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Project Location: CA US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2011-11-12 Work shop set up Spent some time making a 4' x 12' table. Cleaning out the shed to make room for the project. Also made a V block with the bandsaw. Added an air manifold overhead above the table. Mounted my disk/belt sander, bandsaw, drill press, to plywood and made another table to clamp them to that I can use inside or out..
2011-11-20 Made Templates Started making templates from the plans. I traced the the parts off the plans that were full scale using tracing paper. I then sprayed them with spray mount and put them on card stock and cut them out. Since money is tight and I need to do some more shop set up I will make all the templates to help cut out the parts.
2011-11-25 Wing rib forming blocks Today I made the forward and aft wing rib forming blocks. They were quite easy. First I traced the pattern from the plans with tracing paper. Then I used 3M spray mount to glue them to card stock. Cut out the card stock and traced the pattern onto MDF. I screwed two pieces of MDF together with 1 1/4" drywall screws using the holes for the 1/4 inch bolts. I cut the MDF with my band saw and finished shaping on the belt sander. I drilled the pilot holes for the lightening holes. Clamped the two pieces together removed the screws and drilled out the holes to hold the blocks. Inserted 1/4 inch carriage bolts and done. Next time I will leave more material and trim it off when doing the final shaping
2011-11-27 Fluting pliers I made 2 pair of fluting pliers from a 10 inch vise grip and an old pair of pliers. Also started planing the flanging dies and a die to recess the inspection holes. Finished the shelving under the 12 foot table and built a rack in the ceiling to hold the angle stock.
2011-12-04 Flanging Dies Today I built the 3" and 4" flanging dies for the wing ribs. I had to do them twice. The first time the router was set too deep. I think they will work well. in the next couple of weeks I will have some material to make a rib and see how it does.
2011-12-04 SNX-T12 and T13 Built my first parts today. Some clips and ribs for the tail. I am getting used to bending but I had to redo the ribs because I had nicks from the shears and could not remove them without taking taking too much material away.
2011-12-11 SNX-T12 and T13 Today I spent quite some time making the rudder horn. Made it 3 times. I had a problem bending it. I ended up putting it in the vise and hit it with a sledge hammer. also worked on other tail parts.
2011-12-22 SNX-Z03-02 and SNX-Z03-03 It took 8 hours to build my sheet metal brake. Today I bent my first two parts for the tail spars. I built the brake 10 feet long.
2011-12-23 SNX-T12 I remade SNX-Z03-02 and 03 for the tail spars. Then I made SNX-T12-03, 04, 08. That completes page 12.
2011-12-30 VS Skin I Layed out the skin. Had to do it twice because I measured wrong.
2011-12-31 VS Ribs Made the ribs for the Vertical Stabilizer
2012-01-01 Debur Day Today I spent time to debur the VS parts
2012-01-02 Assemblies I made the Rudder drive horn, Main and Forward Spar Assemblies. I got everything clecoed together. Next is updrill, deburr and prime
2012-01-02 Hinges Made a drill guide for the hinges and drilled the rudder hines
2012-01-08 Vertical Stabilizer Updrilled and primed the rudder horn, forward and aft spars. I also assembled the rudder.
2012-01-14 Last Tuesday my laptop cot crushed under my 48' grip trailer. Well there will not be any logs on the site for a couple of weeks. Doing them on my iPhone sucks. Guess I will just keep my log on paper and transfer here later.
2012-01-15 Finished rudder assembly Primed the internal parts and finished assembly of the rudder.
2012-01-16 Assembly and remanufacture bad parts Started to assemble the vertical stabilizer. When I started to lay out the parts I discovered that the channel on the forward and aft spars is too large and do not match up to the ribs. I disassembled the spars and trashed the channel parts. I re-made the channels and got them to match the ribs. I learned a good lesson on bending today. I am getting faster at making parts.
2012-01-21 VS Frame Assembly and Skin Installation After re making some of the ribs to fit better. The frame assembled perfectly. The skin fit like a glove. I have learned a lot about scratch building
2012-01-23 VS Tip install and up drill Got the skin aligned and the VS tip installed. Then up drilled for the rivets. The tip went on easy.
2012-01-23 I need to re make the rudder After getting the rudder made I noticed I had a slight bend in the center of the rudder hinge. I built the vertical stabilizer and attempted to attach the rudder. the pin did not go in freely. I will be re making the rudder with more attention on the hinge alignment. I have had to redo some of the ribs do to bending error. Next time I will make the ribs after the hinge is on so I can adjust the size. The first pass I had trouble with the rib in the center and that is what caused the bow in the hinge. I used a clamp in the center rib location the hinge got pushed down. I guess that this is all part of the learning curve.
2012-01-29 Final Assembly Today I finished deburing and the final assembly of the vertical stabilizer. I am installing an Aveo Posistrobe XP to the tail tip I ran 4 conductor 20ga with a braided shield through the ribs. I will be making a fiberglass fairing for the light in the next few weeks.
2012-01-29 Trim Tab Made the trim tab.
2012-02-02 Rudder and Elevator skins Cut and bent the elevator skins. I also re made the rudder skins.
2012-02-05 Re made rudder Re made the rudder today. I attached it to the VS and it fit perfectly.
2012-02-05 SNX-T07 Elevator parts Made the elevator parts.
2012-02-12 Horizontal Stabilizer/Elevator parts Made the parts for the elevator and started the parts for the Horizontal Stabilizer. Also completed the trim tab.
2012-02-13 Horizontal Stabilizer Forward Rib Cut away a lot of material to make this part. I used my table saw to make the cuts to trim most of the material away. Then there was a lot of filling with the vixen file. I made the cut out using a unibit to drill out the inside to 3/4" then cut the rest on the band saw. More vixen file and debur.
2012-02-16 Elevator Root Assembly Drilled, up drilled, and debured the Elevator Root Assembly.
2012-02-18 SNX-T04 HS rib construction Made all the ribs on page T04 today.
2012-02-20 SNX-T03 Made the Main spar fitting and the 2 channels. Also made the 2 clips.
2012-03-04 Main and Forward Spar I finally got the correct angle for the clips. Today I remade the clips. I also made the channels and assembled the Spars.
2012-03-09 Left and Right Horizontal Stabilizer Skin Completed both skin.
2012-03-11 Horizontal stabilizer frame assembly Finished the frame assembly.
2012-03-16 Attaching the skins Started attaching the skins. Everything lined up perfect except for one side of one rib. I guess I did not square the rib like I did with all the rest. When I flipped the HS over to drill I noticed the problem. I made a new rib. I am going to finish up drilling the rest of the HS then when I remove the skin to debur I will replace the rib then cleco the skin on and re drill the holes for the new rib.
2012-06-11 Elevator Assembly Started the elevator assembly. I got all the pilot holes drilled the ribs installed and laid out. The order I did the assembly was to mark and drill the pilot holes for the outer and center ribs. Then I clecoed the center rib in place and did the hinge. Outer rib was done last. I have laid out the assembly with the Horn in position and squared everything I measured out the 78" overall length. All that is left is to trim the skins and install the horn and up drill, debur, rivet.
2012-06-16 Re made left elevator Remade left elevator because the skin was trimmed too much.
2012-06-18 Final assembly Finished assembly of the HS.
2012-06-23 Paint and fiberglass Painted the exposed ribs and ends of control surfaces. I am polishing the skin so I painted the ends silver. Also started the fiberglass fairing for the Aveo Posistrobe that is going on the VS tip. I did not like the way this glass turned out going to redo it.
2012-06-26 Tail Fairing for Aveo Posistrobe I did the fairing over and it came out much better this time. I put low tack tape on the tail then covered that with packing tape. The next step I added clay and shaped it. Then more packing tape on top of the clay sprayed with mold release silicone. Last I applied 3 layers of glass. Let it cure removed and trimmed it. Then mixed up some cab-o-sil and used that to glue the fairing in place. The next step is to add fiberglas tape to the edges then I will use a micro balloon to float the fairing and sand to finish the shape.
2012-06-26 W15-06 and 07 Cut out gussets for the forward wing ribs.
2012-06-30 Tail Fairing finished
2012-06-30 SNX-W15 and W16 Got the gussets done today
2012-07-02 Fwd wing ribs Made more Ribs
2012-07-04 Forward wing ribs Cutting and deburing
2012-07-08 Fwd rib blanks and wing skin blanks I cut out the fwd wing rib blanks and the wing skin blanks. Also organized the shop to store the wing skin blanks.
2012-07-09 Fwd Ribs Cut out all the forward ribs and drilled out the lighting holes today. Very time consuming work.
2012-07-13 Forward wing ribs I got 12 of the forward ribs done.
2012-07-15 SNX-W15 More cutting and deburing. I got 01,02,03,04 rough cut.
2012-07-18 Fwd wing ribs Over the past 4 days I deburred and formed the rest of the fwd ribs. I took parts to work and on my lunch break I debarred the ribs.
2012-07-27 fwd wing ribs Finished the fwd ribs. I worked the past week deburring and installing the gussets. got all done. I had to remake one of the ribs because the riveter has had problems and I enlarged a hole drilling out the Rivet.
2012-07-28 Aft ribs Cut out the blanks from 2 - 4' x 12' 0.025 sheets.
2012-07-29 SNX-16-06, 01L, 01R, 02, 03 Aft Ribs I cut out 16 aft ribs today. I started with 10" x 27" blanks. I clamped them to the table with the forming block on top then drilled all five holes. I thought I would be smart and cut out all the ribs a one time. I bolted them together and started to cut them on the band saw. the blade started to drift so I stopped. I ended up cutting each rib out by hand with my pnumatic shears. The work is slower but I like the way they come out. I have a few more to do. Next up is to cut the lightening holes and debur them.
2012-07-30 SNX-W16 Finished cutting out the art ribs. Tomorrow I will file and finish the cut outs on the corners.
2012-07-31 SNX-W16 Filed and debured the cut outs on the corners.
2012-08-01 SNX-W16 AFT RIBS More sanding and deburring the corners of the aft ribs. Also got the 3" and 4" lightning holes done.
2012-08-02 SNX16 Aft ribs Took the plastic off and got ready to do the final debur in prep to form.
2012-08-03 SNX-016 Deburing the edges. I got 6 done.
2012-08-04 SNX-016-01R & 01L I got 4 more ribs debured and 01R and 01L formed.
2012-08-04 Aft rib gussets Scotch bright edges if the gussets on my lunch hour at work.
2012-08-05 SNX-W16 Aft ribs 10 Aft ribs formed and ready for gussets.
2012-08-06 SNX-W16-06 Aft ribs 5 more aft ribs for a total of 15 so far. I worked for an hour on my lunch break to de bur and dress the edges. Formed them when I got home.
2012-08-07 SNX-W16-06 Aft ribs More de buring and forming. got 6 more done.
2012-08-09 SNX-W16-06 Aft ribs I have all 26 ribs formed as of today. I will add the gussets next. Here are some pictures for how I did the flanging on the lightning holes. The dies I made did not work at all so I purchased them from sonex. Using the Arbor Press made the job fast and easy.
2012-08-13 sNX-W16-06 Aft ribs Pilot drilled and clecoed gussets onto the ribs.
2012-08-14 SNX-W16-06 Aft ribs Got all the gussets updrilled on the ribs and ready to deburr and rivet.
2012-08-15 SNX-W16 Aft Ribs All gussets are on. I had one problem with a rivet on -02 rib when removing it the hole enlarged. I ordered the next diameter larger to put in the hole.
2012-08-18 Misc. Parts I went through the plans and worked on small parts for the Bell cranks, Root Ribs, and came up with a plan for the Pitot installation. The ACS Pitot is getting installed very close to the scratch plans pitot. I will add photos and more detail in another entry later.
