My wife Amy, who somehow puts up with all my foolishness...
First in-flight pictures, courtesy of Mike Hilger in his RV7.
That's definitely an RV grin there!

Welcome to my obsession - N16GN
This is the building log for my Vans RV-9A, an airplane I've been dreaming about building for years. I finally had a belly full of waiting for things to line up for that "one day" moment, and so in December of 2007 I jumped on a Southwest jet and flew out to the Van's factory in Aurora, OR to check it out. I toured the factory, looked at quite a few of the airplanes, flew in the 9A demonstrator for about a half hour, and wrote a check on the spot. Less talk, more do.

Here's my story - just click on the links to the left to follow the progress on any of the aircraft parts. I've got a much larger number of photographs taken than you see displayed here - if you have a question about any particular item, please email me and I'll be happy to send you a picture of it - or send me a disk and I'll burn all my photos on it for you. This is very much a work in progress, and is subject to interruption at any (and seemingly every) point to deal with "real life". Please check back often for updates.

February 2018 update - just finished my second annual condition inspection. A few minor items found, nothing major. I installed an EarthX Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery and changed the main gear tires/tubes to Desser retreads and Michelin airstops, and made a pile of other small adjustments. I need to do some fiberglass and paint repair to my wheel pants after a flat-tire landing a few weeks ago on my right main. 205 total hours to date.

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