Log Entries

Project Location: UT US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2007-01-02 Going over everything. We bought this kit already started and we are starting from the beginning.
2007-01-13 Checking horizontal tail assembly Checked all tabs for the correct ream .1875 and .4375. Checked all ribs for the correct layout +-1/8 inch and that the bond was good.Varnish was on all ribs, sanded the foam blocks ends for a good contour with the tail and applied a thin layer of stuctural adhesive and sanded smooth.
2007-01-13 Checking horizontal tail assembly Checked all ribs and layout, verifed +-1/8 inch tolerane. Cut and installed rib stiffeners for ribs 305,306 and 309 after bond has cured varnished with epoxy varnish.
checked the access panel mounting flange
2007-01-28 Horizontal tail installation checked all six bushing locations, and attached the stabilizer to the fuselage using the detail A on the print. Attached baraces to the fuselage as shown on detail B and attached the left and right braces to the stabilizer as shown on detail c.
checked and went over the slider block aassembly.
2007-01-29 Fabricate the stabilizer brace access panel Made a template out of a piece of cardboard, fabricated the stabilizer panel from material provided, rounded corners and filed edges smooth. Clamped panel to flange and drilled all four locations and deburred. Installed tinnerman nutplates on the flanges, Installed the panels..
2007-01-30 Continue fabricate panel
2007-02-02 Installed Elevator Installed elevator bushings lubricated with lps-1,installed all hardware.
2007-02-03 Installed Elevator trim motor Installed elevator trim motor with all hardware and torqued.
2007-02-03 Checking flight control column check flight control column bracket assembly all fabricated brackets and column bearing. Checked stop pins and pop rivits and bearings.
2007-02-04 Control sticks checked both control sticks pivots to the column with the correct hardware called for on drawing all bolts that mount control column toqured to 20-25 in lbs
2007-02-05 aileron and elevator bellcrank installation checked each step of the installation of the aileron bellcrank and the elevator bellcrank per print v-9 and v-10 lube each rod end with tri-flow
2007-02-06 Flaperon Mixer assembly Went through each step of the flaperon mixer assembly checked and signed off. Verified 4 inches center and tightened jam nuts, verified retaining straps.
2007-02-07 flap handle went over each step of the flap handle and flap connect tube to the alaperon mixer assembly and verified per print.greased tube going through guide bushing.
2007-02-07 elevator push-pull tube went over elevator push pull tube, checked all rivits and hardware per print.
2007-02-08 floorboard installation We were missing one flour board so we layouted and cut the floorboard test fit and put first coat of epoxy varnish on. Installed the floorboards with #6 by 3/8 screws
2007-02-09 center console checked all fabricated parts and rivits then installed center console and side panels
2007-02-09 rudder pedals Went over adjustable rudder pedals torque tube assembly and verified each step.
2007-02-10 seat pan Went over each step of seat pan installtion and installed seat belt shoulder harness per Detail A on Figure V-31
2007-02-10 side stringers bonded on side stringer tie wires and rivits per steps.
2007-02-11 Door frame installation Went over door frame, drilled deburred and install rivits in each joint of door frame both sides
2007-02-12 doors Installed doors, rivited back plates on and installed gas struts and brackets per print
2007-02-13 access cover angles Went over and verified each step of the uppper and forward access cover angles also the tail access cover bulkhead
2007-02-17 Installing rudder cables Set both adjust levers in the same notch, put all four pedals in the same position, and swaged the co-pilot's cables to the pilot's cables. Installed the four rudder cable pullys using hardware shown on print figure v-25 and torqued the nuts to 75 in pounds. Installed cotter pins AN380-4-5 as anti derail devices per same print.
2007-03-01 Bonding door frame Fabercated and bonded door frame part.both sides
2007-03-02 Wing Installation Prepartatiion The wings are almost done, still needs some sanding and running of wires. We went through the planning and checked everything that was done and signed off.
2007-03-10 Wing Installation Installed the wing and lift struts with jury struts and leveled the plane. Measured for 0 deg wing sweep. Made each measurment per figure vi-11 and we were exact.
Checked the wings dihedral was within 13/16 +-1/16
checked and set the wings washout per figure VI-14 at the root and tip locations.
