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Log Entries for Flight Controls

Log Entry Date: Dec 2, 2005

Flight Controls

Elevator Bellcrank
This is one of those parts that there is a little availability to deviate from the Blueprints.

We contemplated the drawing and came to the conclusion that we could go with 1/4" shoulder bolts for everything. Now this necessitated a change in the Rod End size to accomodate this because the Blueprint calls out for 3/16" bolts. This also changed the width between the 2 Elevator Belcrank halves ie from .430 to .540. This also means using a little more spacer for the Elevaator Turn Buckles that will attatch later on in the installation of these parts.
Here are the Elevator Bellcrank halves after match drilling, drilling the lightening hole and cutting it out and drilling for the hinge tube. The 1/4" bolts held it together for the lightening hole and the hinge tube hole.
This picture shows the spacing between the 2 halves of the Elevator Belcrank and the aligning of the hinge tube.
This is a better angle showing the Rod Ends being used to set the proper spacing prior to tacking it together.

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