David and Lisa in front of Precious Metal and Local EAA chapter 1218 hanger June 10, 2010.
David doing first taxi test June 10, 2010. She runs and drives like a dream.

Home page of David & Lisa Johnson - Owners & Builders of Sonex 1289

This is the first entry in our construction log website. We have ordered the Sonex kit and it is to be shipped this next week (4-13-09). I have been working to get other projects finished, and get the workshop cleaned up and organized before the kit arrives.

We are building the Sonex with conventional gear, duel stick, AeroVee engine, center throttle quadrant with trim system. We plan to polish the plane, install MGL Avionics Stratomaster Enigma with Gold Standard servos for autopilot. We're hoping this will give us a nice economical cross country fun flying plane that we can use to travel from West Plains Missouri, where we live, to Ridgecrest California where our two sons live. Kevin, our oldest son is very enthused about his work and flying. Chris and our new daughter in law Lucky are soon going to have our first grand baby. This will necessitate more frequent trips to California.

Filling out the paperwork.
The airworthiness certificate is presented by J. Neal Sowers DAR to David Johnson builder of Sonex 1289!!!!!

Airworthiness inspection
The airworthiness inspection was completed today, June 4 2010!

Pretest-flight briefing. Charlie Radford in the plane. David Johnson in the center and Bob Mika on the right.
Cleared for takeoff.
It flies - it flies!!!!

First Flight (June 26, 2010)
Precious Metal N289J made her first flight today with test pilot Charlie Radford at the controls. Bob (chase plane) Mika and I followed in Bob's Sonex. I would like to send a big thank you to Charlie and Bob for their help in making the first flight of Precious Metal a reality. The first flight lift off video can be seen on You Tube at:

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