2012-08-18 Root rib parts Finished the 8 gussets for the root ribs.
2012-08-19 W11-04,09,10R,10L 11 AND W14-02,03 More parts made today.
2012-08-19 Pitot from Aircraft Spruce I decided to install the ACS Pitot the same way as the scratch built pitot. The pitot will rivet to the plate using flush rivets. The plate will mount with nut plates same as the plans call out.
2012-08-20 W13-01R,01L,04 I got the 3 parts rough cut out.
2012-08-23 SNX-W13-01L,01R,03,04,05 Over the past 3 days I got most of the W13 parts made. I made the large holes by drilling around the cut line with a 3/32 drill bit then with a punch and hammer I knocked out the center. Then I filed to the final shape and used my dremel with a sanding drum to finish the inside of the hole. Finished with scotch bright.
2012-08-25 W10-01 and W10-02 2 of each Rough cut the Main Spars.
2012-08-25 W06-01R and 01L W06-02 and W06-03 Cut and formed the Flap skins and Flap ribs. I made the ribs on the 30" brake.
2012-08-26 W06-05R and W06-05L and Skins I got the drive ribs done. Also got the right skin cut and ready to drill pilot holes.
2012-08-30 Right Flap Got the right flap ribs installed and updrilled. I had a problem getting the ribs in correctly. I had to make 3 of them over. Next up is to get the hinge installed.
2012-09-01 Right and left flaps I spent the day assembleing the flaps and flap hinge. It took most of the day. I had to make more ribs. I had problems with the way I installed the ribs.
2012-09-03 Flaps finished Toady I got the flaps deburred painted and riveted.
2012-09-05 SNX-W04 Ailerons Made patterns for the aileron parts.
2012-09-05 W04-04 and W04-07 Got the drive plates and counterweight plates cut out and debured.
2012-09-08 SNX-W04 Got the Ribs cut out and formed. Clecoed the drive plates on and the counterbalance plates to the ribs. Also cut out the rear spar channels.
2012-09-09 Counterbalance and Drive Assembly Finished the Aileron drive plate and the Counterbalance assembly is ready for debur and rivet. Cutting and drilling the lead was not as hard as I have heard. I cut the lead weight on my bandsaw with a 6TPI blade and used plenty of lubricant. When I drilled the holes I aligned the parts and clamped them. Drilled slowly from each side. I am not so happy with the channel assemblies I am going to keep the counterbalance clecoed until I assemble the ailerons and see how the fit.
2012-09-09 Left Aileron Skin Cut, bent trimmed and removed the plastic cover at rivet locations.
2012-09-10 Left Aileron Skin I messed up the measurement for the counterbalance and cut the hole on the wrong side of the reference line. Next time I will wait to cut until after I mark the pilot holes.
2012-09-15 Left and right Aileron skins I messed up the right skin again. This time I measured the bend line on the bottom wrong. I did no subtract from the noted measurement. So I went ahead with the left and made the correction. The skin turned out very good.
2012-09-16 Left Aileron I got the left aileron trimmed and installed the ribs. I am having alot of problems getting the channel that goes on the counterbalance to line up properly note the photos. I made them 3 times and still can't get it right. I am taking a break and will attempt it tomorrow. I got all the other holes up-drilled except for the two that go on the channel. I am waiting for a 12" drill bit to get into this area.
2012-09-21 Left Aileron Tip rib installed and all holes enlarged to #30. Tomorrow deburr and rivet. Then start the right Aileron.
2012-09-22 Left aileron complete Completed the left aileron. I did not like the way the tip rib lined up so I will remake it tomorrow. Next up. The right aileron.
2012-09-23 Right Aileron Started the right aileron. I cut formed and assembled the right Aileron. Just need to up drill and deburr.
2012-09-24 Right Aileron-Deburr Updrilled and deburred the entire assembly. Next prime and rivet.
2012-09-25 Rivet and complete Right Aileron Came home from work and got the Right aileron riveted. I will finish the tip ribs on the weekend.
2012-09-28 Right Aileron Tip Rib I am glad I have lots of scrap. I have made 6 tip ribs. They are the most difficult part to get just right. I am remaking the left tip rib tomorrow. Which will make the ailerons complete.
2012-09-29 Left and right Ailerons Complete Today I finished the left Aileron Tip Rib. Balanced the Ailerons.
2012-09-30 SNX-W20-02 and 03 Got all 4 parts cut out and pilot holes drilled.
2012-09-30 Aileron bellcrank Finished the aileron bellcranks
2012-10-04 W20-02 and 03 and W13 Parts I am in the final stages of making all the angle parts for the wings. I am getting ready to start the assembly.
2012-10-05 Right Rear Spar Channel Bent I marked drilled and cut out the right rear spar today. I first cut and drilled then I put it in the brake and did the bends.
2012-10-06 Finished right rear spar All the parts clecoed to the rear spar. I will rivet and paint the spar when I assemble the right wing.
2012-10-07 Left Rear Spar Channel Started and finished the left rear Spar Channel today.
2012-10-09 W11 I made 1 of the W11-01 Lower angle and W11-03
2012-10-13 W10 Main Spar Web Layed out the first Main Spar Web today. I started measuring the shape
then I started to mark the basic lines where the pilot holes go then marked the hole locations along the lines. The last was detail B. As I measured I would highlight the measurement on the plans to mark them as done.
2012-10-14 W10-01 Pilot drilled and cut out the first spar web. Then I used the first one to to mark the second one.
2012-10-19 W10-01 Did 2nd spar web.
2012-10-20 W10-02 Aft Main Spar web Made both Aft Main Spar Webs today. I clamped the material under the main spar web and drilled the attach holes and clecoed them together. Then I drilled and clecoed the rest. Since I am Scratch building I am match drilling the parts to each main spar web and marking them left and right.
2012-10-21 Spar Web and Web Tip W10-05 and W10-04 I made the 2 web tips and the -05 web doubler.
2012-10-28 W10-03 and W11 Angles I got the W10-03 parts made and put together the Spar webs as they will be assembled. All the hole match up. I also got the attach angles done. I cut one of them too small and will redo it next time.
2012-11-03 Deburr and Jigs I deburred the spar webs and made jigs to space the Spar Caps.
2012-11-04 SNX-W20-01L & R Root Doubler Made the Root Doublers today.
2012-11-10 W09 and W08 Spar Caps and Right Spar Assembly I picked up the Spar Caps from the shipper. The tube was all torn in the center. I called Sonex and they advised me to accept the parts and note the damaged container. I took them home and opened them and inspected them. All looks good. So I deburred and got them ready to assemble. I put the webs and the spar caps together and put them in the jigs i made last week to get the proper spacing.
2012-11-11 W08-01R Right Main Spar Today I got the entire spar cap pilot drilled. Then I did the Wing tip rib, Tie down, Stiffener angles. The whole thing went well the Jigs I made helped a lot. I made a jig to protect the spar cap from nicks when drilling. I just hooked it over the spar and it took all the slips and nicks the spars were never touched by the drill.
2012-11-17 W08 Attach block I had to redo the angles for the outboard attach blocks because I made them from 1/8" and not 3/16". So after fixing my mistake I got the attach blocks on. Next I will mark and up drill all the holes.
2012-11-18 Right main spar Today I got all the angles and attach plates up drilled. Also updrilled all the rivet holes. Then marked all the flush holes for countersinking and dimpling. all ready to countersink and deburr.
2012-11-21 Right main spar Spent this evening deburring the parts for the right spar. Lots of holes and sore arms.
2012-11-23 Right main spar- Today I primed and started riveting the flush rivets. I got all the flush ones done and started putting in the other rivets. I used a 4x rivet gun with the Avery back rivet set. They all came out good except for about 10. I made my own rivet tape from 1" blue low tac tape I cut it in half and centered it so that there is no sticky in the center.
2012-11-24 Finished Right Main Spar Today I finished the right Main Spar. All the riveting and bolting done. I need to torque the bolts and mark them. I have a torque wrench coming next week.
2012-11-25 Left Main Spar Today I got the left main spar started. The webs and spar caps are pilot drilled and clecoed together. I used the jigs to get the correct spacing of the spar caps. I still have alot of pilot holes to drill.
2012-11-29 Left Main Spar I got the left main spar all pilot drilled and marked for up drilling. I also got the Stiffener parts clamped on
2012-11-30 Left Main Spar Pilot drilled all the attachments and up drilled.
2012-12-01 Left Main Spar All up drilled half deburred.
2012-12-02 Left Main Spar ready for rivets I got the left main spar all dimpled, countersunk, and deburred. Then I primed and re assembled. All the attach blocks and stiffeners are in place.
2012-12-03 Left Main Spar Flush Rivets Got 75% of the flush rivet installed. 5 of them needed to be redone.
2012-12-04 Left Main Spar Flush Rivets Got all the flush rivets installed and replaced the 5 that I did not like. I also got 35 of the 470-5-7 rivets installed.
2012-12-05 Left Main Spar Rivets After working this morning I only have about 20 more rivets to go.
2012-12-06 Right and Left Main Spar Finished Today I got all the remaining rivets in the left spar. Then I torqued all the bolts on both spare and applied torque seal. And drilled out the attach block on the left spar to 3/16.
2012-12-07 Main Spar Mating and up drilling Today I got the main spars aligned, clamped and up drilled. First I used long reach 3/32 clecos to clamp it all together. The attach bloct pilot holes lined up perfect. Then I up drilled one alignment hole and used a 1/4 bolt to hold the spars then removed a cleco and did the same until I had up drilled all the holes. I am at about 275 hours on the wings. So far I have all the parts except the skins ready.
2012-12-10 The Main Spars Mated Photo Me Holding the Main Spars
2012-12-24 Upper aft wing skin I got one skin marked for cutting and pilot drilling. I will use this one as a template for the other side.
2012-12-26 Upper aft wing skin I got both of the upper aft skins done. I marked one skin and laid it on top of the other then marked the other one. I drilled and clecoed both skins to the table and pilot drilled all the holes. Then I removed the clecos and cut out the other skin and deburred and removed the plastic.
2012-12-27 Lower Aft wing skins Got the lower aft skins done. I did them the same as the Upper Aft skins.
2012-12-28 Forward wing skin layout and vacuum forming I got the forward wing skins cut out and vacuum formed. When I laid out the 2 halves I made the shorter side (15 1/8 inch) match the 15 7/8 inch side. The extra material will be cut off after bending in finished. I cut out the skin and pilot drilled everything.
The vacuum forming is very easy to do. Here is a link to my How To Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_QWPoFEhWc
2012-12-29 Attaching Ribs to Right Main Spar I got the aft ribs and web spacers on the right main spar. First I laid out the parts on the table and taped the ribs onto the spar. Then I numbered each rib and on the spar to match the plans. Marked all the ribs that need to have work done to them, like adding the aileron bell crank and the mounts for the Pitot lines. I took it all apart and set it up on sawhorses and started attaching the aft ribs. When all the Aft Ribs were attached with clecos I removed them. I am ready to attach the forward ribs and add the parts on the aft ribs. I also made a video of the process.
2012-12-30 Attach Fwd and Aft ribs and rear spar I got the ribs attached to the Main Spar and the Rear spar on. I also assembled the Aileron Bell crank and the Pitot brackets. I am leaving the brackets that attach the Bell crank stiffener to the wing skin until I have the skins on. I did a little bit of figuring out how I am going to run the wires for the position and landing lights. I am going to use all LED lights. Landing lights are from Duckworks and the position lights are Aveo LSA 3 in 1 LED.
