Log Entries

Project Location: FL US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2009-05-09 Study Plans Matched the plans to the layout diagrams and put the plans page numbers on the parts to cut out from the sheet aluminum.
2009-06-03 Prepare patterns for rib formers Traced the fore and aft rib patterns to cut out the formers.
2009-06-04 Patterns for turtle deck formers. Prepared the patterns for the five turtle deck formers.
2009-06-09 preparing patterns Preparing patterns for horizontal and vertical tail ribs
2009-06-10 patterns Pattern preparation continues for flap, aileron, wing and tail
2009-08-03 Getting started.
2009-08-03 Getting Started. Today is the start of the construction of Sonex "1306".
Spent most of the day doing an inventory of the parts and hardware that were ordered and sent from American Spruce (AS). I ordered and received the AS Sonex metal kits. Felt a little bewildered as I reviewed the plans and materials and trying to decide where to start. I have decided the traditional start with the tail section made a lot of sense to me. So Don (My brother and partner on this building exercise) and I made some form blocks and crush plates to form the ribs for the vertical stabilizer. Using some scrape material we were pleased with the ribs that were formed.
2009-08-04 Tail Assembly Today we got started on the tail assembly and getting used to using the tools (band saw, table saw, drill press, air scotchbrite buffer, and step drill) on Aluminum instead of wood. I transfered the plans drawings to the appropriate metal sheets and then cut out T12-05, T12-06, T12-09, and T12-07. T12-05 was cut out using the Compound Mitre Saw and the others on the bandsaw. The parts were then marked and drilled and bent as directed by the plans.
2009-08-05 Tail Assembly Today three larger parts were fabricated - T9-03, T12-03, T12-01, T13-03. These were cut from .190 and .125 sheet using the bandsaw and table saw. Today we used a different blade and a large stiffening washer which resulted in an almost perfectly smooth cut that was cleaned up with only a buffer wheel. Yesterdays cut required filing to clean up the blade wobble marks.
2009-08-05 First parts
2009-08-06 purchase of brake Today we went to Miami to pickup a 48 inch finger brake. Located it at a used industrial machinery dealer and other than a little rust on the unit it was in very good condition. Paid $200 dollars and the machine will be able to bend most of the parts for the Sonex.
Sent an email to tech@sonex to clarify a discrepancy on SNX-Z02 that at one point called for .025 and at another .032 aluminum.
2009-08-07 plans study
2009-08-14 Making channel Today I made .025 and .032 channel for the vertical and horizontal tail assembly.
2009-08-14 parts Cut out the main spar webs and aft spar webs from the .032 sheet. These will be put aside until work of the wings and spars begins.
2009-08-17 Vertical Stabilizer Completed components for the VS today and started assembly. Drew the outline on the workbench and tried to get all of the parts to fit. I have an issue with the length of the ribs in getting them to fit correctly inside the outer frame or spars.
Don - 4hrs
2009-08-19 Correcting mistakes I had problems trying to assemble the Vertical Stabilizer and after checking back I found several measurement errors. I must have flunked Measurement 101! and was so angry with myself for these errors so early in the project. Today I made all of the corrections and was able to salvage most of the metal. With correct dimensions the VS went together very well and was well aligned. I hope I learned a lesson and have switched to using the metric system. Part of my problem was reading, for example, 29/64ths and then marking 29/32nds. With metric I shouldn't have that problem.
Don - 3hrs
2009-08-20 Vertical Stabilizer frame complete Today we completed updrilling riveting and bolting the VS frame. Also completed the rudder horn assembly.
Don - 4hrs
2009-08-21 Laid out and cut skin for VS Laid out the pattern to cut the skin for the VS. I transferred the plans drawing for the VS skin to the sheet of aluminum and then had to do it again, swapping top for bottom, to fit the recommended sheet layout pattern. The plans layout is top to bottom and the pattern in the builders manual to optimize cutting the Aluminum sheets is bottom to top. Turning around the pattern before cutting took another hour or two. At least I hadn't cut the sheet and everything came out OK. After cutting out the skin we drilled the edge holes to #40 and then bent the skin using the procedure shown in the builders manual. The bend came out beautifully and we went ahead and mounted the skin to the frame. Next we drilled and clecoed the skin to the VS frame and had a good match. I also cut out the top rib for the rudder. yesterday I had problems with oil excess leadage from the HF pneumatic rivet puller so today I took it back and exchanged it for another which functions much better than the other.
Don - 4.0
2009-08-24 Skin on VS Drilled (#40) the skin on the VS, clecoed and fit the rudder hinge. Up drilled to #30.
Don - 0
2009-08-25 Completing VS Today I updrilled the complete VS assembly and then disassembled it all to deburr. After deburring I reassembled the unit and riveted the left side including the hinge to mount the rudder. The right side is fastened with clecos so my tech advisor can open it and review what I've done with the VS frame. I started on the rudder and have the rudder horn, ribs and skins cut and formed.
2009-08-26 Worked on Rudder Completed bending the rudder skin and made a rudder rib. Drilled the skin to #40. Found a major twist in the rudder and removed the ribs and clamped the flat left side to the table which took out the unwanted twist. then redrilled the ribs and the hinge. Now we have a straight control surface and the rudder is ready to be disassembled, deburred, assembled and riveted. Tomorrow's work.
Don - 2hrs
2009-08-27 Completed rudder Took apart the rudder completed yesterday to deburr and prepare for riveting. After disassembly there were too many issues and questions on twist in the component that I decided to cut a new skin out and start again. This learning curve is time consuming and expensive. However the new rudder was completed without problems and fit perfectly on the Vertical Stabilizer.
Don - 3.0
2009-08-28 Started on the HS assembly Today I cut out the main HS spar from the 3/16" Angle. It'll need a lot of filing to get it properly cleaned up.
2009-08-29 Visit by EAA Chapter 133 Technical Counselor We have completed the Vertical stabilizer and Rudder and anxiously wanted a review of the quality of our work before continuing on with the rest of our Sonex project. Mr. Louis Grabiec came to the shop and reviewed what we had completed to date and gave us a "Thumbs Up" on the quality of the components. He also spent some time explaining the build process and paper work that we'll need to do as we move along. It was a very helpful and informative session that motivated us to move on with the project.

After Mr. Grabiec left I completed the riveting of the VS and Rudder and stored them away as I move on to the Horizontal Stabilizer.
2009-08-31 Making parts for the HS I spent the day making the various components to fabricate the Horizontal Stabilizer.
2009-09-01 Completed Aft Spar Formed the channel for the aft spar, drilled #40, deburred, updrilled to #30, disassembled, deburred, assembled and riveted.
2009-09-02 Frame is ready to assemble Completed riveting the two spar assemblies for the HS.
2009-09-03 Assembly of HS A short day today and I only was able to add the ribs to the right side of the HS. I made a couple of new ribs that fit better and then clecoed the four ribs. Had to use a small right angle drive to drill the #1 ribs because of the angle clips.
2009-09-04 Riveted HS I completed the assembly, updrilled to #30, diassembled, deburred, and assembled the horizontal stabilizer again. Now it was ready for riveting which I completed this afternoon. This is really a solid and square structure as it is now.
2009-09-05 Cut out the skins for the HS Transferred the outline for the HS skins to the sheets of .025 Aluminum and cut them out.
2009-09-07 Marked and bent the HS skins. Marked all of the skins to be drilled. This took a lot of time. Then I drilled a few holes in the trailing edges so I could cleco the trailing edges together to bend the leading edge. This worked well and I got a nice leading edge. However when I placed the two skins on the frame I discovered that I bent the Left skin inside out!! How can I make mistakes like that?? So I'll have to cut another skin but before I'll try to flatten it and bend it the other way since this wasn't a sharp break like the brake does. This actually came out fine with a nice leading edge and no wrinkles. The next error I found were with the two #1 HS ribs. I had to drill out the rivets and turn the ribs around so that the flanges faced in toward the tip. Now it seems as though everything will fit well. Will find out tomorrow.
