a couple of surface scratches on left side panel after class. will discuss with class clean work practices on 12-8.
2014-12-08 F13 side pnl parts Left panel cleaned up parts
2014-12-09 F12 side assembly Left readyn for riveting. Right cleaned.
2014-12-10 F12 Pnls Left panel completed! finished cleaning right panel for riveting.
Ms L attended. Mr D helped.
2014-12-11 F12 Pnls Completed F12 Right Side panel!
2014-12-12 Box Beam - AeroVee ENGINE delivered Continued fab on box beam. AreoVee Engine arrived! 3 boxes engine and 1 box baffle kit!
2014-12-13 Saturday workshop Drilled and cleco'd box beam. Fab'd parts for fuselage to cockpit that were mis-fab'd originally. 4 students, Mr D and his Son and Duaghter helped.

Looked ahead at drawings (tail, firewall, fuselage attachement to cockpit) for materials and set up to get multiple production teams started after holidays.
2014-12-15 Continued parts fab Finished straps for fuselage to cockpit. Worked one part for Horizontal Stablizer.
2014-12-17 Engine mount angles and filler port Bolted engine mount angles and rudder clips to cockpit side panels. Riveted upper firewall filler port. Layed out materials on hand for future work on horizontal stablizer, fuselage connection to cockpit and cockpit floor. Mr D helped.
2014-12-18 More parts Bulkhead #1 part fab
2014-12-24 Bulkhead #1 parts Continued fab'ing Bulkhead #1 parts.

Last Day of school until January 5, 2015!


2015-01-06 Back to School! Weather kept me in Chicago 1-5 so this is the first day back from break. We worked on the spar tunnel parts.
2015-01-13 COLD!!! School closed from 1-7 thru 1-9 due to extreme cold. Continued on spar tunnel parts and bulkhead #1 parts. Mr D joined use today.

