What have I done now
I said I would never build a plane having help build one, I'm a pilot not a builder! Well never say never! I chose to build one because I wanted a retirment airplane; new, tri cycle gear, do my own condition expections and fun. The CH750 was what I was looking for and $100,000 was not an option. So I decided to build and the rest is history. My goal is to have it done by the time I retire which is 20 months away.

Tail kit
The manual leaves out some important information in my opinion.
1.) There are no instructions on how to line up the hinges for the elevator.
2.) There is a piece of 4130 crome molley which I "assume" is to be used for a bushing in the center hinge point.
3.) nothing is mentioned about the fair leads for the elevator cable; nor is there any material to make the nylon(looks like on the flying plane I saw at Sebring) that gets put on them. Maybe this is part of another kit but it would be nice to be informed of this.
4.) The sequence that things are do in is left out in some cases and it can cause you to drill out a lot of rivets if you dont notice it by looking ahead.

I know the kit is new and that it will be improved upon. Love the plane.

The fuselage has finally shipped 1 1/2 weeks late. I will be able to get back to work again,,,yeh!!!!

It's finally here
Fuselage and slats and flaps kit got here today. Will start inventorying it tonight after I find a way to get it in the hangar.

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