Log Entries

Project Location: NY United States

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2012-06-12 Metal Working Making hinges
2012-06-15 ribs Build rib 4
2012-06-15 Metal Working Hinge work
2012-06-16 Rib 4 Work on rib 4
2012-07-01 Ribs Rib 1 lay out
2012-07-02 Ribs Ribs 1 &2
2012-07-03 Ribs Rib #3
2012-07-05 Ribs Rib 3
cut bevels on ribs
2012-07-06 Ribs more work on ribs
trimming and sanding
2012-07-07 Rudder spar Start Rudder spar
2012-07-08 Rudder spar Work on spar
2012-07-09 spar shaping and sanding
2012-07-10 Control horn block Ash and Birch ply block
2012-07-11 Controll Horn Fit steel to block
2012-07-14 Spar More work on spar
2012-07-15 Trailing edge Cut trailing edge
Drill hinge holes
2012-07-17 Hardware Add nut plates
2012-07-18 hardware Aluminium backer for nutplates. Install nut plates
2012-07-19 Assembly Start assembly of ribs to spar. Set up 2 uprights and string line on the center line and at the exact height.
2012-07-20 Assembly Add trailing edge
2012-07-21 Assembly add #4 rib
2012-07-22 Top stringer added the spruce top piece
2012-07-23 shaping Sanding, shaping spar bevel, cleaning up ribs fitting to trailing edge
2012-07-24 assembly Glue in rudder horn, plywood gussets, build scarfing jig
2012-07-25 Poly inside of rudder
2012-07-27 Assembly Glue plywood gussets
2012-07-28 Assembly Glue plywood panels
2012-07-29 Layout Lay out Fin ribs
2012-07-30 More layout
2012-07-31 Ribs Work on rib #4 soild spruce
2012-08-01 Fin ribs Cut spruce
Finish clean up on rudder
2012-08-02 Ribs Cut spruce and fit to jig
2012-08-03 Cut Balsa top block
2012-08-04 Started cutting plywood for tail fin ribs
2012-08-04 Ribs Glue up ribs
2012-08-05 Ribs Glue up rib 1
Bevel rib nose
2012-08-08 spar Cut spruce sar stock to shape and glue together.
2012-08-09 Spar Glue up more pcs to spar
2012-08-10 Spar Added a cross grain piece of ash to the botton of the spar. The French plans were unclear but the Frank Rogers plans had the cross pc. Had to rout out the vertical grain piece and fit the cross piece
2012-08-11 Spar Rebuild scarfing jig to 12:1, at 16:1 the edges of the plywood were tearing out.
Scarf the 3.2 and 2mm birch ply and glue to spar
2012-08-12 Spar Checked the fit of the rudder to the spar. Installed the hinges on both parts and all is good, swings free with no binding, whew. That had me concerned. The template worked to maintain accuracy.
Trimmed A face plywood and Glued B face plywood to spar
2012-08-13 Spar Installed the anchor nuts for the hinges
2012-08-14 Spar Drill holes for tail wheel bracket and fin support bracket
2012-08-15 Assembly Attached #1 and #4 ribs to spar.Layed out string line
2012-08-17 Assembly Added other 2 ribs
2012-08-18 Assembly Cut and install fin leading edge
2012-08-18 Assembly Shaped gapseals, plywood former and balsa
2012-08-19 Assembly Shaped balsa fin cap
Cut birch plywood skins
Taper beveled leading edge and spar
2012-08-19 assembly Glued on top gap seal
2012-08-22 Assembly Glued on first plywood face
2012-08-23 Assembly Router Trimmed the 1st plywood face and sealed the interior of the fin with laminating
epoxy. Also sealed the 2nd skin.
2012-08-23 Gap Seal Glued on lower gap seal
2012-08-24 Assembly Glued on 2nd skin.
2012-08-24 Gap Seal Shaped and sanded lower gap filler
2012-08-25 Finish Trim and sand tail fin. Shaped & sanded leading edge. Assembled rudder to fin and checked and shaped gap filler/seal for clearance.
Time to clean the shop and get ready for the next big piece, the tailplane
2012-08-30 Start Lay out #1 rib and build jig.
Build mini steam box and steamed 4 spruce strips.
Struck two strips in the jig and 2 strips in a block to "pre" bend them
2012-09-01 ribs Glued up the first rib and started cutting plywood for the rest.
Steam bent 2 more stringers
2012-09-02 Ribs Glued up 2 more ribs
Oh, and built a screen door for the new screened in porch, I can't only work on the airplane.
2012-09-03 Ribs glue up 2 more ribs
2012-09-04 Ribs glued up one more rib, I do not have time in the morning to glue up a 2nd rib so I can only do one a day during the week.
2012-09-05 Ribs Yep, one more rib glued up.
I picked up some 2X4s to build a new work bench
2012-09-06 ribs Glued up the 8th and final #1 rib, just the 2 #2 ribs left then onto the spar
2012-09-07 Ribs Glued up the first of the #2 ribs,
2012-09-08 Ribs Glued up 2nd #2 rib, on to the spar
Built a new bench 3' X 8', nice and flat!
2012-09-09 Spar Lay out and build jig for false spar and diaphragms.
Trimmed ribs
2012-09-10 Spar Glued up first diaphragm
2012-09-11 Spar Glued up another diaphragm
Started work on the false spar and glued up the multi piece plywood block
2012-09-12 spar Glued up #1 diaphragm and added 2nd face to #2 diaphragm
Glued up framework for false spar
2012-09-13 Spar Glued up 2nd #1 diaphragm
Glued on 1st face onto false spar
2012-09-14 Spar Glued up second face on false spar
Glued up 2nd face on last diaphragm
started cleaning up ribs
2012-09-15 Ribs Cleaned up and sanded/scraped rib, diaphragm, and false spar.
Built a 3" X 3' extension bench for the main spar
2012-09-16 Spar Layed out main spar
2012-09-18 Main Spar Cut the two long pieces for thw main spar. These taper from 25mm to 14mm to 8mm. I used the table saw to cut the 8mm almost up to the line of the slope to 14mm then changed to the band saw and finished with a hand plane
2012-09-20 Main spar Not much time this week, jigged up the spruce spar stock
2012-09-22 Mass Balance Started turning down the mass balance weight. 2" down to 1 3/8, this is going to take a while on the Mini-Lathe
2012-09-22 Main Spar Added cross pieces and 4 X 5 ply block
2012-09-23 Mass Balance More turning down balance weight
2012-09-23 Main spar Scarfed plywood faces for spar
2012-09-24 Main spar Glued up scarfs on the two plywood faces
2012-09-26 Mass Balance Finished turning mass balance weight
Cut Aluminium control horn
2012-09-26 main spar Glued up first face
2012-09-28 Main spar Glued up 2nd plywood face
2012-09-29 Main spar Cleaned up spar
Drilled 1 1/2" holes for mass balance
Drilled holes in #1 diaphragm for controll horn and match drilled horn, I drill 1/8" holes first, then inserted 1/8" bits into each hole while I enlarged the others.
Tapered ends of spar
2012-09-29 Mass Balance Machine mounting plate for mass balance
clean up and drill #10 holes in control horn
2012-09-30 Tips Cut tailplane tips
2012-10-02 Metal Working Reshaped the aluminum trailing from Wicks Supply for the Jodel using a form block and receiver.
cut the 1/2" aluminum for the bearing blocks
2012-10-03 Spar Weld up mass balance mounting plate to tube
Glue up 5mm plywood for bearing block holders
2012-10-04 Spar Added 5mm plywood doubler to false spar
Machined groove in bearing bblock carriers
2012-10-07 Assembly Located holes in spars for bearing blocks and aligned the false spar and main spar. I drilled one hole for each side and will drill the second hole after assembly.
Glued up nose ribs to main spar
Drilled holes for crossbolts in mass balance
2012-10-08 Assembly Cut and beveled the 2 spruce leading edges
2012-10-13 Bearing blocks Went to a friends shop who has a bridgeport mil and milled up the bearing blocks
2012-10-14 Assembly Match drilled bearing blocks with the grooved holders and the main spar and false spar. A lot of assembly, drill, assemble some more and then drill again. I cut up some 3/16 rod to help align and locate one hole while the next was drilled. Finally the holes were line bored with a #10 reamer.
2012-10-15 Assembly Epoxy coated bearing block holders.
started lay out for tail ribs
2012-10-16 Assembly Attached tail ribs
Assembled the ribs in a horizontal position, I used a plywood guide to hold the tips of the tails level and square
2012-10-18 Assembly Attached false rib and 4 diaphragms
2012-10-19 Assembly Glued on the 2 angled nose ribs
Routed and shaped the Tailplane tips.
I used a 3/4"R 1/4 round router bit for the center wider area then switched to a 1/2"R where the tailplane tip narrows then used a hand plane and sandpaper to blend in the 2 radiuses
2012-10-20 Assembly Glued on 2 angled tail ribs
Glued on Tailplane tips
2012-10-21 Assembly Guled up and attached 4 little plywood blocks
2012-10-22 Assembly Attached spruce nosing
2012-10-24 Assembly Added 6.5X12 braces to the angled tail ribs. I used a spacer to keep the 150mm distance and a square to keep it centered
2012-10-25 Assembly Glued plywwod spacers
2012-10-26 Assembly Re-jiged stabilizer on the bench and started cutting 2mm birch plywood for bottom
2012-10-27 Assembly Fit Birch plywood bottoms
Scarfed the plywood with new scarfing jig
Made a template for the bearing access holes and routed holes
Spent the rest of the day preparing for Hurricane Sandy, moving everything up off the basement floor
2012-10-28 Hurricane No work today, busy moving everthing up off the basement floor preparing for the hurricane
2012-10-29 Assembly I got bored waiting out the Hurricane Sandy and glued on the bottom side 2mm birch Ply
2012-10-31 Sandy Looks like there wont be any work for a while, no power and judging by the devastation outside its going to be a few days to a week or more before electricity is restored. Fortunately, aside from a small hole in the porch roof our house suffered no damage. We did lose several large trees
2012-11-01 Power Power is back, Woo Hoo
I will get back to work tonight
2012-11-02 Plywood Cut up the 1.6 Okoume for the stabilizer skins
2012-11-03 Assembly Glued on RIght side lower skins
2012-11-04 Assembly Glued on tail rib gussets
Glued on Left side skin
2012-11-05 Assembly Add tail rib gussets left side
2012-11-07 Assembly New storm and NO power again
2012-11-10 Assembly Sand & Prep upper side to receive skins
Drill hole in bench to accommodate control horn
Start scarfing
Oh, yes, the power is back on
2012-11-11 assembly Fit and continue scarfing upper skins
2012-11-12 Assembly Glued up scarf joints on skins
2012-11-13 Assembly Epoxy seal top skins and stabilizer bays in preperation for closing up
2012-11-14 assembly Glued on right side top skin
2012-11-15 Assembly Glued on left top skin
2012-11-17 Assembly glued on top side gussets
2012-11-18 Assembly trim plywood skin overhangs
Sand and shape leading edge
Add plywood doublers to bearing block openings
2012-11-19 Assembly More sanding and clean up
started fitting aluminium trailing edge
2012-11-20 Assembly Tack on trailing edge
finish clean up
2012-11-23 Lay out Worked out material list and started to lay out Bulkhead #1
2012-11-24 BUlkhead #1 Cut up spruce and ash for #1. I will need to steam top curved stringer
2012-11-25 Bulkhead #1 Glue up interior parts
2012-11-29 Bulkhead #1 Steamed top stringers
2012-12-01 bulkhead #1 glued up bent top stringers
2012-12-03 Bulkhead #1 Cut to fit & glue on top curved stringer
2012-12-10 Bulkhead #4 Received my plywood order from Wick's
Lay out, cut up and start glue up of bulkhead #4
Hopefully the Aircraft Spruce order arrives tomorrow
2012-12-11 Bulkhead #3 Layed out and cut the wood up for #3, still waiting for Aircraft Spruce delivery.
Glued on the 2 5.0mm birch faces for bulkhead #4
2012-12-12 Bulkhead #1 Glued on one face of bulkhead #1, I used 2.5mm american birch ply (birch face, poplar core) because I can not find 2.5 Okoume in the U.S.A.
My Aircraft Spruce order arrived- 100lbs crate for 3 sheets of of ply 2.0, 2.5 and 4.0. No wonder the freight cost almost as much as the plywood itself.
Also cleaned up and beveled edges on bulkhead #4 and cut 4.0 plywood for #3
2012-12-14 #1 and 4 Drilled the hole for the tailwheel in #4 and trimmed the 2.5 plywood on bulkhead #1
2012-12-15 Bulkhead #1 & 4 Cut spruce blocks and glued on 2mm Birch ply for bulkhead #1
Glued up bulkhead #4 ply to frame
Cut notches in #4 bottom stringer
Sealed inside of bulkhead #1 to prepare for closing. I used an epoxy primer/sealer and the odor is rather strong. I am going to revert to laminating epoxy to seal the interiors
2012-12-16 #1 & #4 Filled Firewall bulkhead #1 with balsa wood, I thought about using a more modern foam insulation but I had some Balsa in stock and also felt the Basla would give a little extra strength, especially if I need to attach accessories to the firewall other than where the spruce stringers are.
Attached the notched bottom strip and ply gussets to Bulkhead #4
2012-12-18 Trimming Trimmed Bulkhead #1 and started 5 degree bevel on motor mount blocks
Cleaned up Bulkhead #3 glued on plywood doubler and drilled hole for seat belts
2012-12-20 Trimming Cut top of bulkhead #3 to 15 degs
more fitting of #1 blocks
2012-12-22 Start Formers (Cintres) Built jig for former #1 and cut the 8X18 strips to form the top curve.
I had to make a larger steam chamber and steam the pieces longer than usually to get the curve. I should have done 4 6mm thick pc.s instead
They are clamped in the jig to dry over night before glueing

Did a littlemore sanding to shape the bevel on Bulkhead # 1, I still need to drill the motor mount holes and glue the blocks.
