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Welcome to my Online Builder's Log
AS of December 20, 2008 N678PR, "Jane Plane" is Flying!
Here's the first flight video:


I'm finally pursuing a long term dream of mine. I'm building an airplane! I'm building a Van's RV-8a, which is a two seat (tandem) all metal airplane. It's fast, will work out of short fields, and is capable of more aerobatics than I am. For more info go to:

The "a" at the end of the model number means I'm building the tricycle geared variant. That has been an interesting decision for me: I learned to fly in taildraggers, and still have more tail-wheel time than I do nose-gear time. Here's why I made this decision.

1. Although I really enjoy taildraggers, I haven't found them to be drastically more fun than nosedraggers. Tailwheels belong on classic tube-and-fabric aircraft, but putting one on a modern airplane is trying to make it something it's not.

2. I talked to many builders at a local fly-in. Several said that after living with the plane for awhile, that they wished they had built the tricycle geared variant.

3. I intend to use this plane extensively for travel. Having a nose wheel reduces the stress and workload on an already fatigued pilot at an unfamiliar airport.

4. There is very little speed penalty imposed by Van's well-faired nosewheel (2 statute mph). Because of their small, well-faired wheels, stock RVs don't really like rough fields. So there's not a rough field advantage to the taildragger either.

5. RV's maximum angle of attack is steeper than the ground stance of the taildragger. This means that (theoretically) the nose-geared variant can land shorter and take off quicker as it can handle a steeper angle-of-attack on the ground without the tailwheel in the way. I'm hoping never to have to cut it close enough to test this theory.

Guy 'n Merideth Camping / Climbing @ Jack's Canyon, AZ Summer 2004

I couldn't be doing this without the support, sacrifice, and help of my wife, Merideth.

When I announced that I had bitten the bullet and bought my empennage kit, my wife's parents presented me with a check to put towards the project. That

Castleton tower, Utah
View from the top!

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If you would like to reach me with questions, etc. My email address is speed3guy at comcast dot net. The desert climbing photos are by ERKLE.

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