Front of our house
One of my Bee hives
MY airplane factory (My Shop)

This is the outside of my home
I live out in the country. I like that it is peacfull and quite most of the time. This picture was taken last winter 05. I have lived in Idaho for 9 years. I love it here the country life the conservative nature of the politics and the taxes are not to bad. I live on a lot less here than I did in Ca. I think in most ways I live a little better Just do not have as much money as I used to have. My motto is "Lovin Life in Idaho" I would rather be poor in the country than rich in the city.

Longeze 232sh my first airplane project

7 years and still building
As of the 11th of this month I have been working on the plane for 7 years. I thought I would be able to do it in 6 I guess I am getting slower in my old age. The plane is now all together and all the control surfaces are hooked up and work. The wiring is mostly done except for some engine related equipment I just bought. (electronic ignition and the efis) I am almost done with the baffling of the motor It has been a long tedious job. After the baffling is done in a couple of weeks I will install my new electronic ignition finish wiring the efis/ engine monitor and it will be time to start the motor. Good stuff Hope to fly this spring.

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