2012-12-23 Former #1 Glued up curved 8X18s
Glued up 2 pc.s 10mm plywood for 18mm fillers, I will have to plane them down to 18mm

Glued on block to Bulkhead #1
2012-12-24 Former #1 Planed and shaped the plywood fillers
Cut and fit all the spruce stringers and 2.0 birch plywood
REady for gluing
2012-12-24 Former #1 Planed and shaped the plywood fillers
Cut and fit all the spruce stringers and 2.0 birch plywood
Ready for gluing
2012-12-27 Former #1 Glued plywood faces to 1 side of former #1
2012-12-28 Former #1 Glued up 2nd birch ply face to #1
Drilled the holes in Bulkhead #1 through the spruce blocks, using the existing hole in the bulkhead as a guide the hole went through nice and straight
2012-12-29 Former #1 Cleaned up plywood
Fabricated and glued on lower stiffner
drilled the 2 big holes
2012-12-29 Former #2 Layout former (cintres) #2, I created an 1/8" template for the curve as well as the lay out on the bench
Milled down the Poplar to18mm and used the template to lay out the curves.
Cut and sanded the poplar to shape
2012-12-30 Former #2 Glued up poplar on template
2012-12-31 Former #2 Glued on rear plywood skins
started layout for Former #4
2013-01-01 Former #2 & 3 Cut up fit and glued little curved pieces to former #2
Started layout #3
2013-01-02 Former #2 & 3 fit and glued on front face
I measured the thickness of my 3mm plywood and it was 2.78mm, I don't believe that is good enough. I will use that ply for former #3 that calls for 2.5mm ply and use my 2.5 Birch to replace the 3.2mm called for.
2013-01-03 Former #2 & 3 Routed and sanded former #2 and set up jig for #3
2013-01-05 Former 3,4,5,6 Steamed up the 6.5 X 12 poplar for #3 and clamped in the jig
Layed out #4,5,6 & 7 and cut them out with a knife. This way the bottom cut from one is the shape of the top of the next with no waste
2013-01-06 Former #3 &4 Glued up bent 6.5 X 12 poplar to plywood, lots of clamps and blocks to push the poplar tight to the plywood

steamed and prebent poplar for #4
2013-01-07 Former #3 &4 Glued on 18 X 18 stringer to #3
Glued on bent 6.5 X 12 to #4
2013-01-09 Formers 5,6 &7 Steamed and pre-bent 6.5X12 poplar for formers
Glued 8X12 spruce to former 4
2013-01-12 Former 5,6,&7 Gulued up bent poplar to plywood
2013-01-12 Bulhead #2 Now that I received my quatersawn ash I can continue on #2. Cut up all the parts and layed out on the jig
2013-01-13 Former 5,6,&7 Removed former from jig and glued on 8X12 cross pieces
2013-01-13 Bulhead #2 Glued up Bulkhead #2
2013-01-16 Formers Glued on bottom plywood for 5,6 & 7
Cut 120mm hole in #3
Added a layer of oak veneer (what I had in stock) to former #2, the plywood I used was a little light in thickness and the veneer more than made up the difference. I have since ordered new plywood that measures the full thickness

2013-01-17 #2 received new 3.5mm plywood, measures 3.55mm, good.
Glued first skin to bulkhead #2
2013-01-20 bulkhead #2 Glued up 2nd face to bulkhead
Made a template to route out the cut out for the controls
Cut and glued 30mm spruce blocks for wing mount
2013-01-23 Layout Picked up a piece white melamine to lay out ribs and layed out rib profile 3-6
2013-01-25 Ribs Finished lay out of ribs #3-6
2013-01-26 Ribs #3-6 Worked on Jig
Cut up and steamed cap strips for first rib
fabricated a jig to shape the nose blocks
2013-01-27 Ribs #3-6 Fit prebent capstrips
Cut and fit ply gussets
steam 2nd set of cap strips
2013-01-30 Ribs #3-6 Glued in front vertical and extra plywood strip to help rib hold shape
Started cutting up plywood gussets for balance of ribs
2013-01-31 Ribs #3-6 Glued up second rib, this time with the larger gussets first. This rib will serve as a check for all other ribs
Cut and shaped the rest of the nose blocks for ribs 3-6
2013-02-01 ribs #3-6 BUilt up another rib
2013-02-02 Ribs #3-6 Gued up one more rib
glued on oppisite side gussets to 1st rib
One rib got stcuck in the jig ans was damaged upon removal. It is a throw away, oh well.
2013-02-03 ribs #3-6 another rib
2013-02-04 ribs #3-6 one rib
2013-02-07 ribs #3-6 addded the gussets to other side of the ribs
2013-02-09 Lay Out Running out of Spruce (more on order) so I Started lay out of ribs for the flaps.
But We woke up to this in the morning
I amde a template from 1/2 ply and routed the flap ribs
2013-02-10 ribs #3-6 built up another rib
2013-02-10 Flaps Routed up 9 more flap ribs
2013-02-12 Ribs #3-6 Added oppisite side gussets to a rib
2013-02-12 Ribs Routed #3 ribs using the same template. I will trim them to length on assembly
2013-02-13 Ribs #3-6 Assemble 7th rib
2013-02-16 spruce received my shipment of Spruce from Aircraft Spruce and milled up the cap strips for the rest of the ribs
2013-02-16 flaps Cut up/routed the #2 and #3 rib blanks. Started the lay out for flap spar
2013-02-17 Spar Finished lay-out and cut up parts ready for assembly
2013-02-21 Ribs #3-6 Glued up the last main rib
2013-02-21 Control horns Shaped 3/16 aluminium for control horn
2013-02-23 Flap spar Built up flap spar
2013-02-24 rib #7 Cut up spruce and steamed capstrips for #7
Cleaned up other ribs
2013-02-24 Flap spar Glued uo 2nd flap spar. This on is oppisite so the 1.6mm skin is glued on . This had to be scarfed as the spar is longer than 1200mm
2013-02-24 Rib #7 Glued up one #7 and steamed for 2nd #7
2013-02-26 Rib #7 Glued up 2nd #7
2013-02-27 rib #7 Guled on 2nd side gussets
2013-02-27 Flap spar Glued on spar skin
2013-02-28 rib #7 Glued up 2nd side gussets
2013-02-28 spar Glue on birch gussets
2013-03-02 Ribs Added 2nd side gussets to remaing ribs
started cleaning up glue lines
2013-03-02 Flaps Laid out ribs & spar for assembly
2013-03-04 Controll Horn Drilled holes in aluminum horn and wood ribs for controll assembly
2013-03-07 Controll Horn & Spar Used a 1/8 X 2" X 72" (3.2 X 50 X 1850) piece of flat steel for a template for the hinges. This should ensure that the hinge hole are equall and in line. Drill one spar, using 1/8 inch bit as a starter.
Glued up controll horn ribs.
Squared up full rib cut outs
2013-03-08 Hinges Drilled holes in hinges
2013-03-09 #2 rib Glued up #2 rib
More flap hinges
2013-03-10 #2 rib Matched up and glued 2nd #2 rib. Temporary pin nailed cap strips to first rib then glued on plywood web. Cleaned up other ribs
2013-03-13 False rib Glued up false rib #2
2013-03-15 False rib Glued up 2nd False rib #2 on top of first
2013-03-16 main ribs Glued on #2 and False #2 bottom 8X12 doublers
Started false nose ribs-shaped/routered first False rib using a standard rib as a template
2013-03-16 Flaps Glued up middle flap block
Glued on outside ply doublers at hinges
2013-03-17 False ribs Routed the balance of the false ribs
2013-03-17 Assembly Added nut plats to flap spar
Glued up 1st flap
2013-03-19 Nut Plates Added aluminum washer plate under hinge nut plates and added nut plates to 2nd flap
2013-03-20 assembly Assemble left flap
2013-03-22 Flap assembly Cut up and glued upper 1.6 skin to flaps. This was a struggle until I came up on a working system.
The flaps are skinned with 1.6 ply for 1 part and 2.0 ply for the section closer to the control arm.
2013-03-23 Flap assembly Cleaned up the flaps and sealed the inside
Glued up lower side of 1.6 flap skin.
I dampened the outside surface of the plywood to help it stay tight
2013-03-24 assembly glued on upper 2.0 ply skin on both flaps
2013-03-27 Assembly Glued on last 2.0 skin on flaps
2013-03-28 Assembly Trimed and cleaned up flaps
sanded and shape spar side and trailing edge
2013-03-31 Rib #8 Lay out and Assembled jig for rib #8
2013-04-01 Rib #8 Made nose blocks from 3 layers of 4mm plywood
completed rib jig
2013-04-05 Rib #8 cut and steamed capstrips
Added cams to jig
2013-04-06 Rib #8 Assemble 1st #8
2013-04-07 Rib #8 Added other side gussets to 1st rib
corrected orintation of tailend 8X12 , it is supposed to be 12X8 glued on its side.
Steamed capstrips for 2nd rib
2013-04-15 Rib #8 Glued up 2nd #8 rib
Added oppisite side gussets to 1st #8 rib
2013-04-20 Jean Pierre Jean Pierre was visiting NYC from France and he came to visit my project for the day.
2013-04-21 Rib #9 Layout and start building jig for rib #9
2013-04-21 Rib #8 clean up ribs and cut bevel at tail end
2013-04-23 Rib #9 Completd jig
Steamed and pre-bent cap strips
Cut and glued up 3 peices of 4mm to make 12mm plywood for nose blocks
2013-04-24 Rib #9 Glue up first #9
2013-04-25 rib #9 Glue up 2nd #9
2013-04-26 Rib #10 Glued up gussets on 2nd side of #9
Lay out jig for rib #10
2013-04-27 Rib #8 Steam and prebend capstrips for Rib #10
Trim bevel on trailing edge of ribs #9
2013-05-01 Rib #10 Glued up 1st rib #10
2013-05-03 Nose rib #7 Added other side gussets to #10 rib
Glue up 2nd #10
Started layout of #7 nose rib
2013-05-04 Nose rib #7 Completed jig for Nose rib and glued up fist rib
2013-05-05 Nose rib #7 Glued up nose rib #7
Cleaned up ribs #10
2013-05-06 Lay out Ailerons Glued up other side gussets on nose ribs #7
Lay out jig for aileron ribs
2013-05-08 Aileron ribs Finish jig, since the pieces are straight with out bends I just used finish nails to locate the strips. Blocked up the back 6.5X12 that fit on the flat
Cut and fit cap strips and ply gussets
2013-05-09 Ribs Glued up first set of aileron ribs
2013-05-11 Ribs Glue up 2nd set of ribs
Start lay out of aileron spar
2013-05-12 Ribs spar Continue layout of spar & cut up spruce
Glue up 3rd set of ribs
2013-05-13 Ribs Glued up another set of ribs
Added oppisite gussets to 2nd set
2013-05-14 Ribs spar control Glued on last opposite side gussets
Shaped hinge and mass balance arm plywood block
Lay out steel control arm
2013-05-16 Aileron spar Scafed plywood skins for spar
2013-05-18 Aileron spar Glued up spar
beveled the ends of the ribs
2013-05-19 Aileron spar Glued up 2nd spar
cleaned up first spar
2013-05-21 Control horns Cut 1/8 steel on the bandsaw and shaped on the grinder for the 2 control horns. Filed and sanded the edges
2013-05-23 Control horns Drilled holes in control horns
Cut up spruce and plywood for control horn blocks
2013-05-24 control horns Glue up wood blocks
Prime metal
2013-05-25 Control horns Cleaned up and matched drilled blocks with the control horns. First drilled a 3/16" hole then I ran the #10 reamer through the assembly
2013-05-26 Spar Cleaned up the spar and glued on the birch doubler
Cut the 29.5 degree bevels on the end of the spar
2013-05-27 spar Glued on the exterior side birch doubler.
Layed out and drilled the steel template for the hinge locations and drilled the hinge holes on the 2 spars
2013-05-29 Assembly Fabricated the aluminum backer for the nut plates and installed with nut plates on the spar
2013-06-03 Aileron Assembly Assemble ribs to spar. Used a simple string on two uprights to align ribs to center line and height.
2013-06-04 Assembly Added aluminum backer and nut plates to second aileron spar
2013-06-05 Aileron Assembly Glued up second aileron ribs to spar.
2013-06-07 Assembly Milled up trailing edges.
Cut and fit trailing edge to one aileron, I had to use some 30mm ply strips as a mock up for the miter
2013-06-08 Aileron Assembly Glued up 2nd aileron and sanded and cleaned up firt aileron
2013-06-09 aileron Assembly Clean and sand 2 aileron
Shaped trailing edge with hand plane and sandpaper. Checked trailing edge for straightness and it needed a very little touch up
Cut all the 1.6 gussets
2013-06-10 Aileron Assembly Glue on control arm blocks
2013-06-12 Aileron Assembly Added nutsplates and aluminum backers for mass balance
2013-06-13 Aileron Assembly Started to glue on gussets
2013-06-14 Aileron Assembly Glued up another long gusset and trailing edge gussets
2013-06-16 Aileron Assembly Glue on one more of the long gussets
2013-06-17 Aileron Assembly another long gusset
2013-06-18 Aileron Assembly Glued on the last of the gussets
Just sanding left
2013-06-19 False spar Lay out of false spar
2013-06-20 False spar Mill up spruce for spar
Cut scarf on 1.6 ply web
2013-06-21 false spar Glue up one spar
2013-06-22 false spar Glue up second spar, Hinge mount block were fliped to the oppisite side to make left and right spars
2013-06-23 false spar Glue on one side of hinge doublers
2013-06-24 false spar Glued up the otherside hinge doublers
2013-06-26 false spar Drilled hinge screw holes
2013-06-27 False spar Added nut plates to spar
2013-06-30 Ailerion false spar Lay out and start false spar
2013-07-01 False spar Cut up plywood and ash blocks
Glued up 4 X 2mm birch ply blocks
2013-07-04 False spar glue up 1st false spar
2013-07-05 false spar glue up 2nd false spar
2013-07-06 False spar glued up birch plywood hinge doublers
2013-07-06 tank bulkhead Lay out for front tank bulkhead and mill lumber
2013-07-07 false spar drill hinge holes using steel template and fabricate nutplate washers
2013-07-07 tank bulkhead lay out and drill holes for tank straps
Add nutplates
2013-07-09 front tank bulkhead glued up bulkhead
2013-07-10 front tank bulkhead Glue on back side plywood
glue up 5mm plywood to create 10mm blocks for fairlead
layout rear bulkhead
2013-07-11 tank bulkheads drill screw holes in rear bulkhead lower stringer and epoxy seal top edge
Clean up front bulkhead
Make template for control cable cutout and rout cutouts in front bulkhead
Mill and shape the 10mm ply for the fairlead
2013-07-11 Mock up Set up in the yard for an inspirational mock up
2013-07-12 rear
2013-07-12 rear bulkhead Add nutplates to bottom stringer
2013-07-13 Rear bulkhead Glue up rear bulkhead
rout control cable cut out
2013-07-14 Inspirational Assembly Set up the parts on the lawn to see what this thing may look like
2013-07-15 Tie downs fabricated the tie down rings
2013-08-02 Prep for gluing Cut and fit all the struts/uprights, plywood and gussets ready for glue up
2013-08-10 Lay out Conpleted the expansion of the work shop and back to work.
