Project start Oct. 20, 2007

After almost 80hrs of build time, I sold my Avid Flyer Mk-IV taildragger project FWB (see link below). Certainly not for lack of interest or pleasure, it's a terrific plane, but when the opportunity to buy a new Airdale Flyer Avid+ taildragger kit with long speed wings presented itself, I took a hard look at my longer-term objectives and decided to make the move.

Airdale Flyer Co., LLC is owned and operated by former principals of the now defunct Avid Flyer Aircraft Co. Airdale's Avid+, or "Fat Avid" as it is affectionately known, is 18" longer and about 8" wider than the Avid Mk-IV, yet still LSA compliant. Flight controls are modernized, baggage area increased and adjustable seating added. Tail surfaces are larger for more authority and less adverse yaw. Best of all, the Plus fuselage is only ~10lbs heavier than the Mk-IV fuse, and the firewall stations are identical which allows me to use my existing Jabiru 2200 engine and mount.

Yes it's a tough decision to start the build process over, but I feel the Avid+ suits both my mission and my backside better. As you can see from the following comparison of the Avid+ vs. Avid Mk-IV cockpit, the new plane will be much more comfortable and well worth the added effort.

Across Rear door frame at the Bow: 44" vs. 39"
Across Ears (upper carry thru tube): 37.5" vs. 33.5"
Across Seat Truss: 40" vs. 35"
Across Bottom of Panel / Knees: 41.75" vs. 33"
Seat Truss to Firewall: 28" vs. 25"
Toe Room (Cross Tube to Floor at Firewall): 13.25" vs. 11"
Across Panel: 38.75" vs. 29"

Lastly, I decided to maintain a public log because so few online builder resource sites for the Avid or Airdale Flyers exist, as the majority were built long before cyber-sharing. That's a shame, as there are now thousands of Avid variants in operation all over the globe today and most agree the original Dean Wilson Avid Flyer design was at the very forefront of affordable sport aviation. So I hope the site is of interest and value but, please remember, whatever info you glean is used at your own risk. Feel free to add your comments and questions, constructive criticism or words of encouragement to the Guestbook. I'd especially like to hear from other Avid+ owners!

Best regards, Fly safe

--Jan. '09 update--

Airdale Flyer, LLC has a new name, address and owner. New contact info is:

Airdale Sportplane and Supply
W175 Hildebrand Lake Road
Rhinelander, WI 54501
tel: (715) 369-1343
owner: Brett McKinney

--July '11 update--

OK, so it's been a couple years since my last entry. In my defense, I happened upon a local Kitfox III for sale and bought it. Needless to say, my time has been spent enjoying that plane. But now, it's off to OSH for EAA AirVenture 2011 then back to the Avid+ build!

--Sept. '11 update

While searching for a used Rotax 912ul engine for the Avid+, I found an estate sale for a complete 80hp 912ul powered Kitfox 4-1200 taildragger with less than 200hrs TTAE. Nice build job by an experience A&P, a great price and not much work to make current so I decided to buy it and fly it!

--April '12 update--

It happened again! Sometimes you have to search high and low for a part, other times it's dropped right onto your lap... this time with a slightly damaged Aerotrek A240 tri-gear w/ 100hp 912uls. This is the European produced SLSA version of the Avid/Kitfox folding wing design. I think I will need to visit a marriage therapist while repairing that plane, lol. Despite one's best intentions, it is sooo easy to throw your experimental aircraft building plan off schedule. You just never know what Life will toss your way, but when it helps you pursue your passion of flying, you gotta go for it! Good grief that's (4) planes but who's counting, right dear?

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