Log Entries

Project Location: WA US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2009-05-25 First parts; getting going Jeff Bongard (friend, neighbor, A&P mechanic) and I worked on getting parts together for flaps. Drilled and deburred RH flap drive plate and inboard rib
2009-05-30 RH Flap cont. Laid out flap skin for cutting to shape.
2009-05-31 RH flap cont. Cut skin to shape, laid out rivet spacing after making a template.
2009-06-01 RH flap cont. Drilled pilot holes top and bottom.
2009-06-02 Hinge Fabbed piano hinge hole template, Drilled hinge pilot holes.
2009-06-12 RH flap cont. Oops! First major mistake. Drilled skin and one rib incorrectly. New parts ordered. Shelving RH flap for now.
2009-06-13 LH flap Cut skin to shape, drilled and clecoed flap drive plate, ribs and skin to #40. Drilled one side of hinge to #40.
2009-06-14 LH flap cont. Located flap hinge, drilled remaining pilot holes.
2009-06-14 LH flap cont. Updrilled everything to #30.
2009-06-19 LH flap cont. Deburred everything, prepped and primed ribs, assembled for riveting.
2009-06-20 LH flap, RH flap Riveted left flap to completion. Returned to work on right flap. Cut skin to shape, pilot drilled, and updrilled all rivet holes.
2009-06-21 RH flap cont. Deburred, prepped and primed, assembled and clecoed for riveting
2009-06-22 RH flap cont. Riveted entire flap. Right flap completed.
2009-07-03 Ailerons Built two channel assemblies cut and drilled counterbalances and plates
2009-07-04 Aileron components Continued work on CB assemblies. Fitted, drilled, deburred and primed RH counterbalance ribs and aileron drive ribs.
2009-07-10 aileron components Fitted, drilled, deburred and primed left counterbalance assembly
2009-07-11 aileron components Riveted both aileron drive plate ribs and counterbalance assemblies.
2009-07-18 RH aileron Laid out and pilot drilled ribs and hinge- RH aileron
2009-07-24 RH aileron Final drilled and deburred RH aileron
2009-07-25 RH aileron Assembled and riveted RH aileron. Aileron complete
2009-07-26 LH aileron Laid out and cut skin; drilled pilot holes
2009-07-31 LH aileron Fabbed hinges; mounted, pilot drilled and updrilled all rivet holes to final size.
2009-08-01 LH aileron Deburred, assembled, and riveted aileron. LH aileron complete!
2009-08-08 Made elevator skins and hinges. Worked on trim tab and cable attach plate.
2009-08-09 elevators Laid out and pilot drilled elevator hinges and RH elevator outboard and center ribs.
2009-08-11 Final drilled, deburred and re-assembled RH elevator. I used a 'Burraway' tool for the first time. It does a great job and really speeds up the deburring.
2009-08-13 Riveted right elevator half except for root rib.
2009-08-15 Put the bend in the trim tab. Laid out rivet holes on LH elevator. Pilot drilled, updrilled, and deburred all holes except root rib.
2009-08-16 Riveted LH elevator skin. Completed trim tab including hinge. Laid out, drilled, and updrilled elevator root assembly.
2009-08-22 Riveted the root rib assembly. Very difficult; had to drill out and replace three rivets. Made two clips (T06-06). Made two forward root rib clips for horizontal stabilizer.
2009-08-23 Made forward spar channels.
2009-08-25 Made main spar channels and attach angles.
2009-08-26 Pilot drilled all holes in main spar assembly. Mis-drilled one hole on one attach angle. Another part in the scrap heap.
2009-08-27 Made a new attach angle. Updrilled rivet holes on main spar assembly.
2009-08-28 Main spar assy. Deburred and removed scratches on all main spar assembly parts. Re-assembled and riveted; lots of hand riveting. Fouled two rivets (out of 84!), which I drilled, punched out , and replaced. Main spar assembly done.
2009-08-29 forward spar assy Laid out and pilot drilled forward spar assembly. Very tricky layout, had to fine-tune fwd spar fitting angles. Up-drilled and de-burred all parts. Buffed out nicks and scratches.
2009-08-30 fwd spar assy Re-assembled and riveted forward spar assy. Started making horizontal stabilizer ribs.
2009-09-02 hor stab ribs Finished fabricating horizontal stabilizer ribs.