Started building practice engine.
2015-01-14 Continued Practice Engine Continued building practice engine and fabricating spar tunnel parts.
2015-01-16 Upper support brackets Started pilot holes on upper suppor t brackets. Finished spar tunnel cover sheets and continued on practice engine. Mr D joined us today.
2015-01-21 Semester test week I worked alone on trimming the upper cross brace and re-fab'd the lower attachmentleft F26-7L.
2015-01-28 upper attachment Fitted up upper cross brace and upper attachments R/L.
2015-01-30 Worked on practice engine Mr D and kids worked on the practice engine as I was home sick.
2015-02-04 Cockpit floor parts Worked on Fabrication of cockpit floor parts.
2015-02-05 Completed fuselage to cockpit side wall fit up Completed pilot holes for cockpit sidewall, former position 1, upper and lower attachments. Mounted cockpit sidewalls and firewall for the first time. Mr D helped.
2015-02-06 Cockpit floor parts Worked on fabrication of cockpit floor parts. Worked on practice engine.
2015-02-10 Final fuselage to cockpit hole sizes Drilled out pilot holes to final hole size for cockpit side connections to fuselage. Trim parts to fit and took apart for deburring and cleanup of the parts.
2015-02-11 Fuselage to cockpit parts cleanup Cleaned up all the fuselage to cockpit side wall parts and deburred holes. Put back together for drilling screw holes.
2015-02-12 cockpit Cleco'd fuselage and cockpit back together and moved to other side of work bench for space. Finished F16 tabs. Cleaned up work space for 4 day Presidents weekend.
2015-02-17 Cockpit floor and firewall Fit up and pilot holes cockpit floor and firewall to side panels. Mr. D helped.
2015-02-18 Cockpit floor and firewall Drilled final hole sizes cockpit floor and firewall to side panels. Pulled floor and firewall off for deburring and cleanup. Began fabrication of spar tunnel stiffeners.
2015-02-20 no work School closed 2-19 and started late 2-20 due to weather.
2015-02-23 Cockpit We disassembled cockpit and began deburring and parts cleanup.
2015-02-24 Finished cockpit parts cleanup Finished cleaning up and deburring cockpit parts. riveted left side wall to fuselage. Cleco'd right side panel in place. Mr D helped.
2015-02-25 cock pit riveting Worked on final assembly of cock pit side walls to fuselage and former #1. drilled out left side panel we forgot to install left former piece prior to riveting.
2015-02-26 Riveted sidewalls to fuselage and former #1 parts Riveted #1 former parts and side walls to fuselage. re-mounted cockpit floor and firewall
2015-02-27 Summer school! Bridgman High School has approved a summer session! Thank you!
2015-03-02 Cockpit parts Cut and match drilled cockpit stiffeners.
2015-03-03 No students today Fabricated F16- parts. Organized shop work layout and cleaned shop. Organized airplane parts, checked them against plans, created a list to fabricate and list of material to purchase.
2015-03-04 F16 parts Completed F16-04 and worked on F16-06R/L.
2015-03-05 F16 parts Continued work on F16-06R/L. Discovered F23-03 was misfabricated.
2015-03-06 Started fab on multiple parts Finished F16-06R. Started F23-03 refab and fabrication of F23-04, F10-10R/L, F10-12 and F10-13R/L
2015-03-09 Parts fab Completed F10-12 and F10-11R/L. Started F10-13R
2015-03-11 Parts fab Finished F10-13R/L. Worked on F22-03.
2015-03-12 Parts fab Worked on F23-04 and F22-03.
2015-03-13 Parts fab Finished F23-04. Found right side wall spar angle not bent. Worked on method to bend angle insitu. Mr D joined us.
2015-03-16 Parts fab Successfully bent the right side wall spar angle to dimension. Worked on F10 parts.
2015-03-17 Parts fab Cut lightening hole in F23-03. Worked on wood die to flange hole. Clamped vertical stabilizer in place. Mr D helped.
2015-03-18 Parts fab Completed F20-12 and F22-06. Removed fuselage bottom to work on former #5 that was not finished before the turtle deck was installed. Washburn high took some liberties following the construction sequence which now is creating some interesting build problems to solve!
2015-03-19 Parts fab Completed F17-11 and F17-12. Flanged F22-02 lightening hole. Started F10-01.
2015-03-20 Parts fab/Practice engine rebuilt Completed F22-02 assembly. continued work on F10-01. Finished assembly of the practice engine.
2015-03-23 Parts fab Finished F10-01, started F10-02 and worked on fitting former #5 pieces. Mr D helped.
2015-03-25 Parts fab Worked on F10-02,-03, -04 and -05R. Short day due to Parent Teacher conferences.

No work was done on 3-24-15 due to a Class field trip.
2015-03-26 Part fab and shop clean up Completed F10-03 and F10-05R/L. Short day for Parent Teacher conferences. Spring Break is 3-27 thru 4-6 so we cleaned up the shop!
2015-03-27 Spring Break!!!!! Spring break is 3-27 thru April 6. See you all back building April 7!
2015-04-07 Parts fab Completed F10-14, F10-15 and F10-11 parts. Started F10-08 part.
Mr D helped.

2015-04-08 Parts fab Completed F10-08, F10-07R/L and F08-10 parts. Started F08-11 and F10-06 parts.
2015-04-09 Parts fab Completed F-08-11, F10-06 and F08-12 parts. Started F08-03, F08-04 and F08-06 parts.
2015-04-10 Parts fab, BEH hanger and reserved N number Completed F08-04, F08-05 and F08-06 parts. Started F07-08, F07-09 and F07-10 parts.

Met Lee and Vince at Benton Harbor Airport (BEH) to discuss hanger availability after project completion. BEH is a great airport and perfect for first flights. Vince would like to temporarily move the Project for a weekend display at the BEH Less We Forget weekend in June.

Sonex 580 now has a reserved N Number: N195BH
2015-04-13 Parts fab Completed parts F07-08, F07-09 and F07-10. Started F07-07R/L and F07-05.

Also there is other shop work going on that the kids are completing and entering into competition. Plus they're making an academic trophy case for the school.
2015-04-14 Parts fab Continued part F07-05 and F07-07R/L. Looked at all the control fittings on hand and discovered we don't have C04-06 flap drive tube.