2009-09-09 Closed and riveted the HS Finished updrilling and then disassembled and deburred the entire HS Assembly. Reassembled the structure and riveted including the elevator hinge that mounts on the aft upper edge of the HS. It really looks nice but the aft edge of the HS has sprung forward in the middle section. I will have to check with Kerry to see if all my work is salvagable. There will be no building for the next six weeks as we will be traveling including a visit to Oshkosh, WI to attend the builders workshop.
2009-10-26 Back to Building Back from extended travel including a visit to Sonex in Oshkosh, WI to attend the builders workshop. The workshop was great and the Sonex crew, from John and Betty down, were hospitable, helpful, and knowledgable on all aspects of homebuilding. I came away all charged up to get back to work on #1306.

Today we fabricated a new bending plate for the finger brake we purchased. It gives us a larger, smoother bending radius. Copied the idea from what we saw in the Sonex shop.
2009-10-27 Layed out and started building the elevators. Spent a lot of time laying out and cutting the elevator skins. Cut patterns for the elevator ribs and then cut and bent them. A couple were too tight so had to do them again. Started riveting the ribs.
Don - 5 hrs
2009-10-28 Elevators almost completed and attached to HS. I continued work on the elevators today, forming the skins, and riveting the ribs. The hinges were attached and the elevators mated to the horizontal stabilizers.
Don - 2hrs
2009-10-29 Tips for the HS I Spent a couple of hours trying to make a form to layup fiberglass tips for the HS. Not to happy with what I have so far.
Don cut out and prepared the rib forms for the wings. He also began laying out the cut and drill scheme for the aft lower wing skin so that he can start cutting the blanks for the wing ribs.
Don - 2.0
2009-10-30 Made mold to make fiberglass tips. I decided to make the fiberglass tips for the HS and VS. I cut out the shape and then stacked and glued the wood blanks. After rough cutting the mold to the approximate size and shape I used bondo to fill and smooth the mold. See Photo.
2009-10-31 Forward ribs Started wing construction by cutting out the .025 blanks for the forward ribs. First the wood forms and crush plates were made from 3/4" MVD board. Next the 26 blanks were then sandwiched between and taped together in order to make one cut on the bandsaw, insuring uniform rib blanks. See photos 1 and 2. Next the rib blanks lightening holes were drilled out using a fly cutter in the drill press.
Don - 5.0
2009-11-02 Still trying to make fiberglass tips Tried to lay up the fiberglass over the male mold but the polyester resin just wouldn't set up. The ratio of hardener to resin was correct. I tore it apart and started over again and will let it sit over night to see the results.
2009-11-02 Making aft wing rib blanks Don and I cut out the aft wing ribs (26) and cut the lightening holes. I worked on preparing the rib gussets.
Don - 3.0
2009-11-03 Deburring wing ribs and making gussets Nothing exciting today as most of the work was deburring the aft and forward rib blanks. A couple of hours were also needed to finish cutting out the 32 gusset blanks, drill holes in about half and deburr.
Don - 4.0
2009-11-04 Trying again to make the tips. We covered the wooden male mold with clear plastic wrap and this seemed to work as a mold release agent. In picture one we can see the tip removed from the mold and in picture two the second tip still on the mold. A lot of work remains to fill, sand and finish the tips.
Don - 2.0
2009-11-04 Still working on the rib gussets. These 32 little parts continue to take a lot of time. So far 16 gussets are finished and 16 more are bent and drilled and will be trimmed and deburred tomorrow.
2009-11-05 Finished gussets and have started on forming the ribs Work continued on preparing parts for the wing. The 32 gussets are ready and the rib blanks are deburred and ready to be formed. Eighteen of the forward ribs have been flanged including the lightening holes.
2009-11-06 Forming aft wing ribs. Deburred the remaining aft wing rib blanks and then formed 13 of the aft wing ribs. Don worked on the HS fiberglass tips.
Don - 1.0
2009-11-09 Completed forming the wing ribs. Completed forming the wing ribs.
2009-11-09 Worked on the wing tips and trim tab. Don worked on mounting and fairing the fiberglass wing tips and I completed the components for the trim tab assembly.
Don - 3.0
2009-11-10 Continued work on the fiberglass tips for the HS and VS Continued to fabricate and fit the fiberglass wingtips to the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Also mounted the trim tab to the left elevator and finished riveting the root leading edges of the Horizontal stabilizer. Made a new male mold to layup the fiberglass tip for the VS.
Don - 3.o
2009-11-11 Finished the HS tips. Completed and mounted the HS tips.
Don 2.0
Also worked on parts for the wings.
2009-11-16 Don worked on tip for VS. Don worked on the mold for the VS tip and then glassed it.
Don 4.0
2009-11-16 Parts to fit the ribs to the spar. These small parts take a lot of time and seem to be very little accomplished but hopefully they will all add up in the end.
2009-11-17 Continued making small parts for the wing. Completed making all of the parts shown on W-13.
Don - 3.0
2009-11-17 Made new mold and tip for the VS. Don made a new mold and tip for the VS.
Don 4.0
2009-11-18 More small parts for the wings. Don primed the Empennage tips. We continued to make the small wing parts and completed the parts on page W-11.
2009-11-19 Continued making small parts for the wing. Completed the small wing parts on W-14 and W-21. These seem insignificant but are required to complete the wing assembly.
2009-11-20 More parts for the wings. I think that I've completed making the parts that will be needed as we start fabrication of the wing spars and the wings. Hope to start on the spars next week.
Don 2.0
2009-11-23 Started on the wing spars. Took the .032 blanks for the rear spar channel to a friends shop that has a 10' brake to bend the channel. Now I have the two full size rear channels ready to be finished. We also cut out the various web sections for the main spar and began laying out the drilling pattern on the main web. I fabricated the wing tip ends for the main spars.
Don 5.0
2009-11-25 Put the main spar stack together. I spent a couple of hours piecing together the various webs and attachments that make up the main spar. Will need to drill the pilot holes on the main spar web.
2009-11-27 Layed out drill pattern for the main spar For the second time we layed out and marked the drill pattern on the main spar. We found a few msitakes on the first layout that were corrected. I think we are OK to go ahead and drill the pilot holes.
Don - 3.0
2009-11-27 Organized the hardware. The hardware packs from Aircraft Spruce made it hard to find various nuts and bolts, etc, so I bought some plastic containers with multiple storage compartments and spent a couple of hours sorting and labeling them to receive the hardware. Much better now and we can readily locate a hardware item.
Don 2.0
2009-11-30 Drilled and deburred the mainspar webs. Finished marking and drilled the pilot holes in the main spar webs and the four smaller web pieces. After drilling all the holes were deburred.
Don - 4.0
2009-12-01 Drilled the Spar Caps for the left wing. Went fishing this morning so didn't get started until after lunch. Assembled the web stack with the spar caps and after hopefully verifying that we were correct, swallowed deeply and started drilling the main spar. Completed the pilot holes and all holes lined up very well. What a relief!
Don - 3.5
2009-12-02 Continued work on main spars. Disassembled the left main spar and deburred then reassembled and temporally attached and drilled the various angles and wing attachment points. Assembled the right main spar then disassembled and deburred and reassembled.
Don - 5.0
Henry Bromberg visited today.
2009-12-03 Spars updrilled. Completed attaching angles and attachment blocks to the spar. Updrilled both spars to #30. Marked both spars identifying the flush rivet positions and location of the bolts and rivets.