2007-03-15 Pictures of plane with wings installed Here is some pictures with the wings installed...
2007-03-29 Jury strut clamp brackets Matched drilled holes with number 13 bit, Buffed brackets with scotch brite, wiped with mek, sprayed with epoxy primer, let dry and then sprayed with top coat. Reamed to .1875
2007-04-03 Rudder cable links Cut rudder cable links out of P/N13004 filed to shape drilled the 3/16 holes 2 places prepped for paint, sprayed epoxy primer and white epoxy top coat. Reamed holes to .1875
2007-04-05 Flaperon hinge brackets Went over the flaperon hinge brackets measured all holes and checked for the right deg.
2007-04-18 Fabricate fabric reinforcement plates fabricated the fabric reinforcement plates. 2 for the rear lift strut brackets and 2 for the front lift strut brackets from P/N 54019 aluminum sheet. Filed and deburred.
2007-04-21 sanding filled with poly super fill and sanded. getting ready to cover
2007-05-02 Installing speed fairings on left lift strut cut to length and also cut back per sketch.
2007-05-03 left lift strut cut out for the jury struts brackets installed one speed fairing and bonded in place let cure.
2007-05-04 speed fairing on left strut installed and bonded other fairing and let cure
2007-05-06 speed fairing on left strut filled with foam and super fil let cure.
2007-05-09 speed fairing on left strut installed cuff ,sanding, ready for paint, (now for the right strut.)
2007-05-19 covering Covered the elevator and tightend
2007-05-24 poly brush Applied 1st coat of poly brush to the elevator
2007-06-16 tape After the first coat of poly brush I installed the tape on the elevator,going around the corners was not easy and took alot of time. I first put down a base coat of poly brush, let it dry, then put more poly brush and laid the tape in the wet poly brush, let it dry and then one coat of poly brush on top of the tape...
2007-07-14 cover rudder Covered rudder and applied first coat of poly brush.
2007-07-15 cover rudder Covered rudder and applied first coat of poly brush.
2007-07-18 Tape on Rudder Installed tape on the rudder.Also built and moved parts to the spray booth, ready to spray poly brush.
2007-07-25 spraying sprayed 2nd coat of poly brush on rudder when I got home from work and then sprayed the 3rd coat when I got up.Went well
2007-07-26 poly spray Sprayed all three cross coats of poly spary on the rudder over 3 days, wiped with 2210 between coats and wet sanded between 2nd and 3rd cross coats.Grounded and had no problems went well.
2007-08-06 elevator Sprayed 2 coats of poly brush and 3 cross coats of poly spray on the elevator, I wiped between the poly spray with 2210 and had no problems I grounded the part. Also wet sanded between 2nd and 3rd cross coats.This also took me 5 days 1 hour each day to complete, spraying early in the morning..
2007-08-11 Horizontal stablilzer Covered horizontal stablilzer, tighten and ready for poly brush
2007-08-13 jury struts Jury struts were powered coated grey at the factory and we wanted white on these parts. Sprayed with white epoxy paint.
2007-08-14 speed fairing on right strut cut and sanded speed fairing sturt, cut hole for jury strut bracket and cut back per sketch (see left strut pictures for sketch) and bonded in place,and let cure.
2007-08-15 cuff Installed cuff on the right speed fairing wing strut..
2007-08-18 Tapes Installed tapes on the horizonal stablizer my son helped me iron dowm the edges..
2007-08-19 installing fabric Installed fabric on the right wing bottom, tightened.
2007-08-20 Installed fabric reinforcement plates Installed fabric reinforcement plate for the lift struts.
2007-08-24 Spraying Sprayed the 2 coats of poly brush then the 3 cross coats of poly spray on the horizonal stablizer wiped with 2210 in between coats.This took 1 hour each day for 5 days. Also fixed a door on my spray booth, works alot better...
2007-08-30 speed fairing strut Sprayed epoxy primer on the speed fairing struts let cure wiped with 2210 and then sprayed top coat white let cure..
2007-09-08 covering Installed fabric on the top of right wing, put on 2 coats poly brush on gas tank leading, trailing edge and ribs. let dry. Installed fabric with poly tac and then sealed with a iron on ribs, leading edge, trailing edge.Heat tighten with iron.