Mr D also found that this is a dual stick configuration and we were layout the set sling for a single. Good catch!
2015-04-15 Parts fab Completed parts F07-07R/L and F03-05R/L. Started parts F03-06R/L and F03-08.
2015-04-16 Parts fab Completed part F03-06R. Continued F03-08, F07-05 and C05-04.

I'm out of town 4-17 and 4-20. Kids will continue to fabricate the above three parts. They have really picked up the fabrication processes and it will be fun to see their work when I get back.
2015-04-21 Parts fab Completed parts F03-06L, F03-04, F03-07 and F03-08. continued C05-04. Mr D helped.
2015-04-22 Fuselage parts assembly I missed measured F03-02 too short! Remember measure twice cut once! Will have to order additional channel! Riveted the rest of former #1.
2015-04-27 Parts fab Finished parts F03-02 and F07-05. Continued working C05-04.
2015-04-28 Parts fab Completed Parts F08-09 and C05-04. Started part F15-15. Mr D joined us today. He cut multiple phenolic flap bearing blanks.
2015-04-29 Parts fab Layed out part F13-05 and continued practice flap bearing fabrication out of phenolic. First practice bearing over sized. Second practice bearing perfect!..now its a real bearing!
2015-04-30 Parts fab Finished parts F15-15. (Made two more flap bearings one good and one slightly over sized. Began milling F13-05 phenolic parts.
2015-05-02 Bridgman High Shop class presented me a plaque. A big Thank
You to all including MrH and Mr D for working with me on this project.
2015-05-04 Installed fairleads Finished Milling F13-05 parts. Began assembling fuselage again. Installed Fairleads in bulkheads. Cut rudder cable slots in fuselage sides.
2015-05-05 Tail cone work Cleco'd tail cone pieces together and found shear web fabricated 1/2" short. Began re-fabrication of shear web. Mr D helped today.
2015-05-06 Re-install tail cone parts Re-fab'd shear web and re-installed parts in tail cone.
2015-05-07 Worked on tail cone Began match drilling tail cone parts. Discovered missing rivets in two formers and installed rivets.
2015-05-08 Cockpit assembly Countersunk and dimpled spar tunnel parts, cleaned them and cleco'd. Cleaned up the shop! It was a pit!
2015-05-09 MITES I was honored to be a judge at Region 5 MITES competition on May 7 at Paw Paw High School. This is a student competition of the projects they created in Industrial Arts classes. Categories included Furniture, wood products, metal tools, art pieces, architectural drawings and mechanical drawings. Amazing work done by Region 5 Students! very impressive. This competition shows why building an airplane is completely within the capability of high school students.

Congratulation to all participants, it was very difficult to rank the projects!

2015-05-09 tail cone Continued fit up on tail cone. Fab'd F26-08, T12-05 & T09-03. Started T13-07.
2015-05-11 Tail Cone parts Continued fit up on tail cone. Fab'd parts F26-08, T12-05 & T09-03. Started T13-07.
2015-05-12 Spar tunnel parts Completed T13-07. Remade F03-04, wrong thickness material. Made some of the tail hinges. Mr D came in to check on our work.
2015-05-13 tail cone Fab'd T06-05. Cleaned tail cone parts and reassembled. Layed out tail cone bulkhead for drilling and fitted rudder stops to cone.
2015-05-19 tail cone Match drilled tail cone parts and removed for cleaning. Mr D came in for some help.
2015-05-20 tail cone Finished cleaning tail cone parts and riveted parts to tail cone.
2015-05-21 Vertical stabilizer Drilled out vertical stabilizer bolt holes and mounted upper angle.
2015-05-22 Tail skid and cockpit Match drilled tail skid to vertical stabilizer. Pilot drilled F17-10 and F17-11 clips in cockpit.
2015-05-26 Cockpit Drilled out for bolt holes and bolted cockpit connections.
2015-05-27 Cockpit Worked on cockpit bolting and riverting. Worked on vertical stabilizer and tail cone fit up.
2015-05-28 Cockpit Worked cockpit fit up. removed rivets installed too soon!
2015-05-29 cockpit Worked on cockpit fit up of forward spar tunnel
2015-06-02 cockpit pilot drilled cockpit forward Z tunnel. loaded trailer with Mr H,s tools and materials.
2015-06-03 Drawing takeoffs Drawing takeoff for parts and ID'd parts to complete in shop.

