Out with the old...
...saying farewell to my Avid Flyer Mk-IV Heavy Hauler project and delivering to the new owner. Glad it stayed with an experienced local builder so I can follow the progress and fly in her someday!

If you care to read about the original project, check out my Avid Flyer Mk-IV ExperCraft Builder's Log at the link below!

Link: http://websites.expercraft.com/oue191/


...in with the new!
After 5hrs on the road to pick up the new Airdale Avid Plus kit, this is what I found. Yikes... back to square one, what am I thinking! Of course, moving the kit safely without damage is always a concern. With partially built wings it took some planning, but wasn't terribly difficult. I simply placed long 2x4 uprights in the stake pockets of my trailer, and secured the wings against them vertically using plastic 2" PVC Conduit clamps around the spars. Worked like a charm and left plenty of room on the trailer bed for the fuse and other misc parts. Long items, ie., lift struts and flaperons, were simply cleated to the wood bed using strips of thin plywood and drywall screws. Many thanks to Russ S., another Avid Mk-IV builder in the Upstate NY area, for his help and company on the road trip.


Feeling lucky?
Obviously, committing to buy any big-ticket item long-distance without inspecting it in person first is rather nerve-wracking. This is particularly true for a kit aircraft when critical build steps that affect safety and flight characteristics have already been completed by the previous owner/builder. As Clint Eastwood said in the Dirty Harry movie, "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?" In this case, some wing construction was already done. Upon arrival, I was relieved to find spars undamaged and the quality of work generally acceptable. I did notice a couple rib tails appeared to be cut short. Sure hope washout was correct and spars squared before those drag tubes and ribs were glued. We'll see...

Airdale Avid+ on Aerocet Amphib Floats

And when all is said and done...

Here's an example of the finished product.

What a great looking aircraft on floats, eh?
Man, I can't wait for the flying fun to start!

What an adventure, wish me luck!

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