2012-12-31 Wing Box Construction. First I squared and laveled the right wing then I fabricated the root ribs. I made a couple of mistakes on the fwd root rib when trimming. I finally got it right. Now both fwd and aft root ribs are done and in place. Next I checked to see how the upper aft wing skin lines up. Then I up drilled whole assembly and disassembled it. I also started making a trophy for the flyin I am organizing at Mojave.
2013-01-01 Right Upper aft wing skin-Root Rib-Wing Box up drilled and riveted the wing box and Root Ribs. Finished installing the root ribs. Squared the wing and attached the upper right aft wing skin.
2013-01-05 Right Wing Skinning I got a lot done today. I started off by getting the lower aft wing skin on and started the Leading edge. I had help from my friend Russ Thome. He helped me line up the spars with a stick that had a padded screw in the end at 90 degrees to push or pull the rib into position to get the blue line centered. Updrilled tooling holes in the forward ribs for gromets to put my wires for the landing and position lights. Two nights ago I got the angle braces for the Aileron bellcrank stiffeners on and pilot drilled and clecoed in on the upper skin after I flipped the wing for the lower skin. I will do the braces on the lower aft skin and the tie down when I disassemble the wing to debur.
2013-01-06 Right Forward Wing Skin I got the bottom of the forward right wing skin pilot drilled and clecoed in place. Pilot drilled the main spar. Up drilled the lower aft wing skin
2013-01-08 Up Drill and hinge Tonight I up drilled the lower right wing skins and installed the flap hinge.
2013-01-12 Root Doubler and up drill Up drilled the right wing and attempted to install the root doubler. I clamped the doubles in place and used a hole finder to locate the pilot holes. It went out of alignment. This is the hardest part so far.
2013-01-13 Right Root Doubler and up drill lower side and more Re made the right root doubler and installed. This time I got it on. Worked on making the wing tip. That did not come out so well. I wasted 2.5 hours on it. I'll be purchasing on from Sonex. Finished mounting the Aileron Bell crank stiffener angle. Drilled and started the Pitot install. Disassembled the wing and got it ready to deburr.
2013-01-22 Deburr January 20, 21, 22 I spent 3 days deburring the right wing skins and the aft ribs and aft spar. I got dimples and the hole for the tiedown done.
2013-01-23 Deburr the right wing Finished deburring the right wing FWD ribs and dimple. Started the aileron pushrods.
2013-01-27 Lower Right Wing Riveting Riveted the lower wing skin. Adjusted the bolts and cotter pins on the aileron bell crank.
2013-01-27 Rivet Upper Right Wing Skin Complete I got the right wing completely riveted today. Items left to make it complete are the wing tip, position lights and the landing lights.
2013-01-28 Right Wing Landing Light-Duckworks LED I installed the right wing landing light.
2013-02-02 Right Wing Tip Fitted the right wing tip. Still need to attach the light faring and do some minor filling.
2013-02-03 Polishing and Landing Light Polished the right wing with F9 and C grade Nuvite. Also got the lens for the landing light installed.
2013-02-10 Additional storage This weekend I made a small storage locker to store the wings and tail parts. I made it out of 2x4's and 3/4" birch plywood I had. It is 6'x4'x16'. The doors simply screw on since I will need limited access. Over the next few weeks I will finish the roof and add some paint.
2013-02-17 Left Wing Box Started with laying out the ribs and taping them to the main spar. Then I numbered each one on the rib and the spar location. Pilot drilled the forward ribs first then removed them. Pilot drill the spacers. Pilot drill the aft ribs. Clecoed the forward and aft ribs to the main spar. Completed the installation of the aileron bell crank on the #9 aft rib.
Next step will be to up drill and rivet the ribs to the main spar and install the rear spar.
2013-02-18 Left Wing Box and Aft Spar i got all the ribs and aft spar up drilled, de burred and riveted. Also Squared the assembly as I did on the right wing.
2013-02-18 Duckworks LED Landing Light I installed the 4 nut plates that hold the light assembly on to the ribs. I will finish the installation per the duckworks instructions after the wing skins are riveted.
2013-02-19 Left fwd and aft root rib Cut and fit the forward and aft root ribs. Clamped them into position. I clamped the rib on the opposite side so I can drill a couple pilot holes. Then I removed the entire assembly and finished the pilot holes and the gussets.
2013-02-20 Left root ribs Pilot drilled and up drilled the holes in the forward and aft root ribs. I am ready to de burr and rivet.
2013-02-23 Left wing skinning Got the upper/lower and leading edge skins on.
2013-02-24 Left wing skins Got the lower side up drilled and hinge halves on. Flipped and ready to up drill the upper half.
2013-02-25 Left wing skins Up drilled the upper left wing skins.
2013-02-27 Left Root Doubler The left root doubler installed and up drilled.
2013-03-01 Left Root Rib Root rib angle filed a little for rivet clearance. Disassembled the wing to deburr.
2013-03-02 Wing box assembly Got the left wing box assembly de burred today. Also finessed the aileron bel crank and trimmed the forward wing skin.
2013-03-09 Left wing skin dimple de burr prime Spent part of the day finishing up the skins getting ready to rivet.
2013-03-10 De burred left wing skins I de burred all left wing skins
2013-03-10 Aileron Control Rods Got the aileron pushrods installed in the left wing before adding the skins for riveting.
2013-03-10 Left Wing Riveting Upper forward and aft wing skins are riveted.
2013-03-11 Left wing skin riveting Finished riveting the left wing skins tonight.
2013-03-11 Left wing Position and Landing light wiring Got the left wing wiring installed.
2013-03-12 inspection cover left wing installed the inspection cover.
2013-03-12 Left Wing Duckworks Landing Light installed the Duckworks landing light same as I did on the right wing.
2013-03-17 Left Wing Polishing I did 2 passes of F9 and one pass of C on the left wing.
2013-03-21 Rear Right Root Rib Here is a photo of the Aft root rib. The wing is upside down in the photo.
2013-03-23 Left Wing Tip I worked on the left wing tip. I did not like the way it was lining up. I started to put the flange back on that I trimmed off. I also filled in the pilot holes. Tomorrow I will fill in on top of the cloth I laid up.
2013-03-24 Left wing tip Filled the wing tips and attached nuts to the fairing on the tail for the PosistrobeXP
2013-03-29 Left wing tip Glassing I add sanded and added more filler. Then added more filler.
2013-03-30 F27-10 Fair Lead Blocks Made the fairlead block assemblies today.
2013-03-30 Left wing tip and painted right wing tip Added filler to the left wing tip and sanded. I also primed the right wing tip.
2013-03-31 SNX-F27 Finished all the parts in page F27.
2013-04-14 SNX-F27 cut out all the 3/16 parts
2013-04-15 SNX-F26 Finished all the 3/16 parts
2013-04-21 F27 Made the left and right upper and lower longerons and the rudder stops.
2013-04-28 F26 Today I finished the skins. Now all I have left to do on them is to do some fine sanding on the edges.
2013-05-11 Aft fuselage sides Finished pilot drilling the sides.
2013-06-10 Paper patterns I spent a couple of hours making patterns for parts
2013-07-07 Right aft fuselage side Installed the fairlead blocks. Up drilled and riveted the lower longer on and the vertical channels.
2013-07-07 F-25 Right and Left Aft Fuselage Today I finisher the left aft fuselage. Page F-25 is complete.
2013-07-14 Fiberglass wing tips Finished the wing tip installation on the right wing. Then put the wing into the wing storage building.
2013-07-14 F24 Organized the shop and got the -09 and -08 lower cross ties finished.
2013-07-27 F24 Today I worked on all the upper cross ties. I was able to get the box clecoed and square.
2013-08-04 F22 aft fuselage Over the last week I finished all the parts for F22 Bulkhead angles and lower skin.
2013-08-05 F21 Fuselage Box I got the lower skin pilot drilled and clecoed. I had to fit the skin then trim about 3/64ths off. It is ready to move to saw horses ad add the cross ties and square the box.
2013-08-09 F21 Fuselage Box Moved the fuselage to sawhorses so I could get to all the cross ties better. I kept it upside down and worked from under sitting on an apple box. Up drilled the lower skin then squared the fuselage and double checked the measurements matched on the upper and lower sections at each cross tie. #1, 2, 4 cross ties are pilot drilled and clecoed.
2013-08-12 Aft Fuselage cross ties I got the upper and lower cross ties riveted tonight.
2013-08-13 Aft Fuselage Forward upper and lower cross ties I got the upper and lower cross ties up drilled and rivered and the bolts installed and torqued.
2013-08-16 Aft Fuselage Box Worked on the rear section of the aft Fuselage. I got all the parts installed, pilot drilled and up drilled. I took the tail and put it on to get the holes for the tail spring mount match drilled. I would have more pictures of the tail but the camera battery died.
2013-08-18 Aft fuselage box Got all of the tail spring mount area de burred and riveted. I hand set the rivets on the upper shear web to the bulkhead.
2013-08-25 Rudder cable and Bowden housing for the trim tab I got the rudder cable and the cable housing for the trim tab installed. I also put the Elevator pushrod in to see how it fits
2013-08-25 F20 Turtle deck Today I made the clips and turtle deck channel. I also spent a fair amount of time re organizing the shop to make room to build the forward and aft fuselage.
2013-08-28 Misc. rear fuselage parts Over the past 3 days I got the rudder cables, Bowden trim cable housing and the turtle deck formers finished. I have been working 13 hours a day so I go down in the morning at 4am and work for 1/2 hour then when I get home at about 9pm I do another 1/2 hour.
2013-09-01 Turtle Deck Formers finished the formers -02 and -01 today. I had some problems with -01 I forgot to bend the 2nd one opposite to make the other side.
2013-09-02 Turtle deck Skins Worked on the turtle deck skins today. It took a long time to get the skins laid out. I double checked the measurement of the length to the aft end and found I used 64ths and not 32nd so I made the correction. I got the right skin cut out then I match drilled all the holes except for the ones that join the skins. On those holes I match drilled the holes on each end. Then I flipped the right skin. Marked a line 1/4 inch from the edge where the holes need to be on the left skin (left skin goes on top when assembled). Then I drilled into the table with the skins aligned and clecoed the skins together to the table and match drilled the holes into the left skin with the right on top to locate the hole position. The next step I laid the right skin back in top of the left and checked the alignment of the holes and finished drawing the cut lines.
2013-09-04 Skins F20-01 Finished the turtle deck skins this morning. Also got the lower longerons deburred on the fuselage.
2013-09-08 Turtle deck Skins Worked a long day and got the turtle deck skins assembled and riveted today. I was able to get the skins onto the fuselage by myself It was not that hard. I started with the #5 former then did the #4 former and that was a disaster I will re make them again. I moved on to the #1 former and got both sides started.
2013-09-10 Turtle deck Got the #5 former installed and the forward splice plate and the fwd and aft clips installed.
2013-09-11 Turtle Deck Formers I installed the #3, and #2 formers and re made the left #4 former and installed it. I had to trim some of the material from the top side of the right formers to get the proper clearance.
2013-09-12 Up drill Turtle deck Up drilled the Turtle deck skins. Everything I could get from the outside.
2013-09-13 Turtle deck up drill and de burr Got the turtle deck up drilled and de burred.
2013-09-14 Turtle deck de burr and re assemble I did 2 hours before work today. Got the rest of the turtle deck de burred and re assembled it. I got half of the rivets installed in the skins.
2013-09-15 Turtle Deck Riveting Riveted the 75% of the Turtle deck tonight. The HF rivet gun needs to be serviced so I will finish in the morning before work.
2013-09-16 Turtle Deck Complete Completed riveting the turtle deck. I laid the tail on to get a photo.