Last day of school! What a great team! Signing up for summer work June and July.
2015-06-04 Parts takeoff Completed parts takeoff for shop fabrication. Pilot drilled left forward spar tunnel and started right. Taking break before summer session.
2015-06-17 oraganized summer work Organized summer work for shop. Started C02-08 rudder pedal blocks. Laid out D02-14 hook. drilled witness holes in aurora couplings. Fab'd L05-10 cable guide.
2015-06-22 parts prep Continued Fab on C02-08 rudder blocks and D02-14 hook. David and Pressely helped Hans and myself.
2015-06-23 parts prep Completed C02-08 rudder blocks and I made D02-14 wrong! rework! Started pulley link and L05-11. Pressely helped Hans and myself.
2015-06-24 parts prep Completed L05-11 pulley link and L02-04 travel stop. just Hans and myself tonight.
2015-06-25 parts prep Drilled top holes in landing gear shafts. Drilled pilot holes fore and aft tunnel spare. Mike J. helped Hans and myself.
2015-06-26 parts prep Completed T06-05 clip and C02-03R/L adjuster. Started T03-03 clip. just Hans And myself tonight.
2015-06-28 parts prep Completed T03-03 and T06-05 clip and both T06-06 clips. reinstalled spar tunnel. Just Hans and Myself today. Kids are busy with vacations and other things!
2015-06-29 acquired hanger space Met with BEH airport manager and signed up for a hanger. I think Orville and Wilbur just moved out! Price is right and its weather tight! BEH is very supportive of getting kids involved with the project.
2015-06-30 laid out cockpit parts Laid out cockpit bottom aft parts.
2015-07-07 cockpit parts Began match drilling pilot holes aft cockpit parts. FAb'd brake sheeve 1" out of AL stock. Could not find premade sheeve the right size. Pressely helped Hans and myself.
2015-07-08 Hanger layout Went to BEH and worked on hanger layout/measurements.
2015-07-10 parts prep cont'd aft cockpit part match drilling. Started organizing material and parts for the move to BEH. Pressely helped Hans and myself.
2015-07-13 organized for move Pressely, Hans and myself organized parts and materials for the move to BEH
2015-07-14 first load to BEH Loaded and delivered first load to BEH. Pressely was a big help.
2015-07-15 Second move Moved work bench and table to BEH.
2015-07-16 Move 3rd load Other than canopy and cowling completed moving to BEH. Pressely once again was a big help.
2015-07-22 Airventure!! Matt H and I did what has become our annual day at OSH. Its always a blast! We flew up and arrived as Ripon opened. ATIS indicated that GA parking was available. We landed only to be turned around because there was no available parking! flew to Fond da lac. 15 minutes after departure a Malibu crashed on landing and closed the airport. Everyone was diverting to Fond da lac! Caught the bus back to OSH and enjoyed the rest of the day. Awesome to see the F-22 and F-35 up close! Found out the next day the Malibu was from BEH!
2015-07-25 organized hanger Began organizing the hanger and assembled new tool box. Mr D stopped by and I went to his hanger to see his Sonex because he had the cowling off to re-plumb his oil cooler. The original cooler had a manufacturer's defect and leaked. He ran up the engine to check for leaks and oil temperature. It was great to see how everything fit in the engine compartment.
2015-07-29 Started building again! Organized hanger and started cockpit parts match drilling. Feels good to be back building!
2015-08-04 Cockpit Assembled lower cockpit parts. Set up shelving and air compressor.
2015-08-11 Cockpit Continued lower cockpit parts assembly and pilot drilling. Began final drilling.
2015-08-18 Elevator idler Started fab'ing elevator idler F10-16 parts. set up drill press and band saw.
2015-08-19 Idler Fab Continued fab on idler parts F10-17,18,19 & 20.
2015-08-27 Idler Fab & lower cockpit installed bushings into idler angles. Hans started drilling out lower cockpit parts to final hole size.