Don - 5.0
2009-12-04 Updrilled main spars Updrilled and deburred both main spars. Reassembled and began planning to countersink and dimple and mark the spars where necessary. Trying to insert a rivet I found that the #30 holes are too small and will have to again updrill the Flush rivet holes with a #21 drill. Another step that I hadn't planned on. Purchased a Microstop and 100 degree countersink from Pan American Tool so am ready to countersink as soon as I go back and buy a couple of #21 drill bits.
2009-12-07 worked on countersinking the spar webs for the flush rivets. Had to go to Pan American Tool Co. to buy another countersink bit to replace one that the pilot tip broke off. I am about 2/3's finished with the countesinks on both spars.
2009-12-08 Completed the countersinking on both spars. Completed the necessary countersinking on both spars. Then completed the updrilling, deburring and dimpling on the Right spar.
Received the "bucking bar" and elevator horn today from Sonex.
2009-12-09 Right Spar is ready for riveting. Completed dimpling, updrilling and deburring again which completed the right spar and the next step will be riveting. The left spar is complete except for disassembling and then deburring again. This will be tomorrow's project.
2009-12-10 Left spar ready for rivets. I bolted on the various attachments to the spar today and then disassembled to deburr again and then assemble again -- this seems like a never ending cycle. Finally the only thing left to complete the spar is the riveting.
Don - 1.0
2009-12-11 Both spars ready for riveting. Finished updrilling,deburring and reassembling the right spar. bolted on the attachments and will begin to rivet in the next session.
2009-12-12 Started riveting the flush rivets
2009-12-14 Almost finished the flush rivering. Almost finished the flush riveting on both spars. Discovered that the solid rivets from Aircraft Spruce were not the ones called for in the Sonex Plans. AS sent me AN470-4 instead of the AN470 -5 listed on the plans. I called AS and ordered the correct rivets and they will be here on Wednesday.
2009-12-15 Flush Riveting is complete and the Spar attachment holes are up drilled to 1/4 I had a few Flush Rivets to complete and now am waiting for the solid rivet delivery from Aircraft Spruce to finish the spars. All of the riveting was done using the Sonex "bolt and hammer" method. It has produced good "shop heads" and is fairly fast. We put the two spars together today and the three alignment holes were right on the money.I pinned the alignment holes with wire and then set out to drill the 1/4 inch attachment holes through the wing attachment blocks. One hole was slightly out of line while the other was good. Carefully drilling with a 1/4 inch bit it was successfully drilled to the called for 1/4 inch.
2009-12-16 Laying out the rear spars. Getting the rear spars ready for drilling by marking the drill pattern.
2009-12-17 Main Spars are completed. The solid rivets I ordered from Aircraft Spruce arrived and we got to work installing them. These were all AN470-5-various lengths and I was able to complete the main spars. The bolts were all torqued to specs and now on to the rear spars and wing building.
Don - 5.0
2009-12-19 Tech Counselor visit. My EAA technical counselor came by this morning to check the work done to date on the wing spars and gave an A-OK and the go ahead to proceed on the wing construction.
2009-12-28 Main spars are mated. The main spars are mated after milling out small part of the web to offer clearance for the angle bolts on the opposite spar.
2009-12-28 Left rear spar is completed. Completed attaching parts and drilling, deburring, updrilling, deburring and riveting the left rear spar.
2009-12-29 Rear Spars Completed Completed the right rear spar and now ready to prepare the ribs for assembly.
2009-12-30 Rib 9 assembly left wing. I spent a couple of hours putting together the rib 9 assembly for the left wing including the aileron bellcrank. It is all pilot drilled and clecoed.
2010-01-04 Riveted the rib 9 assembly. Completed the Aileron assembly on rib 9 for both wings.
2010-01-05 Riveting gussets on Ribs 1, 2 and 3 for both wings.
2010-01-06 Adding gussets to ribs. Gussets were riveted to both fore and aft ribs 1,2,3 and 4 for both wings. I am now ready to start mounting the ribs on the wing spars.
Don - 3.0
2010-01-08 Attaching ribs to left wing spar. Today I finally felt like I was building an airplane. Attaching the ribs to the left main and rear spars I could see the wing starting to take shape. Finally a place for all those parts we fabricated.
2010-01-11 Updrilled, deburred and began riveting left wing frame. Cold conditions in our South Florida workshop - shop temperatures were in the low forties, slowing us down but not stopping our progress on our Sonex build.
Don - 6.0
2010-01-12 Left wing ready for skin. Finished gussets for the wing root ribs, deburred and riveted and sttached to the spar. Checked the wing box for being square and no evidence of twist. Ready to start on the frame for the right wing.
Don 2.0.
2010-01-13 Attached the aft ribs to the main spar. Drilled 3/32 and attached the aft ribs for the right wing to the main spar.
2010-01-14 Right wing box is assembled. Attached the rear spar and then the forward ribs. The right wing is assembled and clecoed an ready to be updrilled, deburred, reassembled and riveted.
2010-01-15 Completed the right wing box. Updrilled the wing frame, disassembled, deburred, reassembled and riveted the right wing, thus completing the frames for both wings.
Don 6.0
2010-01-18 Made the ribs and parts for the two ailerons. Cut out and bent the eight aileron ribs and made and attached the control arm that goes on the end rib.
Don 2.0
2010-01-19 Completed the ribs and control ribs for the two flaps. Don 2.0
2010-01-20 Completed the two Aileron balance assemblies. Completed the assembly but need to add the lead weights.
Don 2.0
2010-01-21 Fabricated the two ailerons today. Assembled the lead weights for the ailerons, did the skin lay out, bent the skins, and assembled the ribs and skins, drilled the pilot holes and clecoed the everything together.
Don 5.0
2010-01-22 Ailerons completed. Both ailerons were updrilled, deburred and the hinges attached to complete this part of the build. Sonex has their instructions right on the money as the completed ailerons balanced out perfectly (see photo).
2010-01-25 Worked on the flaps. Cut out the blanks for the flaps and layed out the bend lines. Took the sheets to Neil's shop to bend them on the ten foot brake. We made a mistake on the second flap and will have to get another blank and bend it again.
Don - 2.0
2010-01-27 Left flap is drilled and updrilled. The left flap is ready to deburr and rivet.
Don 4.0
2010-01-28 Both flaps assembled. Assembled the right flap, put in the ribs and drilled the pilot holes. ready to updrill and rivet.
2010-01-29 Both flaps updrilled, deburred and reassembled.
2010-01-30 Completed deburring and riveting the flaps.
2010-02-01 Installed the upper aft skin on the left wing. Layed out and pilot drilled the upper aft skin on the left wing today. First I leveled and squared the wing box and then hung the aft skin on the framework. I then marked or outlined the ribs on
the inside of the skin and compared with the marks from the plans. The two marks were close so I drilled the skins to insure that the holes in the rib flange were centered. All the pilot holes were drilled and the skin clecoed to the wing box.
Don 5.0
2010-02-02 Attached aft lower left skin. Attached the aft lower skin to the left wing and then drilled the pilot holes to the ribs. I still haven't drilled the main spar until I'm satisfied that the skins all fit correctly. Next we prepared the forward (leading edge) skin to be bent. I used the vacuum method and for anyone contemplating bending the leading edge this should be the method of choice. I purchased some 4 mil plastic at the hardware store, had a used piece of 1 1/2" black pipe, used a homemade wooden pipe clamp to secure it to the table, and followed the instructions in the video to accomplish the bend. Once I turned on the shop vac the bend was completed in less than one minute. The bend was perfect -- straight, right on the center line, no kinks and soooo easy.
Don 6.0
2010-02-03 Attached the leading edge skin to the left wing. I had to pickup fifty more 3/32 and 1/8" clecos. The hardest part of this process is insuring that the wing remains square and doesn't wrap or twist. Don came up with the idea of using a "warping board" which is used in woodworking. These basically consist of two boards that span the wing from fore to aft and have the curvature of the upper half of the wing cut out. The boards are placed on each end of the wing and by sighting from one end to the other end of the wing any twist is readily seen. Thanks Don.
