Log Entries

Project Location: CO United States

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2011-01-26 Leading edge skin Bent leading edge around the nose ribs, drilled, and de burred all holes. The 45mm spacing did work after all, but I did not drill the last hole near the slat notches. I decided to go with the plans, using their layout.
2011-10-20 Packing up the kit for shipping I flew to PA to help load the kit, work bench, and tools into a POD to ship to CO for assembly.
2011-11-13 Kit is Delivered My kit will arrive today!!!!
2011-11-16 Stabilizer completed Dad Completed the Vertical Stabilizer at the Zenith factory in 2000.
2011-11-20 Inventory Took inventory and organized parts. I am missing some parts to finish the horizontal stabilizer. Dad will look around the house after the holidays. I am probably going to get the larger horizontal stabilizer kit at some point, so I don't see this as a major problem.
2011-11-22 Completed Hinges Hinge point on stabilizer and hung it on the wall for later. I will probably be getting the larger horizontal stabilizer kit in the future and don't want to put any more time into this until I decide what I am doing.
2011-11-22 Elevator Horns Completed Drilled and clecoed upper and lower elevator horns. I am missing some parts to finish the Elevator and Stabilizer. Dad will look around his house after the holidays. I hung it up on the wall to keep it up and out of the way. I think I will be getting the larger horizontal stabilizer kit in the future and since I am missing parts, I will get back to this later.
2011-11-27 Completed Leading edge slats Cut notches around slat connection points. Laid out, drilled, deburred, and riveted together. I have hung all four on the wall for final assembly and mounting onto the wings.
2011-11-29 Nose rib prep and trailing rib/flaparon brackets Gathered parts for wing construction and took inventory.
Started to prepare ribs and flaparon brackets for drilling.
Parts laid out parts for assembly and cut angles for nose ribs.

Found Horizontal Tail Tips!!!!!
I now have all of the parts to complete the horizontal stabilizer and elevator!
2011-11-30 Drilled and Clecoed Flaparon mounts to ribs Drilled and clecoed flaparon mounts to ribs.
Bent angles around nose ribs for drilling.
2011-12-02 Started to finish nose ribs and the compressor broke The compressor broke a piston shaft while pressuring up.
I didn't get to build anything. I jury rigged it so that it is running on a single piston and ordered new pistons, seals, bearings, and retaining nuts. They should get here on Thursday.
2011-12-02 Nose Ribs and trailing edge spar I got the compressor fixed (sort of) It is running on one cylinder. The nose ribs are all drilled and clecoed and I got the trailing edge spar spliced together and the brackets drilled out and clecoed.
2011-12-06 Ready to attach the ribs to the main spar Finished drilling out the splice plate and bracket on rear spar. Built braces to begin construction of the right wing.
2011-12-07 Fixed compressor Got parts in the mail today for the compressor. Installed new pistons, bearings, piston shaft, gaskets. I also drained the water from the tank. It seems to be running fine now and compression is good. One of the screws on the right hand head plate is stripped out. I will have to get a through bolt to hold it in place.
2011-12-07 Drilled and Clecoed nose and trailing ribs to main spar Framed (drilled #and clecoed ribs (nose and trailing ribs) to mail spar. First hole 3/32" to be followed by a #20 later.
Root ribs are not completed yet.
2011-12-11 Drilled all ribs and main spar with #20 (all primed) Drilled all ribs and main spar with #20 bit. Took everything apart, cleaned all parts, and primed all ribs, main spar, rear spar, and brackets. The primer goes on well, but is super stinky. It smells like model glue and is extremely toxic. I had to open the garage door and run a fan.
2011-12-11 Root rib Installed root rib on right wing. The flange at the main spar is short 2mm, causing the AN bolt, edge distance to be out of tolerance. I got a fix from Zenith. I need to add an angle as a "doubler" the full length of the flange and drill for the bolts, sandwiching the flange between the doubler and the main spar. I ordered 48" of angle and some A6 rivets (for the station#4 nose rib) today. I also had a double drilled hole on the bottom hole of the nose rib at station #5. The same "doubler" fix will be used at that location as well. The double hole is only in the nose rib, not the main spar or the rear rib. It should not be an issue. All of the wing frame is clecoed together and ready to rivet at this point.