2013-09-17 Polishing I did 2 passes of F9 on the right side of the aft fuselage and turtle deck.
2013-09-18 More polishing I got a total of 2 passes F9 and 1 pass C. Still need to do the bottom skin
2013-09-19 Misc tasks done De burred the elevator hinge. Installed the 2 cover plates. Removed the lower skin and started to de burr. Did a little cleanup from polishing.
2013-09-21 Not painting POLISHING Today I spent 7 hours polishing the Vertical Stabilizer, Horizontal Stabilizer and the Rudder. Everything has 2 passes of the F9 grade polish and 1 pass of the C grade polish. I am using the NuVite system
2013-09-22 POLISHING Polished the elevator, lower aft fuselage skin and inspection covers
2013-09-28 F17 Lower firewall cut out. -12, -11, -10 clips finished. Floor and firewall stiffener done.
2013-09-29 F17 Finished the lower firewall. Made the forming block for the upper firewall. marked the stainless steel for the fuel filler and the upper firewall.
2013-10-04 Upper Firewall
2013-10-07 Upper Firewall This has not been a very productive weekend. Working with stainless steel really sucks. It is so hard that cutting and shaping is slow. I got everything cut out and deburred I am trying to get the windshield strap on the flange but it just takes too much force to get it in place. So I gave up for the night. I did get the fuel filler box done.
2013-10-13 Upper Firewall I worked on and off this week on the upper firewall, strap and filler box.I have to say that stainless steel sucks. I got another pretty deep cut on my finger tip from a burr on a pilot hole. I took the advise from sonextalk users to check the flange every few inches and finess the flange angle from 77 degrees to 94 degrees. it took a lot of clamps and patients to get the strap on the firewall. Then I attached the filler box and up drilled. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the 3/32 rivet holes dimpled as I had to order the dies from ACS.
2013-10-14 Upper Firewall Finished I finished dimpling deburring and riveting the upper firewall today. I finally got everything to fit well. I put 3M fire sealer on all the joints to seal the cabin.
2013-10-17 F16 I finished the 2 Z channels.
2013-10-19 F16 Worked on the tunnel assembly.I got all the parts made and laid out. Pilot drilled everything and clecoed together. Then because the assembly gets countersunk and dimpled I up drilled to #31 disassembled and up drilled all the parts that get countersunk to #30. I dimpled the .032 sheet and had to modify one of my countersinks so I can get close to the angle. I was looking on Mike Smith's log and found that there are more holes that need to be added if you are doing conventional gear. they are found on page F01. The hole go where the gear mount goes for tricycle gear.
2013-10-20 F16-Lower skin I marked cut out and drilled the lower skin.
2013-10-23 Page F15 Over the past 3 days I knocked out all the parts on page F15. The flap drive blocks were a bit of an exercise since the first try I used a series of drill bits to up drill to 1". When I got to the last bit I noticed the bit drifted off center so I started over and used a 1" paddle bit to drill the hole. I will go but a brake hone to enlarge the hole slightly if needed .
2013-10-25 F14 Got the -10 gussets and -13R and -13L done.
2013-10-26 F14 Worked on more parts. I got 1/2 the parts done today.
2013-10-27 F14 parts Finished all but the -01 assemblies.
2013-10-30 F14 Finished page F14. Not much goes into making the parts on this page. It just takes time.
2013-10-31 F13 parts Made the longerons doubler and phlonic.
2013-11-02 F13 Forward Fuselage Skins and Longerons Finished the Longerons I cut the slots in the pholnic using an 1/8 inch drill bit I drilled a hole at each end then drilled small holes about 1/16 inch deep by 1/2 inch long then I used the drill bit like a mill bit to remove the material. Also got the skins cut out and one done except for deburr the other one needs to be filed.
2013-11-03 F12 Fwd Fuselage Skin Assembly I started to assemble the right and left forward fuselage skins. I followed the assembly notes doing the right and left at the same time. I guess I got comfortable and miss placed the gear attach angle on the wrong side of the line. I sent Sonex an email to see what they say to do. Since I am not using the angle for the gear (i'm building a taildragger) I hope I can just attach it where I drilled it. I will wait to see what Sonex sez.
2013-11-05 F12 Forward Fuselage Skins I heard back from Kerry. He told me I could just fill the miss drilled holes with rivets. So I moved on and put the gear attach angle in place where it belongs. Then I continued to install the upper and lower motor mounts and the gussets. Getting late so I called it quits for the night. There are more photos on my flicker account. you can find the link on the expercraft home page.
2013-11-05 F12 Fwd Fuselage Skin Assembly Worked on adding more parts. I got the Lower gear angle gussets and the lower seatbelt attach and all the remaining gussets. Only have the doubler left to put on then I will start to up drill.
2013-11-06 F12 Fwd Fuselage Skin Assembly I finished attaching the firewall clips and doubler. Then I got all the rivet up drilling done on the right skin and 1/2 of them done on the left skin. Tomorrow I will finish the left skin and up drill for the bolts.
2013-11-07 F12 Fwd Fuselage Skin Assembly Updrilled the left fwd fuselage skin and then drburred the right skin and riveted the right. I left the wing attach angles until I rig the wings.
2013-11-08 f12 Fwd Fuselage Skin Assembly-Finished Right Added the bolts to the mounts. Then started the up drilling for the 3/16 hardware and deburr the left side.
2013-11-09 f12 Fwd Fuselage Skin Assembly-Finished Both Today I finished riveting and bolting both fwd fuselage skins. I had to remove the 9 CCP-44 rivets I put in the doubler on the right skin and replace them with CCP-46 rivets.
2013-11-09 F11 Forward Fuselage Assembly I moved the aft fuselage to the table and leveled it. Then I used my laser to get marks and locate the centerline on to the table. Then I set blocks and strapped it down. I am not sure if I really need to go to all this but I will get the sides pilot drilled and clecoed. Then I will square everything and clamp spreaders on the front where the forward cross ties go and then roll the airframe on its side to install the lower skins.
2013-11-10 F11 Forward Fuselage Assembly I put the right side on and put the skin under the Aft skin to see the holes for pilot drilling. Then I pilot drilled the forward right side to the Aft right side. Then I did the left side and clamped everything together. the bench layout was over kill but it did work nice to have the airframe on there to confirm all the measurements and alignment. Next I moved the whole thing to saw horses and turned the fuselage upside down ( I did it alone) then I located the lower skin per plans and pilot drilled that and clecoed. Got the lower fwd crosstie done also. The Upper fwd crosstie was not so good. I trimmed too much and will be making that part over. I am very tired so I gave it a rest. There is finally an airplane in my shop. I does feel good!!!
2013-11-13 Remade Upper Cross Tie Attach lower firewall I remade the upper forward cross tie and got it attached. The 32" measurement is spot on. Also got the lower firewall on. I took a bit of trimming. First the lower corners needed to be more rounded and the sides needed a small amount of trimming. But did I say I HATE STAINLESS STEEL! I will need to get some more 3/32 drill bits I just can't get through the SS. I burned up 6 bits and got one hole. I am using lots of lube and going slow also tried fast.
2013-11-14 Fuselage Splice Plates Pilot drilled the fuselage splice plates.
2013-11-15 Spar tunnel-floor stiffener-gussets Got the forward and aft spar tunnel attached and pilot drilled. Floor stiffeners and gussets and clips pilot drilled. The stiffeners I did by my self with the fuselage upside down. The firewall stiffener got clamped in place on the upper part of the firewall the lower section I used 2 shims to wedge the stiffener in place I checked to see if I saw my blue line made a few adjustments then pilot drilled and clecoed the firewall stiffener in Place. Then I clamped the gusset that attaches to both stiffeners and used it to clamp the floor stiffener on that end then I used 2 pieces of wood and a clamp to push up and hold the end near the spar box.
2013-11-16 Upper Firewall I got 2 holes in the stainless to hold the upper firewall on. Drilling the stainless sucks and I am only scratching the material. I ordered some special bits from Mc Master-Carr. I hope they do better.
2013-11-19 Match Drilling Firewall (Stainless Steel I got the drill bits from Mc Master Carr today and they worked very well in cutting through the stainless steel. They are a little pricy but it is the right tool for the job. They cut through the stainless steel where I needed to match drill.
2013-11-20 F11 Forward Fuselage Assembly-Up drilling Up drilled 99% of the fwd fuselage today. Nothing special.
2013-11-23 Aft Spar tunnel de burr Deburred the aft spar tunnel and attached the 2 hinges on the lower firewall.
2013-11-23 F11 Fwd Fuselage Deburr-drill restricted access holes I disassembled and deburred and dimple/counter sink the fwd fuselage F11 parts. I had to pilot and up drill some of the parts that I could not access. The upper firewall center hole was done when I had both upper and lower firewall off and on the bench. Also the clip for the firewall stiffener where it attaches to the upper cross tie got done when I removed the firewall. Don't forget to clamp it in place before removing the firewall.
2013-11-28 F11 Forward Fuselage Assembly Finally got the SNX-F11 page finished. Everything is bolted and riveted per plans. I put fire barrier on the firewall to seal the cockpit. I was thinking about leaving the lower forward skin clecoed until later but I am trying to "keep to the plans" and I think working on the remaining parts will go better if I make and assemble them into the fuselage since I am scratch building and have had to finesse some of the parts. There are more photos on Flicker the link is on my home page. Also If there is an angle or photo you would like me to take and add please leave the request in the guest book.
2013-11-29 F10 Gussets and Idler assembly I made the gussets and idler assemble done.
2013-12-02 F10 and F9 I got F10 finished then started F9 - 02 I got the -02 assembly riveted and installed. The thing I will have to re make are the 2 angle brackets that are bolted to the side fuselage. they are not far enough back against the vertical angle.
2013-12-06 F09 I got the lower cabin details installed into the floor and pilot drilled. Then up drilled through the lower skin and removed the assembly as a unit and up drilled then riveted it together. I did the Plan revision then relized the rivets called out in the plans are too short. I did not see anything in the revision about rivets only said to use 1/8" x 1" x 1" angle.So I drilled out the short rivets and installed the next size longer then called out in the plans.
2013-12-07 F09 and F08 Finished riveting the lower seat belt cross tie assembly. Then I started on the seat sling.
2013-12-08 F08 Seat Sling install Today I got the hinges on the seat sling. The hinge for the center position was put on the wrong side by mistake. However in hindsight I think it is better since this will avoid the rivets hitting the crosstie underneath. It fit well and I think it will be ok because the lowered seat mod has the hinge attached the same way. I started by installing the hinge pins in the center hinge to the cross tie assembly then located the upper hinge and pilot drilled and clecoed. Next I pilot drilled and clecoed the forward hinge on the spar tunnel. All was up drilled, deburred and riveted.
2013-12-09 F08 Flap and Trim quadrant Made the flap and trim quadrant today. the mounted is with clecos until the wings are rigged. In order to get the holes in the correct place on the wing attach angles I made a template from .032 sheet and clamped it on the angle and drilled the pilot holes. Then I clamped the angles in place and pilot drilled/clecoed them in place. I did the fwd one first then used the flap angle to locate the offset on the aft angle and clamped it all and pilot drilled/clecoed. Then up drilled and assembled all.
2013-12-10 Flap drive tube Prepped the flap drive tube for instalItion. Removed the powder coat with a torch and wire brush, removed the center tab. Then fitted the blocks. The left block got chamfered to allow clearance for the weld on the tube. Temporarily mounted it into the fuselage to check fit. Removed and prepped for paint and primed.
2013-12-11 Flap and brake handle Made the flap handle and started the break handle.
