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Thank you so very much, for making your log available. I am going to need all the help I can get, and feel you have been a big part of that. Again I thank you. I have plans 1239 and have just started cutting out all my ribs. My first plane was something I made out of plywood, nails and screws. It flew quite nice, but the screws became to lose, and striped out to much along the ribs and seams.. I was sixteen at the time, and my parents wouldn't let me keep it. I ended up in the fire one late evening.. So I thought i would build a Benson gyro copter. Flew very well without any problems for 70 hours until I had a blade strike flaring to steep. This was over thirty years ago. This will be my biggest and best project yet. It has many years for a project like to come along, that will fill all my flying needs. Living in Canada with so many lakes, I look forward to seeing more Bearhawks on floats. I know it will just fine and do well... Thanks Chris.. Donny
Don Morley
Jul 10, 2012 03:40:29
Hi great site, I'm scrach building bearhawk1178 in South Africa.there are 4 in the building stage and 1 is already flying. keep it up Regards Gerhard
Sep 17, 2010 18:47:15
What a great project - hopefully you can make some more entries. Looks like it's been a while. Are you still working on them?
Paul Franz
Sep 28, 2008 06:35:06
Hey Chris, Your work looks great. The hole centering tool you recommended is just what I need. Where do I find them? Thanks Ron
Ronald Siler
Jan 1, 2008 02:23:08
Looks great Chris. Seems the hardest part is posting new pics and entries to epercraft. Keep up the good work.
David Mabe
Aug 13, 2007 15:07:01
intresting story good luck--tdm
tracy montee
May 1, 2007 03:51:16
Whats up? How is the project going. I have taken some time off from mine. Thought if I spent some time with momma that it'd help her not to feel rejected for another,nope . They take all they can get. How did you change the color in your BH paint scheme? David
David Mabe
Dec 4, 2006 18:03:36
Hey!! great job Chris. Looks like yours is coming right along. Boy am I tired of aluminum. I'll be doing my tanks next and some steel at the same time to keep some sanity. If you aRE LOOKING INTO BUSH TIRES checkout There are some guys selling the Gar aero setup like I have.
David Mabe
Feb 23, 2006 18:21:55
I hope you have time to keep us posted. Here is fine. I neat site idea! Say hi tp Pop for me - 73 Ken
Ken Meade
Dec 14, 2005 00:35:10
Mike Johnson
Nov 30, 2005 03:10:14
Have fun with it! The project will keep you out of trouble for a while.
Eric Bartlett
Nov 29, 2005 23:49:21
Great start, Chris. Happy Building. And remember, if you get an airplane out of the process, you're doubly blessed - enjoy the BUILDING!
Brant Berglin
Nov 23, 2005 02:35:11
Good start Chris. Interesting site. Wish my boat project wasn't taking so long so I could get a start on my plane too. Oh well, gotta finish one thing before starting another or else nothing will get finished.
Russ Kaye
Oct 30, 2005 02:42:26
You are making a great start. Keep up with the web updates, we'll all be watching. I'll add you too my list of links. I'm on hold till next southern winter but I hope you'll see some rapid progress then. Checkout:
Craig Benbow
Sep 30, 2005 09:03:27
Looks like you have a very nice shop. You probably are way ahead of me, but if you ever need addresses etc i'll help where I can. I'm talking to Don/CNC tubing. He told me today that I may possibly be able to get a fus kit in a month +.
David Mabe
Sep 29, 2005 04:56:12
...and so the journey begins! Your posts ooze enthusiasm and while I am likely to commit to full fastbuild BearHawk when I eventually sell my Maule, I am keen to follow your progress. Best regards from DownUnder!
Greg Poole
Sep 29, 2005 03:38:53

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