I saw the Sonex at airventure 2010. At the time I was not looking to build a plane. I have always wanted to own an older plane like a Pacer or Cessna 140. I was looking at controller one day and just happened to come across an add for plans for the Sonex by accident. Which led me to investigate the Sonex web site and what feed back there was for the plane. I was very impressed with what everyone was saying. I started to think about my missions and the Sonex will be a great fit and I will know the plane very well. The seed was planted. I bought the plans which are very detailed and started deciding if I should kit or scratch build. After much consideration I decided to scratch build most of the plane. It will be a tail wheel with dual stick, aerovee engine and lighting for night flying. Instrumentation is still up in the air but I do want to be able to shoot an approach or use the plane to stay IFR proficent. I will have to take a long hard look at instrumentation when I get to that part of the build. Since I have 99 percent of the tools I will start by building templates and forming blocks then start the tail. I have never undertaken a project like this. But I have watched crews build cinder block walls and the next week built one of my own and it matched what the crew installed at my neighbors. If I take the same approach I know the result will be a well built airplane.

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Sat in the plane for the first time today
I had to get under the glare shield to pilot drill the gussets on the cross members to the longerons. So I sat in it for a few minutes and did a self portrait. It sure felt good I have the biggest smile now!!!

Wing Rigging
Wings rigged. It took 21 hours over 2 days.


Wing Rigging
Wings rigged. It took 21 hours over 2 days.

Total Time Building
As of January 26, 2014 Total time building 1079 hours.


Moving a small step
I removed the front of my shop to get the plane out and up into the garage. All went well. I will be moving to the airport next weekend 1-31-15.

First Flight
I did the first flight. Spent about an hour above the airport. The plane performed very well and all the temps were in the green.


Finished and flying
It took 1411.9 hours and 3 years to build. But I was out of town working for a year during the 3 years and could not do any work. I have flown 2 hours and the plane is performing very well. I hope to have the time flown off soon so I can start doing cross country flights. Also had the plane on display at the Los Angeles County Air Show. There was a lot of interest in home building.

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