Started the lay out of the fuselage sides
2013-08-11 Lay out Continues and nearly completed the Fuse lay out
2013-08-14 Lay out Completed Fuselage jig and started cutting cross pieces
2013-08-17 lamination Steam bent and formed the 3 piece lamination that sits on top of the wing
2013-08-18 Glue up laminations Glued up the over wing lamination. I used Cascophen (resorcinol) because of the strong pressure and squeeze out of the laminations, epoxy works better with out excess pressure
2013-08-19 Gussets Cleaned up curved stringer and cut up all the gussets for the fuselage
2013-08-23 Spar Beams and fuselage longerons Took delivery of the spruce fron Boulter Plywood. Rough sawn 2X6 and 1X8 Spar grade spruce. The 2X6s were a full 2" thick (50mm) and have to be milled down to 36mm.
Started cutting and milling
2013-08-24 MIlling beams Cut straight edge and milled down one 18 foot beam
2013-08-24 Cutting and milling Ripped a straight edge and milled down the 4/4 spruce for the 18 foot top fuselage longerons.
2013-08-25 Milling and gluing Cut up and milled some more 18mm boards. Cut and tapered the upper and lower longeron doublers. Glued them up using the T-88 in the caulking tube. The adhesive comes out in a bead already mixed. A fast and easy application. Unfirtunately the glue is twice as expensive as the bottled T-88 and the mixing tips are one time use at $2.50 each.
2013-08-26 Side panel Cleaned up the longerons and cut and fit the curved wing stringer to the lower longeron
2013-08-27 Assembly Cut and fit all the uprights to the longerons
I almost had the mother of all goof ups. Last night I had all the parts fitted and was going to glue up tomorrow. I got curious as to how the #4 bulkhead, the one that the tailwheel bolts to, fits into the fuse so I put in in place on the fuselage jig and it was way to tall. My first assumption was the plans had you make it big and trim to fit later. Except the height called for was 381mm too odd to be an approximation. Sure enough, when laying out the lower longeron I picked up a random pencil line on the table and had the fuselage about 50mm too narrow at the very tail end. Had I not discovered this at this point, I may not have picked up on it until both side were done and possibly the entire fuselage assembled, I could have been set back months and hundreds of dollars, pure dumb luck that i caught it. Whew
2013-08-29 gussets Made templates and cut up the large gussets for the lower lamination to stringer
2013-08-30 Prep for gluing Cut and fit all the struts/uprights and plywood parts. Get ready for gluing
2013-08-31 Assenbly Glued up the right side panel. Clamped everything straight and used squeeze blocks to clamp the ssembly to the table and keep it flat
2013-09-01 Left side Cut up and milled part for the second/left side panel
2013-09-02 Laminations Glued up the curved stringer and the doublers for the upper and lower longerons
2013-09-08 Cut skins Cut and fit cross pieces
Cut the 2mm skins and layout and start cutting 4mm skins
2013-09-09 Skins Cut up the 4mm for the skins.
Made a test 4mm scarf with the new adjustable scarf jig
2013-09-10 Scarfs Scarfing the 4mm plywod
2013-09-11 Scarfs completed the scarfs on the 4mm and started the 2mm plywood
2013-09-12 Scarfing completed the scarfing on 2mm skins
Trimmed longerons to length
2013-09-13 2mm scarf Redid the scrfing on the 2mm to a steeper angle to cover more of the scarf on the 4mm it joins to
2013-09-16 Rear skin Glued on rear 4mm plywood
2013-09-18 Glue skins Glued up the big 2mm piece and the next 4mm. I used the T-88 in the cartridge tube to lay the epoxy on the frame. It does speed the application up. Scarfs look good
2013-09-20 Front skin Glued on the 2 front 4mm skins
2013-09-21 Left side Remove from jig and trim plywood
Clean up glue and prep for gussets
2013-09-22 sealing and nutplates Epoxy sealed the areas on both the left and right side the will be boxed in. Fabricated the 1/8 aluminum plate for the anchor nuts and drill the left fuselage. The Frank Rogers plan called for 1/8 aluminum under the anchor nuts and the French plans showed nothing but the anchor nut. I added the 1/8 alumnium
2013-09-26 Right side skins Installed the rear 4mm ply
Added gussets to left side
2013-10-02 Right side skins Added middle 4mm skin
2013-10-03 Right side skins Added on 2mm skin
Glued on more gussets to Left side
2013-10-04 Left side Glued on the 2 large inner gussets
2013-10-05 Skins Trimmed and cleaned up left side
Epoxied on the final front 4mm skin to the left side
2013-10-06 Right side trimmed and clean up right side
Set up the 2 sides on the bench and started to work out fitting the bulkheads
2013-10-08 Fitting bulkheads Notched and started fitting bulkheads to fuselage sides
2013-10-10 cross pieces Started cutting and fitting lower rear cross pieces
2013-10-10 fitting bulkheads Completed fitting bulkheads and did an assembly mock up
2013-10-12 Lower Fuselage Fit the bottom cross struts at the rear half of the fuselage.
The drawing I have of the plan view of the fuselage appears to be inaccurate. The dimension of the cross pieces do not work. I had to adjust the location of those struts to match the similar layout from Frank Rogers drawing of the D1050. Now the side have a nice curve over the wing and a straight line to the tail. This drawing appears not to be an original French plan.
2013-10-15 Final fitting Shaped, beveled and fit Firewall bulkhead to fuselage sides
2013-10-16 Final fitting Beveled and fit bulkhead #2 to fuselage sides
2013-10-17 Tail plane holes Made a drilling jig and drilled the holes for the tailplane brackets
Cleaned up more glue drips on the fuselage side
2013-10-19 Prep for gluing Broke down the set up and marked up the work table with a center line and square cross lines
2013-10-21 Set up Reassembled fuselage on table and started squaring and blocking sides. Used a plumb bob to center bulkheads
2013-10-22 Bulkhead #1 Glued up bulkhead #1 (Firewall) to fuselage sides. Lots a squaring and checking plumb. I also squared up bulkhead #2 to help the glue up stay square.
2013-10-23 Install Bulkhead #2 Squared, fitted and Glued in bulkhead #2. I needed a shim between the lower longeron and bulkhead to make everything true.
2013-10-24 Bulkhead #3 Fitted and installed bulkhead #3. Also glued in the lower gusset doubler with grain direction 90deg.s to the first layer.
2013-10-25 Cross struts Fabricated 5mm saddle gussets and glued in the 40mm cross strut
2013-10-26 Cross struts Spent some time squaring up the rear half of the fuselage getting the top and bottom lined up on the center line. Glued in the next cross strut
2013-10-27 cross struts Glued in the rear bottom cross struts
2013-10-28 Cross struts Double check the fuselage for square again with the plumb bob then glued in the gussets for the cross struts. The gussets are nessecary to keep the struts from breaking off when I turn the fuselage over.
2013-10-29 Angle braces Cut and fit the 8X40 pieces behind Bulkhead 3
2013-10-30 Angle braces Glued in the angle braces and saddle gussets
2013-11-02 Top side Rolled the fuselage top side up and started milling longeron doublers and baggage area cross struts
2013-11-03 Longerons Fit and glued on the front longeron triplerers.
Dry fit cintre #1 but the angle from top to bottom was just not enough and the cintre would not fit in, the bottom was way to big causing a big space at the top of the panel. I wound up removing about 7mm from the bottom.
2013-11-04 Doubler Added Tapered Spruce doubler to the right side cockpit area
2013-11-05 doubler Added side doubler to left side
2013-11-06 Longeron capping Added packing pieces to upper fuselage
2013-11-10 Fuselage braces Cut and fit baggage area bracing and rear seat parts
2013-11-11 Panel bulkhead Glue in panel couple. Fit up rear seat struts. Fit up baggage cross struts and braces
2013-11-13 Cross braces Glued on baggage cross struts and bulkhead braces
2013-11-14 Panel braces Lay out for panel braces
2013-11-15 Panel braces Cut notches in panel former
2013-11-17 Final fit and glue in braces
2013-11-18 Rear seat Glued in the rear seat bottom struts
2013-11-19 Lower gusset Fabricated and glued on 5mm gussets to laminated longeron. I first made a cardboard template.
2013-11-20 Plywood stiffeners Fabricated and steamed the rear 1/2 of the upper longeron 4mm plywood stiffener.
2013-11-21 Plywood stiffeners Fabricated, steamed and pre-bent front 1/2 of upper longeron 4mm stiffener
2013-11-22 Plywood stiffeners Sanded & shaped the 4 filler packings and glued in the 4mm upper stiffeners
2013-11-23 Shaping Cleaned up the 4mm plywood. Started sanding, rasping, filing planeing, and shaping the upper Longeron at the front of the cockpit.
2013-11-25 Shaping Continued to sand and shape the upper longer on
2013-11-26 shaping Shaped the left side of the fuselage upper longeron
2013-11-27 Coaming Cut 3mm ply for front coaming.
Check the fit and continued sanding and shaping top logeron
2013-11-29 Birch plywood Cut and fit the 3mm birch plywood that covers the top of the upper longerons
2013-11-30 Glue plywood Glue right side plywood to top of longeron
2013-12-01 3 mm ply Glue on Birch ply to left side top longeron. Continued shaping bevel on Panel former and upper longeron for coaming
2013-12-03 Front Coaming Scarf 3mm plywood
2013-12-04 Front coaming Glued on the front coaming
2013-12-05 Coaming porkchops Trimed & Cleaned up the Okoume coaming
Cut and scarfed the birch coaming pork chops
2013-12-07 coaming porkchop Glued up the right side birch pork chop
2013-12-08 Coaming porkchops Glue up left side pork chop
2013-12-09 coaming porkchops trimmed and cleaned up pork chops (panel braces)
2013-12-11 coaming porkchops Added spruce packing to to clean up the step and twist from the birch ply gusset to the brace
2013-12-12 tailplane uprights realigned the rear fuselage. Double checked the 257mm distance at the tailplane mounting and cut spruce cross pieces to fit between the ASH uprights. THe DR400 uses spruce cross pieces and a 4mm plywood panel instead of the angled tube brace of the D1050
2013-12-14 Rear brace glued the plywood panel/brace that goes between the Ash uprights for the horizontal stabilizer
2013-12-15 rear brace Rechecked the rear brace and it was not true/square. The angle of the brace with the right side was different than the angle with the left. I cut it all out and started again
The 2 top longerons had a bow in it causing problems. I tacked boards internally to hold the side straight and everything squared up.
2013-12-18 rear brace Glue in the new rear brace, nice and square
2013-12-19 rear deck Fabricated the upper brace for the rear deck
2013-12-20 deck brace Glued in the rear deck brace pieces
2013-12-21 Rear deck scarfed & Glued on the rear deck plywood. I only glued on the forward half 2mm ply. the rear half will be glued in sfter the vertical stabilizer is installed
2013-12-22 Rear deck Cut opening in rear deck, used router, jig saw and sanding drum in portable drill. Cut up and drilled the 4mm plywood for the empenage fairing nut plates
2013-12-24 Plate nuts Fabricated 4mm plate nuts for the rear fairing
2013-12-27 Bearing support plates Started the layout and cutting of the Tailplane bearing brackets
2013-12-29 bearing support plates Continued work on the support brackets
2013-12-30 Bearing support plates Finished cutting and drilling Support plates. Machined the aluminum thimble spacers
2013-12-31 Bearing support plates Finished up thimbles and fabricated the spacers
2014-01-01 bearing support plates Matched drilled fuselage sides for bearing plates
2014-01-02 Bearing support plates Drilled and reamed support plates for 5/16 bolts
2014-01-04 Tailplane Test fit tailplane to fuselage. I had to trim a fair amount of material off the plywood bearing holders in the tailplane as they were hitting the support plates and restricting the tailplane travel
2014-01-05 Bulkhead #4 Re-checked fuselage alignment and glued in Bulkhead #4
2014-01-09 Sealing Epoxy sealed interior cockpit and rear seat back
2014-01-10 Baggage shelf Cut, scarfed and glued in baggage shelf
2014-01-11 Birch plywood Trimed and cleaned up baggage shelf.
Cut, scarfed and glued in rear 3mm birch porkchops
2014-01-12 Rear seat change After a long discussion on the Jodel List I decided to raise the rear seat platform to accommodate a larger main fuel tank.
Cleaned up and sanded the baggage shelf porkchops
2014-01-13 Rear seat change Milled up spruce for new rear seat raised 80mm
2014-01-14 Rear seat change Notched and fit up rear seat frame
2014-01-15 Rear seat change Cut and shaped rear seat support for wing attachment bolt
2014-01-16 Rear seat change Glued up rear seat support. I used 3mm ply for the front
2014-01-17 Rear seat change Glued in rear seat forward support
2014-01-18 Rear seat change Glue in rear seat support to BUlkhead #3 and added gussets to forwarad support
2014-01-19 Rear seat change Glued in side supports and struts for rear seat. Rolled fuselage bottom side up in prep for bottom skin
2014-01-20 Clean up Cleaned up all the excess glue from the underside of the cockpit glue ups
2014-01-21 Squaring Re aligned the fuselage again with center line. The lower longerons were excessively bowed so I had to screw 1 X 4 pine straighteners to the outside the the sides below the longerons. These will hold the side straight until the bottom skin is installed.
Also added gussets to the rear seat supports. And glue up 2 20mm triangles to make up the 40mm triangle.
Also epoxy sealed the back of the rear seat back.
