My grandson Zachary Shumaker
My Grandson Hunter Anderson
My Daugther Suzanne and Grandkids at Fort Sumtner S. Carolina

I like building airplanes
My name is STeve Harmon. I like to build airplanes. I also like to fly them when I finish them. I live in Idaho because city life was getting to me. I live out in the country raise cows and work in a sugar factory as a mechanic. I am a tool and die maker by trade but tool and die work is hard to come by in the Twin Falls area. My hobbies are my family, my garden, my shop, and sometimes I go fishing or hunting. I love living in Idaho it is full of conservative people like me who like to live there life the way they want to and dont like being told by government how to live. I burn my trash in a barrel drive a International scout 4X4 and own a whole bunch of assault weapons, because I take care of my own and dont trust the government to do it for me.

Hoof trminning truck
I put hitches on these trailers so they could be hauled as doubles
I raise honey bees and makea few bucks

more of what pays for the plane
Hear is a truck that is used to trimm the hoofs of dairy cows the cows are always breaking things on it so I am fixing it a lot. I built the fold up awning that is on it. I designed it from a picture that the owner gave me.

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