Hopefully it will cure flat
uni fiberglass foam with a hole that acs sent me

First of many Fiberglass days
Today I officially started on my plane I fiberglassed my Front seat bulkhead. It went pretty quick. I put plastic and a board and weights on it to keep it flat the foam was a little warped.

Farming fertilizer trailers in tandem
The hitch I weld on. It has a brace you cannot see
My scout the trailer tug.

Here is what pays for my airplane
To pay for this exspensive hobby I do lots of side work. Right now I am welding hitches on trailer for fertilizer. It makes it so the company can take them home tandem when empty. Saves a couple of trips. Should pay for itself in just a couple of trips I would imagine.

all the hinging part hinging
The crazy owner of this contraption
Maybe it will fly some day

The forward hinging canopy is a success
My design for a FWC works and is almost better than I had thougt it would be. I have a very nice tight fit for the canopy hopefully I will be able to hold it down in all the places it will want to lift up at when it flys up in the cold air.

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