2007-09-10 poly brush Brushed on the first coat of poly brush on the top and bottom of the right wing.
2007-09-21 pitot tube recivied the an fittings from aircraft spruce and then flared the pitot tube
2007-09-25 horizontal stablizer Painted one coat of white on the horizontal stablizer. First I wiped it with 2210 solvent let flash for 2 hours then sprayed.
2007-09-26 horizontal stablizer Masked off and then wiped with 2210 solvent let flash off for 2 hours, sprayed white let dry for 2 hours and then sprayed another coat.let cure.
2007-09-27 horizontal stablizer Masked off for the red wiped with 2210 solvent,let flash off for 2 hours and then sprayed. Put on 2nd coat after 2 hours and pull off masking after 1 hour of dry. Will cure before strips. I am using poly tone and am mixing 4 to 1 then adding 2 oz blush retarder per quart and cooling in fridge and my spray booth is between 65 to 70 deg. Trying to get the gloss look.
2007-09-29 Rib stitching Rib stitching right wing, John Kerr from Logan came over and showed us how to rib stitch.
2007-10-01 horizontal stablizer Masked, wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash and then painted the gray stripe. ready for the blue.
2007-10-02 horizontal stablizer Masked and painted the blue stripe.
2007-10-03 Elevator wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash off for 2 hours. Sprayed coat of white to cover the silver.
2007-10-04 Elevator Masked and painted two coats of white, let cure and then masked and sprayed the red, let cure and then masked and sprayed the gray strip. this was over a 3 days 1 hour each day.Ready for the blue stripe.
2007-10-06 Wingtip attachment strips Match drilled and cleco attachment strips. Installed the attachment strips with structural adhesive and flush head pop rivets as shown in figure VI-31 on right wing only.
2007-10-06 Rib stitching Finished up rib stitching on the right wing.
2007-10-06 Rib stitching intalled fake rib stitching across the fuel tank.
2007-10-06 poly brush applied 4 coat of poly brush onto the renforcement tape.
2007-10-09 Tapes Installed all tapes on the top of the right wing.
2007-10-11 Elevator Masked for the blue stipe, wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash off(2 hours) and then sprayed the blue, second coat 2 hours later. let cure..
2007-10-12 Rudder Wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash off and then painted first coat of white. let cure..
2007-10-18 Rudder Painted 2 coats of white and then the red and then the silver stripe and then the blue stripe. this took 3 hours over a 4 day period, one color each day for cure times.
2007-10-18 Rudder Blue stripe... Rudder Done
2007-10-19 Tapes Finished all tapes and gussets on bottom of the right wing, leading edge and trailing edge. Now ready to move to the spray booth to start spraying poly brush.
2007-10-26 Right wing Moved right wing from Aarons basement to the paint booth in my garage..
2007-10-29 Heat sealing tapes Went over all tapes with small iron making sure all tapes and edges were sealed down, fixed pin holes and then wiped with 2210 solvent
2007-10-30 Spraying (right wing) Sprayed on the first spray coat of poly brush, let cure.
Oct 31 2007 sprayed the 2nd spray coat of poly brush. ready for the poly spray.
2007-11-02 poly spray Wiped with 2210 solvent let flash, sprayed 1st cross coat of poly spray.
2007-11-06 poly spray Wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash off, sprayed the 2nd cross coat of poly spray..
2007-11-07 poly spray Wet sanded and wiped with 2210 solvent ready for 3rd cross coat.
2007-11-08 poly spray Sprayed last cross coat of poly spray let cure.ready for paint on right wing...
2007-11-09 poly tone (Right wing) wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash 2 hours, sprayed base coat white on right wing
2007-11-10 Covering Covered the bottom of the left wing.
2007-11-10 pitot tube Intalled pitot tube in the left wing before covering the top
2007-11-10 Covering Covered the top of the left wing, heat shrunk and brushed on first coat of poly brush..
2007-11-10 Wingtip attachment strips Installed wing tip attachment strips on left wing with 1/8 By 1/4 flush head pop rivets and structural adhesive...
2007-11-10 Covering Marking left wing for rib stitching.. installed reinforcement tape, ready to rib stitch....