There was another snow storm today so I left work early and got some real work done.
2014-01-23 epoxy sealing Continued sealing fuselage interior
2014-01-25 Bottom Skin Finished up 2nd coat of sealer.
Lay out and cut 3.0 mm plywood for bottom skin, the 2mm plywood was unacceptable and I had to use 3mm, this ply measured 2.8mm.Scarfed the end as this piece needs to be longer than 8 feet. Cut and scarfed the extension piece also. I wet both sides of the ply and temporarily clamped it in position so it would take the bend
2014-01-26 Bottom skin glue up Glued on the bottom skin. I first checked once again the center line and square. I also once again wet the plywood before gluing. I used the T-88 glue cartridge which is a much faster way to lay the glue down ( just expensive).
2014-01-27 Bottom skin glue up Added the scarfed in Okoume skin
2014-01-29 Bottom Skin Cut the triangle opening in the bottom skin and when I looked inside the skin had not bonded to the angle cross pieces. I cleaned the glue off the top of the spruce stringers and clamped and reglued.
Cut and glued in the square gussets for the fuselage side upright struts in the cockpit area
2014-01-31 Bottom cockpit gussets Cut 4mm birch for the gussets over the wing, Scarfed the plywood and the fuselage using the "portable" scarfing jig. Glued on the left side gusset
2014-02-01 lower gusset Routered and cleaned up gusset. Glued on opposite side over wing gusset.
Added the 4mm ply doublers for the rudder cable outlet.
2014-02-03 Sealing applied epoxy sealer on the coaming and cockpit area.
Built a craddle to hold the fuselage
2014-02-04 Gussets Trimmed and Cleaned up 2nd cockpit gusset.
Made a 5' long board sander and beveled/leveled for the cockpit forward floor.
2014-02-06 Cockpit floor Glue on the 5mm floor. I had use a pipe clamp to pull the side a little straighter as they had bowed out
2014-02-08 Cockpit floor Trimed and cleaned up glue from cockpit floor.
2014-02-09 Move fuselage Move fuselage off the work table and on to the dolly. cleaned up sand sanded all the glue lines around the fuselage.
Started to remold the workshop to start the main spar
2014-02-14 Rear seat fit a template and the cut the 5mm ply for the rear seat platform
2014-02-15 Set up Spent the last week rearranging the workshop. I moved the benches against the wall and added tops to create a 28 foot long work table. Also fliped the fuselage top side up
2014-02-18 Diaphragms Started layout and cutting for diaphragms.
2014-02-19 Diaphragms Glued up diaphragms D-0 and 2nd 20mm ply block for center
2014-02-23 Diaphragms cut up more plywood and spruce for diaphragms
2014-02-25 Diaphragms cut up and milled ash for D-1
Glued up D-2
2014-02-26 Diaphragms Sealed interior of D-2 and closed up
Shaped ply blocks of D-center
2014-02-28 Diaphragms close up D-1
2014-03-01 Diaphragms Add spruce blocks to D-1 & D-2
2014-03-02 Diaphragms Add blocks to D-2
Start gluing up D-3….D-6
2014-03-04 Diaphragms Continued gluing main diaphragms
2014-03-05 Diaphragms Glued up center diaphragm
Started turning Delrin rod for control stick bearing
Glued up more main diaphragms
2014-03-07 Center bearing Turned 2 Delrin bearings to fit in the center diaphragm for the control stick
2014-03-08 Spar Beams A friend with a very complete cabinet shop offered the mill up my spar beams so we drove them over and his guys milled them up very accurately.
2014-03-09 Diaphragms & beams Cut first main beam to rough shape
Cut plywood for diaphragms D7-10
2014-03-11 Spar Beams Made a template of the upper beam and started routing the beam to shape
2014-03-12 Spar Beams Started layout of the second upper beam. After rough cutting I found a pitch pocket in the beam that appeared to be more than just on the surface. I split (sawed) the beam and the pitch pocket was 10mm deep.
2014-03-13 Spar Beams Glued up the split spar beam and added 5mm strip to make up for the remove pitch pocket. Glued up some more diaphragms
2014-03-15 Spar Beams Started layout of Lower spar beams. Discovered another problem, I ordered 18' lumber and the lower beam is 18' -3" . I will have to scarf on an additional 3". Made template for the lower beam shape
2014-03-16 Lower beam Rough cut and routed lower beam. Scarfed on the additional 3" at 15:1 slope.
Gled up some more of the diaphragms
2014-03-18 Spar Beams More cutting and shaping of spar beams
Anothwer round of gluing on diaphragms
2014-03-19 Spar Beams Scarfed on 70mm extension to lower spar beams
2014-03-20 Spar Beams Cleaned up and trimmed beams to length.
Glued up more of the diaphragms
2014-03-23 Spar Beams Had to remake the upper 24 X 24mm upper extensions, The plans call for 1805mm length with a 30mm thick main beam but I am using a 36mm thick beam as per the DR253. This requires a longer spar extension piece. Tapered the extensions from 24mm to 9mm.
2014-03-24 Spar Beams Cut up the 8 24 X24mm spar extensions
trimmed and squared up diaphragms
2014-03-24 Spar Beams Beveled ends of the main spars for the angled extensions. I rough cut with a saw and hand planed to the line as the router would have destroyed the feather edge
2014-03-30 Spar jig Beveled the ends of the lower spars and continued building the jig/platform for the spar
2014-03-31 Spar jig Continued layout of spar jig and started gluing up 30 X 30 pieces. Glued up from left over waste from the spar beams
2014-04-01 Spar jig Milled up the 30 X 30 to final dimension and started building the bent up part of the spar jig. I used the CAD program to calculate how much the upper flange beams rise and set the jig to that height.
2014-04-02 Spar jig Set up the laser to align the spar jig both inline and horizontal.
2014-04-07 Spar parts MIlled up 36X40 ash and 36X60 spruce blocks
Started cutting 3mm birch ply on the 45deg angle
2014-04-19 Bottom Skin Scarfed the 3mm ply for the bottom skin
2014-04-27 Spar Skin Scarf lower skin 2mm ply and start gluing up
2014-04-29 spar Skin Glgue up more scarfs
2014-04-30 Spar Skin Glue up more scarf joints
2014-05-04 Spar Skin Shaped the tapered pieces to add to the rear of the jig to raise the rear boom, And cleaned up all the scarf joints
2014-05-10 Lower beam Glue front lower beam to plywood skin
2014-05-11 lower beam Glue in rear lower spruce beam
2014-05-13 Spar parts Glued in the spruce and ash filler blocks in the lower spar.
2014-05-14 Spar Skin Added more filler blocks and scarfed the top side skin of the lower spar beams
2014-05-14 Spar Skin Added more filler blocks and scarfed the top side skin of the lower spar beams
2014-05-15 Spar Epoxy seal the internal area of the lower spar that will be covered with the top plywood skin
2014-05-18 Spar Skin Drilled 1/4" drain holes in all the sealed off chambers and glued on the top ply to the lower beams
2014-05-19 Center diaphragms Cleaned up and started layout of the diaphragms
2014-05-20 Fit up Dry fit the spar components. I need to figure ou the assembly and glue up sequence so I don't screw myself later in the assembly.
2014-05-21 Diaphragms Glued on D1 & D2 diaphragms
Cut bevels on upper Longeron extensions
2014-05-22 Diaphragms Glued on right side D1 & D2 diaphragms
2014-05-23 Top spar skin Started cutting plywood for spar top
2014-05-24 upper skin Started scarfing top plywood
2014-05-25 Scarfing skin Scarfed plywwod for upper spar beams
started gluing up scarfs
2014-05-28 Top spar skin Glued more top ply scarfs
Glued in center diaphragm
2014-06-11 Spar Beams Glued on rear upper beam to top skin. I use the spar jig with the top skin face down.
2014-06-15 spar Beams Glued front upper spar beam to the plywood. This beam had bowed slightly requiring extra clamping
2014-06-16 Spar Beams Cleaned up glue from upper spar beam.
2014-06-19 Spar Beams Glued up splice joints inside ply of upper spar beams
2014-06-21 upper spar Glue in support blocks in upper spar
2014-06-22 Sealing Epoxy seal area of upper beam that will be covered by the 3.5 okoume plywood
2014-07-05 Upper spar inside ply Fit and glued on the inside 3.5 Ok ply to the upper spar beam. I made sure the ply ends matched the 3.5 Okume from the lower beam inner ply
2014-07-06 Diaphragms Cleaned up the upper spar beam and started fitting/notching the diaphragms
2014-07-07 Diaphragms Completed fitting diaphragms to lower spar beam
2014-07-10 diaphragms Fit diaphragms to upper spar
2014-07-12 Sealing Sealed up the lower beam and some of the diaphragms in prepartion for glue up
2014-07-13 Sealing Epoxy sealer on the upper spar
2014-07-15 Sealing Epoxy sealed more diaphragms
2014-07-16 Boom extensions Glued in front lower spar booms
2014-07-17 lower beam Fit and glued up the rear lower extension booms. I glued them in with the twist already built into the spar jig. This should help maintain the shape
2014-07-19 sealing More sealing of diaphragms and lower spar
2014-07-20 Spar joint reinforcements Milled up, fit and glued inthe splice reinforcements at the main spar to boom extension splice.
2014-07-23 Diaphragms Fit left side upper diaphragms to lower boom
2014-07-27 Diaphragms Fit right side diaphragms to lower spar boom
2014-08-02 Assembly Glued the top spar to the lower spar. Center lines aligned and edges remained square
2014-08-03 Diaphragms Glued in rt and left #4 diaphragm. I intend to glue in one at a time going down the spar to make it easier to assemble and clamp down. Fit & Sealed up the upper 30X30 braces.
2014-08-05 30X30 Glued in left side front and rear 30X30 stiffeners
2014-08-06 30X30 Glued in right side 30X30
2014-08-07 Diaphragms Added diaphragm
2014-08-09 Diaphragms Added diaphragm
2014-08-10 Diaphragms Added diaphragms
2014-08-11 boom extensions Glued on upper boom extensions. Clamped the ends to maintain the proper length
2014-08-14 Gussets Glue in dihedral joint gussets
2014-08-15 Diaphragms Fit boom extension diaphragms to upper spar beams
2014-08-16 Diaphragms Glue in Diaphragms #7
2014-08-17 Diaphragms Glue in diaphragms #8
2014-08-20 Diaphragms Glue in #9 diaphragms
2014-08-21 Diaphragms Glued in the last #10 diaphragms.
The spar has been kept in the Jig for the whole glue-up, hopefully this will allow the spar to keep the twist at the outer booms
2014-08-25 Tips Glue the 4 top and bottom wing tip together.The front boom extensions do take quite a bend.
Also continued sealing the interior with epoxy sealer.
2014-08-26 Plywood face Cut up 4 3.5mm okoume plywood on 45deg for front face of the boom extensions
2014-08-27 Scarfing skin Scarfed the 4 extension skins. This scarf is only supposed to be 20mm wide on 3.5mm ply to sit fully on diaphragm #7. I had to shim the back of the jig to make a steeper (shorter) scarf.
2014-09-01 Spar Skin Glue on right front extension face
2014-09-02 Spar Skin Glued on left front extension skin
2014-09-03 Spar Skin Trimed the extension skins and cleaned up the edges. Moved the spar off the jig and scraped, sanded, shaped and cleaned the back side ready for pywood skin. Because of the twist the rear faces of the boom extensions are not parallel to each other and need to be sanded square.
2014-09-04 Sealing Epoxy sealed more of the spar interior
2014-09-07 Spar Skin Glued on left rear face of boom extension. I am still working with the spar in the jig to try to keep it in the proper twist and angle. Working on the backside is a little challenging as I have to reach over the spar to glue it up.
2014-09-10 Spar Skin Added the right read extension skin
2014-09-11 Spar Skin Trimmed rear extension plywood and started sanding the top of the front and rear booms parallel.
2014-09-14 Spar Skin Cleaned up and sanded the front face square.
Cut up the 5mm and 3mm b irch ply for the front
2014-09-16 Scarfing skin Started scarfing the 5mm birch ply for the front plywood.
2014-09-17 Scarfing skin Finish the 50mm scarfs on the 5mm front plywood.
2014-09-20 Front plywood Finished scarfing front ply joints and glued up splices in 5mm and 3mm
2014-09-21 Spar Skin Cleaned up glue from splice joints and Glued left side 5mm to spar. I used the cement block to press down the center of the ply to the diaphragms
2014-09-22 Spar Skin Glued on right side 5mm front ply
2014-09-24 Spar Skin Fit to length and scarf the 3mm birch ply the goes from the 5mm to the bend. Again the scarf at the benf is 20mm on 3mm ply requiring a different scarf angle.
2014-09-25 Spar Skin Glued on 3mm birch to the front face between the 5mm and the dihedral.
2014-09-26 Front seats I picked up a pair of seats from a 1976 MGB GT. I intend to strip them down and use Temper foam and reupholster.
2014-09-27 Spar Skin Glued on 3mm birch to right side
2014-09-28 Spar Skin Router trimmed the front face plywood and cleaned up all the glue joints and drips.
2014-10-02 Sealing Seal the rest of the insides of the spar.
2014-10-04 Seat tracks Worked out the layout for mounting the seats. I built a 4 foot mock up of the spar in MDF and checked the fit of the seats
2014-10-05 Spar Skin Glued on the last center 5mm of the front plywood
2014-10-05 Seat frame The MG seats are too long front to back, so I cut 4" out of the frame and will have to weld it back together
2014-10-08 Plywood face Cut up the 3mm, 2mm and 4mm 4X4 birch ply for the top of the Dihedral and rear face
2014-10-09 Spar Skin Trimmed center front and used the router to trim the control tube and able openings. I was very careful with the epoxy so too much did not drip into the torque tube hole.
2014-10-12 Spar Skin Cut and layed out remaining 2mm, 3mm, & 4mm plywood. Routed the scarfs in the 2mm and glued up the splice.
