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Log Entries for Nosewheel

Log Entry Date: Jan 5, 2008


chapt. 13 nose gear
Today I worked 9 hours on the plane total but have to log it in different places so I can keep track of how long it takes me to do different chapters. I spent aproximatly 3 hours working on the nose strut today. I had fun making templates of the part that will actually become the shape of the nose. My nos is going to be about 7" longer than the stock nose. I made my actually nose con 5" longer than plans plus my ng-30 is 2 inches longer. I glassed the front side of the 0 bulked in my plane it is actually th -2 bulkhead I let it sit for 3 hours then screwed and floxed it onto the ng-30 I then put bid tapes all around.
-2 bulkhead
both bulkheads ready for glass
bulkhead glassed with nose foam ready to install

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