Hand Tools
Just a few tools required during the Rudder Pedel construction.


Polishing Rod

Here is a niffty little tool that I was shown how to make a few years ago using a 1/4" Stainless Steel rod slotted to accept a folded piece of sand paper. Attach it to a 1/4" Die Grinder and away you go. You can make it any length you need it, you just have to remember to guide it in to the tubing before you spin it.


Polishing Rod 2
And here is what it looks like in the tubing....

Shown with a few of the fingers removed to aid in linning up the parts to be bent.

More bending and cutting
We got the 3 in 1 Brake, shear, roller on its stand this week and it works as advertised. It does take a fare amout of effort to bend .062 sheet at about 8 inches in lenght but it does it without any signs of it being to much for the machine to handle. Just a bit much for us to handle with only one handle to pull with. So a second handle is being fabricated to aid in the bending of the rest of the parts.

You can see the secondary jack shaft in this picture just above the motor.

Cutting and Bending
We had to modify the old Rockwell Bandsaw from a high speed wood cutting machine to a low speed metal cutting. It took a little figuring but with a jack shaft to add a secondary reduction to the mix we were able to get the blade speed down to an acceptable feet per minute for metal cutting.

Smith does not make this model any longer but the tips are still available.

Welding with Gas
Here is a picture of the Smith torch that I will be using to do some of the finer welding that the Tig is just a little to big to do comfortably. This one is a Smith NE-140.

Torch uses 3/16 hose pushed on the barbs at the bottom of the torch. Clamps to come Monday.

Welding with more Gas
Here is the torch that my father will be using, it is a Victor model J-40. It is simular to the Smith in size but definatly varies in design and over all function. Not only will it do the finer welding, 00 tip, but it will put a flame out that can cook the thickest metal that we have around the house, 5 tip, (ie 1/2 inch plate steel).


Usefull tool on tubing
One thing I have found in building an airplane out of tubing is the need to find and drill holes centered. And this little tool has come in handy.

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