2009-09-11 hor stab ribs Continued work on horizontal stabilizer ribs. Took time out to true, level, and square my work table. Located and pilot drilled ribs.
2009-09-12 hor stab ribs Up-drilled holes on all interior ribs. Slightly ovaled one hole on rear of right rib. Reamed hole to clean 5/32 and ordered CCP-54 rivets.
2009-09-19 frame I wasn't happy with one of the 02 ribs, so I made a new one. Much better. De-burred and re-assembled all interior ribs. Riveted some ribs. Lots of trouble, removed and reset several rivets.
2009-09-26 ext ribs. Located, drilled, and de-burred leading edge ribs and tip ribs. While fitting the skin I noticed that the leading edge is slightly wider than the rear. I can adjust the forward spar channels to correct, but doing so will require relocating the holes on the tip ribs, which have already been drilled. New parts ordered.
2009-09-27 skin Started pilot drilling skin surface to frame.
2009-10-04 skin Finished pilot drilling and up-drilling top surface of hor stab skin.
2009-10-09 skin Lots of de-burring! All upper surface holes and edges. Buffed out all nicks and scratches on frame.
2009-10-10 skin Re-assembled and riveted upper skin surface to frame. Fitted, pilot drilled, and up-drilled bottom skin.
2009-10-11 skin A lot of de-burring: all bottom surface holes and scratch removal from the rest of the frame. Fitted new tip ribs and drilled and de-burred holes. Re-assembled and clecoed skin. Began riveting lower surface.
2009-10-11 skin Finished riveting lower skin surface. There are four rivets that I am not happy with. I will replace.
2009-10-12 skin Replaced five rivets
2009-10-17 Installed elevator hinges on horizontal stabilizer.
2009-10-18 Fitted elevator root rib assembly to skins. Pilot drilled, up-drilled and de-burred. Re-assembled for riveting.
2009-10-20 Riveted elevator root assembly
2009-10-21 Installed right horizontal fiberglass tip. Very difficult to fit these things. Somehow I got distracted and drilled holes on the left tip 1/2 inch off. Decided to order new tip.
2009-10-24 Started on rudder, Fabbed parts for rudder drive horn assembly. All deburred and ready to go. I am not going to rivet the drive horn assembly until I get the skin ready, in case I have to adjust the bend in the drive horn. Laid out and cut rudder skin.
2009-10-25 Riveted rudder drive horn assembly. Laid out rivet holes on rudder skin and cut and pilot drilled hinge half.
2009-10-26 Pilot drilled all rib rivet holes and hinge rivet holes on rudder.
2009-10-27 Final drilled all rivet holes on rudder skin and hinge.
2009-10-31 Deburred all rudder parts. Cleaned up and smoothed all edges. Riveted rudder skin and hinge- very difficult riveting skin to drive horn assembly due to interference with horn/rib rivets. Rudder complete! Began installation of new horizontal stabilizer tip.
2009-11-01 Finished installing left fiberglass tip. Installed elevator trim tab. Horizontal stabilizer complete.
2009-11-08 Bent Forward spar fitting and cut raw stock for vertical tail parts.
2009-11-14 Made a few vertical tail parts, even made one of them twice!
2009-11-15 Fabricated more vertical stabilizer parts. No mistakes this time!
2009-11-19 Made the rest of the vertical stabilizer ribs. I decided to make a new T12-05 angle piece, the other one was slightly asymmetrical. Third time on this part!

Started assembling and pilot drilling main spar assembly. Lots of very thick stock to drill through, did most of it on the drill press.
2009-11-20 Continued pilot drilling and updrilling main spar holes. Very careful drilling here, all on drill press. Updrilled all bolt holes in four stages. Deburred, cleaned, and buffed all parts. Riveted and bolted main spar assembly together. Bad pull on one rivet, drilled out and replaced.
2009-11-21 Made forward spar assembly. Laid out and assembled vertical stabilizer frame. Installed leading edge rib.
2009-11-22 Pilot drilled right side vertical stabilizer skin.
2009-11-25 Updrilled, deburred and riveted right side vertical stabilizer skin. Fitted and pilot drilled tip rib. Fitted and pilot drilled left skin and rudder hinge. Updrilled all rivet holes.
2009-11-25 More photos
2009-11-26 Deburred all left side parts. Polished out scratches, re-assembled and riveted skin and rudder hinge. Spent a lot of time getting the fiberglass tip installed; very difficult to get properly fitted. Vertical stabilizer done!
