Log Entries for Parts Preparation

Log Entry Date: Aug 21, 2007

Parts Preparation

Preping for the Tail Parts
After building the Rudder Pedals and the Control Sticks my work bench has taken a beating. So a little painting and cleaning up and the work bench is ready to go again.
But even as clean as I can make it, it is not a big enough area with enough access to construct the Tail Group the way I would like to make it. So it is time to construct a building table. I will be using the EAA Chapter 1000 table idea, you can find them here...
But when you are given some really heavy duty material it just begs to be used for a building table.
Check out the saw horses I needed to build to cut down the material to a manegable and practical working size......
Here is the cleaned up work bench area
Here is the metal saw horses I will be using to slice down to size the 3" x 12" channel iron that was given to me. When done the tables will have a 3" x 6" angle iron frame topped with 3/4 MDF in a 4' x 6' table size, supported by some adjustable casters
Here is a little closer up picture of the saw horses

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