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Log Entries for Nosewheel

Log Entry Date: Feb 9, 2008


chapt. 13 rudder pedal
Tonight I finished making the pieces I would need to make the rudder pedals work. I used my surface grinder to cut a slot in one piece and used the mill and the lathe to make the rest of the pieces. The pictures say it best. I still need to do some tweeking to get everything to fit and to function properly. I will have to bend my pedals in about 1/5" I need to do some machining on the aluminum bottom mounts and I will need to make new plywood braces I need to move the hinge point about 3/8" away from f-22 and the canard mounting tabs. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
cutting slot with surface grinder
front view of temp. install of master cylinders
side view of future master cylinder install

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