2009-11-26 More photos of today's work.
2009-11-28 Began work on rear wing spars. Polished edges on attach plates, and made root rib attach angles. Lots of compound angles!
2009-12-01 Made radius blocks and polished all edges of doublers.
2010-01-16 Back to work from a remodeling project in the kitchen. Continued rear spar fabrication. Chamfered straight edge of doublers and made tip rib attach angles.
2010-01-24 Worked on rear spar outboard channels.
2010-01-30 Continued rear spar outboard channels. Unfortunately I committed a layout error on the holes for the aileron counterweights and had to make them both over. The scrap pile is growing.
2010-01-30 After dinner I started on the long sections of the rear spar channels. I laid out and cut the control rod holes. I cut the channels to size and laid out and pilot drilled the rib rivet holes.
2010-01-31 Fitted, drilled, and updrilled RH rear spar attach plate. I drilled the attach plate holes to 3/16" for the AN-7 bolts, but they won't quite accept the bolts. I have ordered some #11 and #12 drills to updrill to a snug fit.
2010-02-07 Attached doubler to RH rear spar channel; attached splice plate and spliced channel pieces.
2010-02-08 Made inboard LR spar channel and pilot drilled it for ribs. Located and pilot drilled attach plate. Yes, I mounted the plate on the wrong side, but it fit OK when I flipped it.
2010-02-10 I received the new drill bits today. As I was preparing to updrill for the attach plate bolts, I was shocked to notice that I had drilled everything with the angle bracket 180 degrees out, This is the worst mistake I have made to date, I hope it is the worst I ever make on this project. New parts ordered.
2010-02-15 Finished drilling, deburred, riveted RR spar attach plates. Installed and torqued bolts. RR spar finished. Made new LH root rib attach angle.
2010-02-21 Received new parts for left rear spar from Sonex. Laid out, cut, pilot drilled, and/or reamed all holes for rivets and bolts. Laid out and punched control bar holes.
2010-02-22 Deburred and riveted all parts. Installed and torqued bolts. LH rear spar complete.
2010-02-23 Cut all raw stock for main spar detail page parts.
2010-02-23 Cut all raw stock for main spar detail page parts.
2010-03-07 Cut the lower angles. The top one in the photo is bad, so I will get new stock and try again. The bottom one is just about perfect.
2010-03-13 Upon closer examination of lower angle pieces I found that I had the miter cut slightly off, so both pieces were bad. I got some stock from Everett Steel and started over. This time both are perfect!
2010-03-14 Made -08 upper stiffener angles.
2010-03-18 Made W-11-09 vertical stiffener pieces.
2010-03-20 Made -05 and -07 attach angle pieces. Measured twice; cut once. Perfect! It is nice to get something right the first time.
2010-03-21 Made W-11-10 tie-down fittings. Started to drill the wing attach blocks, but I had problems with the drill press table, and also I broke off three drill bits in the blocks. Ordered new bar stock, and I will get the drill press dialed in and try a better drilling technique.
2010-03-27 Received the new bar stock. I got all four blocks perfect with better clamping and drilling techniques.
Laid out, clamped, drilled, deburred, bolted and torqued wing attach assemblies.
2010-03-28 Made tip web assemblies. No errors! Also some photos from previous entry.
2010-04-03 Made one each of the W-20 root rib attach angles. They turned out right the first time!
2010-04-03 Made one each of the W-20 root rib attach angles. They turned out right the first time!
2010-04-04 Made the last two root rib attach angles.
2010-04-17 No going back from here. I located and pilot drilled the right spar end wing attach assembly. Measured a number of times before drilling.
2010-04-18 Located and pilot drilled lower angle on right spar.
2010-04-20 Located and pilot drilled all angle pieces and located spar caps. Ready for drilling spar caps.
2010-04-23 Pilot drilled and updrilled to #30 all right spar rivet and bolt holes except for the rib attach points which are drilled to #40. One hell of a lot of drilling!
2010-04-24 Reamed all holes on right main spar to final size- #21 for the rivets and #11 for the screws and bolts. I don't have the correct countersink cutters, but they are on order. I will work on the left main spar until they arrive.
2010-04-25 Located, drilled, and clecoed initial pilot holes on all left main spar pieces except for caps.