2011-12-12 Riveted all ribs to main spar I riveted all of the ribs, other than station #5, the A6 rivet at Station #4, and the root rib, because I need the angle stock for the doublers and do not have any A6 rivets. I ordered some today, so I should have them by the end of the week.
2011-12-12 I/B skin installation I aligned and started drilling the ribs for the inboard, bottom, right wing, skin tonight. 80% complete drilling 3/32" holes and enlarging to #30. I did not find the outboard skin yet. I will find it next time I do work on the wing. Everything is looking great so far!
2011-12-20 Installed bottom I/B & O/B skins of right wing Added doublers to root rib and station #5 to correct miss drilled holes that did not have the correct edge distance. Cleaned the bottom skin of the right wing and primed it. I also primed the root rib and installed the bottom I/B and O/B skins with rivets half way towards the leading edge and notched for the strut brackets in the skin.
2011-12-21 Nose skin fitting Fitted nose skin and notched for the main strut bracket. Drilled most of the rivets with 3/32" bit.
2011-12-22 Drilled out remaining rib holes Drilled and deburred remaining rivets out to #30. Fitted bracket for main strut.
2012-01-14 Cleaned up garage Cleaned up garage to get back into building mode. I got a response to my email to Zenith in regard to the doubler hole spacing at the strut connection. Everything is correct to the plans. The last set of rivet holes should come close to the last rivet on the spar.
2012-01-14 Final prep to bottom skin and install Right Wing Finished drilling/de burring/priming bottom skin and main strut bracket connection. Riveted all bottom skins to the main spar and rib. Installed main strut bracket. Flipped wing over and started fitting the I/B top skin.
2012-01-20 Top skin and stiffeners Installed/fitted top skin and fabricated (4) stiffeners for bays 3,4,5,6. Drilled and started to de bur holes. Trimmed back rear spar and top skin at wing tip.
2012-01-25 Top skin and Leading edge (right wing) Cut back wing tip top skin. De burred top skin and ribs. Installed angle at main star tip. Strapped leading edge to wing. Laid out rivet holes in leading edge to drill next time. (the instructions call for 25mm/30mm/then 45mm layout for the rivets) I don't think this layout will work. Using this layout leaves one hole close to the notches for the slats.
2012-01-26 Leading edge skin Drilled Bent Leading edge skin around nose ribs. Drilled and de-burred all holes. The 40mm spacing in the last post was not used. I decide to go with the plans. I only drilled (6) holes instead of the (7) in the plans at 45mm spacing. I want to see how things line up before I drill the last set of holes.
2012-01-29 Doubler on nose rib right wing Cut back nose skin at root. Had some trouble with centerline holes at station #3 and station #5 nose ribs. I made a doubler for the two stations and sent Caleb (at Zenith) an email to make sure that the doublers are the correct fix for the miss-drilled holes. I may replace the nose ribs in question, but there was only one hole on rib #3 and station #5 is where the I/B and O/B skins overlap. Caleb said that the doublers will be fine. Rib part number: 8V1-1. I also double drilled two holes in the main spar with a #20 drill and a 3/32 drill, slightly off to the side. I am going to drill these out with a #6 rivet. Zenith said that this is an acceptable fix.
2012-02-08 bolt torquing I was going to torque the bolts in the wing with the new torque wrench that I got from AutoZone, but it does not have a low enough torque setting for an AN#3 bolt. (requires 20-25inch pounds of torque)
2012-02-11 Fuel system research I am debating weather or not I should use a header tank and am concerned about the Zenith fuel system with a fuel injected power plant. I did a bunch of internet research on Zenith's site and the web.
2012-02-12 Fuel system design and research Drew up a fuel system design, using AUTOCAD. Sent the design to Ben Hass and to the Zenith Forums.
2012-02-21 Fuel Sending Unit Holes Cut Out Cut holes in the right wing fuel tanks for the sending units. I used a regular hole saw to start the hole, then used snips from the center to cut out the hole by hand, followed by finishing with a file and sand paper. They turned out great!
