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Log Entries for Nosewheel

Log Entry Date: Jan 11, 2008


chapt. 13 nose gear
Tonight I put the structural tapes that hold the ng-30 onto the plane. I had to do some clean up of the previous flox job that I did then I layed the inside and outside tapes up on tin foil and wax paper tinfoil for the hard to reach inside and wax paper for the easy to reach outside. Rather than make 4 different tapes I just made 2 that went all the way around the outside and one that went across the middle I will give up a little weight for the strength gain I will get here. My canopy came today. I am excited I put it right on the plane.
My new canopy in its packaging from Todd Silvers
My wife and canard builder helper Jenny
Me and my new canopy.

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