Top Speed (Vne) 175 mph, IAS
Cruise Speed (260 hp) 150 mph (62%), TAS (varies with builder,engine,weight)
Cruise Speed (180 hp) 135-140 mph, TAS
Landing Speed 40 mph, IAS
Takeoff Roll 200-500 ft, demonstrated (depends on engine)
Rate of Climb @ gross 1,500-1,700 fpm (varies with builder,engine, etc.)
Range @ 65% est. 650 mi.
Range @ 50% est. 900 mi.
Empty Weight 1150-1350 pounds (varies w /builder /engine /prop)
Gross weight 2500 pounds (2700 pounds on floats)
Useful Load 1350-1150 pounds (varies w/ builder/ engine/ prop)
Fuel Capacity 50 gallons (standard) 68 gallons (optional, w/aux tanks)
Wing span 33 ft.
Wing Area 180 sq. ft.
Length 23 ft. 6 in.
Cabin Width 42 in.
Cabin Length 9 ft 8 in. (firewall to back of back of baggage area)
Engine HP range 150-260 hp


And You Said You Need Flaps

The Bearhawk has more then enough to handle even the short airstrips at gross wieght!!


And Plenty Of Room

You will not have a problem fitting all your hunting, fishing and camping gear, or the family in this aircraft.


Scratch Build It

And enjoy the thrill of flying an aircraft you created from a stack of tubing or......


Build It From An AVIPRO Kit

So come join us Bearhawk Builders and Flyers


Bob Barrows
R&B Aircraft
2079 Breckinridge Rd.
Fincastle, VA 24090
540-473-3661 no e-mail

Bearhawk Plans $275.00

Avipro Product Info
Bud Davisson
3536 East Shangri-La Rd.
Pheonix, AZ. 85028
602 971 3768

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