2013-12-12 Flap Tube assembly Mounted the flap handle to the flap tube. Also finished the brake handle and made the stop for the brake.
2013-12-13 Rudder peddle and brake assembly Finished the brake assembly. Then made the blocks for the rudder peddles. I used a small brake hone to enlarge the holes slightly for a good slip fit. then mounted the rudder peddles.
2013-12-14 Glare Shield Parts F07 parts made.
2013-12-15 Glare shield and Instrument panel I got the glare shield and instrument panel made. Then I set them in place to take a photo.
2013-12-17 Christmas present-can of peas I was telling my friend that I am close to buying the canopy. He so he got me what he thought I needed. A CAN O PEAS.
2013-12-21 Instrument Panel/Glare Shield Install & Pilot Drilling Today I finished making parts for the instrument panel. Then I installed and pilot drilled the glare shield and instrument panel.
2013-12-24 Rear spar carry through Made all the parts for the rear spar carry through.
2013-12-25 Rear Spar Carry Through finished I finished the rear spar carry through. Think I'll do the wing rigging this week.
2013-12-27 Prepared for wing rigging day I got ready for wing rigging.
1. removed the glare shield and instrument panel.
2. removed the aft main spar tunnel.
3. Organized the plans and tools needed.
4. cleared and cleaned the area I will set up to rig the wings.
2013-12-27 Day 1 Wing Rigging Started the day at 6am this morning. Got everything organized and my brother came over to help me get the fuselage and wings out of the shed and shop. We worked according to the plans. Started with leveling the fuselage both ways. I used a 4' carpenters level across the longhorns and along the longhorns. I bought 30 feet of 3/8" hose and filled it with water to level the wing tips. Removed the aft spar tunnel before the wings were put in the tunnel the left fuselage shin need to be trimmed a little to get the proper clearance. Used sawhorses and shims to support the wing tips in level. Then went to work on the rear spar carry through. Pined the carry through to the aft wing spars then measured the incidence and blocked the aft wing in place. Squared the wings to the aft fuselage skin. I used some mason line and tied from the wing tied downs to the tailwheel mount and snugged it up a bit to hold the square. Then I got the attachment angles pilot drilled and clecoed. The shear angle was a problem I made it a little too wide on the wider side so I remade it for a better fit. In order to get it on I marked it and removed the carry through and pilot drilled the angle on using the marks. Put the carry through back on and pilot drilled the angle to the lower fuselage cross tie. Then drilled the 3/16 hole through the forward angle and up drilled it to 1/4". I used bolts to hold the wing in place and up drilled everything I could get to. Removed the assembly and finished up drilling, de burring and riveted per the plans. Re installed the assembly and riveted per plans. I kept re checking the measurements through out the entire process. It was a good 11 hour day. More photos on flicker
2013-12-28 Day 2 Wing Rigging Started the day riveting the rear spar in and pinning the rear wing. Modified the water level to include a block to mount it to the wing and added a few drops of red dye to each end. Rechecked level and square. Followed the plans for drilling the Main Spar except I carefully chased the hole as a final step. Here are the steps.
1. Remove the aft spar tunnel.
2. Lightly clamp the spars together w/ 6" c-clamps.
3. Drill from back to front right side with a 1/4" drill bit (used lots of cutting oil).
4. Insert 1/4" pin on right side from the front
5. Drill from back to front Left side with a 1/4" drill bit (used lots of cutting oil)
6. Insert 1/4" pin on the left side from the front
7. Backed off the pins so the aft spar tunnel can go back on.
8. Installed the aft spar tunnel.
9. Removed the pin on the left.
10. Up drill from front to back with 1/4" to 3/8" pilot drill bit.(used lots of cutting oil)
11. Removed the angle on the side that interferes with drilling from back to front.
12. Up drilled from back to front. (used lots of cutting oil)
13. Carefully chased the hole with a 3/8" bit that will go all the way through. (used lots of cutting oil) I did not have a 3/8" reamer which would have been better.
14. Insert the 3/8" pin (It was a tight fit and needed to be tapped in with a plastic hammer)
15. Repeat for the right side.
All through this process I checked and double checked level and square. I also used lots of cutting oil.
After the wings were done I installed the root doublers and trimmed them to accept Van's wing root weather strip.
There are more photo's on Flicker.
2013-12-30 Aft Spar tunnel riveted and flap tube/brake handle Riveted the aft spar tunnel in except for the 6 solid rivets at the ends of the tunnel. I need someone to help me buck them. Also got the flap tube and brake handle installed. I used a small brake hone to open the pholenic a little for a good fit. There was a slight interference with getting the handle in the 30 degree position. It was hitting on the upper portion of the forward attach handle. I took down a little material off the attach angle and the notch. It fits tight so i may take a small amount of material off brake handle in the area where it was hitting. That will give a little more clearance. All in all I am happy the way it came out.
2014-01-02 Glare shield/Fuel Tank Worked on riveting on the forward attach angles on the glare shield and finished deburing the edges and rivet/bolt holes. Put felt on the fuel tank straps (the plans say that felt is not needed on the rotationally molded sonex fuel tank). I had to cut about an 1/8" off the neck of the fuel tank. I used a small hand saw and sanded it smooth I did the sawing on the bench with the tank upside down to reduce the debris getting in the tank. Then I drilled out the plastic behind the fittings per the instruction sheet and chased the threads. Then plugged the 2 holes for the sight tube (I am not doing a sight tube). I tried to test fit but it sure is hard to get the straps together. Since it is hard to treat the fuel tank with TLC during installation I am going to add the finger strainer, valve and fuel probe after the tank is installed. I do not want to accidentally bump the firings during the install. There is not much room to get in to do the plumbing but it is butter to fight the space then having to fix a broken fitting.
2014-01-03 Glare shield/Fuel Tank Install Riveted and bolted the glare shield. Then completed the fuel tank install. Bolted the straps to the longerons. Then I went ahead and plumbed the tank and checked for leaks. All was good. I removed the upper firewall. Put the tank in its place and used the balls of my feet to push it home. I followed the instruction sheet for the fuel tank installation. Next I got under the tank and tried to get the straps bolted together. Used safety wire to pull the ends together. I had to use much longer blots for the aft strap and the bolt called out in the plans worked for the front strap. It took a lot of time to get the straps done. This was as frustrating as the stainless steel.
2014-01-03 Tail Spring/Tail Wheel Assembly Installed the tail spring and started assembling the tail wheel pivot.
2014-01-04 Tailwheel Assembly Finished the tailwheel assembly and mounted it to the tail spring.
2014-01-12 Attaching VS and HS. What a big pain in the butt Major problems getting the elevator clearance correct. First of all I got the HS lined up at the 3 1/4" mark and drilled all the holes to mount it. Then I checked the elevator for the proper movement. I had to grind some of the horn off to get the up angle correct. then I put the VS on got it all lined up and drilled the forward 3 holes and clecoed them. I went to check the movement of the rudder and there was interference in the up travel. I contacted Sonex about trimming off some of the bump that is welded on the back of the elevator horn. They said it was ok but DO NOT GET INTO THE WELD! I took a little off and tested the fit and now the VS skin needs to be trimmed in the corner. I did trim the skin a little and got close but now the horn is hitting on the 2 bolt heads on the VS. I got to thinking about what was wrong. While I was at work thinking about the problem I came up with checking the elevator hinge half that is on the HS to see if it is in the correct position and checking how the horn lines up on the root ribs. I found that the hinge was off (to the back) about 1/16 and the horn was about the same. The horn was not quite flush to the front of the rib. So I re made the hinge and put it where it should have been and remade the root ribs and re mounted the horn flush. I think since this was the first parts I made I thought it was ok. I re mounted the HS and VS and checked the travel of the elevator down is good but up goes past the 160 degrees because of what I trimmed. I made a pad to bolt on the angle to make up for the missing material. I now have everything bolted on and torqued. This was about 12 hours of work over the past week.
2014-01-17 Rudder Installed the rudder. I had to re do the hinge on the VS to get the two hinge pieces to line up. The rudder stops required 2 flush rivets each and some trimming on the aft end. Also trimmed the rudder horn to get the proper deflection. Installed the trim cable and trim tab.
2014-01-18 Tail fairing Made both fairings and the 2 angle pieces. The fairings were very easy to make I cut them out and made the bend on the edges close them I used a 2" steel pipe and pushed and rolled the fairing over the pipe then test fit and finished bending the edges.
2014-01-19 Finish up Empennage Made and installed the rudder cable fairings, tailwheel pushrod, rudder cables and springs.
2014-01-22 Misc. bits and pieces I finished the tail install today. I needed a shorter bolt (-6)for the elevator horn and a longer (-24) bolt for the tailwheel. I got them installed and raft finished the tail.
2014-01-25 Engine mount The engine mount was installed today. Leveled the fuselage. I used my laser plumb to mark fuselage reference lines on the floor and then I marked the reference lines for the mount on the floor. I used the laser and a 4' level to check the placement of the "tubes".Clamped the mount to the fuselage using door shims as spacers to get the proper measurement from the center line. Measured and made the spacers for the mount. The left I used .090 the right I used .125. Re clamped the mount to the fuselage with the spacers it is a nice snug fit and the tubes are each at their mark from the centerline. Checked the measurements of where the mount should sit (The "tubes" where the engine bolts to the mount are the important measurements). Then made some small adjustments to get it just right. Drilled 1/8" pilot holes. Checked the measurements again. Up drilled to 3/16". Started to install the gear legs. I will up drill to 1/4" after I have the gear legs on and fitted as I remove the legs and mount for deburr. Check my flicker account for more photos.
2014-01-25 Drilling main gear Drilled the top of the main gear legs. The legs came slightly longer then 34" I do not want to cut the titanium so i will let the few 32nds run out the top of the mount. I measured and marked the 34" with a V in the photo then marked 33 1/2" up from the axel end to get the 1/2" from the end measurement shown on the plans. I used my Drill Rite jig in the drill press to get the hole centered and straight. Used a lot of cutting oil when drilling. Drilling the titanium is easier than drilling stainless steel in my opinion. Removed the powder coat from inside the mount with a small brake hone. slid the leg into the mount and aligned the hole in the leg with the hole in the mount and drilled the back side of the mount to "C" size drill bit. The leg has a very snug fit in the mount.
2014-01-26 Engine mount and main landing gear I got the main gear mounted to the engine mount then put the whole assembly on the fuselage. I did have the same clearance issue with the lowest bolts. They were a little long and hit the gear leg tube. I filed the bolts a small amount and got them to fit. I was very slow getting the lower nuts and washers on.
2014-01-26 Wheel assembly Assembled the wheels. They were very easy to do there was no flashing at all and they lined up perfectly.
2014-01-29 Setting Toe In I used 2 apple boxes from work to prop up the angle I used across the landing gear. Then used some scrap MDF as a stand off to get the axels to line up. I blocked and secured everything so that it won't move during drilling. I got one 3/16 hole on the right gear done. My Cobalt bits dare dull so I will need to go buy more tomorrow.
2014-01-30 Modified Brake actuator Used the Scotch Brite wheel and a file to round the corners. Then finished with sand paper. I used a pair of snap ring pliers to spread the shoes being very careful to keep my fingers out of harms way. There is a lot of pressure from the springs and it would leave a mark if you get your fingers caught.
2014-01-31 Setting Toe in and Axel drilling I used my Drill Rite jig to drill the axel in place. It took a bit of tome and a lot of oil to get each hole drilled out to 1/4". It is done and most of the wheel parts are ready for assembly.
2014-02-03 Fuel Vent I got the fuel vent line installed per plans.