2007-11-13 Right wing masked off wing wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash, and then sprayed the last coat of white poly tone on right wing. let cure..
2007-11-15 Right wing Masked off for the red, wiped with 2210 solvent and let flash then painted 1 coat of red, 2hours later painted the 2nd coat of red.
2007-11-17 Right wing Masked off for the gray stripe, wiped with 2210 solvent,let flash, sprayed 1st coat of gray 2 hours later 2nd coat.
2007-11-19 Right wing Masked off for the blue stripe, wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash and then sprayed 1st coat of blue, 2 hours later sprayed 2nd coat..Done Wow looking good, really started to look like a plane.
2007-11-20 Rib stitching Rib stitched left wing over a 5 day period 1.0 hour a day
2007-11-23 Covering brushed poly brush, soaked 4 coats into the renfocement tape.
2007-12-08 antenna mount cut and bent foward antenna monut.
2007-12-08 turtle deck cut rear turtle deck mount to fit around tubes so it would fit flush, drilled holes and deburred (#30 bit) rivited, also rivited antenna mount and intalled antenna.
2007-12-08 Header tank Installed all fittings on header tank and then instlled in the plane used permatex(56521) on fittings.
2007-12-08 Moving Moved left wing to paint booth and move the right wing to store
2007-12-15 trim motor Run wires for trim motor and for the indicator, also strobe on tail.
2007-12-17 brackets Installed flaperon hinge brackets on the right wing also the quick drain in the gas tank..
2007-12-18 left wing sprayed 2 coats of poly brush on the left wing, first wiped with 2210 solvent let flash then sprayed, next day same thing for the 2nd spray coat...
2007-12-20 strobe light Installed strobe light on tail
2007-12-20 static lines Installed static port lines
2007-12-26 butt ribs fabercated plates between fuselage and butt ribs both sides.
2007-12-28 trim indicator We did not like the trim indicator so we bought the Rac led pos indicator with the postion sensor from aircraft spruce, Aaron came up with this to install it and works great.
2007-12-29 flaperons Installed tips, needs more sanding and done....
2007-12-29 flaperons Installed flaperon end rib per figure VI-40 used monel pop rivets and structural adhesive.
2008-01-12 Covering Had John Kerr come and look it over before we started to cover. Took wheels off and got it turned over and covered the bottom. tighten, starting to look like a plane.
2008-01-12 covering Covered the right side and the butt rib...
2008-01-14 poly spray Got a good heater and was able to get the temp up to 65 and I sprayed the 2nd cross coat of poly spray on the left wing.
2008-01-15 poly spray Wet sanded left wing, wiped with 2210 solvent, let flash and then sprayed with the 3rd cross coat of poly spray.Ready for color....!
2008-01-16 left wing Wiped with 2210 let flash off then Painted base coat white.
2008-01-17 left wing masked off, wiped with 2210 then sprayed 1st coat white and then 2hours later sprayed the 2nd coat.
2008-01-18 lights bought led nav lights from kitfox and have to do some fiber glass work on the wing tips.
2008-01-19 Covering Covered the left side.
2008-01-19 Installed static ports Installed static ports on inside of fuselage.
2008-01-20 left wing Painted red on left wing, and then gray stripe the next day.
2008-01-22 left wing Painted blue stripe and I am done painting wing, cool....
2008-01-23 turtle deck Working on turtle deck so we can get the camloc recivers installed.
2008-01-25 Camloc Installed camloc recivers.
2008-01-26 covering Covered the top of the fuselage..
2008-01-26 covering Covered vertical stablizer.
2008-01-28 Flaperon hinge brackets Installed flaperon hinge brackets on the left wing.
2008-02-02 poly brush Wiped with MEK then brushed the on first coat of poly brush.
2008-02-07 turtle deck Working on turtle deck, got the missing part from kitfox, installing glass..
2008-02-07 stand fixed our wing stand so we can rotate the fuselage.
2008-02-09 tapes Intalling tapes on fuselage, got top and vertical stab done and part of the sides.
2008-02-13 turtle deck drilling and clecoing
2008-02-22 moving day Moved the fuselage over to my house to paint.
