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Log Entries for Cowling

Log Entry Date: Jan 1, 2011


chapter 23 motor
This week I have been working on the mold for my top cowl. I had it just about done on tuesday night. While dismounting the strakes I leaned my hand to far back and knocke a really big hole in the left side of the front of the mold. I was digusted so I went in the house to sulk. The next evening I quickly analized the damage and repaired it quickly and started getting ready to glass the mold. I put 2 layers of automotive wax on then shot 3 layers of pva and of course had to wait between coats for it to dry. Friday was a holiday for me so I got up early got my kevlar and glass cut to size and layed it all up. it took about 3 1/2 hours the new resin I tried wetted out really nice but so far has not got as stiff as I would like. I probably will not use it on the bottom cowl. I will probably have to put a couple of foam stiffnes in the insid of the cowl so it will not flex so much. I also started making a foam to glass brace for the f-22 where my front canopy hinges from. It has some flex and I and my friend Lynn Schaal think I should stiffen it up some.
left side of cowl
cowl from the rear
cowl from the right

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