2014-10-15 Prep and seal Prep'ed and sealed 2mm for top of boom extension
2014-10-17 Spar Skin Glued on Left side upper 2mm ply
2014-10-18 spar Skin Glued on Right side top 2mm ply
2014-10-19 Spar Skin Trimmed 2mm extension top plywood and cleaned up glue joints
2014-10-22 Spar Skin Fit 4mm and 3mm birch for the rear face and mill scarfs
Glued up the splice between the 4mm & 3mm
2014-10-26 Spar Skin Glued on the left rear plywood to the spar. This will close up the cavities so I checked to make sure all interior surfaces were completely sealed and vacuumed out all the dust & debris.
2014-10-29 Spar Skin Glued on the right rear main plywood
2014-11-01 Spar Skin Glue on center rear 4mm plywood
2014-11-02 Blocking Milled up the ash & spruce blocking for the front undercarriage bolts
2014-11-03 Blocking Glued on the front undercarriage blocking
2014-11-05 Blocking Glued on the upper 2mm plywood doubler for the undercarriage
2014-11-08 Blocking Glued on the lower 2mm plywood doubler for the undercarriage. Had to match up the holes in the double to the drain holes already in the spar. I drilled them 1.5mm oversized
2014-11-16 Trim tab mechanism Turned the thimbles for the trim control
2014-11-19 Trim tab mechanism Fabricated more parts for the trim tab control. I formed the channels over an Ash form and cut the round notch for the tube on the milling machine.
2014-11-23 Trim tab mechanism Fabricated tab control arm and stop
Welded and brazed tab controll arm
2014-11-25 Trim Tab mechanism Started fabricating trim tab forks.
2014-11-28 Trim Tab mechanism Completed first Trim fork and started 2nd
2014-11-29 Trim Tab Fabricated jig and started making trim tab ribs
Started work on brackets
Continued work on fork
2014-11-30 Trim Tab Worked on Trim tab brackets
Continued fabricating tab ribs
I decided to insert a bronze bush in the Brackets so I bored out the bolt holes to 5/16" and inserted a bronze bush, this will be silver brazed in and ground flush
2014-12-01 Trim Tab mechanism Fabricated the second bracket with bronze bush
2014-12-03 Hinges Made an aluminum male and female jig to fabricate the trim tab hinges.
2014-12-04 Trim Tab mechanism Brazed up Trin tab control. I used a threaded aluminum spacer to keep the control square and aligned. The spacer had to be cut out after brazing
2014-12-06 Trim Tab Fabricated some more Trim Tab ribs and made a jig to hold the ribs in the milling machine to cut the 1/2 round to fit the tube.
2014-12-07 Trim Tab mechanism Cleaned and painted the control and stop bracket
2014-12-08 Trim Tab hinges Silver brazed the Stainless steel pins to the hinges
2014-12-09 Trim Tab mechanism Silver brazed the bronze bushings in the steel brackets
2014-12-10 Trim Tab hinges Silver Brazed up more hinges
2014-12-11 Trim Tab Started bronze brazing the ribs to the leading edge tube.I set up a simple jig to hold the ribs straight and vertical. I should have been a little more careful with the wooden trailing edge, will have to make a new one.
2014-12-13 Trim Tab Brazed up the rest of the ribs to the first tab and finish silver soldering the tab hinges
2014-12-14 Trim Tab Fabricated more trim tab ribs
Finished up filing and sanding the Trin tab arms to shape.
I filed the edges, the belt sanded with 220G and finished with 500G
2014-12-18 trim Tab Started forming ribs for 2nd trim tab
2014-12-20 Trim tab ribs Worked on ribs and made a new jig and fabricated the 2 longer inner tab ribs
2014-12-21 Trim Tab FInished up the ribs and brazed them to the 1/2" steel tube. I used a temporary poplar wood strip as I set the first spruce one on fire. I also left off the end ribs so I could still use my set up jig for the hinge tubes.
2014-12-23 hinges Fabricated Stainless steel tubes for hinges
2014-12-26 Trim Tab Brazed on the hinge tubes to the trim tab and test fit to the horizontal stabilizer
2014-12-29 Hinges I decded to remake the aerlion hinges using the method where the bolt tubes go through the hinge and are then the excess is cut off . I did not like the way they came out before using aluminium rods to align the pieces as the aluminium got too hot and soft and lost alignment.
2015-01-01 hinges Brazed in the tubes for the hinges
2015-01-01 Control stick Fabricated the pivot tube and brackets and silver brazed
2015-01-02 Hinges Started grinding the hinges to shape and cleaning
2015-01-03 Tail plane mass balance stop Started fabricating the stop bracket for the Tailplane.
2015-01-04 Tail plane mass balance stop Finshed up Tailplane stop
2015-01-05 Tailplane trailing edge I did not like how the first set of trailing edges came out so I built a new jig and made new ones.
2015-01-07 Tailplane trailing edge I made a forming tool and bent the flanges of the trailing edge
2015-01-10 Tail wheel bracket I fabricated a small press brake and bent the tailwheel washer for the through bolt.
2015-01-11 Trim Tab Brazed on the Stainless steel tubes for the left trim tab and test fit the tabs
2015-01-14 Mass balance Started cutting up the steel plates and weights for the aerlion mass balance
2015-01-16 Mass balance Cut steel blanks for mass balance tube support
2015-01-17 Mass balance Cut slot in tubes
Ground and shaped mass balance weights
Shaped steel tube slot, hammered the ends flat
2015-01-19 Mass balance Welded up the support brackets and drilled holes in the bottom plates
2015-01-21 Sealing Epoxy sealing interior of Fuselage
2015-01-24 Sealing Epoxy sealing 2nd coat and baggage deck
2015-01-25 Fuselage scarfing Used a hand plane and sanding block to create the scarfs on the side of the fuselage for the turtle deck skins
2015-01-29 Avionics access Cut a square opening in former #3 (back of baggage compartment) fabricated a double and door. Cut 3mm birch for rear deck
2015-01-30 Rudder cable slot Made a router template and cut the slots for the rudder cable exit.
2015-01-31 Avionics access Glued up the rear baggage former access panel. And continued epoxy sealing the fuselage and formers
2015-02-01 Block for fin Fabricated and fit 30X30mm cross strut at the rear of the fuselage that attached to the vertical stabilizer. Put another coat of epoxy sealer on the baggage floor.
Also drilled the drainage holes in the bottom of the fuselage. I am trying to remember to do everything before closing up the turtle deck.
2015-02-02 Sealing More sealing of formers
2015-02-06 sealing Finished up sealing formers
2015-02-07 Drain holes Drilled the drain holes in the corners of the bottom struts. Pushed a pin from the top to locate the hole then drilled 3/16 back up
2015-02-08 Static port Fabricated a static port
2015-02-08 Fairlead Started fabricating rudder control fairleads out of Nylon plate
2015-02-08 Mass balance Brazed on the 3/8" steel weights. Had to be brazed as I could not weld thin tubing to the thick steel plate
2015-02-10 Tail plane block Glued in the 30X30 block, again checking that the fuselage was still square and in line
2015-02-14 Fairlead Drilled and notched rudder cable fairleads
2015-02-15 Fairlead Made a hardwood template and drilled the screw holes for the rudder fairleads
2015-02-18 Static port I changed my concept re. the static ports and rather than use a slip on tube I will use push-in PARKER type fittings. This necessitated a different style static port with an internal 1/8" npt thread.
2015-02-19 Fairlead Started fabricating the beveled washers for the rudder fairleads. Also started tacking in the braided bonding/grounding cable
2015-02-21 Trim Tab fork Set up jig and welded fork to trim tab. Then silver brazed the last hinge tube on using an 1/8" rob through the installed tubesand also brazed on the last rib
2015-02-22 Trim Tab trailing edge Fit and shaped the spruce trailing edge for the trim Tab
2015-02-22 Stick torque tube Lay out and start cutting parts for the torque tube
2015-02-23 stick torque tube Fabricated washer for torque tube
2015-02-24 Static port finished turning static port
2015-02-26 stick torque tube Fabricated the control arm
2015-02-28 stick torque tube Cut and shaped the 1 /38" tube and .064 collar for the control arm. Fabricated the pivot tube and silver brazed. Started cutting parts for the pulleys cage
2015-03-01 stick torque tube Cut slot in torque tube for pulley. Welded up control arm and welded up pulley cage
2015-03-02 stick torque tube Re-boring to ture up control arm after welding
2015-03-04 stick torque tube Weld up components to torque tube
2015-03-06 Static port Fabricated 2nd static port
2015-03-08 Control stick Started fabrication of the control stick pivot brackets, I used .064 4130 instead of mild steel as I cannot find another sheet of 1020 steel sheet. Much harder to bend.
2015-03-10 control stick Brazed the tube to the pivot brackets
2015-03-11 Control stick Welded the pivot brackets to the pivot tube. I assembled the pivot to the torque tube to keep everything aligned while welding.
2015-03-12 Control stick torque tube Welded on the elevator control tabs
2015-03-14 Control stick torque tube Turned adapters to fit the 1" dim. stick to the 1-1/4" tube
2015-03-17 Rudder pedals Cut up uhe 3/4 4130 steel for the rudder pedals
2015-03-19 Pulley bracket Cut up steel for pulley backet. I couldn't find another piece of 1020 sheet steel so I went to 4130 annealed
Brazed on the cap
2015-03-25 Rudder pedals Welded the pedals
Drilled the Delrin pedal bushings for the mounting holes
2015-03-26 Pedal Bushings Split the pedal bushings and made shims. Not sure whyFrank Rogers had us bore the holes then split the bush.
2015-03-27 Pedals Brazed on Keeper on 1st set of pedals
2015-03-28 pedals Welded up second set of pedals
2015-03-29 Rudder pedals Brazed on bearing block keepers
2015-04-02 Rudder pedals Drilled pedal assembly and brazed in 5/16" cable connect bolts
2015-04-05 Trim Tab Install trin tab and hinges on Hoz. stabilizer
2015-04-08 Aileron Pulley Brackets Drilled holes for pulley bolts
2015-04-09 Aileron Pulley Brackets Started cutting the strips of steel for the pulley brackets
2015-04-11 Aileron Pulley Brackets Bent stips to shape
2015-04-12 Aileron Pulley Brackets Brazed up brackets and started final shaping
2015-04-12 Tail deck Preped and glued on upper tail deck
2015-04-15 Tail deck Glued on birch doubler for tab control and cut slots for stabilizer brackets and control horn
2015-04-17 Fin support Started welding fin support
2015-04-17 Trim tab mechanism Started fit up of tab controls
Cut disks for Fin support
2015-04-18 Trim tab mechanism Installed trim tabs on stabilizer and fit and installed tab control mechanism
2015-04-19 Horizantal Stab bearing plate Started fabricating new bearing plate in Stainless steel. There is an AD for factory aircraft for this change so I figure it is a good idea to remake them
2015-04-22 Rudder pedals Turned aluminum extensions/plugs for the rudder pedals to accommodate the ACS rudder pedals
2015-04-25 Floor stiffeners Fabricated and glued on the forward cockpit floor 18X18 stiffeners. I located and drilled one hole for the rudder pedal bearings in each stiffener before gluing to help locate the blocks on the center of the 18X18's. This did require accurate installation of the stiffeners.
2015-04-26 Rudder pedals Drilled 3/4" holes in the rudder pedals and machined the inside of the brackets flat. Cut and reamed 1" X 3/4" aluminum tube to mount the pedals on the steel tubing.
2015-04-29 Pulley bracket Mount bracket on fuselage
2015-04-29 Fuselage rotisserie Started building a rotisserie
2015-04-30 Rudder pedals Fit spacer tubes to locate ACS pedals
2015-05-03 Rotisserie Built a fuselage rotisserie. Much easier to work in and around the Fuselage
2015-05-06 Cables Worked on a mock up of the rudder cables. I have some interference with the edge of the fuselage at the opening and at the tail plain internal brace.
2015-05-08 Bearing plates Re- fabricated the tailplane bearing plates in Stainless steel. Also polished the outer plates for fun
2015-05-10 Rudder pedals Re-fabricated the pedal bearing blocks with out shims. I cut them in half then drilled and reamed the holes. Set up a mock up of the installation to figure out the return springs and trim control.
2015-05-17 Rudder pedals Working on the mock up of the rudder pedals to help design a trim system based on the return springs
2015-05-18 Control cables Made up some temporary control cables to test fit and clearance.
2015-05-24 Rudder Trim Fabricated knob and lock plate for the rudder trim control. This is an experiment so it will take alot of playing around.
2015-06-03 Rudder Trim Finished up the knob and mocked up with a secondary chain. This was necessary as the springs put too much tension on the #1 sprocket and it woulnt slide up & down. There is a pin between the knob and locking plate so the spring pressure will not pull the trim back to neutral.
2015-06-13 Bolt holes Fabricated a drilling jig based on the EAA design and drilled the 2 attachment holes. I had to build up my courage to put the drill to the spar as I could have very easily ruined a years worth of work in a few seconds. But it all seemed to work. Also fabricated a drill bit extension so I will be able to send the bit through the spar and drill into the fuselage.
2015-06-20 Rib #1 Cut up and fabricated right side rib #1.
Rearranged shop and move fuselage sideways to prepare for fitting of spar
2015-06-21 Wing Bolts Threading the wing bolts on the lathe, I am using 1144 "StressProof" steel. Should be good at 115,000 UTS
2015-06-22 Spar & fuselage Turned the spar upside down and placed on fuselage for fitting and drilling mounting holes
2015-06-27 Rib #1 Glued up second rib #1
2015-06-28 spar & fuselage Spent several hours trying to work out how the rib #1 fit to the spar and fits to the fuselage.The top boom needs to be shaped to the fuselage cut out but should also match the fit up of the standard ribs. Also, the height of the spar in relationship to the #2 bulkhead and then the trailing edge needs to line up with the center line of the spar and, and and......
This is going to take some time to fit it all together
2015-07-06 #1 Rib Sanded and fit #1 rib to fuselage
2015-07-07 Wing bolts Finished cutting threads on wing bolts
2015-07-17 Square spar to fuselage Used lasers, levels , and squares for position spar on fuselage. Also as suggested I put spacers under the spar to provide and additional 3mm of clearance between the fuselage cut out and rib #1 when installed. This was recommended by several members of the Jodel List.
2015-07-18 Wing bolt holes Set up , clamped and crossed my fingers and drilled the 2 wing bolt holes thought the spar and into the fuselage. I decided to hold the spar in position and use it as a guide to drill thought #2 bulkhead.
