RV8 Empenage arrives
My son and I jumping into freezing cold water at our local Special Olympics Polar Plunge in January 2010.

Welcome to my RV-8A web page. I am a private pilot/aviation enthusiast and a first time airplane builder. I am hopeful that I can share my building experiences through this website.

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So now, grab your coffee or Coke, and click on the links at the left to see my shop, the tools and the various stages of the build process. The links below the word "Empennage" are the links to my builder's log that document my project for the FAA.

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If you are checking in on my progress, the latest work is found at the Wings sub section. I am bouncing around a lot as each day has different time availability and objectives. Sometimes I am waiting for a replacement part (Yes, I sometimes make mistakes) Other days I am waiting to prep or prime parts. My biggest objective is to get something done every day.

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Robert Breecher- Pilot, CFI, AP/IA, Mentor, Teacher Husband, Father, United States Marine and great friend.

Robert Breecher
Robert Breecher was my very good friend. He was my mechanic (AP/IA) who had earned the prestigious Charles Taylor Award for serving in aviation maintenance for over 50 years. (Charles Taylor was the Wright Brother's Mechanic)
Bob was my mentor who was like a second father to me. Bob loved aviation his whole life and aviation was just about all we talked about. Without his friendship and teaching, I would never own an airplane and would certainly never think to build one. Bob passed a few years ago and I think of him often. I will do my best to make him proud of my work.

I miss him very much.

Shameless Disclaimer
Please note that I am an amateur builder with no prior experience. Methods illustrated in this website have been monitored by an EAA technical counselor as well as my AP/IA at my request. I am making all efforts to conform with FAA Advisory Circular 43.13.

When I have questions I rely on technical support from the manufacturer of my kit, Van's Aircraft. They are excellent in responding to e-mail technical questions or problems. I can not stress enough to rely on your kit manufacturer's support and that of EAA technical counselors as well as certified Aviation Maintenance Technicians.

While I am confidant that my methods will be airworthy, I make no representation that methods shown on this site are to be duplicated by others. Please read and build at your own risk.

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