Don 2.0
2010-02-04 Skins updrilled and LE is partly dimpled. Both upper and lower skins have been updrilled and deburred and attached to the wing frame. The leading edge was drilled to #40 and then deburred. I will dimple the #40 holes and then updrill to #30. The dimpled #40's expand enough to almost take the flush rivets but will need to be reamed to #30. The Sonex "Simple Dimple Dies" worked well with the air pressure reduced to 35 PSI.
Don 5.0
2010-02-05 Attached root doubler, end rib and and deburred. Cutout and attached the root doubler for the left wing and updrilled. Cut out the end rib and fit into place. Finished dimpling the leading edge and the forward ribs. The sonex dimple die worked great after I lowered the air pressure to 35 psi.
Don 4.0
2010-02-08 Left wing is Ready for riveting. The skins are all up drilled and deburred, the end rib is fitted and ready to be fastened, the inspection hole for the aileron bell crank is ready.
Don 4.0
2010-02-09 EAA Tech Counselor visit. Lou Grabeic the EAA Tech Counselor from our EAA Chapter 133 made a visit today and checked out the progress made on building the wings. Since the wings are close to being ready to permanently skin this was a good time to look before closing it up. Lou found our work to be generally good and had only a couple of minor suggestions.
2010-02-10 Started riveting the left wing. Installed the wiring for Nav lights and tubing for the LRI that I will mount. With that done I began riveting the leading edge with the flush rivets. I was not happy with the trailing edge alignment of the flap and aileron so decided to remake the aileron so that it matches the flap better. Cut out the web in the fwd root rib to have better access to the flap control rod.
Don 5.0
2010-02-22 Started skinning the right wing. Started to fit the skins on the right wing frame.
Don 2.0
2010-02-23 Fitted the aft skins to the right wing today. Fitted, drilled and deburred the upper and lower aft skins to the right wing frame structure. Checked the squareness and twist in the structure by using the tooling holes in the ribs with a pendulum to assess any twist and the measurement from the rear spar to the 0:0 point which checked out at 19 inches. At this point the ribs were square to the main spar.
Don - 4.0
2010-02-24 Updrilled the upper and lower aft wing skins Don 2.0
2010-02-25 Fitted the attachments to carry the Pitot tubing. Fitted the attachments to carry the pitot tubes to the fuselage and added the wiring for wing end lighting. Worked on attaching the Elevator horn assembly.
Don 5.0
2010-03-01 Mounted the elevator horn. Riveted the elevator horn that I purchased from Sonex to the elevators. Insuring that both elevators were aligned was the most difficult part of the operation. The alignment came out fine and the elevators moved freely and smoothly.
Don 2.0
2010-03-01 Pitot assembly. Constructed the pitot assembly following the outline in the plans and also decided to install an LRI using the same assembly on the other wing. Installed the Tygon tubing in the wing for the pitot.
Don 2.0
2010-03-02 Prepared the leading edge for the right wing. Today we cut out the leading edge, vacuum bent it and fitted to the wing frame. Drilled the leading edge to the ribs and then removed and deburred. Also deburred the ribs and the leading edge and ribs are now ready to dimple. finished up the pitot tubes for the airspeed indicator and the LRI.
Don 5.0
2010-03-03 Leading edge ready to rivet. Today I dimpled the leading edge and foward ribs and then disassembled to deburr and then reassemble and updrill to #30. the pitot for the airspeed and LRI were completed. The Tiedown Eyebolt was installed.
Don 5.0
2010-03-04 Riveted the topside of the right wing. Flush riveted the leading edge on the top of the wing and standard pull riveted the remainder of the right wing.
2010-03-08 Decided to make new ailerons. I decided to make two new ailerons to better match the flaps after they are mounted on the wings. There was about 3/8" of an inch difference in width between the ailerons and the flaps. Flaps were about 3/16th" to wide and the ailerons were 3/16th" to narrow. The trailing edge of the wing didn't have a nice straight line. I'm sure it is just a cosmetic thing but it was important to me. Spent the days taking apart the already nicely built ailerons.
2010-03-09 Continued rebuilding the ailerons. Spent the day messing around trying to save as much of the old as I could. I did cut out new aileron skins and bent them on the brake to be 3/8th" longer. The bend came out well. Don welded with oxy/acetylene the end bearing units on the control rods that will be inside the wings.
Don 5.0
2010-03-10 Continued on the ailerons. I made new aileron ribs and drilled and updrilled the skins.
2010-03-11 Riveted and completed the ailerons. Don 3.0
2010-03-13 Rebuilt the right wing flap. As I was trying to fit the flap and aileron I had a problem with the flap being about 3/16ths" too thick in relation to the thickness of the wing at the trailing edge. The only solution was to drill out the flap ribs, make new slimmer ribs and rivet the flap again. I hate making these changes but now I have a better fitting and looking flap to wing connection.
Don 2.o
2010-03-15 Closed the right wing. Today I removed the bottom skin and mounted the control tubes to the aileron and flap. Then I closed the wing, mounted the flap and aileron and then riveted the bottom skin thus closing the wing. I need the fit the end plate and the wing will be completed.
Don 4.0
2010-03-16 Completed the right wing tip -- Wing completed! Don 3.0
2010-03-17 Left wing almost complete. Attached the control tubes to the bellcrank assembly, mounted the flap and aileron, end plate, and riveted the bottom of the wing.
Don 5.0
2010-03-26 Preparation of parts for fuselage. Don spent some time during the week of 22-26 March preparing parts for the aft fuselage from plans pages F20 and F15.
Don - 15
2010-03-29 Review the plans to determine what parts remain to be fabricated to complete the aft fuselage.
2010-03-30 Fuselage parts. I prepared the Phenolic blocks for the rudder control mounts, the rudder fairlead blocks and the flap control mounts. Drilling Phenolic is smelly and hard. You have to take it slowly but it still has a tendency to smoke and burn.
Don 4.0
2010-03-31 Continued to make fuselage parts Don and I continued to make fuselage parts including making former blocks to form the turtle deck formers.
Don 4.0
2010-04-01 Making aft fuselage parts. Don - 5.0
2010-04-02 Making aft fuselage parts. Don - 5.0
Completed the turtle deck formers, prepared some of the crossties.
2010-04-05 Preparing fuselage parts. Finished the turtle back formers by cutting out and flanging the lightening holes. Finished the Crossties and verticals for the aft fuselage.
Don - 6.0
2010-04-19 making fuselage parts Don and I continue to make parts for the fuselage assembly.
Don 2.0
2010-04-20 Making fuselage parts. Today I made the idler assembly and the parts and assembly for the seats.
Don 2.0
2010-04-21 Sorted and listed the fuselage parts completed to date.
2010-05-03 Fwd. Fuselage Parts
2010-05-04 SNX F-13 parts Completed F13-06 L&R and F02 L$R assembly
2010-05-10 More fuselage parts. Completed F14-09 and F14-07.
2010-05-11 More fuselage parts. Completed more F14 fuselage parts. This page is almost done except for the parts that require 1 1/2" angle which I'll have to order.
2010-05-29 Cut and prepared the two upper aft longerons. Prepared the two aft longerons and cut out the two fuselage side panels.
2010-05-29 Working on the fuselage aft side panel. Laid out the drill pattern on the aft side panel and then drilled and deburred. Cut the 4" inspection hole and the rudder cable slot.
2010-05-31 Assembled aft left side panel. Pilot drilled and attached the lower and upper longeron angles and the vertical stiffeners to the aft side panel.
2010-06-01 Worked on the aft left fuselage panel. Assembled the splice joints to the end of the side panel. Prepared the verticals for the right side panel.
