The Beginings.........
And in the begining there was 4130 Chromoly.....

With the donor DNA from Russ Erbs Bearhawk #164, Bearhawks #883 N760BH and #888 N760RH are born...........

I have been interested in aviation since I was old enough to understand what an airplane and helicopter was. I started flying U-control airplanes with my father when I was 10 and Radio Control at 14.
I started my Private Pilot license at 18 and completed it at 43. You may be wondering this is a pretty wide gap between start and finish. Well marriage 3 children 8 moves and now 2 foster children later, you can kind of get the picture.
With the yearn to fly ever present, my wonderful wife of 23 years and I finally decided that if flying was to be viable, we would need to own our own aircraft. So began an extensive search, but by all means not an exhaustive one, for an aircraft that fit our criteria of.................

1. Fly twice as fast as I could drive somewhere.

2. Carry 4 non-FAA sized persons. (I.e. 250lb ea.)

3. Carry approximately 50 gallons of fuel at take off.

4. And do all this at the same time. Gross weight take off and full fuel tanks.

In the mean time, at the flight school when I told them of my criteria, for the most part they just snickered at me as if I had been at 14,000' without Oxygen for to long. But a little diligence can go a long way, for thru it all 2 aircraft stood above all the others. Now you may be thinking C-182, Cherokee 6, Lance, and the like but you would be mistaken. The 2 that stood out were a 1960's Beech Musketeer with a 200 hp c/s prop, a 40-year-old design and the Bob Barrows Bearhawk with 260 hp c/s prop.

As good fortune would have it a friend of mine in Big Bear, Ca. happened to own one of the Beech Musketeers, so I picked his brain for the actual info on his plane. (I.e. Specs, Payload, Fuel)
Also within reasonable driving distance were 2 Bearhawks. One completed and flying, Pat and Carol Fagan

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