N232PF our Insperaton....
As for what ours will appear like when completed this should be a good estimation. The paint scheme was picked out buy my wonderful wife along with the registration numbers. The 760 standing for our location here in the High Desert of SoCal and the BH for Bearhawk and RH for my Fathers initials. Ours may not be as show stopping as Pat Fagans but they will be fine examples of Bob Barrows stunning design.

Other Builder Links
David Mabe http://websites.expercraft.com/vueltadios/
Russ Erb http://www.eaa1000.av.org/pix/erbpix/erbpix.htm
Craig Benbow http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/benbowc/
Eric Newton http://mybearhawk.com/
Jason Bowling http://wright.cs.uakron.edu/bearhawk/
Benton Holzworth http://www.siletzbay.com/Bearhawk/
Del Rawlins http://www.rawlinsbrothers.org/planes/bearhawk.html
Pat Fagan http://www.airbum.com/pireps/PirepPatFaganBH.html
Cary King http://www.woodtic.com/
David Randel http://www.geocities.com/drandall99031/
Lynn Riggs http://home.comcast.net/~lariggs/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html
George Himmeroeder http://homepage.mac.com/ghim/Bearhawk/
Kevin Seuferer http://www.bearhawkin.com/
Colin Campbell http://pages.sbcglobal.net/clintkc/homebuilt_aircraft.htm
Russ Kaye http://www.rkproject.com/
Larry Foors http://www.arcticpatrol.com/index.htm
Robbie Stanton http://www.bearhawkaircraft.com/Builders/RStaton/pics/thumbs.html
Peter Stevens http://www.bearhawkaircraft.com/Builders/PStevens/pics/thumbs.html
Mark Goldberg http://www.bearhawkaircraft.com/Builders/MGoldberg/pics/thumbs.html
Pete Young http://www.mykitlog.com/tincan7
Carl Peterson http://www.petersonbearhawk.com/
Thomas Walter http://www.mykitlog.com/twalter
Chris Silver http://www.mykitlog.com/dogtoes
John Prince http://www.mykitlog.com/Bisqwik
Richard Ogletree http://www.mykitlog.com/rogletree
Ron Jones http://www.mykitlog.com/jonesronc
Wayne Massey http://www.mykitlog.com/wlmassey

Well This is all I have so far. If I missed your construction site please let me know and I will add you to the list.

Happy Bearhawkin
Chris Haley


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