2014-02-08 Cable install Installed the cable housing. The housing I got from Aircraft Spruce was a little larger then 3/16 OD. So I had to open the hole in the block that mounts to the motor mount to 7/32 and sand the end down on the end that goes into the 3/16 hole I drilled out on the axel end. I put heat shrink over the cable housing and the cable guide on the axel. I also put heat shrink over the end of the cable after I adjusted the brakes (I do not like to get poked). Also got the AN steel bolts installed per the service bulletin. Note that Sonex removed the warning from the plans about the use of cad plated hardware.

There are a lot more photo's on flicker at
2014-02-08 Gascolator and fuel line from the tank It was a long hard road to figure out how to mount the gascolator. I got a lot of information together. The gascolator I got from Aircraft Spruce is from Usher it is different from the one in the plans. I am trying to keep the build as close to plans as possible. What I came up with is to make a bracket from 3.5" x 3.5" x 1/8" angle. I used only one angle. I found a low profile AN plug for the unused hole on the side that faces the firewall. Located and pilot drilled the gascolator to the firewall. The firewall is flimsy so I made a channel from .032 sheet to mount inside the cockpit to stiffen the firewall. Then carefully located where to put rivets so I do not hit the motor mount. Pilot drilled the stiffener in place and match drilled the gascolator holes. Removed all parts and deburred and riveted all in place. To get the fuel line figured out I used 1/8" copper tubing to make a "template" of how the line should be bent. Then I removed the copper tubing and bent the fuel line to match the copper tubing. I simply used a pulley screwed to the work table to bend the tube. I transferred the marks from the copper tube to the fuel line for the proper length. Kept it a little longer to allow for flanging and errors. Put the fuel line in the fitting without flaring to get a feel for how it fits. Waiting for the grommet to come from ACS. I will flair and finish the fuel line installation when the grommet comes.

There are many more photo's in the firewall forward set on flicker at.
2014-02-09 Battery Box I made the battery box and clecoed it to the firewall. I will rivet it when I have the battery so that I can make sure the fit is good. I also did some miscellaneous work on the flap handle and miss drilled holes.
2014-02-09 ELT Mount I made a mount to get clearance for the screws on the ELT mount. It is made from 0.32 sheet.
2014-02-11 ELT Mounted the ELT to the base I made and roughed in where it will go under the right seat.
2014-02-15 Rivet ELT Mount into Fuselage Riveted the ELT under the right seat. I have been going over where to put the antenna. I did put in a 402 Mhz ELT and the antenna is different than the 121.5 only ELT. I am not one of those that believe an ELT is obsolete. So I have decided to mount the antenna on the forward turtle deck about 2 inches back from the canopy.
2014-02-16 Main Stick Controls Worked on getting the assembly put together. I removed the powder coat from the horn with a torch and wire brush. The large bushings are to be press fit into the control triangle but they were a loose fit. I ended up masking the part and painting inside the tube where the bearings fit. While the pains dried I worked on getting the bearings to fit on the horn. I used a scrap piece of plastic tube to wrap sandpaper around and used this to sand the inside of the bearing to get a tight fit. When the paint dried I press fit the bearings into the triangle. Drilled an 1/8" pilot hole on the lower outside of the stick handle then put the handle on the horn lined it up straight to the horn and drilled 1/8" hole all the way through. Updrilled to 1/4" and disassembled and deburred. Re assembled adding grease to the bearings. Installed the link rod to the right horn. the bearing needed a little sanding to get the clearance to .016. The plans call for the clearance to be from .031 to .016. I stopped there for the night.
See more photos on flicker.
2014-02-16 Finished fuel line to gascolator Flared and installed the fuel line to the gascolator from the fuel tank. Also put the quick drain on and safety wired the screws holding the bowl on.
2014-02-17 Panel Layout I laid out the panel. I think it will be simple yet very functional.
2014-02-17 Controls completed Finished the control rod linkage. Then installed the assembly into the fuselage. I needed to add washers to each side to account for the extra clearance. It took 3 960-416 and 1 960-416L washers on each side and an AN3-10A drilled bolt. Next I installed the Idler link and finished the elevator control rod. That completes the controls except for the bungee cord and the items to be finished when I install the wings at the airport.
More photos on Flicker.
2014-02-18 Main gear fairings Got the fairings fitted. I moved some of the holes slightly on the backing plate side to clear the gear legs.
2014-02-23 Right Gear Leg Fairing It took 3 try's to make one fairing. The first one was too long and had a twist the second one was too short and I did not put the hinge on first. The third fairing I shortened by 1 " to 24" long attached the hinge and used a 1" pipe to make the bend. then I tried to get it on to figure out how to run the pin from inside the fuselage into the fairing. I was having a very hard time figuring it out. So I took a break and looked online for a solution. I found someone who made 2 pins and installed them from the center. I cut out a notch and some of the hinge. Made 2 hinge pins and installed onto the gear legs got the fairing alined and drilled a hole into the floor and the pant. It fits tight. I need to trim the pins and drill for safety wire to keep the pins in place.
2014-02-23 ELT Antenna and cable installed the ELT antenna. I made a .60 doubler. Mounted on the forward turtledeck. I want to be able to reach the cable for the annual inspections. It is also recommended that it be on the top of the aircraft.
2014-02-24 Left Gear Leg Fairing Made the Left fairing and started to fit it. It will need some minor trimming. It is getting late and will finish tomorrow.
2014-02-25 Left Gear Leg Fairing Finished the left fairing. I got the holes drilled in the floor and wheel pant for the pins. It all fits snug. I will have to do some minor trimming when I do the cowl.
2014-02-26 Windscreen Made the windscreen bow. Did a test fit and trimmed it down. put the lexan in and bent over the upper fuselage skin over to match the angle of the lexan. I was tired so I stopped for the night to think about how to proceed.
2014-02-27 Windscreen fitting Today I continued fitting and trimming the windscreen. It was a lot of on and off doing very small amounts of trimming at a time. I started on the sides and got it close enough that I need to sand off what little needs to be trimmed. Then I marked with tape the trim for the front. I made all the cuts on the bandsaw. Used some #4 cotton line to "strap it down" tight.
2014-03-01 Windscreen install Trimmed the lexan than drilled and clecoed the sides and front of the windscreen. Pilot drilled the windscreen bow and lexan then inserted the bow strap I marked it at the 3/8" that sticks out. I just scratched the strap with a 3/32" drill bit. Took the strap out and pilot drilled it. Re installed the bow strap and up drilled to #29. I got a good fit and took it all apart. Taped the bow with no issues. Others had broken the tap off but when I use a tap I get it started and when it starts to bind slightly I back to off a turn then go two turns and back it off a little con tuning this process until I am done. I have everything ready to paint and assemble.
2014-03-02 Paint Glareshield and Bows/Windscreen install I got the glare shield and bows painted then installed the windscreen. Got the screws in the bow but the screws called out for the rest of the windscreen are too short. I will have to order longer screws.
2014-03-03 Vents Installed one of the RV vents on the left side. It was very easy. I need to do some fine tuning.
2014-03-03 Transponder, MGL Xtreme Installed the Sandia 165R transponder under the seat on the right side. Then ran the cables to the panel. Also got the MGL Xtreme mounted to the panel. Wired the PTT switches in the stick grip and mounted the grip onto the control stick.
2014-03-04 Panel and engine electrical planing Spent several hours drawing up a schematic and panel lay out. The idea is to keep it simple. I am installing an Aerovee and will have the following instruments. MGL Xtreme, Garmin 295 GPS in an air gizmos panel dock, Sandia 165R Transponder, MGL V6 Radio, Air king 406Mhz ELT. Lighting will be 2 Duckwotks LED Landing lights, AveoFlash position/strobe on the wings and Aveo Posi strobe on the tail. I have incorporated a keyed switch to use in place of a push button starter switch. There will also be an oil pressure switch attached to a red warning light on the panel and an amber warning light from the EFIS with a test button for both lights.
2014-03-08 wind screen nuts and bolts Today I had help from my nephew Julian who has some very long arms. He was able to reach all the way in to get the nuts on the screws. it took a bit of time but we got all of them in. After that he made his first part. The canopy lock.
2014-03-09 Canopy Parts/Xponder antenna/Lower aft skin Made all the parts for the canopy except for the bows (I need that material). Then made the assemblies. The left side got the alignment pin and safety pin installed. It took some time to get the latch to move easy. There was alot of fitting and filling the latch. I was thinking about doing the mod to keep the canopy cracked for taxi but in my rule to Keep I Simple I kept to the plans. My other thought was that since I am going with the Aerovee I will be getting cooked before the engine on the ground kind of a safety factor. Then I moved on to the lower aft skin. I installed the Xponder antenna behind the luggage area where I could reach it to get the cable on. I used a doubler made from .025 scrap. I want the antenna far from my body as it emits a strong signal that can't be good for me and it gives plenty of distance from the comm antenna. Then clecoed the lower skin onto the fuselage. Tomorrow I will fix the air vents I did not cut out the skin enough to get the door to fit flush.
2014-03-15 Lower Skin Riveted I couldn't see any reason not to rivet the lower skin onto the fuselage so I went ahead and and riveted.
2014-06-24 Rough in holes Layed out and drilled the holes for the switches and breakers.
2014-06-29 More holes I cut more holes and tried the parts on for size.

Garmin 295 GPS (Panel mount)
USB power port
Sandia Transponder (remote)
Ameri-King AK-451 ELT
2014-07-12 Primed the panel I set up to paint in the "park" between 2 roads outside of my hotel. I was able to get a primer coat on the panel today. Tomorrow I will paint the color coat.
2014-07-13 Color coat and labels Painted the color coat and added the labels. I had dry transfer labels made. they were easy to use and look great.
2014-07-20 Paint, graphics and clear coat Painted the color and put on dry transfers to label the panel. I used a company that had my order in Fedex the same day I placed the order. Here is a link to the company. I was a little pricy but the results are excellent. After I did the transfers I clear coated the panel to protect the transfers.
2014-07-26 Install switches, Breakers, GPS dock, Wire I started to install the switches breakers, GPS dock, Aux USB power, ELT remote, Starter switch. After I had the basics mounted I started to wire everything. The first thing I did was make bus bars for the breakers and install jumpers to the avionics switch and bus bar, The starter switch and aux power. Then I ran the wires from the breakers to the switches for the lights. Hooked up the GPS power and started to figure out how to set up the "test" switch for the oil and EFIS warning lights. I ordered another pushbutton switch (DPST) this way I don't have both lights come on for either warning. I'm getting tired so I will give up for the night and install the MGL V6 radio and harness tomorrow. I can't get too far because I need to get home and measure how long the cables will need to be for the ground block and to pass through the firewall. All this work has been done in my hotel room while working out of town.
2014-08-23 Misc. Panel Items I have spent a lot of time working on the wiring of the panel. I have all the wiring done except for the lights.
2014-08-24 Panel wiring/mount RDAC, FF penetration Today I did a lot of miscellaneous items. Made a plug harness for the lights (landing,nav,strobe). Finished labeling wires. Mounted the firewall penetration flange for the electrical cables, installed cable safe fittings for the throttle and mixture, mounted the RDAC and Master contactor.
2014-08-26 Center Throttle and headphone jacks Today was the day I picked up my canopy and throttle parts. I fabricated the bracket for the throttle quadrant and the headset jacks.
2014-08-26 Canopy blocks I made blocks for the aft canopy to rest on as I trim the canopy to size. Also laid out the shape of the bows on the work table in preparation to bend the bows.
2014-08-30 Canopy bows Made the forward and aft canopy bows. First found the center then marked the finished length. Drew the shape of the town on the table and made a jig to bend the tubing. Started in the center and bent in small steps referencing the drawing often. Bending the bows was fairly simple it just needs to be done in small steps. Also unpacked the canopy and sanded the edges getting ready to make the first cut.