2015-08-15 Wing stand Built pivoting wing stand. Still need to set up a locking system for the vertical and horizontal positions
2015-08-16 Wing Bolt washers Fabricated the 3mm washers for the wing bolts
2015-08-19 Assembly Planning out the fit up of the ribs.
I am making a dry run of how to glue up the ribs.
2015-08-23 #1 Rib Glue up Right side #1 rib to spar. Set the spar level and plumb and then used a plumb bob to locate the trailing edge of the rib 121mm below the top of the spar. This is the set up according to F.R plans for the D1050. The DR250 plans have no information as to how the rib should sit.
2015-08-29 Spar fit up Moved Spar with #1 ribs attached back onto the fuselage to mark the smaller bolt holes and install the bulkheads. Made 1/4" center punch to fit into hole and used an 1/8 steel rod sticking out through the nut plate to push the center punch and mark the hole.
2015-08-31 Fitting spar/wing squared the spar back up to the fuselage and marked the trailing edge bolt holes in the #1 rib
2015-09-01 #1 rib bolt holes Drilled the 1/4" bolts holes in the #1 ribs using my "Big Gator" drill guide
2015-09-05 Wing bulkheads 7.1 Glued in rear wing bulkhead. Pre beveled the edges and lined up the bulkhead even with the rear setback and square to the spar.
2015-09-06 Front wing bulkhead Glued in front wing bulkhead. Fit this parallel to the front of the back seat face so the mounting bolt can be drilled square.
2015-09-07 Rib #1 packing Marked and drilled wing bolt hole in rear seat front. Moved spar back off the fuselage and glued in 1 of the 12mm packing in rib #1.
2015-09-08 #1 rib packing Glued in right side 12mm block and drill through hole
2015-09-16 Rear floor support Fabricated and glued in the rear floor supports. Just a light shaping of the 18X18 was required
2015-09-17 Rear floor Cut and installed 5mm rear floor.
2015-09-23 Wing bolts Brazed nuts to washer plates and primed and painted the nuts, washer plates, and wing bolts. Also epoxy sealed the bolt holes and inside of #1 rib.
2015-09-26 Wing bulkheads 7.1 Had to remake the forward tank bulkhead as I installed the first one incorrectly. I set it in with the 5mm space for the floor at the top of the bulkhead insread of the bottom. I had to reset the spar back on the fuselage to mark the mounting bolt hole.
2015-09-28 Rudder pedals Match drilled the rudder bushings and fuselage and installed the pedals.
2015-09-30 Assembly Dry fit the ribs on the spar and started working on a method to align the #7 ribs. I marked a line on the spar 36mm above the marks for the #1 rib as this is where the trailing edge of the #7 rid is supposed to align. This is from the Frank Rogers plans for the D1050. Since the DR250 wing is otherwise identical to D1050 I am going with that washout. I set the laser on this line to project a beam up to the trailing edge. Also added a piece of plywood to make up for the flaps.
2015-10-03 Fit up Rib 7 Squaring and checking rib #7 using laser as a plumb bob. I am still not happy with this method of alignment
2015-10-04 Rib #7 Set up the laser at the far end of the spar on the crank and adjusted the beam parallel to the spar. I then made a gauge to set the #7 spar 36mm higher than the #1 rib and gule the rib to the spar. Held in place with a large square and blocks.
2015-10-08 Other rib #7 Using the laser in the same position as the first rib I glued in the 2nd #7 rib. Laser can be seen on the spar.
2015-10-10 #2 ribs Using an aluminum straight edge I dry set up the #2 ribs inline with the #1 ribs and parallel to the spar.
2015-10-14 Rib #2 Glued on 1st #2 rib
2015-10-17 Rib #2A Glued in the 1st Rib #2A. this rib must be 4mm below the top of rib#1 & #2. I glue the top capstrip directly to the top of the spar to be shaped later at 4mm below.
2015-10-18 Rib #2A Glued in the 2nd rib #2A
2015-10-20 Shaped #2A Made a scribe tool to make the rib shape of #2A 4mm below #1 & #2 for the wing walk and handplaned to shape.
2015-10-23 Main ribs I maked a line on the #2 rib indicating the height of the 1700 chord ( less the flaps) main ribs and clamped a straight edge from it to the #7 rib. Glued in the first of the 1700 chord main ribs.
2015-10-25 Main ribs Glued on 2nd main rib
2015-10-26 Main ribs Glued in 3rd main rib right side
2015-11-03 Main ribs Set up & glued on left side 1st rib
2015-11-04 Main ribs 2nd rib left side
2015-11-07 Main ribs 3rd rib left side
2015-11-10 Wing tips Fabricate wing tips and test fit. Glue on the remainder of the gusset to the main ribs
2015-11-12 Fitting Ribs With the wings tip in place (not glued) I started test fitting of the cranked ribs and the aerlion false spar. These parts all need to fit together as they affect the location of each other. It is a real juggling act to hold everything in place.
2015-11-14 Fitting Ribs/tip Set up a laser level and checked the wash out and extension of the left and right wing tip. The measured out to be pretty good, with-in the thichness of the laser line.
2015-11-18 Compression Tube Fabricated a jig to drill the 16deg. 25mm hole in the spar for the aerlion control compression tube
2015-11-20 Compression Tube Turned a birch plug for the compression tube and drilled the tube for the pulleys. I used a 1" X .049 2024 aluminium tube
2015-11-21 Compression Tube Drilled and assembled the 2nd compression tube. Drilled the 16degree hole in the spar
2015-11-22 Compression Tube Started fabricating the bracket by the hinges for the compression tube. Made a hardwood jig to form the bracket with a 6deg angle.
2015-11-24 Compression Tube Remade the first bracket and fabricated the second hinge/tube bracket. The plans which came from the D112 had the bracket at a 6 degree angle. turns out its more like a 2 degree angle on the DR250.
2015-11-28 Rib #8 Set a string line from wing tip to #7 rib to align the leading edge chord line and used the aileron false spar to align the trailing edge and glued in the #8 rib, the first of the bent part ribs
2015-11-29 Rib #9 Glued in #9 rib. I had to put a small wedge shim between the front face of the spar and rib to get the rib to line up with the false spar
2015-12-01 Rib #10 Glued in #10 rib. needed a shim again.after the glued dried I re-drilled the holes for the tie down ring through the newly added gusset. Note to self if drilling through a 2mm gusset it should only take a few seconds, if it takes longer you have drilled through the back up block and into your finger. Ouch!
2015-12-03 Rib #8 right Set up and glued in the other #8
2015-12-05 Rib #9 Glued in right #9, needed a wedge shim again
2015-12-06 Rib #10 Glued in #10 rib, wedge, shimmed again
2015-12-07 false spar Drilled an aluminum angle to match the hinge screw holes and bolted it to the false spar to keep it straight and true. Test fit to the ribs, #7 rib and tip
2015-12-12 Wing tips Glued on the wing tips
2015-12-13 Aileron false spar Glued on the left false spar. Used the aluminum angle to hold the spar straight. Everything lined up with almost no adjustments to fit up. Just a couple of swipes of the had plane to the spar where it meets rib#7 & a little filler piece at the wing tip.

2015-12-15 Right aileron spar Glued in the right side aileron false spar, again only a little swipe of the plane to fit the spar to #7 rib
2015-12-19 Ailerons & Flap spar Test fit the ailerons on the wing and check movement and mass balance.
Had to do a little more work to fit the Flap false spar to the ribs sanding some of them down so they all met the spar. Used a 6' level to keep the spar straight.
2015-12-20 Flap spar Final fit and glued in the left flap false spar
2015-12-21 Flap spar Trimmed ribs and glued on right Flap false spar. It also needed an 8mm filler block at the end as the spar came up short.
2015-12-25 Corner brace Fabricated corner braces that brace the aileron spar. These were not originally on the DR250 but added on the DR253 and up so I adapted them for my plane.
2015-12-26 Spar braces Fit and glued on the braces. Used the edge sander to shape the angles
2015-12-27 Compression Tube Marked out and drilled aileron compression tube at the hinge side. I Also filled the tube end with a 30mm birch filler before drilling.
2015-12-28 lower blocks Fabricated and glued on the bottom 18mm wedges to the wing tips
2016-01-01 Rib blocking Glued in some lower rib blocking
2016-01-02 wing tips Used a 2x2 pine block to fabricate the upper shaped wing tip. and glued it on
2016-01-03 Tip leading edge Fabricated and started shaping the leading edge strips that go from rib #19 to the tip. Finish shaping will happen after installation.
2016-01-06 Tip leading edge Glued on the solid leading edgeto the wing tip Held it 4mm proud of the end of the actual wing tip as the string line for the ribs was set at the chord line which is short to the furthest projection of the leading edge
2016-01-07 Wing tips Added a piece of 3mm Balsa on the outside face of the left wing tip. This will make the outside face of the tip nice and clean for covering with out addinf very much weight. Added packing to the right tip
2016-01-09 Right side Added leading edge to right wing tip. Also added Balsa packing to bottom and started shaping left balsa and tip
2016-01-10 Wing tips Added balsa face to right tip end. Started sanding an shaping aileron and flap spars to fit ribs in preperation for 55mm plywood gusset strips. Also did some more shaping of the wing tips
2016-01-12 Sealing Finished long board sanding of the ribs to rear spar and shaped the spar edges to the angle of the ribs. Epoxy sealed all the rear spars and rear portion of ribs that will be covered by the 55mm gusset strips
2016-01-15 Sealing & Gussets More epoxy sealing
Fabricate 4mm rear seat angle floor
Start cutting 1.5 mm wing gussets
2016-01-16 Gussets Glued on the left triangular flap spar gusset
2016-01-17 Gussets Glued on right side triangular Gusset
2016-01-18 Gussets Cut, scarfed and glued in 55mm ply strip for flap spar.
2016-01-19 gussets Glued on Right 55mm ply strip. Also clamped the strip to the clamping block between the ribs and this seemed to help keep the plywood straight and not wavey between the ribs
2016-01-23 Rib blocking Started cutting and fitting the solid blocking between the ribs and spar. I will have to come up with a method that will allow rib stitching in that area.
2016-01-24 Flap controls received the steel tubing for the flap torsion rod. Used 5/8 .035 4130. Bored out a piece of 7/8" tube for a slip fit over the 5/8 tubing. this will be the coupling and also the outboard end with the control levers.
2016-01-26 Rib blocking Fit more rib blocking. All the blocking is dry fit for now. Still need to cut notches for the rib lacing cord.
2016-01-27 Flap link Fabricated a forked rod end for the Flap link arm from 5/8" 6061 Aluminum rod.
2016-01-31 flap link Fabricated 2nd rod end
2016-02-03 Rib blocking & Flap torque tube bracket Glued in 4 of the upper rib blocks. Cut slots in the blocks at 50mm intervals on the table saw for future rib stitching. Marked out a square with the measurements for layout. Started bending 1/8 steel for torque tube inner brackets
2016-02-05 Flap tube brackets Welded, shaped & drilled inner flap torque tube brackets. Had to weld on the second tab as I couldnt fit the bracket in the press brake for the reverse bend.
2016-02-08 Flap bushings Turned 2 bushings form Delrin for the inner torque tube brackets.
2016-02-08 Rib blocking Notched and glued in more rib blocking. Glued in the ash blocking at the center rear of the spar for the fairleads and bracket mount. Thinned down the UHMW outer tube bushings. Also trial fit the torque tubes and brackets
2016-02-13 Flap controls More work fitting and testing torque tube movement. Cleaned up the edges and shape of the inner bushing brackets. Fabricated 6 arms (double shear) for the flap linkage.
2016-02-20 flap link Brazed up the two flap linkage arms. Brased instead of welding as to not distort the slip on tubes.
2016-02-21 Flap controls Drilled mounting holes for the flap linkage center bearing blocks and mounted the blocks. Had to shim the left bracket a little to get the 2 torque tubes to line up.
2016-02-26 Rib blocking Glue up the last of the upper wing under rib blocking. I hope I can find the rib stitch hole when the time comes.
2016-02-27 Nylon stop blocks Fabricated the aerlion and flap stop blocks in nylon.
2016-03-03 Flap controls Received the Accele electric flap motor and check fit and worked on a plan for connecting all the bits. Also received the rod ends for the flap connect rod
2016-03-05 Flap controls Assembled the flap control system and when trying to get 60 deg's of flaps the control rod contact the wing surface. I had set up the link arms based on the plans for the D150 and there is not enough clearance for 60degs. Original plan was 50mm on center for the bolt holes I remade them at 60mm and all was good. Also change the design a little to look like the arms on the Lancair.
2016-03-06 Flap controls Had to work out the flap motor conection arm length. Working out the math using a cad program and measuring a circle it should be 60mm for a 3" stroke but that didnt work. 70mm work just right. Mocked this up wit a plywood arm.
2016-03-07 Flap controls Fabricated the motor link arm. Did a folded metal type like the RV's
2016-03-08 Flap controls Brazed up center arm
2016-03-10 Flap controls Brazed up the other flap link
2016-03-13 Flap controls Re-made the center flap link. The folded metal one was too wide and may have interfered with the control cables
2016-03-14 Flap controls Match drilled bolt holes to connect links to the torque tubes
2016-03-16 Flap Motor Reinstalled the torque rods and mounted the Motor. I used a 3mm doubler under the motor that spanned the 118mm (future) braces under the floor.
2016-03-18 Position sensor Set up the position sensor based on the way the RV folks do it. Used an Adel clamp and fabricated a small bracket to attach the sensor arm. Attached the sensor to the floor with a piece of piano hinge. Set up the sensor so the rotation of the torque tube uses about 80% of the arm travel.
2016-03-19 Flap bushings Added 2mm birch stiffener to the ribs behind the outer flap torque tube bushing
2016-03-20 Flap bushings Added a 2mm birch ply stiffener to the rib on the exposed side of the bushing. This was fabricated in the shape of the soid plywood bushing called for in the plans
2016-03-21 Flap motor Added a 3mm doubler to the floor under flap motor bracket
2016-03-23 Flap controls Primed and painted the links with Hammerite
2016-03-24 Flap motor Fabricated a doubler for the flap sensor Glued the screws in from underneath similar to the way the Lancair folks do attachment plates.
