Covering Begins
Have been rebuilding our Starduster Too for a while now. Recently got a fire in my belly to finish it and get her back in the air. Have put other project (BK-1) on temporary hold to get her covered. Tired of having a naked plane in the shop!

Have been conversing with several folks from the Starduster Bulletin Board about recovering. The Board is a rather disjointed place for keeping up with what is being done to the plane, so I decided to start a web page to document the covering process in a single site.

I'm stepping out of my normal comfort zone on this plane. I'm very familiar with the Poly-Fiber covering method. Have used it to cover 3 planes and make several repairs over the years. I like the process and have a high degree of confidence with it---but I'm looking for something new. Went to visit Mike Loehle last year and went through his weekend covering seminar. I fell in love with his system. This bird will have a Loehle cover. Also, a buddy of mine is covering his Cassutt at the same time with Loehle stuff. We've started a Loehle covering factory at my shop!

For more info on the Loehle system, go to

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