2014-08-31 Throttle Quadrant and RDAC Painted, labeled, and mounted the throttle quadrant. Also ran the throttle and mixture cables through the firewall. I used cable safe fittings in the firewall. The throttle cable safe had to be enlarged to accept the cable that Sonex sent with the center mount throttle control. Also ran the RDAC cables through the firewall fitting.
2014-09-01 Canopy fitting My brother came over today to help me cut the canopy to fit in the space between the windshield and the turtledeck. I followed the Sonex instructions and video exactly and have the canopy very close to fitting. I need to sand to the final size and trim the sides a little more. We were working on cutting which was fairly easy. My brother said "hey the first cut Sonex has you do is very far out of the final size they must have meant it to be a practice cut". The saw blade I used for the first cut was a thiner blade (1/4" wide) and i had a slight problem with it wandering on the last 18" of the last cut. So I changed the blade to a 1/2" wide blade and the cutting was flawless.
2014-09-04 More canopy work Over the past couple of days I have the canopy trimmed close to the final fit. I have started to assemble the frame. In the process of adjusting the height of the bows. I put them on the side rails and measured the distance they sit above the airframe and. It 1/2 of that measurement. Then fit it again and repeat the process. I'm not quite there yet. The next building session should get the canopy frame finished.
2014-09-07 Canoy frame and canopy Over the past 2 days I got the canopy frame and canopy fitted. The frame is riveted. There was a lot of off and on.
2014-09-08 Canopy trim and test fit On and off. This has been the theme for this section of the build. Today before work I trimmed a little more off the left side of the canopy. Then I put it back on to check the fit. Still need to take off about 1/8" forward and aft on the left side. Also need to put the spacers on the aft frame to hold it 1/2" off the bulkhead. All is lining up well except for a small section on the right aft side. I think I will have to add a rubber washer or two to get it to be flush with the skin.
2014-09-09 Canopy holes and frame prime I dulled drill bits as seen on the hints for home builders video. I did 3/32, #30, and 9/64. It basically melted through the canopy. I put the canopy on the frame and marked the holes and removed to drill. Then drilled 3/32 and deburred the up drilled to #30 and deburred. Backed up the plastic with wood when drilling. Then clecoed the canopy to the frame and marked the slot for the lock. Drilled a line of holes for the slot and filed it to size then up drilled to 9/64 and back on for size. Then removed and primed the frame.
2014-09-12 Rivet Canopy to Frame Got the canopy riveted to the frame. All went well working with the plexiglas. I have had problems getting the frame just right. It is sitting a little below the surface of the turtle deck. I will try to finesse it to get it closer. This will be something I may rework after it is flying.
2014-09-18 Wiring I laced up the ground and power cables tonight. getting as much done on the bench.
2014-09-20 Wiring Started to run the wiring. Set the panel in place and ran the wires to find the path and length. Then started to erin and add ends to the grounds.
2014-09-24 Under panel wiring Worked on finishing the wiring under the panel. Got most if the connections done and wires organized. Picked up the odyssey battery and test fit it into the box. It goes in and out with no problems.
2014-09-24 Leak test I put about 8gallons of water into the fuel tank and let it sit over night. There were no leaks in the tank fittings or lines up to the gascolator.
2014-09-25 Misc work finishing wiring under panel and FWF Worked on cleaning up under the panel. Ran the PTT wire from the stick to under the seat. Connected the master contactor braided some of the wires and finished the firewall penetration fitting.
2014-09-26 Battery box Finished up the battery box. re formed the top tie down to better fit the Odyssey p-625 battery then drilled and riveted all the holes. The box was slightly touching the motor mount so I put a small heater hose on the mount to keep the battery box from rubbing.
2014-09-27 PTT wires finished wires cleaned and installed Finished the PTT wires. Soldered them together and laced the wires. Ran the transponder antenna cable. And cleaned up all the wiring.
2014-09-27 Polished lower FWD fuselage Spent 2 hours on my back polishing the lower forward fuselage skin. I did 2 passes of F9 and one pass of C.
2014-09-29 Battery ground/Polish/Test run instruments Polished the fwd fuselage sides 2x F9 and 2x C. Installed the Ground cable from the battery to the ground block. Then held my breath and turned on the panel. every thing came on. I did not run through much of the functions or test the radio. I will do a better test on the weekend.
2014-10-15 Wheel Pants Filled and sanded the seam on the wheel pants.
2014-10-24 Ordered my Aerovee today Waiting to hear back from Sonex. I mailed in the order form today. I will be doing a top mount oil cooler. At some point after I have time and money I may go to the turbo.
2014-11-08 AHARS Attitude and Compass Made a mount for the AHARS. When I picked up the AHARS from MGL Matt told me to make sure the mount did not flex like the skin. He also told me that there has been good results using velcro to attach the instruments to the mount.
2014-11-09 AHARS wiring Finished up wiring the AHARS. I also got a registration holder from Pep Boys to put my registration into.
2014-11-15 Wing Stand I made a wing stand using plans from Eric Witherspoon. I made a small change in the base and used large pneumatic wheels. I have a lot of rough terrain at my house.
2014-11-19 Pick up and inventory I picked up the Aerovee at Con Way Freight today. Then unpacked and inventory all the parts.
2014-11-19 Crank prep After the inventory was completed I got all the parts for the Crank build up out and reviewed the manual and video. I have 2 new tubs (for plaster mixing) I use one to pour mineral spirits over the parts and the other to damp wipe the parts. I removed the allen screw plugs and thoroughly cleaned the crank inside and out. I blew out the oil passages with compressed air. Then I re-installed the plugs using blue 242 Locktite per the manual. The Crank was then put into the freezer over night. The oil hole in the #1 Bearing got enlarged to #30 and the rough edges removed. All the remaining parts were cleaned in mineral spirits. Got all the tools ready for the assembly tomorrow.
2014-11-20 Inventory and crank shaft prep Inventoried and cleaned the crank. Also removed the allen screws and put Loctite and re installed.
2014-11-21 Crank assembly Started to assemble the crank. I placed the crank into the freezer last night. Installed the bearings and got everything laid out in the kitchen. Used a BBQ thermometer to confirm the temperature, heated the cam gear and prop hub for 2.5 hours at 475 degrees working next to the oven and quickly placed the cam gear onto the crank. I slipped right on. The clip was not that easy to get on but it went on after a little bit. Then I put the oil slinger on and tried to get the woodruff in for the prop hub. It was a tight fit so I tried to tap it in with a plastic hammer. I slightly bent the oil slinger and stopped and sent an email to Sonex. They said I should put the slinger on the crank and set it into a case half. If it does not touch the case it will not damage the engine. They could not say if it would work 100% as it should. I was able to get the slinger back to the original shape. It did not touch the case. I decided to use it . I put the slinger on and put the woodruff in. I used a brass drift and plastic mallet to tap it in. Then put the hub into the oven for 1.25 hours at 465. The crank was in the freezer for 7 hours since the first attempt. Took the hub out and slid it on and it stopped 1/2 way I tried to use the single jack and a block of wood to get it to seat but it would not budge. That is where I stopped and contacted Sonex again. They said I could press it off and try again. This time I should heat it for 3 hours ( the more the better). I will go to a friends house on sunday and try to get the hub off the crank. That is where I am at now.
2014-11-23 Removed prop hub from crank shaft I went to a friends house to remove the hub from the crank shaft. We used a 20 ton press. We set the hub on brackets to hang the assembly. Then used a socket and 1/2" drive extension down the center hole and used it to push the crank shaft out of the prop hub. I held on to the crank like it was a baby. I did not want it to fall on the floor. I took the parts home and will get a chance to redo the prop hub after thanksgiving week.
2014-11-23 Cleaned case and assembled the cam shaft Since I can't get to the oven until after thanks giving week I went ahead and cleaned the case. I vacuumed and dry brushed with a nylon brush. Then used mineral spirits to wash the case and oil galleries. It looked very clean before I used the mineral spirits but a lot of debris came out. Next I assembled the cam shaft. Used red loctite and torqued to 20 ft. lbs.
2014-12-03 Mask and painting the case Over the last week I masked the case for painting. Today I painted it before going to work. I used black BBQ paint which is recommended in the plans.
2014-12-07 Prop hub INSTALLED!!! I finally had a chance to get the prop hub on the crank shaft. I put the crank into the freezer for 2 days and baker the hub in the oven for 4 hours at 512 degrees. I got everything setup in the kitchen this evening and the hub just slipped right on. I just gave it a tap with the palm of my hand and it bottomed out on the oil slinger. I put the bolt and bushing in with an impact gun and am letting it cool until the morning so I can remove the bolt and loctite and torque the bolt.
2014-12-07 Removed tape from case and mounted case half I removed the tape from the case and mounted the left half on the motor mount. The EMPI mount I got was the cheap one, around $20.00. I had to file the holes bigger to get the bolts to line up.
2014-12-07 Case assembly Started the case assembly today. Everything fit well and aligned perfectly with no clearance issues. The only thing that did not go right was with the 12 small case bolts. Some of them only go 1/2 way on. I did not touch those studs and did not think to check the length. I sent a note to sonex about it. I hope sonex tells me I can simply back out the studs a little. other than that it was a good day.
2014-12-11 Case fixes I went ahead and split the case to back out the studs that were short. I removed them and added blue locktite. Now they will be flush. I only had to back them out a couple of turns. Then I used isopropyl alcohol to remove the permatex h3 gasket maker. Since I was not happy with the way I did the measurement of the end play shimming the first time. I went ahead and re did it. I saw in the instructions that there should be from .004 to .006 gap for the end play. I set the end play at .004 using 5 shims. I am ready to re seal the case which I should get to tonight after work. I did not want to split the case but it was easy and the peace of mind is priceless.
2014-12-12 Mating case halves (2nd time) After getting the case halves cleaned with soap and water to make sure there was no alcohol residue. I went ahead and put permatex aviation form a gasket 3h on both halves and put the case together. Everything fits great. No clearance issues and the nuts fit flush now.
2014-12-14 Installed Cylinders and heads I made some progress today. I finished the cylinders and heads. Measured the deck height and it was between 0.00 and 0.010. According to the shim chart for the 8.0:1 compression ratio all I need to add is one 0.06 shim. I heard a lot of others had to trim the studs for rocker arm clearance. So I put 2 cylinders and the heads on and measured then removed the heads and cylinders. Covered all the holes and cut the studs with a dremel tool. All went well here today. next weekend I will tackle the rocker arms and pushrods. I have followed the instructions very closely. check out my flicker account for many more photos.
2014-12-17 Rocker assembly I got the rocker arms/pads aligned according to the manual. It took a little time on and off. Ready to do the pushrods next.
2014-12-18 Cut to fit pushrods & final rocker install Measured the pushrods with the tool supplied in the Aerovee kit. I used a pipe cutter to cut the rod to length. Then used a deburring tool to finish and help the ends get started. I used 320 grit sandpaper for the outer edges. Then heated the end of the pushrod with a heat gun and used a custom split C-clamp to press the ends in. Installed the pushrods in the tubes with white lithium grease on both ends put the rocker assembly on and torqued to 14ft lbs. I followed the plans exactly and everything was very easy to do.
