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Log Entries for Miscellaneous

Log Entry Date: Jan 24, 2014


chapter 23 engine installation
I spent the week getting ready to start my motor. I cleaned the shop got all the junk off of the wings and then took down all the plastic and tarps that I covered up the hanger doors with My son came over and helped me do some of this. I built an insulated box around the motor and then put a heater in it. I started the heater early in the morning. I let it run till just before we pushed the plane out of the hanger. It was warm to the touch on the oil pan. tried several times to start. The motor did not even pop once. It did smoke a couple of times. I ran the battery down. Hooked it up to the truck and tried a couple of things extra no luck. So a very disappointed person Me put it away and went home early to bumbed to work on it for a while.
right side propeller install
propeller install from the rear

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