2015-08-31 Idler Fab Continued on idler fab. Bearing tubing wrong size tubing. Need to order correct size.
2015-09-02 Cockpit Finished drilling out lower cockpit parts except for idler, tunnel top angle gussets, seat hinges and landing gear brackets.
2015-09-09 Idler Fab finished idler assembly but too tight. Will need to disassemble and line ream bearings.
2015-09-11 Drawing review Organized and reviewed fuselage drawings for final lower fuselage assembly and tail cone assembly.
2015-09-15 Tail Cone parts Started assembling tail cone parts.
2015-09-16 tail cone Started match drilling tail cone parts.
2015-09-17 tail cone Continued match drilling tail cone parts. Mr D stopped by to see progress and talk about his Sonex.
2015-09-23 Idler Fab & lower cockpit Line drilled idler for bearings. Installed bearings. continued tail cone fit up and mounted lower seat hinge to support.
2015-09-23 Idler Fab & lower cockpit Line drilled idler for bearings. Installed bearings. continued tail cone fit up and mounted lower seat hinge to support.
2015-09-24 idler and canopy strap Match drilled idler to cockpit floor. Started F17-04 strap preparation.
2015-09-25 canopy strap preparation Continued F17-04 canopy strap prepration. Found upper fire wall not formed correctly. Will need fixed to match to strap.
2015-09-28 strap and tunnel work Drilled southco holes in strap. Pilot drilled tunnel for seat hinge.
2015-09-30 Drill out lower cockpit parts Finished drilling out lower cockpit parts. Removed parts for cleaning.
2015-10-01 Lower cockpit parts cleaning Began cleaning lower cockpit parts for final install.
2015-10-01 Lower cockpit parts cleaning Began cleaning lower cockpit parts for final install.
2015-10-04 Parts cleaning and shop clean up for winter continued lower cockpit parts cleaning. Cleaned and organized shop for winter.
2015-10-05 Parts cleaning Continued lower cockpit parts cleaning.
2015-10-06 Finished lower cockpit parts cleaning Finished cleaning up lower cockpit parts for final installation.
2015-10-13 spar tunnel Dimpled spar tunnel. Moved control surface material and horizontal stabilizer material to warm work area for winter fabrication.
2015-10-14 spar tunnel Finished dimpling spar tunnel. Worked on method to countersink spar support angles.
2015-10-20 spar tunnel countersunk spar tunnel F16-04 and began countersinking spar side angles.
2015-10-25 spar tunnel Finished counter sinking spar tunnel. Assembled lower cockpit part and began riveting spar tunnel.
2015-10-27 spar tunnel Continued riveting cockpit lower parts in place.
2015-11-08 lower cockpit riveting Continued riveting lower cockpit parts in place.
2015-11-10 lower cockpit riveting Finished riveting lower cockpit parts in place. Cleaned up hanger and moved materials and tools to warm work area.
2015-11-17 Moved tools and materials for winter work
2015-11-24 Moved the rest of the tools and materials for winter work
2015-12-20 Rudder Drilled out & initial assembly of rudder with out hinge.
2015-12-21 Rudder Drilled rudder hing pilot holes.
2015-12-22 Finished rudder Finished the rudder
2016-01-03 Began fabrication of trim tab Fabricated T07-07. started T06-02. Misfabricated length of T07-05 trim tab.
2016-01-16 Trim Tab Completed trim Tab. fabricated elevator hinges T07-08
2016-01-17 parts fab Fabricated T04-04,T04-03 and T04-02. Cleaned up T06-03 and T03-02
2016-01-26 Spars Went to hanger and scotch brited fore and aft spars
2016-01-31 parts fab Finished T06-02. fabricated 2- T04-01 ribs
2016-02-07 Stablizer parts Fab T03-04 Main spar channel. Completed assembly of the T03-01 main spar assembly. chamber T03-03 Angles. Fabricated T03-06 Forward spar channels
2016-02-13 Spars Finished T-03-05 forward spar. Began assembly T02-02 Horizontal stabilizer
2016-02-14 Assemble spar and ribs Remade T04-03 and T04-04. Assembled spars and ribs and match drilled for horizontal stabilizer