2008-02-25 Turtledeck fully assembled, ready for paint Finished assembly of the Turtledeck. Caulked and riveted the window to the frame.
2008-02-26 fuselage Went over all the tapes with iron to seal them down, masked and now I am ready to start spraying poly brush.
2008-02-26 fuselage ready to start spraying.....
2008-03-02 Install Engine Mounts Swapped Carburetors, made new mounts for ignition system, installed engine mounts. Still need to reattach the water cooling hoses and header tank.
2008-03-03 fuselage (poly brush) Got it over to the spray booth and sprayed the first and second coats of poly brush wiped with 2210 solvent in between coats, did this over a 3 days. Ready for poly spray!!!
2008-03-06 Fuselage (poly spray) Sprayed 3 cross coats of poly spray over 3 days. Sprayed 2 cross coats then wet sanded and then sprayed the final cross coat. I wiped with 2210 solvent between each coat.
2008-03-10 fuselage (top coat) Painted one base coat white, then masked off painted 3 coats white. Masked off painted 3 coats red. wiped with 2210 solvent between coats and this was done march 10 to 14th. ready for my stripes
2008-03-17 fuselage (top coat) Painted the stripes mar 17th to 19th unmasked and ready to leave the paint booth.
2008-03-22 fuselage (top coat) Moving day painting done back to Aarons.
2008-03-24 landing gear set back on landing gear, out boys helped us
2008-03-24 panel cut out for instruments etc and sent to get powder coated, got back from power coated and dry fit in plane.
2008-03-26 panel Still installing flight instuments on the panel and glove box.
2008-03-28 wing tips Intalled wing tips on the wings. cut off trailing edge and bonded..
2008-03-29 landing gear To allow the nose gear piston to move freely in the piston rod bearing filed the inside of the bearing to the profile on print.
2008-03-31 nose gear fabricated foam plug and bonded in the end of the nose gear strut for moisture barrier, pressed the nose wheel fork bearings in place and used liquid bearing lock. Lubricated the end of nose gear strut, assembled the stack of belleville washers per print.Installed fork assembly and washer stack on the gear strut and sucured.
Installed the two spacers onto the wheel and installed the wheel assembly onto the fork, installed the axle into the wheel, installed axle nuts evenly on each end, put cotter pin in one and tighten the other nut untill all bearing play was eliminated.
2008-03-31 nose gear Installed pivot bearings into the pivot brackets use bearing lock. did both sides.
2008-04-03 Bonded clips for fire wall Bonded clips for firewall attach points underneath the nose.
2008-04-03 Panel Ready to Install
2008-04-04 Installed engine to do cowl Installed engine.
2008-04-05 nose gear Pressed bearing in engine mount and use bearing lock installed nose gear.
2008-04-06 cowl Fitting cowl to plane, back drilled, now ready to rivet camloks.
2008-04-11 cowl Installed chamloks into the lower cowl.
2008-04-14 cowl Cut and installed cabin vents.
2008-04-14 wing tips Sprayed with epoxy primer cure for a week sprayed primer and then sprayed top coat into the curing primer. Cured 4 day and then finished painting the wing tips.
2008-04-21 batt. Installed battery box.
2008-04-27 painting epoxy primer on flapperons and spinner.
2008-04-28 firewall Installed firewall and then reinstalled engine and nose gear
2008-04-30 radiator Installed radiator with brackets.
2008-05-03 baffling Installing baffling
2008-05-03 torque torqued all nuts on engine and mount and also installed cotter pins on engine
2008-05-08 hoses Installed hoses to radiator.
2008-05-09 lights Installed lights on the wing tips..
2008-05-10 Exhaust Installed exhaust put anti seeze lube on joints.
2008-05-12 Flaperons finished painting flaperons, looks good.
2008-05-13 Spinner Finished painting spinner.
2008-05-14 brackets Fabercated the carb mounting spring brackets
2008-05-15 nosewheel Tighten bolt and installed cotter pin 12 to 14 lbs on fish scale
2008-05-15 springs Installed high temp rtv into the springs and lock wired.
2008-05-19 brackets installed carb retainer brackets and springs
2008-05-19 Exhaust cut hole for exhaust
2008-05-23 oil door Fabercated the oil door hardware, located where i wanted the door, painted hardware and cut out door sanded and riveted.