2016-03-28 #1 Rib Closed Left #1 rib now that flap tube and controls are finished
2016-03-28 Rib #1 Closed out rib#1 right
2016-04-03 Leveling ribs Checked the ribs to each other with a long straight edge and found the #9 outer rib on both side to be low just over the spar. I added a couple of thin <1mm strips to make up the difference. I then marked the tops of the ribs with pencil scratch marks and the used the longboard sander and leveled the main and outer ribs.
2016-04-06 Nose rib 7 Fit and glued on #7 nose ribs. I blocked across the #7 & #8 ribs to locate the nose rib
2016-04-07 Blocking Added the 8mm wide packing stips that support the back end of the trailing edge plywood. These need to be individual fitted to each pair of ribs height wise
2016-04-10 Blocking Continued adding leading edge packing and Leveling the packing to the ribs. Made up the 20 X20 false nose rib gussets
2016-04-14 Compression Tube Leveled up the rest of the leading edge packing and glued on the 5mm doublers to the spar for the aileron compression tube
2016-04-16 RIbs Flipped the wing bottom side up and started sanding and leveling the trailing end of the ribs.
2016-04-17 sealing flaps Epoxy sealed the flaps with S3 S1 penetrating sealer
2016-04-24 Rib blocking Cutting and fitting rib/spar packing on the lower surface
2016-04-30 Cut stitching notches in rib blocking Notched blocking same spacing as upper ribs
2016-05-01 rib blocking Glue in more rib blocking
2016-05-04 #1 Rib Carved the lower surface of rib #1 to match the other ribs
2016-05-14 Rib blocking Finished all lower wing rib blocking
2016-05-15 Spar blocking & rib sanding Fit front edge and 2 rib shaped packing on underside center of spar. Sanded and leveled all the lower ribs and center with long board sander.
2016-05-17 Leading edge Layed out and cut the 1.6 C for the leading edges
2016-05-18 Wing walk Shaped and glued in he 4 pieces that support the wing walk adjacent to the ribs over the spar
2016-05-25 Gussets Glued on the 55mm wide gusset for the alerion false spar
2016-05-26 gussets Another 55mm strip gusset
2016-05-30 Gussets another 55mm gusset
2016-06-05 Gussets Adding the remanding 5mm strip gussets to the read alerion and flap false spar. Started cleaning up the glue joints
2016-06-11 Sealing Epoxy sealed the spar and rib in preperation for installing the tip leading edge plywood
2016-06-12 Leading edge Glued on the first plywood for the leading edge
2016-06-15 Leading edge Attached right tip upper leading edge
2016-06-19 tip leading edge Fit, scarfed and glued on the wing tip lower leading edge.
Sprayed with water and clamped in place overnight before glueing. sprayed with water again just before glueing.
2016-06-22 Leading edge Left wing tip lower leading edge
2016-06-25 Outer wing leading edge Cut 1.6mm ply for the outer leading edge and soaked in the shower under hot water for about 20 minutes. Test fit on the wing and founs that due to the od angles formed by the bend I was short in the corner by about 20mm. Pulled off the wing and scarfed the additional 20mm
2016-06-26 outer wing leading edge Soaked the ply again ad refit on the wing to dry in position
2016-06-29 epoxy sealing Sealed the inside of the leading edge.
2016-06-30 Leading edge Glued up left leading edge for the outer wing.I needed to redo the scarf joint at the wing tip as the shape changes as the ply wraps underneath.This was definitely challenging to get it all tight and straight.
2016-07-04 Landing Light Cutting and fitting parts for the landing light
2016-07-05 Leading edge Soaked the right outer leading edge and pre-formed over the ribs.
2016-07-09 Leading edge Glued on the Rt outer leading edge. Fabricated more pieces for the landing light opening
2016-07-10 Leading edge I found the left side outer wing plywood did not glue properly to the ribs so I removed it, scraped the rib back to clean and cut a new leading edge plywood
2016-07-11 Landing Light Fabricated aluminium plates for the anchor nuts for the landing light lens
2016-07-12 leading edge sealing Epoxy sealed the inside of the replacement plywood and landing light parts
2016-07-13 Leading edge Glued on replacement plywood for the left outer leading edge.
2016-07-14 landing Light Added nuts plate and glued on the 8X18 strips
2016-07-15 Landing Light Fabricated aluminium mounting plate for Light
2016-07-17 Landing Light Glued on 5mm plywood on either side of the ribs to hold the inner 1.5mm plywood to the proper shape. This was not on the plans but I cant figure out how the inner ply double would hold shape. Fabricated the second aluminum light plate and cut the inner ply doubler
2016-07-20 Landing Light Glued on the inner 1.5 ply for the landing light bay
2016-07-23 Landing Light Fabricated the landing light retainers. Used the newly acquired shear and brake.
2016-07-24 Landing Light Made a template and drilled the holes for the mounting screws for the light retainer in the back plate and retainer. Made up the aluminium backers ( again using the new shear) and mounted the nut plates on the light parts. Glued the 2 spruce blocks to the ribs.
2016-07-27 Landing Light Glued in the inner parts for the right side landing light and cut the inner skin
2016-07-30 Landing Light Cut holes in light mounting plate and retainer and primed them
2016-07-31 Landing Light Painted the light mounts white and glued on the inner ply for the right light
2016-08-05 Landing Light Painted the inside of the Landing light well white
2016-08-06 Landing Light Added nutplates to light frame and bent the 1/16 plexiglass using a heat gun to warm the plexi.
2016-08-07 Leading edge The under side of the outer wing leading was very wavy. I added 4 X 8 spruce to straighten out the loose edge which helped a little. The plans do not call for any spruce there but it needed something
2016-08-12 Landing Light Another coat of white paint inside the landing light and cut the outer plywood
2016-08-13 Landing Light Scarfed and Glued up the left side Landing light outer skin
2016-08-14 landing Light Scarfed and glued on the right side outer skin. Fabricated an form to bend the plexiglass. I did not like how the first attempt came out using the wing itself as form.
2016-08-17 Leading edge Cut and fit the 2 1.5mm ply pieces that fit between the landing light and bent rib #7. These required careful fitting as the shape is complicated as it wraps around rib #7.
Glued on the false ribs in that bay.
2016-08-18 Leading edge plywood Scarfed and beveled the plywood. scarfed to meet the landing light plywood and hand sanded/shaped the bevels at rib #7. This requires an bevel on the underside of the plywood at the upper surface transitioning to a bevel on the outer surface on the lower side
2016-08-20 leading edge plywood Glued on 2 outer sections of the main leading edge
2016-08-22 Leading edge Glued on the remaining 4 false nose ribs
2016-08-24 leading edge plywood Epoxy sealed plywood and false nose ribs
2016-08-25 Leading edge Glued on rt side plywood leading edge
2016-08-26 Leading edge Installed the Rt side leading edge plywood
2016-08-31 Leading edge Glued on the 8X8s at the bottom of the leading edge plywood at the main section of the wing
2016-09-02 leading edge plywood Cleaned up all the glue joints and sanded/shaped the cranked joint and al the plywood edges
2016-09-04 Wing walk Cut up the 8X12 for the wink walk support and layed out the 4mm step
2016-09-05 wing walk Glued on the first 8X12
2016-09-07 Wing walk Glued on another 8X12 wing walk support
2016-09-08 wing walk Glued on the right side wing walk supports
2016-09-10 Nut plates Fabricated counter sunk nut plates for the outer flap torque tube UHMW bearing.
2016-09-11 Trailing edge Notched the trailing edge to fit the 4mm wing walk. Plans were very unclear about the wing walk plywood cutting into the trailing edge but all the photographs I have show that nit does. F.R plans for the D1050 do show this and that what I did.
Glued the trailing edge to the ribs
2016-09-12 Trailing edge Cut and fit the trailing edge bracing and some of the 1.5mm gussets
2016-09-14 Trailing edge Glued on the trailing edge braces and some gussets
2016-09-17 Trailing edge Glued on the gussets for the trailing edge brace sand trailing edge to #1 and #2 ribs. Again the plans did not show the rib gussets but photographs did.
2016-09-18 Trailing edge Sanded all the lower trailing edge gussets to a feather edge. Turned the wing over and started the gussets on the upper surface. Also played with the landing light plexiglass again
2016-09-23 Wing walk Scarfed and glued up the 4mm Birch ply wing walk skins
2016-09-26 Wing walk Glued on left side wing walk
2016-09-28 Wing walk Glued right side wing walk
2016-09-30 Trailing edge Glued on the upper gussets from wing walk to trailing edge and sanded feathered edge
2016-10-01 Undercarriage Packing Milled the parts for the upper surface packing around the undercarriage mounting. Used Ash for the packing as per plans
2016-10-02 Undercarriage Packing Glued on the left side undercarriage packing
2016-10-03 Undercarriage Packing Glued on the right side packing
2016-10-07 Undercarriage Packing Milled parts for underside packing around undercarriage. This was hard to decipher form plans but once again I was fortunate to have photos from other Jodel owners
2016-10-08 undercarriage Packing Glued on the undercarriage packing
2016-10-09 Skin reinforcements Fabricated the plywood reinforcements for the pulleys access, aileron cable and tiedowns
2016-10-12 Tie down Glued on the tiedown reinforcements
2016-10-16 Sealing Epoxy sealed the left upper surface of the spar
2016-10-18 sealing Continued epoxy sealing of the bottom of the spar
2016-10-21 Pitot Mast received my Pitot mast from Dynon and started layout and fitting. No drawings for this so on my own. I decided to fit it in the landing light bay so I will have access after the wing is covered. Fabricated a 4mm birch ply doubler
2016-10-23 Pitot Mast Cut out in the wing skin and fabricated an .040 aluminum plate for the exterior
2016-10-25 Pitot Mast Glued in 4mm doubler and epoxy sealer on lower surface of spar
2016-10-28 sealing Epoxy sealed the upper spar surface
2016-10-30 Leading edge Used SuperFil to fill and shape leading edge at the wing tips
2016-11-03 filling Continued filling and sanding leading edge. THere were wrinkles in the 1.5mm plywood due to the changing shape around the #7, #7 false rib and the #8 rib. The left side was worse than the right side and needed more filler/work. I think I tightened the strap clamps too much on the left side
2016-11-07 Filling Filled some of the waviness on the underside of the leading edge
2016-11-20 sealing Well the US elections are over and I have just now come to grips with the reality of what happened. I was very upset and had no desire to work on the plane until now. Started slowly by completing the epoxy sealing of the spar
2016-11-25 Foot rest Fabricated and attached the 2 angled 8X12 strips for the 4mm foot rest/cable cover at the rear spar
2016-11-26 Painting Primed and painted some of the metal pars of the wing
2016-11-27 sealing Continued epoxy sealing the wing
2016-12-03 Parts Painting Painted more parts
2016-12-07 Sealing Sprayed water borne marine varnish to seal all the wing ribs, spraying is much faster for those type of parts
2016-12-10 Trim Tab hinges I pulled off the Stabilator aluminum trailing edge to paint. I noticed the holes for the screws for the tab hinges were way too close the tip of the HS ribs. The plans show the hinges to have the hole drilled at 9m from the edge but the HS plans have the hole at 18mm from the tip. I decided to remake the trailing edge and the hinges.
2016-12-11 trim Tab hinges Cut Stainless strips and bent to shape. Got to use the new metal fab tools
2016-12-14 Trim Tab hinges Set up drilling on the mill and drilled mounting holes
2016-12-17 trim Tab hinges Silver soldered the hinge pins
2016-12-18 Trailing edge Formed new aluminum trailing edges
2016-12-19 Trim Tab hinges Drilled holes and mounted trailing edge,trim tab and hinges
2016-12-21 Parts Painting Primed and painted trim tab and aerlion compression tubes and some othe parts.
2016-12-28 Cable fairleads Fabricated fairleads in phenolic sheet
2016-12-29 Cables Temporary set up and tested the aileron control cable system
2017-01-01 Parts Painting Continued priming and painting metal parts
2017-01-03 Vertical Stabilizer Set up the laser to provide a vertical plane along the centerline of the fuselage. Also confirmed the fuse. was level laterally. Then proceeded to epoxy the tail fin to the fuselage confirming it was aligned with the laser line.
2017-01-05 Vertical Stabilizer Cleaned up and flush sanded after the install of the Vert. Stabilizer
2017-01-07 Bottom Skin Preped 45deg 3mm birch for the bottom skin close out at the rear fin. Scarfed, cut the 12mm access hole and sealed the inside. I fabricated some pins to fit in the bolt holes and then marked the bottom skin to accurately drill the holes to match the existing holes.
2017-01-08 Bottom Skin Glued on the rear bottom skin. Flipped the fuselage back up so the glue would puddle at the seam and not run down the sides, makes the joint cleaner and have a nice fillet.
2017-01-11 Vertical Stabilizer brace The first brace didnt work out so I fabricated a new one and set up a better jig to hold the angle.
2017-01-15 Access Panel and nut plates Added the 4 nutplate for the tail faring to couple #7
I decided to install an access panel to the fuselage bottom. it is on several of the DR250 I have pictures of and all of the DR400s.
2017-01-16 access Panel cut out Glued in the rest of the 5mm birch reinforcements
2017-01-20 Former #2 Made a panel with an 82deg angle to position Former #2. Lined up, squared up and glued in former #2. Had to get creative with the clamping.
2017-01-24 Access Panel and nut plates completed nut plates. Cut and match drilled aluminum panel and attached. Cut the panel slightly oversized with snips ans clamped it between two boards and cleaned up with a router.
2017-01-25 Turtle deck formers
2017-01-25 Turtle deck formers Fit and glued on the Turtle deck formers. It did appear that the formers were sized to fit evenly in height and width and at the proper locations. I just had to move the first one about 2mm
2017-01-27 Baggage Turtle deck Cut and fit the 8X12 sticks and gussets
2017-01-28 Glued Sticks Glued in the 7 baggage ceiling sticks
2017-01-29 Sanding Made a board ( Comb) with notches and wedges to hold the Formers plumb and stiff for sanding. Put 80 grit paper on the longboard sander and started sanding the former to align and at the proper angle. Had a few low spots that would have required extensive sanding of the other formers so I glued on some 1mm strips at the low points.