2012-02-24 Fuel and electrical system Design and MTO Figuring out the fuel system, electrical components for wing and fuel tank installation.
2012-02-25 Ordered parts for right wing fuel/electrical system Ordered parts for the fuel system and electrical system in the right wing.
Conduit, wire, fuel line, AN fittings, Vent line.
2012-02-26 Fuel Tank Sending Units Set up (4) fuel sending units to work in the 6" deep fuel tanks. Moved the pivot arm to 3" from the bottom of the flange.
2012-03-01 Fuel line prep
2012-03-18 Ran conduit in right wing Ran conduit and wires in right wing. Added top skin to drill 3 holes for A6 rivets to fix double drilled holes. Added cork to fuel tank brackets.
2012-03-18 Wing tip to final shape Trimmed wing tip to final shape, fit wing tip fiberglass, layers out holes to drill. Built wing stand, put wing in stand for easier access.
2012-03-25 Drilled out to A6 and some research Drilled holes on main spar at stations 4&6 to A6 for double drilled holes. Read through instructions to finish wing tip and root skins. (lots of errors in the instructions! Very frustrating!)
2012-03-29 Fitting wing tip Started to fit wing tip. Cut and fit tip angle. Cut back leading edge for rough fit.
2012-04-20 Fitted trailing edge
2012-04-20 Fit & drilled trailing edge Fit & drilled trailing edge. Cleaned and primed parts.
2012-04-25 Riveted trailing edge bottom and drilled top side
2012-04-28 Finished wing tip Fitted and drilled wing tip metal and fiberglass tip. Still need to:
Drill out trailing edge to #30
Drill out wing tip and skin to #30
Install aileron bracket reinforcing ell's
2012-04-29 Made backer for fiberglass tip Flattened standard ell to make backer for fiberglass wing tip
2012-04-30 wing tip and end deburring
2012-05-02 Drilled out wing tip and added backing Finished drilling out wing tip with backing and deburred all holes. Pulled top skins to set fuel tanks.
2012-05-04 Set I/B and O/B fuel tanks in wing Set fuel tanks in right wing. Cut holes for drains. Added Cork to supports and tank. Cut holes for vent line and fuel lines. Started to run fuel line. Going to need 3/8" NPT screen and 1/4" NPT to 1/2" flare 90 degree ell to make the fuel connection work. There is not enough space to come out of the tanks straight out.
2012-05-06 Made brackets for vent line and fabricated bracket for pitot tube. Made Mounting brackets for vent line and bent 1/2" tubing for vent. I decided to use a bulk head fitting so that I can easily change out the vent end and adjust it as needed from the outside. I fabricated a mounting bracket for the heated pitot tube that I got on ebay.
2012-05-07 Ran return line and cross vent line to right fuel tank
2012-05-08 Prep work on fuel and vent lines right wing
2012-05-09 Ran fuel lines with shut off valves Ran 1/2" fuel lines with shut off valves from tanks to wing root bulk heads. Ran main vent line from O/B tank through skin.
2012-05-10 Cut holes for filler necks on right wing. EAA Inspection! Located and cut holes for filler necks on right wing. Located access panels for sending units.

Brian North, with EAA Chapter 301 (technical adviser) came over to take a look at what I have been up to. We discussed the building process, procedures, and techniques that I have been using for my build. He said that everything looks very good and is better than the average builder.

We discussed the fuel system design and went over options. He thinks that the design is good and understands the reasons why I chose to build the system the way I did. (Mainly to balance the system if needed and to provide fuel to the power plant at extreme AOA's for STOL operations) We are still undecided if I should use a header tank or a flexible fuel pick up in the tank to lesson the likelihood of the rear pick up unporting in a long, steep descent. We will discuss this further at the next meeting.

In all, he was happy with the way things looked.
2012-05-11 Cut access holes for fuel sending units in right wing Added access holes for sending units and added an access panel to the bottom of the wing at the fuel shut off valves. The holes turned out very good looking and tight!