2008-05-24 bottle made bracket ,installed overflow bottle.
2008-05-25 lines Run fuel line from header tank to shut off value.
2008-05-26 Assembly Installed stablizer and elevator, then rudder, the rudder bolts was a trick...
2008-05-27 rubber Glued rubber around the firewall and baffling.
2008-05-27 wings Installed the wings with all bolts and hardware. Looking like a plane!!!!!
2008-05-30 Brackets Fabercated brackets for cabin heater, drilled, deburred and riveted.
2008-05-31 fuel gage fabercated plates, installed templates, then intalled fuel gages on the wings
2008-06-02 sound proof Installed sound proofing on the inside of firewall.
2008-06-04 throttle Installed throttle....
2008-06-05 brakes Installed brake reservior and lines on left side.
2008-06-07 Choke Installed choke
2008-06-10 heater Finished installing cabin heat in cabin with clamps nuts, bolts fan is on back order.
2008-06-12 lines ran fuel line from shut off value through firewall and to fuel pump.
2008-06-13 flaperons Installed left and right flaperons on the plane installed bolts and nuts
2008-06-20 oil cooler installed oil cooler and hoses, wait for some fittings to finish. now finished..
2008-06-30 fans installed fans on the cabin heater.
2008-07-03 fuel lines ran fuel lines and vent line.
2008-07-03 run wire ran wire foward.
2008-07-14 hoses Installed heater hoses, had a problem trying to get 1/2 in onto the tee in the kit 5/8. went to napa and found adapter. Also had to get the other side cut and welded. Just would not work putting in the tee put a ball value in so we can turn it on and off, found the other adapter for value at ace.
2008-07-14 Batt Soldered lugs and installed on batt.
2008-07-16 cowl cut out cowling to put in new piece that I got from kitfox, bonded in with fiberglass and sanded now ready to paint.
2008-07-18 voltage mounted voltage regulator
2008-07-19 fuel lines Finished running and hooking up all fuel line hoses. Also finished fuel value by mounting the L bracket and placard.
2008-07-19 trim indicator cut out and mounted trim indicator and switch.
2008-07-20 cut outs Had time today, pulled the plane out of the garage and unfolded wings put the turtle deck on and marked and cut out for the flaperons.
2008-07-21 turtledeck Put left and right strakes on the turtle deck, drilled, deburred, bonded and rivited. Now ready to paint.
2008-07-22 antenna Installed transponder antenna.
2008-07-22 key Run wires for key switch.
2008-07-28 Tach Wired tach and also install ground buss,
2008-07-29 switches Installed switches
2008-07-30 labeling Labeled panel.
2008-07-31 wiring Wired quad gage and turn and bank.
2008-08-01 brakes continued working on the brake lines,ran to the landing gear.
2008-08-01 brakes finished brake lines
2008-08-01 Fabric Cut and sewed side wall fabric. will put back in later.
2008-08-01 Painting Prepped and painted cowling and turtle deck. this was over a 9 day period.
2008-08-03 fuses Installed fuse buse, hinged it so it will swing down.
2008-08-04 gps Wired gps, and cut out a antenna mount and intalled antenna.
2008-08-05 Fabric lined seats with fabric, glued with carpet spray glue.
2008-08-06 fabric lined with fabric.
2008-08-09 shunt Wired amp/volt meter, and shunt.
2008-08-10 gas gage area lined with fabric.
2008-08-13 hobbs wired hobbs meter
2008-08-14 static lines and pitot tube hooked up static lines and pitot tube to inturments
2008-08-17 strobes finished wiring strobes and navs in the strobe driver.
2008-08-19 push to talk wired push to talk switches on the sticks.
2008-08-23 encoder Installed encoder
2008-08-31 decals decal N number and experimental
2008-08-31 decals kitfox decal
2008-09-01 radio Wired radio and intercom took awhile...
2008-09-02 radios intercom continued
2008-09-10 wiring Still working on the radio, had some wire's switched working good now.
2008-09-13 wing tips Installed wing tips, wired in the led strobe and navs.
