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Log Entries for Cowling

Log Entry Date: Jan 2, 2011


chapter 23 motor
Today I went out and popped the fresh cowl off of the mold. It is not as stiff as I would like I will probably have to put a stiffner in it. I trimmed it up all around and then put some clecos in the wing root to hold the cowl in place. I then layed up a 4 ply bid flange around the fron of the cowl for it to fit under. It is very cold here so curring is a challenge. I kept the shop 75 -80 degrees all day and it took it several hours to cool off so hopefully the parts will be cured enough to remove. tomorrow morning. I have left the mold on to hold everything in place while I work on it. I will no start finishing the top cowl while I have the mold on to hold it more securely I need to order the hinge material to hold it to the wing root.
cowl flange to hole cowl tight to the fuselage

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