2010-06-02 Worked on aft right side panel. I laid out the drilling pattern and then pilot drilled the panel and then drilled the verticals that attach to the side panel. I had a visit today from Lou Grabiec, my EAA Tech advisor and he looked over the work I completed since his last visit. Lou was complementary about the progress I'm making on the Sonex.
2010-06-03 Updrilled and riveted the aft left side panel. I updrilled and riveted the lower longeron and the verticals on the left side aft panel.
2010-08-03 Back to work after a two month vacation. I was laying out the outline of the rear fuselage on the work bench.
2010-08-12 Riveted right aft fuselage panel Today I had a good helper as Michael, my eleven year old grandson, came to the shop and helped with completion of this panel. We drilled, assembled, updrilled, disassembled, deburred, reassembled and riveted. Michael-3 hours.
2010-08-13 Cleaning the parts engines Unloaded from the truck and removed the air duct work from the engine.
Don - 3.0
2010-08-16 Lower crossties Don and I squared up the aft fuselage and started connecting the lower crossties. I had to leave for an eye Doctor's appointment so only had time for a couple of hours work.
Don - 4.0
2010-08-17 Connected upper and lower crossties Today I connected the upper and lower crossties and the aft fuselage became a very solid unit. Took it off the table and placed it on sawhorses for further work.
2010-08-18 Completed the aft fuselage box. Completed riveting the crossties and bulkheads and the aft fuselage is ready for the turtle deck.
2010-08-19 Found an omission and have to correct it. I thought that I was all done with this portion of the fuselage and while checking the plans I discovered that the upper link between the aft and forward parts of the fuselage had not been included. I had to drill out a lot of rivets on the upper channel box crosstie and include those links. I hope to finish tomorrow.
2010-08-20 Remade the upper crosstie box assembly. I wasn't satisfied with the fit of the upper crosstie box assembly. So I removed it this morning and fabricated an entire new assembly that fits very well. This small project took all of the day's work.
2010-08-21 Installed and riveted the crosstie box
2010-08-24 Degreasing and cleaning the engine Continued to clean and degrease the core engine that will be rebuilt.
Don - 1.0
2010-08-25 Worked on turtle deck skins I Received a shipment of Aluminum sheet from Wicks and was able to layout and cut the turtle deck panels. After cutting I layed out the drill pattern and drilled both skins.
2010-08-25 disassemble and clean. Don worked on cleaning the flashing out of the air cooling fins on the heads of the engine. He has opened it up considerably and hopefully will insure that we will have proper cooling.
Don 3.0
2010-08-26 Updrilled, deburred turtle deck skins Worked on the skins and the backbone assembly.
Don - 1.0
2010-08-26 Tapped crank and cleaned flashing. Don - 3.0
2010-08-27 Installed turtle deck skin. Today I riveted the turtle deck skin and installed the assembly to the fuselage box.
Don - 1.0
2010-08-30 Installed the formers in the turtle deck. Installed the turtle deck formers with #40 clecos and the aft fuselage is progressing nicely.
Don 2.0
2010-10-13 Back to building Summer vacation is over and we are back in Fort Lauderdale and I am eager to get back to building especially after a fabulous weekend in Crossville, TN and attending the American Sonex Assn. flyin where we had 140 attendees and 29 Sonex fly in.

Today I worked on the aft fuselage and making the necessary adjustments to mount the horizontal and vertical tail stabilizers.

Don 3.0
2010-10-14 Still working on the aft fuselage. Finished up mounting the horizontal and vertical stabilizers and started riveting the the turtle deck.

Don 4.0
2010-10-15 Started fabricating the forward fuselage side panels Began by attaching the angles to the side panels for the forward fuselage by pilot drilling the angles to the sides.
2010-10-18 worked on the side panels I had to make two wing attachment angles and mount them on the left and right side panels.
2010-10-19 Attaching angles and gussets to the side panels Lots of holes to drill and many gussets to fit to the attached angles.
2010-10-20 Building up the side panels Attaching angles to the fwd side panels.
2010-10-20 Riveted the turtle deck. Completed riveting the turtle deck. I had to shim under some of the rivets to prevent dimpling of the skin.
Don 2.0
2010-10-21 Completed updrilling and started deburring of the side panels Don 2.0
2010-10-22 Finished deburring and riveting of the side panels Don 6.0
2010-10-25 Bottom skin and glare shield Today I laid out the patterns on .032 sheet aluminum for both the forward fuselage bottom skin and the cockpit glare shield. I then drilled all 200+ holes for the bottom skin and deburred them.
2010-10-26 Fwd bottom skin, glare shield and instrument panel blank The forward bottom skin is ready for installation. Today I laid out the glare shield, drilled and deburred, and made the bends on the brake. I also laid out, drilled and deburred, and bend the flanges on the instrument panel blank. I also fitted the bottom skin for the aft fuselage.
2010-10-27 Fit the aft fuselage bottom skin. I fit the aft fuselage bottom skin today to the fuselage. The fit was really good and only need to trim at most 1/32nd of an inch off one side to get a perfect fit. Pilot drill it to the fuselage and then updrilled. Removed the skin and and deburred all the holes. the bottom skin is ready to be permanently installed when the plane is near completion.
Don 1.0
2010-10-28 Attached the side panels. Today I attached the two side panels to the aft fuselage by drilling the sides and bottom at the aft fuselage joint and then fastening with clecoes.
Don 3.0
2010-11-01 Cut out the Stainless steel firewall 1.0
2010-11-02 Working on the firewall. Attached temporarily the Stainless steel lower and upper firewall. Constructed and attached the fuel filler box that attaches to the upper firewall assembly.
Don 6.0
2010-11-03 Worked on the firewall. Donald put together the upper firewall assembly and I worked on the attaching the lower firewall. The upper assembly with the filler neck is riveted and sealed and ready to attach to the fuselage. The lower firewall is attached and drilled to pilot holes.
Donald 4.0
2010-11-04 Updrilled, deburred and riveted the forward bottom skin and the lower firewall. Don 5.0
2010-11-05 Cut and drilled the Z-tunnel parts. Cut and drilled the Z-tunnel parts and the firewall stiffener and floor stiffener. Attached the stiffeners to the forward fuselage and they are ready for riveting. Had to order more rivets today and a length of Angle Aluminum to complete the Z-tunnel. Don cut out the seat pan that will be installed shortly.
Don 2.0
2010-11-08 Getting ready to go to Corvair College #19 Cleaned and loaded the engine in the truck to leave early Thursday to attend the Corvair College in Barnwell, SC. Did a little work on assembling parts for the floor pan in the forward fuselage.
Don 4.0
2010-11-09 Fit and clecoed the forward Z-tunnel. Don 1.0
2010-11-10 Working of the forward fuselage. Today I fabricated the floor pan assembly and installed it with clecoes. I also fit the glare shield and the upper firewall assembly.
Don 5.0
2010-11-16 Worked on Z-tunnel Made up the aft z-tunnel assembly. Pilot drilled, updrilled, deburred, countersunk and dimpled. This small assembly took all day to complete.

Don 2.0
2010-11-17 Still working on cockpit floor and wing tunnel passthrough. Don 2.0
2010-11-18 Installed seat pan. Today's project was to install the seat pan. The forward, middle and aft attach points were drilled and riveted to the pan and the fuselage attachment points. The seat is held in with the hinge pins at the three attach points.
Don built a steel holder to hold the engine so it can be assembled.
2010-11-30 Riveted the bottom supports. Don 2.0
2010-11-30 Finishing the fuselage to point of installing the wings. Built a support on a dolly for the fuselage so we can wheel it outside where we'll have enough room to attach the wings which will be the next step in the build. I also went through the plans to determine the amount of 4130 steel to order so we can weld the control yoke, rudder controls and tail wheel mount.