2014-12-20 Oil pump, oil seal/shims,valve adjustment I had to get slightly shorter bolts for the oil pump because it felt like the ones with the pump were bottoming out. I torqued oil pump to 14 ft lbs. Then I installed the shims 5 total 2-.36, 2-.24, 1-.32. I place the thickest on the outsides and applied a light amount of lithium grease to each one. The manual did not mention the grease but the VW rebuild book said to do the grease. I did it because it seemed logical since oil will be passing through there anyway. The oil seal got red high temp RTV and installed with a VW oil seal tool. The tool was well worth the 10 dollars. The valves were adjusted and the locking nuts on the rocker adjuster was torqued to 14 ft lbs. there are many more photos on flicker at the following link.
2014-12-21 Alternator, Top mount oil cooler, Re do gland nut I re did the gland nut because I forgot to do the loctite. then finished up the prop hub bushings, spark plugs, alternator, intake.
2014-12-23 Mount engine/wiring/timing Today I mounted the engine by myself. I made a rolling stand out of a furniture dolly and apple boxes. Everything line up and measured correctly. Then I worked on the ignition and other wiring, I got almost all of the wiring done. more photos on flicker at
2014-12-25 Exhaust/CHT probes Fitted the exhaust. I had to trim 3/4" from the left header and 1/2" from the right. The bolts that mount the headers feel like they are bottoming out so it is off to the auto parts store to get slightly shorter bolts. I will also need to shorten the springs that hold the pipes together. Then I got the CHT probes on the heads. I drilled into the heads per the instructions. This is a very uncomfortable thing to do drilling into a new engine.
2014-12-26 Exhaust finished and mounted Oil Separator Installed slightly shorter bolts into the headers. Then finished trimming the pipes I cut them off 1" below the bottom of the fuselage. Made and installed the stainless steel exhaust shield. Since I did not prepare for the shield I am scratch building I used masking tape over the rivets in the fuselage and used a fine point sharpie to mark the rivet locations. Then I put the tape on the shield and drilled the matching holes. Mounted the oil separator to the engine mount where Sonex has their separator mounted on the turbo Sonex.
2014-12-27 Cowl/Oil Separator/Intake Aeroinjector Installed the intake and aeroinjector. Then finished the Oil separator mounting. Started the cowl.I made the fitting for the prop hub and did the initial cuts for the right cowl half. So far I think this will suck. It does need a lot of work to get it to fit.
2014-12-29 Right side cowl It has been a very frustrating day. The cowl went on seemingly easy. But then I had a large gap on the top. I could not get the top of the cowl to lay down. I had the top of the firewall strap interfering so I cut some of it away. But that did not help. I scratched my head for a while then took a break. I came back and cut a relief line on the cowl about 1/2 way throughout the material. That had no affect. I walked away again. Then came back and removed the hinge and re aligned the cowl and the top just fell into place. This required me to trim another 1/8". after removing the 1/8 " and fine tuning with a sanding block I put it back on and installed the side hinge and marked the center line.
2014-12-29 Finally got the cowl to fit right I spent another 6 hours today. Took the hinge off the right side and trimmed another 3/32 off. Then trimmed the center line. Installed the left cowl and did a lot of on and off with both sides sanding and trimming small amounts all over the place. I think I have a very good start now and will fill the old hinge holes and install the hinges on the left side.
2014-12-30 More cowl work-trimming and hinges More of the same on/off/trim. I finally have it where it needs to be. I installed the hinges. The fit is good. I need to do the openings and some fiberglass work.
2014-12-31 Left cowl Worked on some minor trimming around the prop hub and did the cut out for the oil cooler (below the prop) and the air inlet. I have done the top mount oil cooler but the plans still recommend the inlet below the hub. If I have temperature issues I'll just tape over the inlet. I would rather be too cool then to hot and tape is easier then cutting the hole later and fixing the paint.
2015-01-02 Rivet Hinges and cut outs I got the hinges installed. Still needs some glass and filling. I ended up getting everything to fit considering the difficulty of this area. I did have to make a cut on the left side all the way through and remove some material along the relief cut at the firewall to get the left top to lay correctly. I know that I might have been able to get this to work by more trimming but I just wanted to get the thing fitted. That was the best solution in my opinion for my cowl. Once the glass and filling is done I think it will look pretty good. There are more photos on Flicker at https://www.flickr.com/photos/90889513@N04/
2015-01-03 Fiberglas and fuel door I filled holes that were off and made the bottom deflector and fuel door. I will be making an oil fill access door that will be very simple like an inspection cover.
2015-01-03 Rear baffle fitting Started to fit the rear baffle. I am setting up the rear like a onex with top oil cooler mount. I got the two sides on and will fab the center that will connect to the oil cooler to allow air to pass through the cooler. I also got all the parts bent.
2015-01-04 Fit and top oil cooler mod I fitted the baffle's today with out the cowl and made the mod for the top mount oil cooler.
2015-01-10 More trimming Just more on and off with the cowl. and trimming of the baffle's
2015-01-11 Baffle seals Worked on making the backing strips for the baffle seals and installed all but the front seals.
2015-01-12 Baffle seals and Oil Breather line to Separator Finished the forward baffle seals. The baffles are finished. Installed the breather hose to the oil separator.
2015-01-23 Cowl final details Every day in the morning and after work I get a little more done on the cowl. It has been filler wait for it to cure then sand. I also got the oil fill cover finished.
2015-01-23 Finishing up A little at a time finished up the oil separator fuel lines baffle seals. The last thing to do is install the throttle cable. Then I can install the prop and get the plane out to do the fuel flow test and do a first start. I am going to try to get everything moved to the Airport in the next couple of weeks.
2015-01-31 N numbers-polish-moving to the airport I worked all week a couple hours a day getting the airframe and wings ready to move. I also got my hanger at the airport and moved some stuff over.
2015-01-31 Move fuselage to the airport Today I got the fuselage moved to the hanger. My brother was going to help me but he was very sick. So I had to go it alone. I got everything loaded and tied down then made the 25 mile drive to Wm. J. Fox airfield. It took a little over an hour to make the drive going 25 and 30 mph and making stops to check the straps every 5 miles. It is now in the hanger and will get the rest of the shop moved tomorrow and the wings installed.
2015-02-01 Attached the wings I got the wings to the airport and installed them onto the fuselage. I will get the controls, flaps, and ailerons finished next weekend.
2015-02-05 Misc wing things Got the wings attached and the flaps on. Still need to finish the controls.
2015-02-05 Prop install Installed the prop and torqued to the specified amount. Checked tracking and the prop was within limits.
2015-02-05 Aero conversions center throttle Installed the throttle cable and checked that the aero injector slide had full range of movement.
2015-02-07 Install Flaps, Ailerons and their controls I took my time getting the flaps and ailerons installed. Then did the controls according to the plans. I set the sticks at neutral using 2 framing squares and tied the sticks to them so they would not move. Then spent hours getting the measurements correct. Made sure all the aurora rods ends had the correct thread engagement and all the castle nuts got cotter pins.
2015-02-08 First Start Had my first start today. Everything went very well. I still need to fine tune the Aeroinjector. The oil pressure was in the 80's at 1800 rpm. I ran the engine for les than a minute. I do have issues with CHT and EGT but I suspect the probes polarity is reversed.
2015-02-08 pitot static probe and hose Did the final install of the pitot and static hoses to the fuselage.
2015-02-10 EGT/CHT Probes fixed I fixed the polarity on the probes. Then testes them with a heat gun. They all worked good.
2015-02-12 Wing tip and nav/strobe install Painted the wing tips and light pods. Installed the tips, pods, and lights. Tested the lights. All functions worked.
2015-02-13 Weighed the plane Yesterday I went out and measured all the stations. Today I went out and weighed the airplane. I did it one wheel at a time and leveled the airplane each time. Finished the W & B paperwork and am ready for the DAR to come inspect the plane.
2015-02-15 Painted Painted the cowl, wheel pants, gear leg covers. I used rattle cans. Painted red and clear coated.
2015-02-28 Air Worthiness Inspection Well, it has been a very good day. I met my DAR Adam Valdez at 12 noon today. Today was also a performance review for him so an inspector for the Fresno FSDO came out to over see the process. Adam came highly recommended from some of my friends that have used him on their builds. The major difference in having a DAR especially Adam is that he goes over the entire airframe and engine checking for anything that may have been missed or done incorrectly. It is my understanding that the FAA is only legally required to make sure the paper work is in order. I am happy to report that the only thing he found was a slight rubbing of the aileron control rod near the bell crank. All I needed to do was bend the flange a little to get clearance. Both of them commented on the quality workmanship. I am very proud that they said that and it also relieved some stress for my question “ Is this how it should be done?” Part of what he has done for years is to sign the airframe. Some people remove it. But I am glad to see it there. I think I will keep it.
The second part of my day was to meet with Gary Aldrich from the EAA flight advisor program. We went over all aspects of my first flight including an assessment of my skills and my plan of action and “what if’s”. Since I am in the Antelope Valley very close to Edwards Air Force Base many of the people that work there are EAA members. Gary also works at the base for the Test Pilot School. I am thankful for him volunteering his time to EAA’s program.
If the weather improves I will try to get the first flight done in the next week.
2015-02-28 Air Worthiness Inspection Day I got my air worthiness certificate today. I had the inspection done by a DAR named Adam Valdez. Adam did a complete inspection of my airframe and engine for quality of workmanship and anything I may have missed. He did not find any items for me to fix.
2015-02-28 EAA Flight Advisor Meeting I met with Gary Aldrich who is an EAA flight advisor. Gary went over all of the experience I had in similar aircraft and my pilot background. We went over the plan for my first flight. The most important thing we went over was hazard mitigation. The things he suggested I do is to talk to the tower and first responders ahead of time and let them know my plan. Then on the day let them know I am a go. Have no friends or family and no cameras. This was all good advice and would insure that there was no pressure to fly should something not be right.
2015-03-28 Changed to left side throttle/mixture control I flew a couple times with the throttle in the center. I did not really like it and Sonex sent me an email sugesting I change it due to safety concerns. I test ran the engine and the change functioned well. Tomorrow I will go for a flight.
2015-04-13 Insulating fuel lines I had some heat issues on one of my test flights so I insulated my fuel lines and gascolator. I also put a 1 inch scat tube in to blow air onto the gascolator. I flew today and the engine was running strong.
2015-05-06 Fuel probe Finally got the fuel probe calibrated. I ended up having a bad black box and replaced it
2015-05-06 Flap Fairings Made and installed the flap farings
2015-08-10 Break in and test phase During the test phase I had an engine out. I believe it was due to vapor lock. I insulated the fuel line and gascolator and installed an air blast tube into the the gascolator. I am having an oil leak from the prop hub/oil slinger area I am in process of making an oil seal like Doug Raby did on his Aerovee.
2015-09-17 Chasing oil leaks During the 40 hour test phase I have been chasing some oil leaks. I always had lots of oil on the firewall and on the belly. When I parked the plane in the anger and came back a few days later there was oil on the ground. here is a list of the places I think the oil was coming from.
1. Oil on the front baffle
2. Oil blown onto the firewall through the top mount oil cooler
3. Oil blown out the top of the cowl
4. excessive oil on the belly.
What I did to fix the leaks on my engine.
I found the block off plates came loose. I torqued them and that reduced the amount of oil found on the firewall. Re torqued the oil sump plate. Replaced the oil pressure sender and tightened it more then the old one. Re torqued the oil temp sender block off plate and the sender. Re torqued the oil pump and all bolts per the Areovee 2.1instruction manual. I also installed an oil seal on the front of the case around the prop hub. I did the prop hub before the rest of the items i mentioned and there was still oil on the front baffle. So I am not sure that I needed to do that seal.
2015-12-15 moved Comm antenna I was getting interference from the engine. I purchased a new Red Tail antenna to mount on the top of the turtledeck and mounted it as far back as I could reach. I taxied around and the radio is much better. I will get out and fly to get a better Idea.