My wife Amy, who somehow puts up with all my foolishness...
First in-flight pictures, courtesy of Mike Hilger in his RV7.
That's definitely an RV grin there!

Welcome to my obsession - N16GN
This is the building log for my Vans RV-9A, an airplane I've been dreaming about building for years. I finally had a belly full of waiting for things to line up for that "one day" moment, and so in December of 2007 I jumped on a Southwest jet and flew out to the Van's factory in Aurora, OR to check it out. I toured the factory, looked at quite a few of the airplanes, flew in the 9A demonstrator for about a half hour, and wrote a check on the spot. Less talk, more do.

Here's my story - just click on the links to the left to follow the progress on any of the aircraft parts. I've got a much larger number of photographs taken than you see displayed here - if you have a question about any particular item, please email me and I'll be happy to send you a picture of it - or send me a disk and I'll burn all my photos on it for you. This is very much a work in progress, and is subject to interruption at any (and seemingly every) point to deal with "real life". Please check back often for updates.

August 2018 update - 285 hours on the airplane (just over a thousand in my logbook) and still loving it. Just got back from my second trip to Oshkosh in the airplane and getting ready for my third trip to Reno, and I made it to Sun 'N Fun this year as well. I'm finally changing out my fuel controls to the SDS dual pump module with Andair duplex valve, and I'm about halfway through my IFR ticket.

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