Don 1.0
2010-12-01 Started to install the wings to the fuselge today. We took the wings down from their storage position hung from the ceiling, dusted them off and put in position to install to the fuselage. We had to do some trimming of the fuselage at the entrance to the tunnel and also trim some of the wing skin next to the fuselage. With some jockeying around we were able to insert the three 1/4" pins locking the two spars together but the other measurements are not exact yet. Will have to level and fasten the rear spar carry through tomorrow.
Don 6.0
2010-12-02 Wings attached! Attaching the wings was more difficult than I thought it would be and is certainly a two man job. We leveled the fuselage, then measured the attachment blocks insuring that they were equal distance from the fuselage sides, slid the wings into the tunnel and secured the two spars with 1/4 inch pins, used a water tube level to level the two wing tips, blocked the wing incidence angle at 80mm, and measured the distance from the tail to the wing tip. Any adjustment to any one of the parameters seemed to cause an error to appear in one or more of the other parameters. After finally getting all the measurements to stabilize we clamped the spars and updrilled the blocks to 3/8" in 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 inch steps. With the main spars pinned the rear spar attachment was installed and clecoed.
Don 5.0
2010-12-03 Wings off. Wings were attached and drilled yesterday and today were taken off for storage again. Unfortunately one wing was dropped and I'll have to replace the aileron and flap which were damaged.
Don 3.0
2010-12-13 Completing the riveting of the spar tunnel Don 4.0
2010-12-14 Completed riveting the forward fuselage. We completed riveting the angles and main spar tunnel tunnel today after receiving a new shipment of rivets.
Don 5.0
2010-12-15 Welded and fit the rudder controls to the fuselage. I received my steel shipment from American spruce and today we laid out the rudder controls, gas welded the controls and then fit to the phenolic blocks in the fwd. fuselage. After fitting, I removed them for finishing and painting. Also started welding the control yoke.
Don - 5.0
2010-12-16 Completed welding of the rudder and flight control yoke. Completed welding of the rudder pedals. Installed the rudder pedals to check the fit, then removed again. Cut out the steel pieces, shaped them and welded for the flight control yoke. These pieces are ready to be painted.
Don 5.0
2010-12-17 Flap control tube. Cutout from 4130 steel plate the parts needed to weld on the flap control tube.
2010-12-20 Made steel parts for the tailwheel assembly. Using 4130 steel plate I fabricated the parts to weld together the tail wheel assembly.
2010-12-21 Welded the flap control assembly and the tailwheel assembly. Today we prepared and welded the flap control assembly and the tailwheel caster assembly. I also cleaned and buffed all of the Steel parts to ready them for priming with zinc chromate and then painting.
Don 2.0
2010-12-22 Preparing control parts Today I primed all of the steel parts that have been fabricated and then after drying I painted the parts in a gloss black. We also mounted the trim tab control lever and Don made teak wood handles for the flap and brake levers. I also made the rudder cable adjustment levers and routed the rudder cables through the grommets to the tail section.
Don 4.0
2010-12-23 Test mounted the Rudder pedal assembly, flap control assembly and the yoke assembly. Test mounted the three assemblies -- rudder control, flap control, and the elevator and aileron control yoke. We had a surprise visit from our EAA technical counselor today and he went over our progress to date. He made a few suggestions but was mostly laudatory of our work to date.
Don 1.0
2010-12-28 Mounting the flight controls in the fuselage. Final mounting of the rudder pedals, the flap control assembly and the brake handle.
2010-12-30 Mounted the control yoke assembly, the brake handle assembly, and the flap control assembly. I also fitted the brackets and the glare shield and it is ready to be riveted to the firewall.
Don 1.0
2010-12-31 Completed fitting the glare shield and panel to the fuselage. Completed the fitting of the glare shield and panel to the fuselage and attached it with #40 clecos.
2011-01-04 Installed the Fuel tank. Prepared the tank straps by gluing felt to the straps. Had to shorten the fuel fill neck by 3/8" by sawing off the excess with the "Sawsall" and then reaming out the fill neck to accept the fuel cap. It was difficult to position and tighten the straps but finally got everything together.
Also made a new bracket to hold the new 5" tailwheel and welded that to the swivel. Drilled the tailwheel titanium rod to the assembly. Primed the assembly for painting.
Don 4.0
2011-01-05 Mounting the tail to the fuselage. The tail was on and off three times trying to get the Horizontal stabilizer in position to allow the elevator to meet it's upper and lower limits. It's still not correct and we will have to take it off again.
2011-01-06 Drilled out and relocated the elevator horn. As installed I couldn't get enough up elevator and the only solution was to remove the horn and reposition it at its forward most possible location which gives exactly 25 degrees up elevator as called for in the plans.
Don 2.0
2011-01-07 Completed fitting the empennage to the fuselage. Completed fitting the vertical and horizontal stabilizers to the fuselage. Completed fitting the elevator and elevator stops so the elevator moves 25 degrees up and 20 degrees down as called for in the specs. Attached the elevator control tube to the elevator horn and inserted a cotter key in the castle nut. Don worked on the fairings that connect the empennage to the fuselage.
I installed the left side Vans vent to the forward fuselage.
Don 3.0
2011-01-10 Hooked up the control cables for the rudder. I changed the two aft fairleads for the rudder cables to give a better exit angle for the cables to the rudder horn. I also cutout and installed the Vans vent on the right side of the cockpit.
Don 1.0
2011-01-11 Hooked up stick to elevator control tube. Made and installed springs to the rudder controls using a screen door spring. Hooked up the elevator control tube to the yoke. I had to make some adjustments to the aft tube to get the proper up and down elevator deflection. Don worked on assembling the main landing gear wheel and brake assemblies.
Don 4.0
2011-01-12 Assembled the wheels and brakes. Don assembled the wheels and mounted the brakes within the machined brake drums. It took some shimming and sanding of the brake shoes to get a good "round" fit without the lining dragging on the drum. The tailwheel assembly was drilled and fixed to the tailwheel spring. A protective housing was constructed and mounted around the elevator control rod where it passes through the baggage compartment. Hank Bromberg came by today to check out our progress and to have lunch with us.
Don 4.0
2011-01-14 Installed the vertical to horizontal fairings
2011-01-17 Installed the trim tab. Installed the cable from the trim lever to the trim tab and hooked up the trim tab. Worked on fabricating a spill tray around the fuel fill nozzle. Don worked on bringing the back plate out from the brake drum and having it look like the illustration in the installing instructions. Ben Macain from the EAA chapter came by to see the progress we've made.
Don 2.0
2011-01-18 Decided to make new ailerons. The ailerons were damaged when dropped in the shop. One only minor dents but I decided to fabricate two new ones. Today I was measuring and trying to layout the patterns. Don cleaned the engine case and we are starting to assemble the engine after some study of what we are going to do.
Don 1.0
2011-01-19 Started to assemble the engine. Don started to assemble the case and mounted the crankshaft and camshaft. Used plastigage to check the clearence on the mains and they were within specs found in the "green" book - .00175 to .002.
I worked on the new ailerons and cutout the skin and bent them on the brake.
Don 4.0
2011-01-20 Completed installation of the tailwheel. Cut a 1/4" inside dia. 4130 rod and threaded it to accept the ball joint end rod bearings. Don and I worked on assembling the engine case and installing the crankshaft and camshaft. I decided to make new ailerons since they had been dented in storage in the shop. I got the new ones cut out and bent on the brake and then pilot drilled.
Don 4.0
2011-01-24 Rebuilding the two ailerons The two ailerons were damaged in storage so instead of repairing I decided to totally rebuild them. made new ribs and skin.
2011-01-25 Continued work on rebuilding the ailerons.
2011-01-31 Continued work on rebuilding the ailerons. I worked on the ailerons and Don started to mount the 5th Beaaring on the engine.
