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Log Entries for Flight Controls

Log Entry Date: Dec 4, 2005

Flight Controls

Connecting Rod
The Control Stick connects to the Elevator Bellcrank via a Connecting Rod using a right and a left hand threaded Rod Ends. Man these things were not cheap!!! 4 Rod Ends 1/4" by 3/8-24 threads 2 right hand and 2 left hand plus 8 nuts 4 right and 4 left was close to $200.00 at Aircraft Spruce Specialty. I am just thankful that my father only lives 20 minutes from them making it a little easier to get certain parts fairly quickly and without all the added shipping costs. Dad just brings it all up on Friday night.
This was a little tricky trying to tack it in place straight.
This worked best you just had to futtz with it a little and then zap it. And remember to use a right and a left hand nut!!
And the finished Connecting Rod. After welding I took it to the grinder and ground all the high spots down to make it easier to put a wrench on it when installing it in the plane.

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