2008-09-14 prop Installed the ivo prop, this was not easy bolts are not long enough will replace.
2008-09-16 Transponder Installed and wired transponder
2008-09-21 windshield Installing windshield, even on both side trimed where shown, sanded corners round.
2008-09-22 windshield drilled and clecoed in place.
2008-09-23 carpet cut floor and side carpets Sewed the boots in the floor and bias tape, put in to see how it looks. Looks sweet took back out until ready.
2008-09-23 more pic's more pic's of the interior..
2008-09-27 glair shield cut and fit glair shield, glued on fabric and now ready to install.
2008-10-01 glair shield installed led panel lights on the underside of glair shield.
2008-10-02 windshield Took off and drill to 1/4 and debured both sides installed tape per print, (the tape is really sticky) installed windshield.
2008-10-04 doors installed doors for the last time, installed weather seal
2008-10-05 wiring finished up wiring.
2008-10-05 air inlet drilled 2 # 30 holes in the left side air inlet on the prop hib side and one on the right installed nut plates and screws to attach tha top cowl to the bottom cowl at these points.
2008-10-06 windshield finished windshield install,and glairshield
2008-10-07 Rudder cables rigging Hooked up rudder cables (swaged) works great
2008-10-07 Flight controls rigging horizontal stabilizer used clamps and stips of wood, clampd elevator in a neutral postion relative to the horizontal stabilizer. 1-5/16 in. measurement between horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer tube. loosened check nuts at rod ends approx 1/2" threads exposed verified threads in witness hole. With a smart level angle between the floor and the front side of the lower portion of the stick is 80 deg. Defection limits were now set with a smart level. 39 deg +-1 up and 20 deg +- 1 down.
Full motion of stick and non binding.
2008-10-07 pictures of rigging
2008-10-10 data plate Installed data plate,screw one up, bought another so I put the screw up one on the inside to catch the rivits, put poly tack on both then rivits.
2008-10-10 bolts got the longer bolts today so I replaced them and torqued to 30 foot lbs.
2008-10-14 compass installed compass onto the glare shield.
2008-10-16 Panel Finished wiring compass and panel lights.
2008-10-18 Rigging flaprons Leveled plane both fore and aft, installed flaperon clamping fixture just inboard of center hinge,fasten level on bottom with a 2 13/16 wood spacer. Plumbed and secured control stick,adjusted rod ends so the forwrd arm of bellcrank was parallel to centerline of fuselage.Adjusted flap pull tube angle 11 1/2 deg. Adjusted rod ends on the aileron connect tube so angles were 32 deg right arm and 26 deg left arm.Connected flaperon connect tubes and secured to control horns, removed clamping fixtures and checked angles 28 deg +- 2 up and 15 deg +-2 down.
2008-11-01 brakes filled the brake system with fluid everything is working fine, no leaks.
2008-11-08 Purged oil Purged oil system and put in coolant dex cool 50 50 mix with distilled water Also tested gas system per manual. No leaks. Ready for engine start next weekend.
2008-11-11 sack Put in baggage sack today and cut and laid carpet with double back tape on top of board.
2008-11-15 first start Started the engine for the first time today, pur's like a kitten. Have 2 items to work on, tach won't work and key switch keeps blowing fuses when turning off.Sent switch back to factory to have fixed and was told that the tach that came with the skystar kit is junk. order uma one from spruce. Will see if this corrects the problems.
2008-11-29 sync Sync carbs today and now have the tach and switch problem fixed
2008-12-20 To the hanger Borrowed a trailer and took to the hanger, now safe and sound in the hanger.
2008-12-22 To the hanger More pictures of to the hanger,This is the nice new heated hanger of Wayne Larsens(Airmotive Service)(BMC) to get the weight and balance done. We will be moving over and few doors. Would be nice to stay in here though.
2008-12-27 weight and balance Weight and balance is now done empty weight is 791# received our airworthyness on Dec 29 2008 and first flight Jan 3 2009. What a great plane.
2010-03-20 Wheel pants Cut drilled sanded painted wheel pants and then installed
2010-03-20 landing lights Installed landing lights in the wing tips. bull leds from hyperlights.com. Half the cost of aeroleds. Got the lens from bluesky aviation.