Don 3.0
2011-02-01 Continued work on rebuilding the ailerons and Don completed installing the 5th Bearing on the engine
2011-02-03 Continued work on rebuilding the ailerons.
2011-02-04 Started fabricating the parts for the canopy.
2011-02-07 Fabricating parts for the canopy
2011-02-08 Fabricated parts for the canopy.
2011-02-09 Fabricating parts for the canopy
2011-02-10 Bent the bows for the canopy. Took the bows to a shop of a friend of Don's who bent the bows using a roller - very nice work.
2011-02-11 Mounting the canopy bows
2011-02-14 Completed the initial canopy frame assembly.
2011-02-14 Cleaned engine components for painting.
2011-02-15 Preparing engine pieces for painting
2011-02-16 Preparing engine pieces for painting Welded the oil fill tube to the right valve cover and finished cleaning the parts to prime. Primed all the pieces with zinc chromate. Todd from Todd's canopies came by and we discussed installation of his canopy.
Don 1.0
2011-02-21 Started wiring the anticollision light on the vertical stabilizer' Don 2.0
2011-02-24 Installed and wired the anti-collision light on the vertical stabilizer.
2011-02-25 Fairing the light into the vertical stabilizer
2011-02-25 planning a fuel vent line.
2011-03-12 Cut panel holes for the flight instruments.
2011-03-14 Fuel fill catch tray and tank vent.
2011-04-19 Temporary mount of the engine mount and fitted the landing gear. Attached the landing gear titanium legs to the motor mount. Drilling the titanium legs was slow and difficult. I had to buy some cobalt drills to do the job and completely ruined them by the time I finished.
2011-04-21 Attached mount to airframe. Drilled and attached the mount to the airframe. Had to weld a tab to the upper right arm on the mount to get a better fit and cut shims to fit between the mount and the longeron attach points.
2011-05-30 Set toe-in and pilot drilled the axel to the gear leg.
2011-05-31 Up drilled the titanium legs to 1/4" through the axel housing.
2011-06-01 Preliminary work on brake system
2011-06-11 Mounted new vertical tip. I removed the homemade tip after noticing the slight twist in it. I ordered a new vertical tip from Sonex and it fit perfectly onto the vertical stabilizer. I formed new ribs for the tip and added a collision beacon.
2011-08-16 Changed main landing gear bolts. Per the Sonex bulletin I changed the main gear bolts from stainless steel to steel bolts. It required removing the engine mount, changing the bolts and reattaching the engine mount.
2011-08-17 Preparing the cylinders and pistons to assembly. Don 4.0
2011-08-18 Mounted the pistons and cylinders. Mounted the pistons and cylinders on the case. Bolted and torqued the connecting rods to the crankshaft. Mounted the rear case assembly, the gold oil assembly, the oil pickup and the oil pan. Next we put the engine case on the airframe engine mount and fitted the electric starter assembly. It is starting to look like an airplane!
Don 6.0
2011-08-19 Completed mounting the front starter on the engine. Starter is mounted on the engine. Fabricated and mounted a battery box behind the luggage compartment.
Don 4.0
2011-08-22 Fabricated the main gear fairings Made the main gear fairings, put in and fastened the bushings to mount the engine on the engine mount, tightened the engine oil pan bolts, finished riveting the fairing on the vertical stabilizer.
Don 2.0
2011-08-23 Heads attached to the cylinders. Heads, shrouds, lifters, push rod tubes and push rods were assembled. the rocker arms were adjusted re: WW.

Don - 4.0
2011-08-24 Worked on the fairings and wheel pants. tried to fit the wheel pants on the main gear today. Still have to drill the mounting moles in the backing plate. the fairings appear to be a little long and will have to be trimmed. Mounted the oil cooler after I found and inserted the two seals. Mounted the Oxygen/air meter on the dash.
Don 2.0
2011-08-25 Finished installing the wheel pants and fairings. Don 4.0
2011-08-26 Mounted nose bowl and fabricated cowling. Today we mounted the nose bowl and then made patterns, cut out and mounted the various pieces of the cowling. It really turned out well and this thing is looking like a plane.
Don 5.0
2011-08-27 Visit from EAA Tech Counselor Lou Grabiac my EAA tech adviser came by this morning to check progress on the build of my Sonex. After he left I fabricated the air outflow shroud that will fasten to the underside of the engine cowling.
2011-08-29 Final fit and assembly of the cowling Don 4.0
2011-08-30 Finished fitting and installing the engine cowling. Don 2.0
2011-08-31 Fabricated the intake manifold. Using 1 1/2 inch Stainless two elbows were bent and flanges welded for the two intakes on the engine. Plumbers epoxy was used to fair the empennage to the fuselage. Also a lower extension to the panel was built.
Don 4.0
2011-09-01 Interior seat cushions planned. Spent an hour with Dan and Mary on how to sew up the seat cushion and side panels. Also worked with the "quick" fasteners on the cowling inspection doors. I'm not happy at all with the Southco fasteners and will look to order something better.
2011-10-17 Removed instrument panel and began planning the wiring installation
2011-10-18 Wiring in the ignition system
2011-10-19 mounting the ignition system components on the firewall
2011-10-20 completed mounting the ignition components on the firewall.
2011-11-08 Getting the engine ready to take to CC#21 Don and I spent the day getting the engine ready to carry to CC#21 in Barnwell, SC and hopefully make a first run. The intake link between the carburetor and the split intake maniford was cut and welded.
Don - 5.0
2011-11-08 Still getting engine ready. Today don fabricated and welded the carb attachment bracket to the intake manifold. I fabricated the wires from the coils to the distributor and the sparkplug wiring harness.

Don 3.0
2011-11-08 Still getting engine ready. Today don fabricated and welded the carb attachment bracket to the intake manifold. I fabricated the wires from the coils to the distributor and the sparkplug wiring harness.

Don 3.0
2011-11-16 mount the engine Today we mounted the engine after a successful first run of the engine at Corvair college #21 in Barnwell, SC. I also plumbed the gasoline line from the tank to the gascolator.
Don 3.0
2011-11-17 Putting in the engine mount bolts.
2011-11-18 fitted the fuel line to the gascolater
2011-11-21 Hooked up the intake manifold and mounted the carb. Don 2.0
2011-11-22 Started fabrication of air box Made a cardboard mockup of an airbox to mount on the MS-3A carb. I had to install the cowling again to make sure it would fit and get measurements for the airbox.
2011-11-23 Using the cardboard airbox as a guide I fabricated the box from aluminum. While I worked on the airbox Don started on the engine air baffles.
Don 3.0
2011-11-25 Worked on fitting and mounnting the airbox Donald worked on the cooling baffles.
don - 3.0
2011-11-28 Constructed new carb heat airbox Decided to fabricate a new, narrower airbox that would fit better within the engine mount.
Don is still working on the cooling baffles for the engine.
Don - 3.0
2011-11-30 Continued work on the airbox and cooling baffles. Don - 2.0
2011-12-08 Worked on fitting and mounting the airbox
2011-12-08 Installed the Throttle and EAA advisor came by and demonstrated safety wiring. Don 2.0
2011-12-08 Moved cowling aft to allow for the rear spinner plate.
2011-12-09 Cowling - Fit the cowling and baffles and add nut plates. Don - Worked on fitting the exhaust pipes.
Don - 2.0
2011-12-13 Moved cowling aft to allow for the rear spinner plate. The cowling has been shortened by half an inch requiring that it be cut and refit.
2011-12-13 Worked on refitting the "hood" doors today. I had to cut a new door today and fit the Southco fasteners on the left side and rivnuts on the right side. The rivnuts fit better and are easier to install than the Southco fasteners.
2011-12-14 Rebuilt Airbox and refitting the cowling
2011-12-15 Pressure tested intake pipes to manifold. Found several pinholes in the welding from the carb intake to the "Y" pipes. Had to repair the welds and now there are no leaks.