2010-04-26 Located and initial pilot drilled left main spar caps.
2010-05-01 Step drilled most of the left main spar rivet holes to final size. I still have quite a few 5/32 and 3/16 holes to finish because I ran out of clecoes, most of which are still in the right spar.
2010-05-02 Drilled remaining holes to final size in left main spar. Disassembled right main spar and laid out countersinks and dimples. I also worked on getting the countersink cutter, dimpler, and rivet gun dialed in.
2010-05-03 Countersunk all 5/32 holes on right main spar that I could reach with the microstop. Disassembled the left main spar and laid out all countersinks and dimples.
2010-05-05 Cut all remaining countersinks on both main spars including 3/16 holes. Next step is dimpling.
2010-05-08 I decided to deburr all the holes before dimpling. This is going to take a long time. I got about halfway through the left main spar parts.
2010-05-09 Deburring, deburring, and more deburring. I have blisters from deburring. This is very tedious, but very important work. I have finished deburring all fastener holes on left main spar and abput 20 percent of right main spar.
2010-05-10 Still more deburring.
2010-05-11 More deburring of fastener holes.
2010-05-14 More deburring, I have finished all the fastener holes on both main spars, and have begun dimpling on flush rivet surfaces.
2010-05-15 Finished all dimpling. Cleaned, polished, sanded, and buffed parts.
2010-05-16 Cleaned up all left spar parts, removing nicks, scratches, etc.. Reassembled left main spar and clecoed same. Installed all bolts but did not torque. Had to bevel a few washers. I will torque the bolts after riveting.
2010-05-17 More sanding. polishing, and stress riser removal.
2010-05-18 Finished cleaning and polishing all right main spar parts. Reassembled and clecoed right main spar.
2010-05-22 Installed (but did not torque) all screws and bolts in right main spar.
2010-05-23 Began riveting right main spar. Riveted at intervals to equalize metal distortion, about every eight inches across entire spar. Loaded and taped all rivets
2010-05-25 Began setting rivets in right main spar. Worked in a dispersed pattern along the length of the spar. Made two passes; approximately sixty percent complete.
2010-05-27 Finished installing rivets in right main spar. There are eight flush rivets that I am not happy with and will replace.
2010-05-28 Replaced the poorly set flush rivets. Fortunately, they all drove out after removing the heads, so no hole enlargement or metal damage.
2010-05-29 Installed all bolts and screws. Installed beveled washers as needed and torqued and indexed all. Right main spar complete except for some tooling marks which I will do after rib fitment. Mounted and taped all rivets on left spar. Set about ten percent of the rivets.
2010-05-30 Finished setting the left main spar rivets.
2010-05-31 Replace eight rivets that didn't pass inspection. All but one were removed and replaced without damage, though it was very precise work. I had to upsize one rivet. Installed and torqued all bolts, screws, beveled washers, and nuts. Left main spar complete.
2010-06-05 Mated left and right spars and reamed holes to final size. Deburred all holes.
2010-06-17 Flanged all of the lower forward rib gussets.
2010-06-20 Flanged the upper forward rib gussets.
2010-06-25 Drilled, updrilled, deburred and riveted two #1 nose rib assemblies.
2010-06-26 Made #2 nose ribs and got as far as deburring on #3 and #4 nose ribs.
2010-06-27 Finished making #3 and #4 nose ribs. Flanged all aft rib gussets.
2010-06-28 A productive day! Finished making all aft rib assemblies. I even made time for a scenic flight with the family!
2010-06-28 More photos.
2010-06-29 Made center spacers and web spacers for right wing. Began locating and drilling ribs. Drilled all ribs and spacers on right wing for rivets. Deburred all holes on main spar. I will deburr and rivet the ribs one at a time to avoid any mishaps.
2010-07-02 Installed and riveted all ribs on right wing. Left the rivets out of rib #1 for clearance to install root rib.
2010-07-03 Fastened rear spar to right wing assembly. I have to backtrack and make the aileron bell crank assemblies and root rib parts. I got the upper and lower angle pieces (both left and right) roughed in.
2010-07-04 Made all of the parts for the aileron bell cranks (both sides). I even made some twice!
2010-07-05 Mounted and drilled both bell crank assemblies for rivets. Riveted and installed right #9 rib assembly. Completed left #9 rib assembly.