2017-01-30 Sanding Finished sanding the turtle deck to shape
2017-02-01 Turtle deck skin Started fitting the TD skin. PLans call for 2mm over the baggage #2 & #3 and 1 piece of 1.6mm for the #3 through #7. I will do the 1.6 in 2 pieces and scarf over Former #4. Apparently there is a slight side curve between #3 & #4 and doing it a separate piece should help prevent buckling
2017-02-04 Turtle deck skin cut, fit, scarfed and glued small extension to the width and trial fit 1.6mm turtle deck skin.
Scarfed the join edge at former #4 and long edge where the skin meets the fuselage.
2017-02-08 Control cables Temporarily install horizontal stabilator and fabricated mock up cables to stabilator and rudder
2017-02-09 Rudder pedals and control cables Fabricated steel links from pedals to cables and set up temporary rudder control cables
2017-02-10 Seat belt mounts Fabricated the parts for the rear seat belt mounting hooks
2017-02-11 Canopy frame Used the new tube roller to bend and snap the middle canopy tube frame. I used a plywood template to guide the shape but ended up making it a little wider coming down for more shoulder room
2017-02-12 Canopy and seat belt mounts Drilled holes under rear seat for the seat belt mounts
Refined the shape of the middle canopy frame and drilled holes for the shoulder belt mount. Plans called for a 1/4" O.D tube welded in and a #10 (3/16") bolt. I decded to weld in a 1/" bolt, 3/16 just doesn't seem strong enough for a seat harness.
2017-02-15 Canopy welding Welded the mounting plates to the canopy frame and welded up the seatbelt mounts
2017-02-17 Hand grip Fabricated parts and glued in extra support for handles to assist steping onto the wing. Found these Southco concealed pulls and mounted them with Ash blocks and spruce fillers.
2017-02-18 Turtle deck skin Glued on the rear turtle deck skin. I used staple strips to hols the skin against the formers and then straps over the strips. I should have used strips angainst the lateral edge of the fuselage as well and would have got a better glue joint instead of just the 1" clamping cauls.
2017-02-20 Turtle deck skin The plywood skin at the joint between the turtle deck and fuselage has a pretty bad bump. I will try to feather it out with SuperFil.
2017-02-21 Windscreen frame Started forming the tubing for the windscreen frame
2017-02-22 Filling turtle deck Started filling turtle deck plywood seam
2017-02-23 Windscreen frame Finish forming windscreen frame
2017-02-25 Windscreen frame Formed the windscreen frame mounting brackets
2017-02-26 Canopy frame grind and fit frame to brackets and tack (braze) welding wire to hold frame and brackets in position for welding
2017-03-05 Canopy frame Weld up front canopy frame
2017-03-08 Front Canopy Frame Grind and shape front frame mounting plate, fit and drill holes in fuselage.
2017-03-09 Rear frame Grind, shape rear frame plates and drill fuselage.
2017-03-11 Canopy frame Bent, coped and fit center bar to canopy and then welded it in. Added tabs and fit aluminium channel from bulkhead to frame
2017-03-12 Door frames Brazed in seat belt bolts in rear frame and started bending steel tubing for door frames
2017-03-14 Door frames Bent up more tubing for the doors
2017-03-16 Door frames Bent and mitered the upper and lower door frame pieces
2017-03-18 Door frames Tack welded the door frame on the fuselage the remove and completed the welds
2017-03-22 Door hinges Started fabricating the door hinges
2017-04-26 Door frames Cut and miter door frame top piece
2017-04-29 Door frames Mitered and fit the rest of the door frame pieces
2017-05-03 Welding door Tack welded door frame in situ. Tried not to set the wood fuselage on fire!
2017-05-04 Welding door Finish welding door frame
2017-05-07 Door hinges Fabricated a steel alignment bar to hols the hinges in line and at the right distance. The ends were squared, drilled and tapped on the new lathe. Brazed hinges onto door frame
2017-05-08 Door hinges Refit doors to canopy and tack brazed hinges to frame.
2017-05-12 door hinges Removed the canopy and finished brazing the hinges, under side on hinges and lower hinge
2017-05-14 Doors Fabricated the alignment pins and keeper for the doors. I decided to use a tube to fabricate the keeper instead of trying to bend and shape .080 steel sheet.
2017-05-17 Door latch Did a mock up of how the door latch will fit
2017-05-18 door latch Fabricated steel plate for latch mount
2017-05-19 Door latch Fitting and shaping right latch plate
2017-05-20 Door latch Drill and mounted latch for right side, started fabrication of Left latch plate
2017-05-22 Door latch Finished fitting and drilling left latch mounting plate
2017-05-31 Door latch Finished up fitting locks and welded latch plates to the door frames.
2017-06-01 Latches Fit up door catches
2017-06-03 Door catches Fit and brazed pins and door guide, Tack welded door catch
2017-06-06 Door catches Fit pins, guide and catch to left side canopy
2017-06-07 Front door guides Fabricated pins and receivers for front door guides
2017-06-09 Front guides Brazed front guides to door and canopy
2017-06-10 Rear door catch Brazed on a plate and installed upper rear latches. Used a Destaco style clamp as a latch and decided to use 2 individual latches instead of one single
2017-07-01 Seat frame Cut out 2" of width from the MG seat backs anf welded them back up. Decided to keep the MGB seat backs because they folded forward and had adjustable seat rake. Threw out the bottoms as they were heavy and wrong size.
2017-07-20 Seat frame Built a tubing bender using Harbor Freight dies and bent the seat bottoms.
2017-08-12 seat frame Welded the back of the seat frame and Fabricated tabs and hinges and welded to the seat bottom
2017-08-13 seat frame Fit the seat tracks and welded the mounting tabs to the seat frame
2017-08-26 Left seat frame Bent tubing for left seat bottom.
2017-08-27 Left seat frame Chopped out 2 inches of width and rewarded seat back
2017-08-29 seat frame Weld frame
2017-09-05 Seat frame Fit tracks to frame, frame to aluminum angle supports and welded tabs for folding back
2017-09-15 Seat frame Brazed on rod for seat back catch
2017-09-19 Seat frame Fit seat frames into fuselage. Match drilled the mock-up (pretend) spar for the seat mounting holes and mounted the seats in the fuselage. I wound up moving the seat one inch more forward.
2017-09-30 Seats Tuned up the seat mounts
Added Ash blocks to support the seat tracks
Installed a .032 6061 bottom seat pan and a 2mm plywood seat back
I used the aluminum seat pan in the interest of safety. I an accident springs can snap back and add energy back into your body causing increased damage. The aluminum pan will simply deform and absorb energy. Confor foam is next.
2017-10-15 Seat foam Layout and carve SunMate temper foam for seats. Trial fitting of lumbar support. Tested one seat in the fuselage. Need to add some side bolsters.
one inch of firm, 1" medium, & 1" soft. Bolsters are 1/2" soft foam.
2017-10-20 Seat foam Glue up and shape seat cushions
2017-10-22 turtle deck skin Cut and scarf 2mm turtleneck skin for over the baggage area
2017-10-27 Seats Fiinish up seat foam and fit seats in cockpit
2017-11-08 Fabric support Fabricated and installed the 1.5mm skin support around the undercarriage cut out
2017-11-11 Turtle deck skin Cut, fit and shaped, and scarfed the 2mm plywood skin for the baggage area
2017-11-16 Rudeder trim Still playing around with electric rudder trim
2017-11-22 turtle deck skin Epoxy Sealed the inside of the baggage skin
2017-11-25 Glue baggage turtle deck skin Prepred and glued turtle deck skin over baggage ares. Band clamps used just to hold in place and staple for clamping to fuselage and formers. I used pieces of safety wire to pull the skin and the 8x12 stick together
2017-11-26 Turtle deck skin Trimed and cleaned up baggage turtle deck skin
2017-11-27 Turtle deck skin Cut and shaped final close out turtle deck skin. This section has a slight bend as well as the curve around so I felt it would be better as a separate piece. Scarfed and glued
2017-12-06 Fabric support Glued on the lower fabric support arounf the get leg/flap openings. Added the supports for the flap opening cover plate
2017-12-19 Fuel Tanks I have made the decsion to fabricate my fuel tanks in fiberglass composite. started with the control cable tube that goes through the main tank. Made a foam plug and covered in duct tape for demolding
2017-12-20 Fuel Tanks Fiberglassed with 3 layers of BID cut on a 45deg bias and Aeropoxy.
2017-12-21 fuel Tanks Demolded controll tube
2017-12-23 fuel Tanks Vacuum bagged the first side of the main fuel tank
2 layers of BID on each side of 1/4" Last-A-Foam. Inside down against platen and peel ply for the outside
2017-12-24 fuel Tanks Next side piece
2017-12-26 fuel Tanks Glassed up the rear side
2017-12-30 Fuel Tanks removed 1/4" of foam core and micro'd panel edges
2018-01-01 fuel Tanks Turned 4 aluminum fittings for fuel drains
2018-01-04 Fuel Tanks Front panel vacuum bagged
2018-01-10 Fuel Tanks Vacuum bagged the botton panel, main fuel tank
2018-01-20 Fuel Tanks Vacuum bagged the fuel tank top and started prepping for fuel sender and filler neck
2018-01-21 fuel Tanks Floxed in sender back plate
2018-01-22 fuel Tanks Vacuum bagged the 2 bid glass for the fuel sender. Used duct tape to close off the hole from underneath
2018-01-23 Fuel Tanks Prepped (sanded with 60g and washed with MEK) fuel fittings and bedded in with Flox. Once the flow cured I covered the fittings with 2 BID
2018-01-27 fuel Tanks Fabricated bung for vent on filler neck and welded to neck
2018-01-29 Fuel Tanks Did 2 layers of pure epoxy on interior sides of tank panels. Waited for the first layer to tack up (4-5 hours) before painting on 2nd coat.
2018-01-31 Fuel Tanks Floxed the 4 side together. Floxed the joint and added the fillet inside.Held the shape with cleats nailed to bench
2018-02-03 fuel Tanks Reinforced the side joints and cable tube with 2 bid 2" tape.
2018-02-08 fuel Tanks Duct tape "release tape" on 1/4" plywood. clamped to the top of the tank and flox fillets formed. Started laying the 2" 2 bid reinforce tape for the top gluing flange
2018-02-09 Fuel Tanks Clean up an trim top gluing flange
2018-02-10 fuel Tanks Flox glued and filleted the bottom to the sides
2018-02-12 fuel Tanks 2 bid reinforcement bottom sides
2018-02-13 fuel Tanks 2 bid back to bottom
2018-02-14 fuel Tanks 2 bid tape bottom front joint.
2018-02-15 Fuel Tanks Finish 2 bid tape on bottom joints
2018-02-16 Fuel Tanks Flox epoxy top panel. Mixed up a wet flox and liberaly spread it on the preformed flange. Turned the tank upside down to cure so the excess squeeze out would stay at the joint and not drop down
2018-02-20 Fuel Tanks taped the exterior bottom
2018-02-25 fuel Tanks Finished 2 BID taping all corners and cable tube.
2018-03-02 Fuel Tanks Epoxied a 1/4" grounding strap into the fuel tank. attached it to a screw that will come out one of the mounting holes of the filler neck
2018-03-07 Fuel Tanks Test fit , alligned and floxed the filler neck in place
2018-03-09 fuel Tanks Fiberglassed the filler neck in
2018-07-22 Wing tank Form Build form for fiberglass wing tanks. I shold be able to diassemble this and reassemble for opposite tank
2018-08-18 Wing tank ribs Layout and cut masonite templates for the tank ribs
2018-08-19 tank ribs Cut foam tank rib blanks
2018-08-22 Fuel Tank Ribs Glassed the inner ribs. The plan is to 1Bid the inner ribs w/o vacuum bagging and 2 Bid the outside ribs with bagging. Inner ribs will 1/4 lastafoam and outer 3/8 Lastafoam. THe skin will be 1/8 dyvinalcel foam as 1/8 will bend easier.
2018-09-01 Fuel Tank Ribs Glassed the #1 & #5 outer ribs,2 bid, vacuumed bagged.
2018-09-01 Ribs Lay out and start cutting lightening holes, Test mock up of ribs
2018-09-08 Skin reinforcements Glassed the inner surface of the tank skin, 2 Bid, Just too difficult to glass both sides at the same time. I didnt like the way the came out and wound up vacuum bagging the skin. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures
2018-09-10 Tank back Layed out and vacuum bagged 2 bid tank back
2018-09-23 tank ribs Cut lightening holes in inner ribs. Cored and Micro'd all edges
2018-09-25 tank supports Machined the tank support hard points. 3/8' 6061 drilled and tapped for a 5/8" aluminum pin. Hard point will be embedded into the outer ribs
2018-09-29 Mounting pins Threaded (3/8 NPT) Aluminium pins for the tank mounting
2018-10-01 Hard points Mounted hard points into ribs. T-88 to glue the flow filler.
2018-10-07 Fuel sender mount plate Floxed in sender plate. Fabricated a Nylon disk to mold the flox
2018-10-23 Hard points Glassed in (2 bid) hardpoints and mounting plate
2018-10-25 Assembly Lay out for rib installation. Mark locations of ribs and Chord on leading edge
2018-10-27 Fuel Sending unit Mock up and shape Fuel level arm
2018-10-28 Assembly Prep and flox in the 2 end ribs #1 & #5
2018-11-03 Wing tank 2 BID outer wing skin, In retrospect I should have waited until all the ribs were installed, the skin became too stiff and hard to form to the inner ribs.
2018-11-04 Wing tank ribs Fit inner ribs. Packing tape on inner skin then stiff micro on the sdges of the ribs and pushed then into position. This created a rib that fit perfectly
2018-11-09 wing tank ribs Floxed in the inner ribs, one at a time
2018-12-04 Fuel Tanks Cut hole and floxed in the USHER fuel filler ring. Set mine 360mm from spar edge. Various measurements from other Jodel owners and plans had it from 190-370mm.
2018-12-05 fuel Tanks Fiberglassed the filler ring and fuel drain fitting
2018-12-06 Fuel Tank Ribs Packed out the back of the ribs with Micro and form fittid to the back panel. Put 2 layers of Duct tape on the back panel where the ribs will meet it. Plied on stiff micro on the matching edge of the ribs and pushed the back panel into position and let cure. This created a perfect match for the ribs and panel.