2011-12-19 Fabricating a heat muff for the carb heat. I used a piece of the leftover stainless steel to fabricate a 3 inch metal tube that slips over and clamps to the exhaust tailpipe which will be tapped to provide heated air to the carb heat box.
2011-12-20 Cut and fit a flange to the carb heat heat muff.
2011-12-28 Building a Battery Box in the aft fuselage.
2011-12-29 Completed aft battery box.
2011-12-30 Mounted switches on the panel. Cut holes and mounted 9 switches on the instrument panel.
2012-01-02 Painted the panel blank.
2012-01-04 Repainted the Panel and made the wire channel under the wing box. Don - 3.0
2012-01-04 Populated the instrument panel. Today I mounted the instruments in the newly painted instrument panel. Looks nice. Also started wiring from the engine aft to the panel.
2012-01-06 Wiring Panel. The wiring from the firewall forward is almost complete. I have the instruments in the panel and am wiring them following the schematic I prepared.
2012-01-09 Wiring Panel. Most of the instruments are wired except for the radio. I'm having a problem getting power to the radio. I show power at the D-15 connector but the radio will not power up. Called Flightline and they said to send it in to be checked.
2012-01-10 Did a preliminary weigh of the plane. The weight came in at 591 w/o the wings
2012-01-16 Removed the radio and sent to manufacturer. More paneling wiring.
2012-01-17 Fabricated the engine air inlet in the bottom of the cowling.
2012-01-24 Worked on the panel wiring
2012-01-25 Completed cowling. Put all of the nut plates on the various cowling panels.
2012-01-26 Don worked on the baffeling and I worked on wiring the panel. Don - 4.0
2012-01-27 Wiring Panel. Wiring the instruments including putting the EGT and CHT sensors from the engine compartment through the firewall to the panel. Also hooked up the mixture and Carb heat cables.
Don - 4.0
2012-02-07 Still organizing and doing the engine to panel wiring.
2012-02-08 Wiring Panel
2012-02-14 Wiring the instruments and sensors.
2012-02-15 Still working on the wiring of the instruments.
2012-02-16 Almost completed the panel wiring and gave the system the Today I had the help of brother-in-law David. David crawled under the panel and hooked up the wiring to the fuse block and ground block and made other electrical connections.
2012-02-27 Installed the radio and antenna
2012-02-29 Wired in the CHT sensors and switching network
2012-03-01 Put in the fuel lines and sight tube.
2012-03-05 Changed the 6 plate to 12 plate oil cooler Don - 2
2012-03-12 Getting some of the fibreglass parts ready for painting. Don - 4.0
2012-03-15 Installed the ELB and antenna. Don - 2.0
2012-03-27 Installed the engine fuel primer. Don - 2.0
2012-04-02 Fabricated and installed fuel door with snap latch.
2012-04-03 Replaced the Southco Fasteners with CamLoc fasteners. This change required building new doors since the hole spacing was different. The new fasteners, that I picked up over the weekend at Sun-N-Fun, are quarter turn latches and really work well. Well worth the time and effort to change. The cowling is now virtually completed.
Don 5.0
2012-04-06 Contrex Tach sensor Don mounted the Tach sensor on the alternator bracket to sense the teeth on the ring gear.
2012-04-10 Began the prop assembly process. Connected the RPm senser to the FLT-2 instrument
2012-04-20 Built a manometer to verify the accuracy on the airspeed indicator. This test showed that the airspeed readout on the MGL Single is almost spot on with the calculated values from the manometer. This was throughout the expected speed range of this aircraft. I checked from zero airspeed through 170 knots indicated.
2012-04-24 Readying the wings for mounting tomorrow.
2012-04-25 Mounted the wings today. Mounted the wings and drilled and inserted the mounting bolts. The 3/8 inch holes were oval so drilled out to 7/16ths inch holes. the fit is much better and the wings are solid.
Don 4.0
2012-04-27 Moved the EPIRB further aft from its location under the seat.
2012-07-24 Fit and mounted the spinner to wooden propeller Using Van's Spinner kit the spinner plates and spacer were positioned on the wooden propeller and then a self leveling laser was positioned over the exact center of the propeller with the laser beam pointing straight up. Next the spinner was positioned over the the assembly and adjusted until the laser dot was exactly at the "pointy end" of the spinner. Pilot holes were drilled and the plates were clecoed.
2012-07-25 Spinner fixed to the assembly. The spinner bulkheads were pilot drilled and then updrilled and tapped to 8-32. Also enlarged the entry to the under the wing tunnel for wiring and riveted the instrument panel to the glare shield.
2012-07-26 Glare shield glued to the forward deck The glareshield was cut from a piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting and glued to the deck. An auto compass was screwed to the deck on top of the glareshield.
The propeller assembly was mounted to the engine hub and the six bolts torqued to the recommended value of 19 foot pounds.
2012-07-27 Began preparation to paint. I removed the rudder and used Prekote to clean the rudder, ailerons, flaps, gear fairings and wheel pants.
2012-07-30 Disassembling the cowling and other smaller components to clean for painting.
2012-08-04 Trimmed and fit the canopy. Todd of Todd's Canopys came by this morning to help and advise fitting his canopy to the Sonex aircraft. This canopy has more of a bubble shape than the Sonex canopy. The initial fitting is done but we still have to fit the bows and permanently attach the canopy to the opening hatch.
2012-08-06 Fitting canopy Tried to fit the bows but will have to order new bow material to fit the larger bubble of the Todd Canopy. Started to paint with the rudder and cowling panels.
2012-08-07 First coat on Flaps, Ailerons, Cowling, rudder, and landing gear fairings.
2012-08-08 A second coat on the control surfaces and the lower fuselage.
2012-08-09 Fitted the windshield and cut the canopy. I had to bend the windshield bow and the forward canopy bow to fit the Todd's canopy. Looks like I have a good fit and the forward windshield is ready to permanently mount with 5200 sealant.
2012-08-10 Still fitting the canopy. Today the canopy was fit to the fuselage and windshield. It's great to be able to open the canopy to enter the cockpit instead of crawling up through the bottom. The fit looks good but still have to put in the fasteners.
2012-08-11 Second white cote on the fuselage and various components.
2012-08-12 Put a second cote on the Bottom skin.
2012-08-13 First coat of yellow on the fuselage, cowl and wheel pants.
2012-08-15 Put on a third coat of the yellow on the fuselage. Also cleaned one side of the wings preparing to paint.
2012-08-16 Put on fourth coat of yellow on the fuselage. Also put on the first coat of white on the upper surface of both wings.
2012-09-10 Completed first coat of white on the wings
2012-09-11 Second coat of white on the wings Permanently mounted the windshield by bedding in 5200 black sealant.
Don 4.0 hrs.
2012-09-12 First coat of yellow on the wings. Completed the windshield and canoy installation. Don - 6.0
2012-09-13 Applied second coat of yellow on the wings. Played around with ideas concerning accent stripes on the side of the fuselage and wheel pants.
2012-09-14 Still painting
2012-09-17 Applied side stripes. Applied the side stripes, touched up a spot on the lower right wing. Painted yellow on the spinner and inspection covers.
2012-09-18 Completed the checkerboard pattern on the rudder.
2012-09-20 Painting is completed
2012-09-24 Temporary install of seats
2012-09-25 Getting plane ready to move to airport and hanger.
2012-09-26 Moved the fuselage and wings to the airport today!
2012-10-10 Wings are installed!
2012-11-09 Airworthiness inspection today. Today I received the coveted pink certificate as N119CX passed the DAR inspection. At last she is a real airplane.
2013-12-03 First Flight First flight was made from PMP Pompano Beach Airpark by Builder. Plane lifted off, flew the pattern and landed with out any problems other than some needed instrument calibration.