2010-07-24 Back after two weeks of working in Alaska. The whole time I was away I was thinking about how I was not entirely happy with the right aileron bell crank assembly. It was probably fine, but I made a new one anyway.
2010-07-25 Made all left root rib gussets.
2010-07-26 Made all right root rib gussets and trimmed left and right root rib flanges.
2010-07-31 I have not had much time with the Sonex lately, a little here and there, but today I finished the root rib assemblies.
2010-08-07 Another long time away from the shop. I located, drilled, deburred and riveted the right root rib.
2010-08-13 Finished riveting on right wing structure. I had left out the #1 rib for access to the root rib. I have hung the finished structure from the ceiling for now.
2010-08-14 Made all of the left wing rib spacers.
2010-08-15 Mounted drilled, and began deburring all left wing ribs.
2010-08-21 Installed all left ribs except rib #1, which is ready to rivet but I will leave out now for access to root rib mounting.
2010-08-22 Today I found an error I made way back when I built the left wing rear spar. I put the wing mount plate outside the spar channel instead of inside, basically building it as a mirror image of the RR spar. Now I see that it goes INSIDE the channel.

New parts are ordered, about a $100 error. Drilled out rivets and set aside.
2010-09-05 New parts came in a few days ago. Made a new 01-L rib assembly and match drilled the new attach plate. Deburred all.
2010-09-06 While re-assembling with the new parts, I found that I had to also make a new root rib attach angle due to a misalignment issue. Finished correcting all rear spar errors. Located aft root rib.
2010-09-19 Drilled and deburred aft root rib holes. Located, drilled, and deburred forward root rib. Very difficult drilling and deburring. Riveted all; very tricky riveting. Finished left wing ribs.
2010-11-30 After a long hiatus spent buying and refurbishing a rental house, I have returned to the Sonex. I squared and leveled the right wing structure and started pilot drilling.
2010-12-06 Finished pilot drilling upper right wing skin.
2010-12-09 Flipped wing over, leveled and squared, fitted lower skin.
2010-12-10 Pilot drilled lower wing skin.
2010-12-16 Installed pitot/static tubing guides and located and began pilot drilling leading edge skin.
2010-12-17 Finished pilot drilling leading edge skin.
2010-12-18 Fitted and pilot drilled root doubler and tip rib.
2010-12-19 Fitted, pilot drilled, and updrilled flap hinge and aileron hinge.
2010-12-25 A productive Christmas day. I updrilled all upper wing skin rivet holes, deburred and dimpled upper leading edge skin and rib rivet holes.
2010-12-26 Flipped the wing over and updrilled all rivet holes in lower skin. Deburred and dimpled all leading edge skin and rib rivet holes. Worked on pitot/static probe mount.
2010-12-27 Finished pitot/static probe mount plate, reamed tie-down hole, and disassembled wing components for deburring, cleaning.
2010-12-28 Six solid hours of deburring all right wing components!
2010-12-29 Installed aileron control rods, pitot/static probe, and tie-down. Reassembled and clecoed wing structure. Ready for rivets!
2010-12-30 Riveted, riveted, and riveted. Right wing is complete except for tip rib install. My shop is littered with blind rivet stems!
2010-12-31 Installed tip rib. Built a wing storage rack on casters. Patent pending!
2011-01-02 Leveled and squared left wing structure and pilot drilled upper aft skin.
2011-01-08 Flipped wing over, leveled and squared wing and pilot drilled lower aft skin. Began to install leading edge skin, but found irreparable shipping damage. Ordered new skin.
2011-01-21 New leading edge skin has arrived. $110 to buy and $330 to ship! Began to locate and pilot drill new skin.
2011-01-22 Finished pilot drilling new leading edge skin.
2011-02-11 Pilot drilled and final drilled all rivet holes on left wing including hinges and tip.
2011-02-14 Began the deburring process.
2011-02-15 Another 1.5 hours of deburring.
2011-02-17 Still more deburring of the left wing components.
2011-02-18 Another evening of deburring, dimpling, and dressing left wing components.
2011-02-19 Finished all deburring, dimpling, and dressing left wing parts. Installed control rods and tie-down assembly. Torqued all bolts. Re-assembled and clecoed left wing. Ready for riveting.
2011-02-20 Riveted all day. About 85% done.
2011-02-21 Finished riveting on left wing. Left wing complete.