2012-05-12 Rerouted vent line in right wing from I/B tank to O/B tank I couldn't find a fitting that would work to connect the two tanks together. There is only 7/8" between the 3/8" AN fittings. I will have to plug them and have rerouted the vent line from the I/B tank with a tee connection through the nose ribs to tie into the 1/2"vent line from the O/B tank to the bottom of the wing.
2012-05-13 fabricated pitot tube extension for left wing
2012-05-23 Right wing vent lines Finished running vent line in right wing to tie into the cross vent that ties the left and right wings vent lines together.1/2" vent line @ O/B tank and wing penetration. Added access panel to underside of the wing tip to access light in fiberglass tip.
2012-05-30 Right wing fuel sending units. Cut fuel sensors to length @ 6.5" and installed in fuel tanks. I am going to have to add bumps into the access panels to allow room for the sensor clearance or put a wear pad on the underside of the access plate.
2012-06-08 Closed wing for storage Closed wing for storage and put up on the ceiling. Cleaned up the garage.
2012-06-13 Started left wing Took out main spar to start left wing and took an inventory of parts.
2012-06-14 Started to frame left wing Braced main spar, setting up for drilling ribs, de-burred flaparons, brackets, and slate plates/ribs.
-Drew center lines on ribs.
-Drilled ribs to spar w/ 3/32" bit.
-Need to drill balance of holes in rear ribs. Nose ribs drilled.
2012-06-17 Drilling ribs right wing Drilled out nose and trailing ribs to #20, started to de-bur
2012-06-18 Painted Right wing ribs and main spar. Etched and painted ribs and main spar for right wing.
2012-07-01 Ran out of primer Exp. date of primer on hand is past due. There is a solid layer of sludge on the bottom of the can. Need to order more primer. Spray cans do not work anymore. I had 4 dead, brand new cans! Cleaned small can of primer. Will dispose of the gallon that is sludge. De-burred the holes in the ribs. Riveted ribs to the main spar.
2012-07-04 Installed rear spar, nose, and rear ribs/rear spar. Installed rear spar. Installed root, nose, and rear ribs. Installed rear spar root doubler. Drilled all holes to #20. Need to de-burr and rivet. Almost ready for skins!!
2012-07-10 Finished priming ribs. Got some primer on Friday. Today, I finished priming the rear spar and two ribs that I couldn't paint last time, because I ran out of paint.
2012-07-20 De-burred ribs Cleaned up garage, de-burred rear spar holes and riveted to ribs. Also riveted rear spar doubler. Ended up cleaning out the old truck tool box in stead of working on the plane.
2012-07-21 Great left wing day! Got the bottom skins primed. Drilled all ribs to #30
De-burred all holes in skins.
Cleaned and acid washed bottom skins.
Primed bottom skins.
-Still need to de-burr ribs.
2012-07-22 Nose Skins fitted - left wing Finished de-burring rib holes.
Riveted bottom skins to ribs.
Fitted nose skins and drilled with 3/32"
Holes at main spar and nose ribs de-burred after drilling out to #20 on the main spar and #30 on the nose ribs.
2012-07-24 Nose skin Deburred holes in nose skin and nose ribs. Drilled out rivets in station #6, because I had lapped the IB/OB skins in the wrong order.
2012-07-26 Strut stiffener Fitted strut stiffener, trimmed bracket, drilled and debarred holes, and primed parts for installation.
2012-07-27 Nose skin to main spar Riveted bottom skin and nose skins to main spar and all ribs. Installed main strut and jury strut attachment bracket.
2012-08-03 General wing stuff
2012-08-09 Flipped right wing and prepped top skin Flipped wing over and began fitting the top skins. Drilled all ribs to #30. Fitted end angle and wing tip. Cleaned up garage.
2012-08-19 Right wing ready for bending nose skin Cut back wing top skin and bottom skin at wing tip. Cut back rear spar to skin lines. Debarred all holes after drilling out to #30. Ribs and top skins. Made top skin stiffeners and drilled to #30 and demurred. Primed top skin, nose skin, and stiffeners.